Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Hofstad terror cell trial in the press

The trial against the Hofstad terror cell in Amsterdam has been going on for roughly 2 months now. The world is in the grips of the "War on Terror" The UK is a major party in the conflict. There has been a serious attack on the UK on 07-07-2005 by Islamist terrs. Yet a search on the BBC website provides only four articles on the Dutch trial, which provides an interesting analogy for the questions which have been raised by the spectacle of youngsters having grown up in the West attacking it in suicide attacks.

Makes one wonder. Is the BBC really looking for explanations?

Amsterdam Labour Aelderman supports "preventive frisking"

Labour Aelderman of Culture Hannah Belliot has spoken out on the subject of "preventive frisking". The right wing ("ahem") VVD in Amsterdam is a supporter of "preventive frisking" which would give the police in the whole city the right to frisk people without a warrant. The Amsterdam VVD is supporting a "zero tolerance" policy in a bid to appear tough.

The Amsterdam Labour party opposes the move, especially Aelderman Achmed Aboutaleb, who regards it as a decisive obstacle to a coalition with the VVD. Hannah Belliot has broken ranks within the Labour Party (PvdA).

The zero tolerance policing that is inforced in Amsterdam since 2 years causes increasing friction with non-white youth. There is a possibility that tensions between Islamic youths and the Amsterdam police will boil over in spring and summer.

Aelderman Belliot insisted that the frisking policy should not be combined with racial profiling, although it is obvious from studies from the Dutch National Statistic Office CBS that convictions for criminal offenses differ wildly from one ethnic group to another. CBS studies confirm the Conventional Wisdom that Morroccans and Blacks are wildly more criminal and violent then whites and Indonesian Asians.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Preparing to become Multicultural Citizens

Another film.

Westerners need to prepare themselves to the new culture of Rap music and the attitude it spawns. These days youngsters make their own music and clips to go with it. They are honest, unlike the Multiculturalists. Watch the film here. Look at the attitude, not at what is actually done.....

Iraq Sniper is here

Dealing with thugs the Amsterdam way

The Moroccan lads terrorizing a gay couple in the Diamant neighbourhood are only 10 to 12 years old. The police has actually arrested them! Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam is going to drink tea with the parents. That will teach them.

I think generally the police know a lot of the street thugs, but they are so demoralised by the red tape and low punishements that they ca not be bothered with doing anything.

Daphne Brekveld, a Jewish bi-sexual local politician (one can not make this stuff up!) had her windows thrown in yesterday. She had taken a stance against the thugs in the infamous neighbourhood.


Late night Thursday 26 January the biggest Danish blog Uriasposten, was taken down by internet activists. The attackers defaced the blog with a flag of Saudi Arabia, a signature and an Arabic hymn.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Heavy sentences against Islamist terrs

The public prosucutor demanded sentences on Wednesday of up to 20 years for 13 Dutch Muslims on trial in Amsterdam for alleged membership of a terrorist organisation.

The demanded sentences seem very heavy with regards to what was actually done by the terrs. The Hofstadgroup terrs were heavy on plans and intentions but very light on implementation and execution.

Apart from Van Gogh's murder of course.

Iraq Sniper - Juba

Film from a cam scope of Juba, a Jihadi Sniper in Iraq, taking pot shots at well-equiped and uniformed American troops. The camera is intergrated into the sniper scope used by the marksman to aim his rifle. I know that these combined sniper scopes / cameras exist and are manufactured in Israel.

I wonder how much it would cost to equip and maintain such a sniper in relation to the contant worth of the troops and equipment facing him. Imagine the effect of this film on Islamic immigrant youth in Europe and North America! Great recruiting tool.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Camera Lucida (the 7th comment) wrote a shining bright first entry:

5. I understand that one is meant to feel sorry for her, but her battles and positions have nothing to do with Holland and with Dutch society. What she is really saying is contradictory – it has to be since her arguments do not belong there: “Help us Muslims reform Islam [which is unreformable], and do not put us into multicultural ghettoes.”

Snouck sez:
It used to be called "the white man's burden"

Take up the White Man's burden--
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain
To seek another's profit,
And work another's gain.

Food for thought

In response to my post about Moroccan Amsterdam Aelderman Achmed Aboutaleb, stating it would take three generations before the trouble with Moroccans would settle, Heloise wrote:

"Could he have meant that in 60 years the Mohammedans would be the majority?"

Moroccans are experts of double speak. I do not trust them as far as I can spit their bones.

The Right is doing Osama's work

I found an old column by advocate of Liberty and Conservatism Lew Rockwell. How the Right in the USA is worshipping at the altar of the State since the attack on the Twin Towers.

The Reality of Red-State Fascism

The Right is brownshirting itself and becoming more and more bloodthirsty, calling for the mass-killing of Liberals, Leftists and Muslims.

Paul Craig Roberts wrote reviews about 3 books on the same development. The Right is doing more to destroy US Freedom than Osama bin Laden ever could.

Flying the colours


"I know this is old but- I just have to ask, Why would you ban YOUR OWN FLAG????? (notic there isn't a ban on immigrants and what they can wear.)"

Well we started hearing this in the 90ies. With increasing numbers of immigrant children in schools, groups started to "ethnicize". More and more Dutch kids would sit in groups one hundred percent Dutch, the blacks would sit in their own groups and so would there be a Turkish and a Moroccan group. The Blacks have the flag of Surinam, the Turks the "Grey Wolf" of Turkish fascism, and the Moroccans the sickle moon of Islam and the flag of Morocco.

In that time working class Dutch kids would start wearing Bomber Jacks with Dutch flags on the shoulders.

Schools faced with the problem added rules to their statutes that forbade to wear the Dutch Flag. I know of no instances where foreign flags or ethnic jewelry was forbidden.

Well, you know how it goes. The people running the institutions in the West have no backbone. They happilly squander the rights of those whites whose rights are under their care, while fastidiously protecting and enlarging the rights of non-whites.

These days it is worse. There has been a flood of immigrants before 2002 and schools are being overrun by their children. So Ethnic Dutch nationalism is on the rise especially amongst the youth. The government is trying their usual game of criminalising it by publishing a report on it. However the public is onto the spin meisters and the forums of newspapers mirror indignation.

Apparently nowadays there are even careerist civil servants with an informed view of Islam as Theodore Darymple reports. I wonder if this newfound backbone will persist until after the present government is replaced with a more left-wing government. Which is bound to happen.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

From Islamophobic I got a link to a BBC radio interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I do not agree with her stance on the role of the state with regards to reforming Muslims, but she is a very impressive lady with a message. I met her once in the Groote Kerk in Utrecht and saw her from perhaps 30 meters distance without body guards. That was a year before Theo van Gogh died.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interview

She has tremendous charisma. And has a kind of vunerability. Listen to the interview. And notice her three last words with which the interview is ended.

Little Green Footballs Watch

I got mentioned on Little Green Footballs, a site that linked one of my articles about a riot in Amsterdam-West a short time ago. The other day Little Green Football WATCH published the following:

"Lie down with dogs
Yesterday a blogger wrote:

[A]n entire civil religion and cult has been organised around the Holocaust.

Must be either (a) a pro-Iranian Islamo-fascist nutbag or (b) a typical Jooooo-hating European Marxo-Islamic dhimwit, right?

Nope. That nugget of numskullery was provided by the author of Snouck Hurgronje, a Dutch blog that has, on at least one occasion, been featured at Pajamas Media -- and not in the "Opinion" category, either.

Snouck's main preoccupations are immigrant-bashing and defending the British National Party, which even The Sun describes as a "vile racist party," and which is now busily re-branding itself as a mainstream conservative organization.

Do "Pajamas Media in Los Angeles" (or Sydney or Barcelona) realize that they've featured material written by a white supremacist with neo-Fascist sympathies? Or do they just not care -- as long as what they republish bashes either Islam, or European liberalism, or -- preferably -- both?

Lie down with dogs, get fleas."

I replied:

"My dear friends of LGF Watch.

I am thrilled to see that my humble blog has caught the attention of your esteemed and very noble publication. Such a pity that I, a lowly and despised, yeah even mangy dog, have earned your displeasure and censure.

Perhaps your readers will be interested that the immigrants that you protect so lovingly attack teachers in Dutch schools that attempt to teach children about the Holocaust. That they attack and rip wreaths that are left during Holocaust remembrance ceremonies on May the fourth and that this causes an outcry amongst Jews and Dutchies alike?

My maternal grandfather was a inmate and "Todeskandidat" of several Nazi camps, amongst them Buchenwald. So Snouck is aware of what happened during that time of tragedy not just as something force fed by Leftist educational and media control, but also as a part of family lore.

However Snouck rejects the use of the Holocaust as a propaganda tool to deny the rights of ethnic Dutch or any other nation in the world.

You may well call me a "Nazi" for that. Demonisation is so useful for a propagandist! Not for nothing the definition of "Nazi" has become "someone who has won an argument with a Leftist".

Mangy, flea bitten regards from Amsterdam, the city of Theo van Gogh.


I wonder if they will publish it. Curious how Leftist organisations so very often censor their comments forums. They would not have anything to hide, would they?

It is a good thing that these Leftists don't HATE by the way. I mean if they would hate us things would be really bad, I guess.

Doing rap

"De vliegende Panthers" are a group of 3 Dutch humorists. Their name means "The Flying Panthers". A few years ago I got a tape with a song they recorded about blacks in The Netherlands. A party secretary from the Labour Party in the Ghetto in Amsterdam - West recorded it for me. It has now been made into a children's act.

You can download it here:
Doing Rap

First there is the intro from the Children's program and then the song follows about a bunch of blacks who are too lazy to work and who dream of making rap music and making it big in the USA.

It is all in Dutch off course and hidiously bad sung (they are humorists not singers). The puppets more or less explain what they do. I hope this will make any sense.

This is broadcast by the Worker's Broadcasting Association VARA. Just imagine the level of cynism it would take about racial equality if this would be broadcast by a leftist group in the USA.

We live in special times.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Racism is not Racism when practised by Dutch Liberals

Hypocrisy rears its ugly head again in The Netherlands. Paul Belien's Brussels Journal has the story.

Last week Robin Gerrits from the Leftist newspaper the "De Volkskrant" reported on a Dutch schoolbuilding which is used by two Amsterdam schools. One is a state school and the other a denominational school, run according to the Montessori philosophy.

In The Netherlands one sends one's children either to a state run school, as does about 1 third of the population. Or one sends them to a denominational school, usually meaning Christian. However a long time ago Dutch upper class twats decided they needed denominations that were non-religious so they came up with Vrije School (Liberal School) and Montessorischools. Here the kids will not be graded, not be under authority, but under persuation etcetera etcetera. I am sure we can all image the smug, conceited parents who send their children there and the smug, conceited human material it produces. Guarantueed to vote Greens or Socialist-Pacifists or Feminist-Liberal-I-don't-know-whats.

Anyway as the public school "Rietlanden" in Amsterdam-East is losing more and more children because it is a black school and all the middle and upper class White parents refuse to send their children there because we all know what will become of little Richard and little Christina when they go there. So they send their kids to the 8th Montessori school that demands all kinds of extra payments, certain philosphical declarations and parental involvement. Things 98 percent of the immigrants living in Amsterdam are not capable of or not willing to do.

Almost all the white middle class children in Amsterdam seem to go to one of these Montesorri schools. These schools have become very popular and need space, space that black "De Rietlanden" has in abundance. The management of the 8th Montessori school makes an offer to the unpopular black school to rent their unused school space.

Soon the rich White school has taken over half of the poor state school. And soon the habit develops that the White kids use one entrance and the Black/Muslim kids use another one. And this has been going on for 20 years already, all over The Netherlands.

Anyway, Paul Belien takes the Volkskrant article, writes his own take on it and says that as all over the world whites prefer to be amongst their own kind and makes references to the USA South's Segregation and South Africa's apartheid.

That did not go down well with Robin Gerrits who penned a letter stating that what is happening has nothing to do with racism and that it is all voluntary. "The reality is much more subtle, and is not racist" and "In your ‘translation’ the impression is conveyed that one school has intentionally decided to make separate entrances for black and white children."

Indeed the present segregated situation is not organised by an ideologically inspired state. In The Netherlands parents can make a choice to what kind of school they will send their children and this choice is protected by article 23 of the Constitution on Freedom and equal state funding of Education. This is precisely the article Ayaan Hirsi Ali is railing against, because of the segregating effect it has.

Back to our indignant Leftist Robin Gerrits of the Volkskrant. You do not think that if White parents anywhere in the world wanted to keep their kids in schools that are say: 98 percent white and and our brave lieutenant of the Holier-than-thou-brigade
would be reporting that he would call it anything but: Racism, discrimination and you name it?

Come on, on what kind of school are Robin Gerrits children? Snouck says on a Montessori school. I am 80 percent sure of it. Perhaps on a Christian school (usually 90-100 percent white). But definitely not on a Black state school.

The Dutch are voluntary segregationists, the parents in the Deep South and South-Africa at least could use the defense that they were under State coercion.

Covering up Massacres

Around the Western world constant propaganda hammers the idea in people's heads that
1. All white particularism is similar to German's s National-Socialism;
2. National-Socialism leads to Massacres of ethno-cultural outsiders, Jews etc.
3. These Massacres are the greatest crimes in the history of man.

In fact an entire civil religion and cult has been organised around the Holocaust. This is a major obstacle to those who propagate rights for White people. Modern culture provides people with buttons that can be pushed, whenever Rights of White people or misdeeds of non-whites come up in discussion.

This treatment of 20th century history ignores the incredible massacres that were organised to bring about EQUALITY. In the 20th Century dozens upon dozens of MILLIONS of people have been massacred by groups that said that they wanted to bring about radical equality. 20 Million inhabitants of the Soviet Union have been killed to bring about EQUALITY. 60 Million inhabitants of the People's Republic of China have been murdered, starved, stabbed, crushed, shot to death to bring about radical EQUALITY.

And yet the purveyors of Western Culture constantly connect White ethnic solidarity with mass murder. Ignoring the many mass murders in other Socialist and Communist countries around the world Equality for the most unequal of groups is propagated while opposition is demonized.

Both the Right and the Left have left a murderous legacy in the 20th Century.

So what did they have in common?

Both Nazis and Communists invest as much power as possible in the State, taking it away from the individual and giving it to a bureaucracy. The lesson from the 20th Century is not about the ideal of Equality or Ethnic interest. These are goals that have been beacons for people since the dawn of humanity and they will continue to be so. No, the biggest danger to man's safety and morality lies in monopolisation of power in a social system.


Snouck's Management Team decided to add a visible counter to this blog. Scroll down all the way to the bottom of this page. It counts the number of unique visits to this blog, identified by ip-number. Two visits by the same computer WITHIN 6 hours have been counted as one visit.

Starting counting late november, Snouck Sunday 22 January hit the 4.000 visits mark.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Three Generations

Achmed Aboutaleb the Moroccan aelderman for Labour and Integration was on TV tonight. He is the Labour Party leader for Amsterdam. The program of news, interviews and commentaries was concerning the down cast message by Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen on Moroccan - Dutch relations in many parts of Amsterdam. I did not see the program, but I just heard that when asked how long the problems with Moroccans would persist his answer was:



Spoke to a mate of mine today. A week ago we went out. And when he got out he was very happy and drove home on his bike. Then he hit a car. Because he was happy. Very happy. There was a little scratch on the car. The owner of the car, a Moroccan was standing nearby with a mate. He gave them his address.

Now he got a bill from the owner. 1,500 Euro's for a little scratched paint. It is obviously a fraud, this bill.

He is going to make a counter offer for 150 Euros.

Thing is, he lives in Amsterdam-West, in Mokrostan. It is 80 percent Turkish - Morroccan.

Now he is less happy.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dutch internal security service points out Nationalist potential of Dutch youth is the highest in Europe

Dutch internal security service AIVD released a report this week, stating that the so-called "Lonsdale" youth subculture is getting more and more strongly hostile to the presense of Muslims and other non-whites in The Netherlands.

Lonsdale is a British boxing and sports cloths brand that is popular amongst white blue collar lads on the Dutch trade (VMBO) schools. Whereas the trade schools in the four major cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag) are dominated by Black and Muslim youth, the schools outside the big cities have small populations of non-whites. Still the presence of different ethnic and religious groups causes fashions to become ethnically coded. Where blacks and Muslims wear Karl Kani and Von Dutch the whites often wear Lonsdale to affirm nationalist sympaties. The explanation is that Lonsdale stands for "May our Dutch skinheads slowly eliminate all Foreigners (Laat Onze Nederlandse Skinheads De Allochtonen Langzaam Elimineren)".

The AIVD states that very few of the Lonsdalers have actual extreme rightwing ideology. But the known connection between the cloths and hostility to foreigners causes black and Muslim youths to attacks youth in the cloths without further provocation, cause many skirmishes and occassional pitched battles by larger groups of opposed ethnic groups. The nationalist potential of Ethnic Dutch youth is not matched anywhere in Europa according to the internal security service. This is evidenced by internet forums like Don Black's http://www.stormfront.org where the Dutch forum is the largest of all non American forums, although the British forum is hell-bent on overtaking it.

This report was brought out in an attempt by the Multiculturalist elite to do damage control in an attempt to appear even handed as in the past few years Muslim youth, especially Moroccans have been singled out by the public and also by the press for vilification.

What is remarkable is that in the actual report the AIVD does not state that the Lonsdalers themselves are a danger "to our democratic order of rule of law" but that the reaction by non-white ethnics may cause a spiral of increasing levels of violence.

The reaction of the public to the presentation of the report was one of anger. Newspapers and webforums have, as usual, been as usual flooded with furious mails and letters from the public pointing out the violence of non white ethnics, the abandonment of the public by the forces of law and order and the fact that the attention on the Dutch ethnic youths is only a white washing attempt and balancing act.

Multiculturalism has run out of options.

President Chirac orders preparation for nuke strike against Islam

I guess I am pretty late with this and the whole blogosphere is aware that Chirac the President of France has (hat tip, Israpundit) mentioned preparations of France's nuclear Force de Frappe to hit targets in the lands of Islam in retaliation for Islamist terrorist attacks on la douce France.

My analysis:
The French elite it nervous and panicky, otherwise they would not be making these statements. They try to deter the Islamists from making attacks on French soil, such as we have seen in Spain and the UK. The reason that they are so afraid is that they have increasing difficulty keeping society together. Since the riots in November the chasm between Ethnic Frenchmen and (descendants of) North African immigrants is widening and the Elite cannot deny it anymore. With every car burnt by Muslims youth and every Muslim arrest by a French policeman society is becoming less manageble. The last thing the French can use now is an terrorist attack on French soil, not to mention an attack that claims large amounts of lives. This fits in a wider European pattern. Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam the Netherlands is basically throwing up his hands in despair at the increasing obvious hatred between the Ethnic Dutch and the immigrants and in the UK nationalist leader Nick Griffin has been put on trial for predicting the attacks that happened on 7-7-2005 in order to be able to appear evenhanded while they are also prosecuting one (1) Islamist leader for things Imams have been saying for more than 1400 years.

Multicultural societies are falling apart. The European elites have been denying it and been boasting about their successes. In reality the big cities of Europe have become Balkanized and society over here is probably more fractured than in the USA, the land that our elites love to hate with such ridiculous fervour.

And the Islamists CAN strike in Europe and in the USA. And perhaps even with Weapons of Mass Destruction, perhaps even with nukes. And neither Israel, France or the USA will be able to strike back because they will not be able to pinpoint the attack to a targettable nation state. Hitting Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan with a nuke strike in retaliation will destroy the retaliator morally, they way the Germans are destroyed morally by the Holocaust.

The enemy's stronghold must be attacked with police batons and baseball bats, with knives and fists. Not with tanks, jet fighters or air craft carriers. Not to mention nukes.

Chirac is sooooo impotent.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The BNP is a National Socialist party says a reader

Snouck - you might not know this but the BNP are a national socialist party and notoriously anti-semitic. The first thing they would do if they ever got into power would be to abolish free speech.
Interesting comment Islamophobe and one I was hoping to provoke. Naturally when one looks at the Nationalist Right in the West, one is always wary, expecting to find Homophobia, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Semitism. Amongst those attracted to the position of the pro-ethnic Euro political parties, one can only expect people with a higher than average hostility to other ethnicities, which may translate in positions of seeing a conspiring bunch of Jews under every stone and behind every tree.

Therefore your suspicion of the BNP and Front National is warranted and I have shared the same suspicion. I was also convinced that Dutch nationalist parties such as the Centrum Democraten and CP '86 were sympathisers of National Socialism. During the 90ies therefore I was never interested in these Nationalist movements because the press confirmed my suspicions. However during the 2001-2002 Fortuyn revolution IT savvy supporters of Fortuyn set up pro-Fortuyn forums such as the now defunct www.pimfortuyndiscussie.nl where attacks in the media (De Linkse Kerk - The Church of the Left) would be analysed. One of the shocking things that the supporters of Fortuyn helped me understand is how the Church of the Left - the media routinely carries out these smear campaigns against those who try to break the PC consensus. Because the party programs of the Dutch Nationalist Centrum Democraten were not National Socialist or Fascist at all nor were the publications or the utterances of the leaders of these parties. However the press constantly tries to connect European Nationalists with National-Socialism and genocidal anti-semitism. I did not read the threat on nationalist splinter CP'86, but I closely followed the explanations of the messages in the press about the Centrum Democrats and the violent campaign by government subsidised Leftist groups against the Centrum Democrats. I was shocked when I found out how I had been misled by newspapers and journalists that I had mistakenly trusted. I was and perhaps am cocky and even arrogant about my media savvyness because they had pulled the wool over my eyes.

Islamophobe, I saw on your blog that you are aware of the slanted representation of the news on the BBC in their reports on Israel. The sad news is that the BBC is about as thrustworthy as good old Pravda concerning their coverage of the BNP.

Although the antecedents of the BNP are murky the party has turned around and distanced itself from Fascism, Nazism and Anti-Semitism. The party is now genuinly pro-democratic and takes a stance which is just pro-ethnic British. Off course there may still be members of the BNP who are Anti-Semitic and who use Jewish conspiracy theories for all instances where Europeans shoot or have shot themselves in the foot, just as there are Jews who blame everything that goes wrong with Jews on hatefull Goyim. However the leadership is purged of such people. If you visit the BNP website and you read their messages for months you will never find any pro-Nazi views nor any offensive remarks on Jews. None. Zero. En klum, shun-dabar. As far as this goes Israeli Jews are often sharper and more savvy in distinguishing between alleged anti-Semitism and the genuine article, also because most Israelis are themselves genuine Nationalists, so they recognize the true thing when they meet it. To give you a good Jewish source on the BNP, try Frontpagemag contributor Roger Locke, who wrote on the BNP:

"1. The BNP has now evolved to the point where it doesn't have any significant antagonism towards Jews as such, or towards Israel. Unlike the left, it has no interest in Palestinians or the larger Arab cause, and it takes the Islamic threat seriously. It has zero inclination to actively side against Israel, simply because it really wants to have nothing to do with the Middle East at all. Griffin said:

"As nationalists, our duty is to work to build a better country for our own people, not to worry about or interfere in the affairs of others. The Middle East is simply not our problem or our business." "


On the specific question of anti-Semitism, Griffin said this:

"Look -- we have very serious enemies in this country, both at home and abroad. If you're going to go with that old [National Front] nonsense of Jews under every bed and responsible for all the ills of the world, then you're going to have a crazy strategic vision of who you're fighting and what to do about it. The idea that 'the Jew is the enemy' is simply over for us now, and not a moment too soon, because now we can get on with the real struggles."

He qualified this by saying:

"We insist on the right to criticize individual Jews who do wrong or Jewish groups which use the influence and power that all organized and motivated groups have to lobby, for example, for British foreign policy to take directions at odds with our national interest. But there is a world of difference between such criticism and the old fantasies about Learned Elders of Zion controlling the world, and the rabid anti-Semitism that they reflect and incite." "

These quotes from Robert Locke's interview should point my readers in the right direction. Please read the whole interview, it is very instructive. Do not take my or Robert Locke's word for it. If you are British visit the BNP website at http://www.bnp.org.uk regularly and check what they put up there. Follow them for a few months and compare the reporting in the Main Stream Media. Then come to your own conclusions.

Further on Islamophobe says:

"so , the comparision to Vlams Blok(now Vlams Belang) is unfair, considering that Vlaams Belang is pro-Israel."

Snouck says: Vlaams Belang is pro-Israel, just like the Danske Folkeparti. The BNP is neutral towards Israel. Indeed there is a difference here. But I think that both British gentiles and British Jews would be hard pressed to find a better advocate for their long term interests than the BNP. But again, do not take my word for it but follow the BNP website closely for a while.

Islamophobe quotes: "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlaams_Belang

" Vlaams Belang doesn’t like Le Pen’s typically French views of centralisation, his anti-Americanism and his anti-Jewish scoldings and his political position against Israel. In Vlaams Belang’s view, Le Pen has the disastrous illusion that it’s France’s destiny to have a special, privileged relation with the Islamic world." "

Snouck says:
I agree with much of what wikipedia says here. The "French idea" is well embodied in Le Pen's ideology with regards to centralisation and economic policy. There is good reason with regards to Dutch and Flemish tradition to keep a distance from the Front National in this respect. However with regards to Le Pen's attitude towards Jews and Israel consider a interview with Le Pen from a few years ago in Haaretz (the Land) a centrist or centre Left Israeli newspaper, the interview is from 2002 or 2003 if I remember correctly. Read the whole interview. That is an order. I have been trying to find some quotes that can summarize and represent the whole interview, which I find very fair. I have also read reports of Vlaams Belang supporters who met Le Pen recently in a meeting in Gent, Belgium. They were all very impressed with him and with his answers to their questions. I can not read French beyond "vin, pain et fromage", so I can not judge this man so well. He definately has some dodgy connections to Eastern European shady characters that a Pole would not touch with a 10 foot Snouck, so I guess the man is no angel, but in politics there are very few "virgins". Neither Snouck nor someone who calls himself the "Islamophobe" should consider themselves beyond reproach.

Anyway, enjoy the Haaretz interview and wonder how long it will take before you will find anything so fair minded and intellectually challenging in the British Main Stream Media. Who are all bought and paid for by hook-nosed kike puppet masters, anyway. Damn...... I just had to say that, for some reason. Tell me WHERE did that come from, chaps?

I am off to have a beer, enjoy your weekend and do not do anything I would not do. I'll work on an article on the cover-up of Fortuyn's murder this weekend so keep checking this blog. You know you want to..... admit it.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A further gem from the 1689 Bill of Rights

A further gem from the 1689 Bill of Rights

Roman Catholics could not be king or queen of England since "it hath been found by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this protestant kingdom to be governed by a papist prince". The Sovereign was required to swear a coronation oath to maintain the Protestant religion.

I see a strong similarity between the "experience ..[finds].. that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this protestant kingdom to be governed by a papist prince" to the experience that is being accumulated all over the world (Scandinavia, The Netherlands, France, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Southern Russia, Balkans) that it is inconsistent with the SAFETY and WELFARE of non-Islamic populations to share the same territory and polity with Islamic populations.

Previously our esteemed contributor from India IK pointed out that the Muslims in India are of the same blood and ancestry as their Indian compatriots. Still they are a violent and leeching group disproportionally harming the SAFETY and WELFARE of their non-Islamic compatriots. The British Roman Catholics of 17th century were the blood brothers of the British Protestants, and it took time before they could be shown the error of mixing Church and State. Today's growing Muslim populations in Western nations are not only NOT our brothers by blood. But also their holy writ, the Qoran insists that State, Legislature and Religion must be one, under the Islamic Caliphate. Unlike the 17th century Catholics who could eventually be shown the biblical foundation of the separation between Church and State.

Christianity is not opposed to the separation of State and Church. On the contrary the separation of Church is a Christian inheritance. Leftist Secularists often compare Islamism with Christian Fundamentalism. This shows ignorance of the history both of the West and the Bible. Never mind that there are some Christian loonies such as the extremist pro-life fringe that uses violence to further their goals. They are loonies and they can be delt with.

Free Speech in Europe

In 1689 the United Kingdom accepted a Bill of Rights in a deal between The English people as represented by her Parliament and Mary, heir to the English Throne and her Dutch husband, William, the champion of Protestant Europe in the struggle to free the European peoples from oppressive Governments and the power of the Roman Catholic Church, who ruled civil affairs and did grossly interfere in people's lifes.

Basic tenets of the Bill of Rights 1689 are: Englishmen, as embodied by Parliament, possessed certain civil and political rights that could not be taken away. These included:

Freedom to elect members of Parliament without interference from the Sovereign


the Freedom of Speech in Parliament, in that proceedings in Parliament were not to be questioned in the courts or in any body outside Parliament itself (the basis of modern parliamentary privilege)

This implies Freedom of Speech for all subjects. And freedom of the press, the media.

Freedom of Speech is necessary to make a Parliamentary democracy function. Without the liberty to define and discuss new or old subjects and concerns of citizens, Parliament can not represent the interests of the citizens in a meaningful way.

Freedom of Speech is curtailed in Europe by Marxist inspired legislation. The reasoning is that due to the growing presence of foreigners in our midst, people who know not our customs, follow not our rules and who have strange and unusual customs, the freedom to express opposition to their presence must be limited because otherwise there could be injustice (racism) and violence.

Freedom of Speech was not a Dutch import into the British Isles. The English, the offspring of Germanic tribes from present Southern Denmark (Angeles) and the German/Dutch border area (Saxons) had always had the custom that a man was free to speak his mind on political matters, just as it was common amongst the other descendants of Germanic Tribes. The Dutch, who had just been through a 80 year struggle with the Spanish Kings and the Catholic Church had had ample opportunity to define and frame their cultural traditions of freedom. To pass on their memes to the English when they were faced with a situation of Absolutist kingly rule and religious intolerance.

These freedoms have been expanded, refined and rigorously tested by the English and the "Rights of Englishmen" have become an envy and an example to the rest of the world. When the Brits lost the strength to carry their beacon of freedom lighting the world, the people of the United States of America carried it further to the benefit and gratitude of multitudes in the West and beyond.

However, dark and sinister forces have now gathered in the West and assailed the freedoms and rights of the peoples of the West. In the USA, on the old continent and in Britain itself. Freedom of Speech is still guarantueed in the United States although speech codes and intimidation have circumscribed the ability to freely speak one's mind. As I wrote yesterday the negation of the Freedom of Speech has a prominent place in the Dutch constitution.

In 2004 in England too, the Labour regime has acted on impulses it cannot deny, the impulse that the power of Government has to be used to reform the people and its culture. The change that what has grown organically over time, proved and tested and supplant it with a blueprint for society.

People these days are sadly opportunistic, materialistic and spiritually empty. To oppose these laws and to stand up for the British people requires wisdom, insight and a heroic attitude. Were are these people to be found?

The British National Party is lucky to have a men that are not cowed by repressive laws, not by the threat of imprisonment. Those men are Nick Griffin and Mark Collet who spoke out against the presence of Muslims in Britain and the threat they pose.

What is Nick Griffin accused of?

In 2004 Nick Griffin said "sooner or later there’s going to be Islamic terrorists letting off bombs in major cities" and "..[they]..would be asylum-seekers or second generation Pakistanis living in somewhere like Bradford"

This has been almost prophetic in the light of the London bombs on 7-7-2005.

Nick Griffin is willing to go to jail for this as he has said last Christmas. I know I have British readers on this blog. I think you can all be enormously proud to have such a patriot amongst you. He has spoken the Truth. But as in Belgium, where the Vlaams Blok was outlawed last year with a law that was specifically designed to assault them speaking "THE TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE". Those who made this laws did not do so in order to protect what they believe is true but because they believe the power of the state is a higher good. They seek to humiliate us and to put us down. To make us liars. But they can not extinguish the fire that is burning in the heart of the Patriots, nor the thirst for Truth. It is that fire in the hearts of men that lights the beacon of Freedom. We shall relight the beacon from our fire and carry it on.

Mayor of Amsterdam fears rioting by North Africans

Recently there was a spate of incidents in Amsterdam, of which some but not all reached the media. Mayor Cohen has now addressed the Dutch media and the heads of the 16 Amsterdam neighbourhood councils.

- A police station in Amsterdam-West was attacked after a Moroccan youth killed himself fleeing from a policeman.
- In the Diamant neigbourhood, on the Westbank of the Amstelriver where Bert and Marja were driven out by Moroccans there were a number of incidents:
- a Jew had his window thrown in and fire works were thrown into his house;
- a homosexual couple were intimidated and consider leaving their apartment;
- 39 cars had their windows smashed on New Year's Eve;
- there are ongoing incidents, a waiting camera team could immediately register a freshly smashed car window and the apathic reaction of the Dutch elderly living in the street;
- people in the Diamant neighbourhood report a increasingly belligerent attitude of Muslim youth in the area;

Groups of Morroccan youngsters that have been locked up in boarding schools under strict supervision due to incorrigable criminal behavior come out of the schools without there being any hope that they will reform their behavior.

In fact mayor Cohen is reporting things people who are open-minded have known already for years. In connection to Cohen's talk to TV during which he had moments in which he was tense and had trouble to hide his anxiety, several neighbourhood politicians and a University researcher were interviewed.

The language of the television reports, of the researcher and of Cohen all had one thing in common. They all admitted not knowing what to do about the problem. Punishing does not help, reeducation does not help. Throwing money at the problem does not improve matters. The system has not only run out of options but is actually admitting defeat!

This is great news!!!

Cohen DID promote his plan to built another boarding school (in fact a youth prison) for about 100 Moroccans that are constantly committing offenses, but for whom there is no capacity. These "revolving door criminals" are a constant drag on police capacity because they can not be locked up.

Cohen said that he was expecting small scale riots which could develop into "Paris style riots".

The national Government has made a small amount of money available to the four major cities of The Netherlands to deal with the troublesome Moroccans. And that is it. Mayor Cohen identified alieniation from the Dutch mainstream, Islamic media promoting hatred against Jews, gays and women, refusal of employers to employ Muslims and his own policy of harsh and unforgiving police repression (ahem!).

Exactly a year ago a Moroccan thief was killed by a black woman in a car in Amsterdam-East, less than 60 meters from the spot where Theo van Gogh was murdered. The robber who had that morning been in court for an armed robbery of a drugstore was martyrised by the local Moroccan community. There was a procession in which thousands of Moroccans walked. I recognised a lad that had threatened me with a gun in the van of the procession, to give you an idea of the morals of this community. The employment situation of young foreigners is still detoriating. Police is cracking down on criminal behavior. There is a plan to dismantle thousands of illigal house hash planatations that are a source of income for unemployed and criminal Muslims and Blacks and the politicians have not connected that cracking down on the plantations will cause areaction because it is the life vest that is keeping the criminal economy going.

I expect an interesting spring and summer for 2006.

My advice is to buy stock of firms in the car glass, window pane, knuckle duster and baseball bat line of businesses :-))

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

French Judge slams small entrepreneur

In Compiègne a French judge convicted a butcher to pay 4.000 Euro in damages to a Senegalese Muslim, 1 Euro to SOS Racism and a 500 Euro fine. The Butcher was accused of having asked for a non-Muslim employee. The problems started when Lefèvre asked the job centre to clearly state that the employee should not have problems preparing pork. Butcher's son Silvain said: "The job centre immediately asked if we did not want an Arab or Black, but he only meant to clarify that because they had sent someone before who did not want to work with porc due to his Islamic faith. The butcher does not want to speak to the press.

Sylvain says that his father thought the job centre was taking too long with sending a candidate and had heard that an acquaintance wanted the job. At that moment the centre sent the Senegalese Ibrahima Gadio.

When Ibrahima went back to the job centre, they called Levebre who allegedly said that he did not want any Blacks or Muslims working for him. Lefèvre denies the allegations saying "it is their word against mine".

Both Sylvain and the laywer of Ibrahima, Bénédicte Meunier, think that the judge wanted to make an example of Lefèvre. The total costs for the butcher will amount to 15.000 Euros or Dollars. The Lefèvre family deny (!) voting Front National and allege that these verdicts cause more discrimination.

The laywer of Ibrahima says that the butcher lies and that the conversation was put on speakerphone at the job centre. The article in Dutch Parool does not make clear whether witnesses were heard in court. Those who can read French can read more about the case here. if there is a mention about witnesses I would like to know. My French is almost non-existent.

A classic example of the powerfull State ruthlessy interfering with a small entrepreneur who takes risks to make a living and creates prosperity and jobs. They are like the horse Boxer in "Animal Farm".

The report in the Dutch press is quite prominent and neutral, which is a good sign.

I remember going to a Amsterdam job centre once about 8 years ago and the employee who was working with me had send a CV of a Moroccan to a small businessman. The man had had problems with Moroccans before and was absolutely APOPLECTIC with rage. The woman kept insisting that she HAD to sent foreign candidates and could report him for discrimination and he got even angrier, shouting abuse at the woman at the top of his voice, daring her to report him. In the end she gave up.

Free speech in The Netherlands

The Constitution of The Netherlands states in article 7, that all citizens are free to speak their minds in public. This is necessary in a Democracy, because if problems arise they must be debated in public. This way something can be done about issues that trouble citizens. Since Thorbecke gave The Netherlands its constitution in 1848 the Dutch had enjoyed free speech and in fact free speech had also been protected under the charters of the 7 provinces of the Dutch republic, since roughly 1600. This makes The Netherlands the first Western country to have free speech and attracted philosophers from all over Europe to the Dutch Republic, were texts were printed freely and distributed all over Christendom.

After 1968 The Netherlands which had been a stronghold of prudent Conservatism beforehand was taken over by The Left by storm. By the mid 70ies they had well entrenched themselves in the institutions such as the bureaucracy, education, media and in fact even in rightwing political parties, such as the Christian parties. In fact polls after 1972 consistently that the whole political spectrum was ideologically to the left of the entire public on most matters. The Left never polled more than 40 percent of the vote and they only ruled in combination with the Christian Democrats.

Article 1 [Equality] of the Constitution written by Thorbecke in 1848 states:
All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances.
This means that if the Government has jobs or hands out money all citizens should have equal chances to get those benefits, which are paid for by taxes they had to pay. This practise is different from the Third World were jobs and money are handed out to the powerfull and well connected, the protected classes who have privileges.

In 1980 Communist Markus Bakker introduced an addendum to Article 1.:
Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race, or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.
Where the original text of article 1 ensured that the State should not give privileges to certain groups the addendum turned article 1 into a sledgehammer of the State to attack private citizens and organisations. With one stroke of the pen businessmen, churches, schools, public places all had their policies of spending, hiring and admission under State scrutiny. Equality for the law is turned into the obligation to have protected classes such as women, homosexuals and immigrants achieve the same occupational and financial positions as white males, the only not - protected class.

The punishments for transgression of this law are detailed in the Dutch criminal code: article 137 item d, e, f state that discrimination and discriminatory speech are punishable with up to one to two years in jail.

Pim Fortuyn was thrown out of Livable Netherlands by the LN leadership the moment he proposed changing the article because of its muffling effect on the Freedom of Speech.

The inspiration for the addendum by Communist Markus Bakker is Soviet Constitutional law. Article 52 of the 1977 Soviet Constitution states:
Citizens of the USSR are guaranteed freedom of conscience, that is, the right to profess or not to profess any religion, and to conduct religious worship or atheistic propaganda. Incitement of hostility or hatred on religious grounds is prohibited.
And article 36 states:
Citizens of the USSR of different races and nationalities have equal rights.

Exercise of these rights is ensured by a policy of all-round development and drawing together of all the nations and nationalities of the USSR, by educating citizens in the spirit of Soviet patriotism and socialist internationalism, and by the possibility to use their native language and the languages of other peoples in the USSR. Any direct or indirect limitation of the rights of citizens or establishment of direct or indirect privileges on grounds of race or nationality, and any advocacy of racial or national exclusiveness, hostility, or contempt, are punishable by law.
It is a neat trick: "freedom of concience (article 52)" is followed by "incitement .... is prohibited" and "equal rights (article 36)" are turned into "advocacy .... punishable by law".

Multiculturalism takes Western ideals such as Equality for the law and twists it so that the State can ursurp Freedom the same way Communism did to achieve a situation were the State and the State bureacracy is in total control of the lives of the citizens.

One would think that after murdering Fortuyn in the name of protecting minorities and assasinating Van Gogh in the name of the honour of the profet of a minority the Dutch elites would stop their totalitarian agenda.

But no. Even the nominally right-wing Christian Democrats, who used to be defenders of liberty have just proposed a new law to make it STILL easier to take away the rights of individuals and groups advocating "hatred" against religions and ethnic groups. This is done under the guise of a anti-Islamic effort. It is the same as the anti Islamic efforts of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Citizen's rights are ursurped by the State.

The Soviet-Union collapsed in 1989. The Southern Soviet Republics in Central Asia with Islamic populations had seen their populations grow to the point that Ethnic Russian elites did not want to share the national wealth with them. The CIA stoked the fire of Islamic rebelliousness up to the point were it had become a major concern for the Communist Politburo in the late 70ies. In 1978 the Soviet-Union invaded Afghanistan on its southern border. 10 years later after an American supported war of attrition the Soviets gave up and shortly afterward their Multi-ethnic empire collapsed. At that time Osama bin Laden and the US were allies.

Lies have a short life span. The Truth endures. Nations need to be ethnically and culturally homogenous to endure.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Nouille quoted (but provided no source):

A Moroccan man who kept his four daughters house-bound in the name of Islam was given an eight-month suspended prison term and deprived of his parental rights by a court in southern France on Friday.

The 45 year-old man — whose name was not made public in order to protect the children — refused to let the girls attend school on the grounds that they would be made to remove their Islamic veils.

At his trial in December the man walked out of the court after seeing that the judge and the prosecutor were both women.

The girls — aged 4, 10, 13 and 14 — were banned from leaving the confines of the family's small apartment in the town of Romans-sur-Isère, the court heard.

The girls have since been placed in a care-home.

The whole case is disgusting. The power of the state to interfere in family life is a great evil. Obviously however these people are not making a serious attempt to homeschool their daughters. If these daughters would have grown up in this way there is no way they would have been a part of France, even if the father was white and a secularist.

The idiocy of having these people in Western society just continues to baffle me. They are not a part of us culturally or ethnically. And then the state taxes us to pay for these people to live, breed and increase their numbers. At the risk of boring my readers I keep hammering the same anvil: repatriation, repatriation, repatriation.

What I like about this Muslim though, is the strength of his convictions. He stands up to the State regardless of the consequences. He is extending the traditions of Islam that have served the faithfull for 1.400 years.

The strength of convictions is what gave my Christian grandfather the ability to stand up to the Germans and not to be intimidated by their power to win battles and to deport, imprison and kill. Stand up to Nebuchadnezzar!

The strength of convictions is what gave the Baptists (mostly ethnic Germans) in the Soviet-Union the ability to stand up to Communism. It gave them the strength to refuse to serve in the German army during the German occupation of Western Russia. And to refuse the orders of the camp guards that they did not agree with, because the Germans send all ethnic Germans in the East to concentration camps if they refused to serve in the Army. My grandfather met some of them.

Brussels Journal has the story how many of these ethnic germans who emigrated to Germany in the 1990ies are now resisting the power of the modern German state:

"Last week, a court in Paderborn in the German state of Westphalia ruled that two Baptist couples lose their parental authority over their own children in educational matters. The court said it was interfering “in order to protect the children from further harm.” It stated that the parents had shown “a stubborn contempt both for the state’s educational duty as well as the right of their children to develop their personalities by attending school.” The court appointed the local Paderborn social service as guardian over the children to ensure that they attend public school.

The two couples belong to a group of seven families with a total of fifteen children of elementary school age who do not attend school. The parents were brought to court by the local education board of the county whose director, Heinz Kohler, argued that homeschooling cannot be allowed because it is “a right of the child not to be kept away from the outside world. The parents’ right to personally educate their children would prevent the children from growing up to be responsible individuals within society.” Kohler was backed by the Westphalian minister of Education, the Socialist politician Ute Schäfer, who stated that the obligation to attend a government approved school follows from the “right of a child to free education and maturation.”"

These actions and the spirit of these actions are State Worship. The State is seen as the only body that can raise and mature the spirits of these children, just as the French State sees it in their verdict against that Muselman who kept his daughters at home.

It is totalitarian. Like Soviet-Communism and National-Socialism.

The State worshipping ideology of Multiculturalism says that all human beings are blank slates and that the State and its laws and institutions decide who is a subject and who is not.

Multiculturalism says that everybody that lives on the soil of a certain European or other Western state is a citizen of that state, just by virtue of living n years on its territory and by being entered into the registers which are controlled and maintained by its bureaucrats, the State's worker ants.

But it is a untruth. Those foreigners who live here in Europe are not our co-citizens. They belong to a different ingroup than we do. They know it and we know it.
If the numbers of immigrants had been very small it would have been different, but the Multiculturalist State worshippers were intoxicated with their power and they pushed their agenda far too far.

The Left has now woken up to the problems that their policies have caused. Their solutions are classic Leftist State worship. Take away the rights of the citizens. Force the citizens whatever their background to be equal. Force them to be indoctrinated in the state educational system. This is Hirsi Ayaan's Leftist approach.

European nationalists should take the example of those Baptists and that Muslim. Find out what you believe in. Learn what the core values are of patriotism and Western civilisation. And stand up for them. If you are asked, tell the Multiculturalist enforcers exactly what you think.
Ethnicity does matter.
Men and women are unequal.
Islam can not be paired with Western civilisation.
Africa is a basket case because of the low avarage IQ of Africans.
Immigration from members of populations who live in chaos and squalor just imports
chaos and squalor.
And so forth.
If you are forced to take "sensitivity training" take offensive and insensitive positions. Our States may be attempting to be totalitarian, but they are by far lacking the resolve and dedication the Russian Communists and the German National-Socialists had and they lost too. Because a lie can only live for a short time while Truth endures and is immortal.

Jews and Muslims

Nouille wrote:

Two Muslim teenage girls in eastern France found a creative way to both abide by a new law banning headscarves in state schools and keep their heads covered -- they wore wigs.

"It's annoying but we have to deal with it," explained 18-year-old Fatima, who has worn a headscarf since she was 10 years old, as she arrived at her high school in Bischheim north of Strasbourg.

The teen's face was framed in a wig of straight medium-length dark brown hair and her headscarf remained tied in a knot around her neck so she could put it back on upon leaving the school.

Órthodox Jews do it, why not all muslims?

Well, the Orthodox Jews do it in order to seperate them from society. The Kosher diet, the clothing prescriptions, circumcision are all designed to maintain the ethnic group in a Multi-Ethnic setting. And it works well as 2.500 year of Jewish survival as a distinct ethnic group attests.

Christianity has abolished the restrictions on food (Acts 10: 10-17), cloths and the institute of the circumcision. This eased the gradual conversion of the Roman empire.

Mohammed imitated the Jewish particularities of diet, outward appearance and circumcision. The idea is to separate the ingroup from the outgroup and to create clear boundaries.

The reason why France and many Western nations allow the Jewish Orthodox to maintain their particularities is because they are a stable demographic group. Where the Jews rapidly grow due to immigration or high birth rates Western Nations have historically taken measures to weaken the boundaries between Jews and Gentile, occassionally also resorting to more extreme measures.

The key is the demographic threat. Restriction religious fashions is taking a cosmetic approach towards a looming threat, that needs to be dealt with in a fundamental manner: repatriation.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Burqa Ban

Islamophobe Wrote:

"Dutch burqa ban - i dont think you've blogged about this Snouck."

I haven't blogged about it because I haven't made up my mind about it. I saw the first burqa in my neighbourhood last summer. Now I see them increasingly in Amsterdam - West which is a Morroccan - Turkish ghetto and also occassionally here in Amsterdam - East. The first time I saw it I was I must admit very shocked. I get shocked about once every five years so this was pretty bad.

I do not like the idea the idea of the government havoing power over what people wear though. It is something for more authoritarian countries like France or Turkey. The Netherlands was founded on a 80 year war of freedom against imperial Spain and Roman Catholicism as it was understood at the time. 1568 to 1648. The war was a success and at the end of it Dutch Roman Catholics fought shoulder to shoulder with Dutch Protestants for religious freedom and lower taxes. The Dutch republic was the first country in Europe with freedom of expression and religious freedom, although there were some limits on Catholicism.

So the whole idea of giving Government the power to regulate the clothes people wear is repugnant to me. I do not agree with Geert Wilders on this one. On the other hand our own Iron Lady, mrs. Verdonk, has said that the constitution will probably not allow legislators to ban the burqa, apart from considerations of security.

"In my view, it could well turn into a backlash - with even more women turning to burqa, in a crazed notion of "resistance"

There could be a backlash. Backlash would wake up more ethnic Dutch against danger of Islam and make them lash back in turn. I like backlash. It is like a virtuous cycle.

"But overall, I think its a good idea - and indeed a heroic one."

No, it is not heroic. The Muslims are still small and weak. We can do with them as we please. The difficulty lies in the lack of will to defend our societies from external threats. The real, underlying problem is not the burqa. That is just a symptom.

The real problem is mass immigration. Because of mass immigration we have problems with Muslims. Suppose there were only 1 million Muslims in Europe and their number was stable. Would we be bothered, if all of their women would start wearing the burqa?

The betrayal of our political and cultural elites is the problem. THAT is what we must address. Not cosmetic changes to Muslim fashions, no matter how shocking.

Stay or Go

Turkish delight

Nilgun Yerli is a Turkish woman, who moved to the Netherlands at the age of ten. She became a show woman and her highly moralistic plays highlight the misunderstandings between Turks and Dutchmen. And the prejudices of the latter. Nilgun is here not just to entertain us, but also to educate us.


Before the attack on the twin towers on 2001 her shows were mostly moralistic sermons about prejudiced Dutch and confused Turks. After the attack on the USA the undercurrent of disenchantment of the Dutch with foreigners in general and Muslims in particular burst to the surface and Nilgun got frantically preachy. "Why can't we all just get along?". She insisted that she and her brother and sister immigrants were loyal and dedicated citizens of The Netherlands. In reality the immigrants have turned the big cities in welfare sponges, to the delight of the Left. Nilgun's sermons earned her the columns in two national newspapers. The mediacrats loved her sugary lines.

Rags to riches

Recently she married. Not with a Dutchman or a European. But as 75 percent of Turks living in the Netherlands do, with another Turk. A middle class type, living in London. So now she lives in London most of the time and because she is rich from her artist fee's and the income from her columns in the newspapers she travels regularly to Turkey were she feels at home and were she gets good medical care in private clinics. She then writes a column about the the Dutch medical system which is straining under budget cuts. Immigrants are very heavy consumers of medical care. Also the criminal life style makes that many hospitals have to take care of Muslims at night who got wounded in fights. These youngsters refuse to give their insurance numbers, so that Hospitals do not get reimbursed for their expenses AND they attack and threaten hospital staff. Not a word about this is sweet Nilgun's columns.

But we lost her. She is hardly living in The Netherlands anymore now that she has become rich. Suppose that you are a Muslim and you are rich why go to The Netherlands for a crappy job or welfare. You are RICH. You can go were you LIKE to go.

No loyalty to the adoptive society

So this whole line about the immigrants being a part of The Netherlands and loyal citizens is nonsense. They are here for the money, not because they love us or our culture, from which they try to isolate themselves as much as possible.

We are here to stay

A bunch of young Muslim professionals have setup a website about the life of young Muslims in The Netherlands. Http://www.wijblijvenhier.nl. That url stands for "we are here to stay". The bloggers on the site tell the readers what is occupying them. Their study, jobs, going out plus stuff about Islam.

Professional headscarf

The defiance of these bloggers is matched for instance by Amsterdam politician Fatima Elatik, a Morroccan politician in Amsterdam for the Labour Party. She became quite prominent after the 9-11 because the Labour Party Mayor of Amsterdam realised that many Muslims support terrorism against the West. She was a hysterical opponent of the outspoken Theo van Gogh, who called her a "beroepshoofddoekje" or "professional headscarf".

(There is a expression in Dutch "professional Negro" indicating a negro who earns his or her living because of the affirmative action racket and not because of his or her talents. I wonder if there are similar idioms in English?)

Canvassing the mosques after 9-11

So professional headscarf Elatik went to all the mosques with the mayor of Amsterdam in order to connect the Labour Party with their ethnic electorate, also know as the "subsidy sponges". She was groomed by the Labour Party to be mayor of Amsterdam in the future. The Netherlands are, incredibly, the only country in Europe were mayors are appointed by the political parties and not by elections. Fortuyn and van Gogh wanted to change that. It is true though that a city usually gets a mayor of a party that is strong has a strong voter base. Professional headscarf Elatik´s slogan is: "we are here to stay". Of course the Labour Party wants them to stay. The ethnic voting block is their ticket to electoral survival and dominance, just as the black and hispanic votes will in the future assure electoral dominance of the Democratic Party in the US elections.

The strategy works fine and Labour does not have to change their ideology too much, now that the blue collar workers have become such a small part of the Dutch workforce plus the loss of faith in Socialism after the collaps of socialism. They have just imported a new blue collar voting base.

Marriage of convenience

However the story that these immigrants are loyal Dutch citizens is bull. It is obvious to see that the immigrants such as Nilgun Yerli and other professionals have no loyalty to The Netherlands. They feel loyal to their religion, the country of origin and other minorities living in the West. The Dutch passport is for them just a convenient travel document plus the access to education that their countries of origin do not afford to people of their class and background.

The 6 month plantation

The ethnic Dutch population heavily resents being exploited by these colonists of course. It is no fun to work on a tax plantation for 6 months per year. An increasing portion of taxes is used to pay for subsidies and services for the immigrants. Plus a hefty fee for the political establishment. The immigrants can guess that the Dutch are resentful. And they know what many Dutch ethnics want.

That is why their slogan is: "we are here to stay".

Lieuwe Van Gogh

"I wonder how Van Gogh's son is doing. I read an article somewhere that some muslim kids beat him up because they blame him for the lock-up of the murderer..."

I followed the reports about that as well. Dutch language sources here and pics of the Pythagoras straat were Theo van Gogh used to live here.But I am not sure about the veracity of the story that he was beaten up. He may have been threatened, but the story that he was beaten up was denied. I do not know what the true story is. At least Lieuwe van Gogh was threatened and told that it is a good thing that he is dead by Muslim classmates. If one checks www.maroc.nl and www.magreb.nl most North Africans there say Van Gogh had it coming to him. A lot of Leftists say that too. The same thing happenned when Fortuyn was killed. Many supporters of Multiculturalism always used to say that people who do not agree with Multiculturalism should be deported. These people also do not mind if Muslims and Leftists kill people that critizise Multiculturalism.

Tolerance is only for those who agree with the Left.

Terrs plan to hijack homos

Crazy plan from the "Hofstad" terrorist cell (Hat tip, Esther). They planned to assault a gay bar in Amsterdam and demand the liberation of Mohammed Bouyeri, the killer of Theo van Gogh. If Bouyeri would be set free the terrs would blow themselves up with the captured queens.

It may be bad of me but I find this hilarious. A picture is running riot in my imagination. Imagine that the queens (amongst them one in drag and 2 with SS-caps) would overpower their captors.

Humiliation. The "Hofstad" terror cell would be the laughing stock of terrorists groups world wide. What will my American readers think? They already thought that Amsterdam is a pretty wild place and now it is only getting more kinky.

The Netherlands

I am going to tell you something. This country is cold. Cold and wet. Even if it is freezing just 1 degree without any wind. Cold. Yesterday I went out to a family party in Amsterdam-North. In a neighbourhood pub. And then I had to get back in the dead of the night.


Tonight again. I went out. As long as one remains inside of a bar everything is fine. But getting home. Ordeal.

I remember getting to school in winter as a kid. The water from once's eyes freezes on once's cheeks.

I love it..... makes me feel wholesome!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Public prosecutor reopens Van Gogh's investigation

The Amsterdam Public Prosecutor is reopening the Van Gogh murder case.

Today, Friday 13 January it transpired that in connection with the case against the "Hofstad" terror cell new testimony has been given shedding light on the Van Gogh Assasination on 2 November 2004. One suspect, Jamal B., alleges that the members knew about Mohammed Bouyeri's plans to assasinate Van Gogh. Jamal received this information from Bilal L. with whom he was sharing prison accomodation.

The public prosecution has always believed that Mohammed Bouyeri was not operating alone, in his preparations for the assasination. The reopened investigation has to find out whether this suspicion can be proved.

One of the "Hofstad" cell members, a son of black American service man by the name of Jason W., was part of a group of construction workers that worked in Van Gogh's street, keeping an eye on the comings and goings of Van Gogh. The schedule of Van Gogh's movement helped the assassin to be at the right place to kill Van Gogh.

Mohammed Bouyeri has always maintained he prepared and carried out the assasination on his own. The meetings with the other "members" of the "Hofstad" cell were according to Bouyeri social. The Hofstad cell members discussed religion and watched internet and other movies with reports of Islamists attacks against American forces.

A Dutch television channel, RTL, wants to broadcast Jamal B.'s testimony. Sources close to the Public Prosecutor's Office have said there is little chance that there will be permission for a broadcast of the testimony next week.

An hour ago (14:20) newspaper Trouw reported that Jamal B. has retracted his testimony. Making emotional gestures he said that he lied about Bilal B.'s story because Dutch police were pressuring his family.

Jamal B. is a jailbird who has been in prison four four years for various criminal offenses. As happens a lot many Islamic criminals are radicalising in European jails. Bilal L. was recruiting Islamists amongst Dutch criminals in prison. North Africans are very heavily overrepresented in Dutch and European jails.

North Africans are culturally programmed to attack non-Muslims, even without a grounding in the Qoran. When they come in jail because of their ethnic commitment to anti-white crime, they (re)discover their religious roots, helping them to justify their lifes of crime and seeking to support the Anti-Western campaign of the Islamists world wide.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Riot in Amsterdam-West

Morroccan youngsters yesterday threw stones through the windows of the police station on the August Allebeplein in Amsterdam West. The riots were started after a Moroccan boy killed himself driving his scooter against a steel post near his house.

The 17 year old boy, Salah-din left his scooter with running engine on a pavement. A plain cloths policeman wanted to check it out. The boy ran to the scooter and fled, killing himself.

Blaming of course the police for the death of the boy, the youngsters attacked the police station on the August Allebeplein. Also a car was burned in a nearby street. The square is famous for the 1998 riots between Morroccans and police. (On a side note: the press reported that the 1998 riots were between Morroccans and police. What the press did not report was that the riots started between Morroccans and Blacks. When the police intervened in the riot in 1998 the blacks, heavily outnumbered ran away and the Morroccans who are the strongest demographic group in Amsterdam-West turned on the police).

What is so remarkable about Morroccans is that the strange trigger for aggression. If a Morroccan drops from his bike/scooter and a Dutchman walks past, the Morroccan will sometimes immediately attack the Dutchman. I have seen this happening with my own eyes. In this case the Dutchman defended himself really well. But the amazing thing was just the unthinking instance of the attack. Why do they do it? Do they think the Dutchman will laugh at them? Same with Salah-din's friends. Salah-din kills himself. Police must be attacked.

THese people do not believe in accidents. They only believe in hostile acts.

European Racists

This is from blink( a black information link):

"THE RACIST Cornish festival of Darkie Day has finally been ditched after years of controversy.

Last year anti-racist campaigners converged on Cornwall to protest against the century-old tradition that involves songs about ‘niggers’.

However old habits die hard with locals intending to carry on the nature of the festival, replacing the word ‘niggers’ with ‘mummers.’"

Read more here and here

What is happening that foreign immigrants of another race agitate to change the ways of the original population. Because they think the habits of the original population offensive.

The funny thing is that the Multiculturalists are forever telling the white population to be tolerant of foreign customs and beliefs. Making critisism of foreign habits criminal. Legislation is underway to outlaw critisism of Islam for instance.

Ponder on that for a bit.

The amazing arrogance both of the Multiculturalists and the immigrants.

The immigrants arrive here. Look around. Get jobs or welfare. And when they encounter a tradition that they do not like they take action to change it. Just like that. "Sorry guys. You have been doing this for ages. But we do not like it. And we are the new bosses around here. We can critisise, but we cannot be critisised."

And the Multiculturalists: "This is a fantastic and totally free society. You can express any opinion you want, as long as it is an approved opinion. But if you say something bad about a African or Middle Eastern Religion you will feel the full force of the law. Oh, and by the way. The rising crime rates are not due to foreigners. Most of these people have been naturalised, meaning we have entered them into our population register and given them funny bits of paper, the same that we give to you. Therefore they are ours and it is illigal to call them foreign."

Talk about a make-believe world.

Dutch people are famous for their bluntness. Theo van Gogh called Middle Easterners "goat fuckers". Pim Fortuyn called Islam "backward". A large segment of the population did this already. What was special, is that people who are regarded as belonging to the intellectual classes, looked at what was being said and thought by the people and thought: "actually they are right" and repeated it in their columns and on TV.

And that brought the whole Multiculturalist illusion crashing down in The Netherlands.

And that is what you have to wait for in the UK and other Western countries. Just a politician or a bunch of writers and creative people saying what we all think and see already. One prick is all it takes to burst a balloon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

On bigotry

Nouille said in response to Christians Fight, Infidels not:

I find religion can sometimes cloud ones judgement of a situation. This may make me unpopular here but I stand by this.

I am neither liberal nor conservative but take the issues as they come.
Some issues I am more conservative than others and some I am downright liberal on.

Americans seem to have to label people one or the other, this is troubling to me.

The "Random House Dictionary of the English Language" defines bigotry:

"(1) stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own. (2) actions, beliefs, prejudices, of a bigot. (3) to be so emotionally or subjectively attached to one's own beliefs as to be unthinkably hostile to all others who disagree."

Religions are about morality and morality is about sorting actions and attitudes in good and bad. This causes followers of religions and creeds to be opposed to certain groups who are deemed to think or act unchristian. In some cases this goes so far that Christians become bigots. Counterculture of 1968 has attacked traditional and Christian bigotry and used that bigotry to discredit tradition and religion. This was done in the name of utopian expectations. An end to tradition and traditional religion would bring about an era of progress and the elimination of amongst others bigotry.

When we look at our societies these days one sees a entirely different specacle however. Presently it is soccially unacceptable to mention all kinds of facts and opinions, especially those dealing with non-western religion, non-western demographic groups, women, homosexuals just to name a few. The whole practise has become enshrined in laws against racism and discrimination. Universities and institutions of learning have adopted draconian speech and hiring codes. The corporate world hires diversity experts to organise brainwashing sessions during which emnployees are browbeaten into submission to a particular point of view and ideology. We know this practice as POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Political Correctness is the new secular bigotry. It is more pervasive than ever. It enforces diversity of creeds, gender and enthnic background, yet abhors diversity of opinion. Because the goal of Political Correctness is to create a discourse of society that is perfectly and harmoniously Multicultural its goal is an earthly utopia. Anybody standing in the way of that Utopia must be evil and crushed. Due to the new improved bigotry society is subject to a permanent political witch hunt in order to sniff out dissent. McCarthy was given the power to organise witchhunts against the Left for a few years. Something the Left is still sniveling about.

The McCartyism of the Left has been made law, institutionalised and is terrorising citizens for decades already. So it appears that bigotry is a universal human trait and efforts to stamp it out, have in fact made it worse.

Ironic, isn't it? The more changes, the more that stays the same.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Afghanistan's importance

Order and Disorder

In "Distance from disorder is the key to winning the terror war" William S. Lind the author says: "One of the primary centers of disorder in the 21st century will be failed states—areas where the state has either disappeared or become simply one more criminal gang among many. Current examples include much of Africa, Somalia, Mesopotamia (following America’s destruction of the Iraqi state), Afghanistan, parts of the former Soviet Union, and the West Bank of the Jordan River. These areas represent the future for much of the world. Just as some cultures are likely to be centers of order, others will be centers or sources of disorder".


The causes for some populations to be a source of order or of disorder can be genetic or cultural or both. Populations with an AVERAGE IQ of below 90 are thought to be not capable of technological economy or orderly self governance.This excludes most of black Africa, which has a Average IQ of about 70. I was shocked myself when I found this out. Let it sink in for a minute.


Another source of disorder can be culture, such as Islamic culture which views the world outside of Islam as: "Dar-el-Gharb" or "the house of War". Islam seeks to submit the entire world to its laws and belief system. It justifies war and terror against non-believers.

Protect Western Civilisation

In order to protect Western Civilisation from disorder, Western Nations have to isolate themselves from its sources. That means isolation from Africa and the Islamic world. Isolation means limited travel to these destinations and an absolute avoidance of populations of these origins to settle in the West.

The Black underclass

Look at the black underclass in the USA. Generally black ghettos are the home of disorder and violence. Most babies are born out of wedlock. Mothers have offspring by various fathers. There is limited economic activity from the populations of the ghettos. Most people who work, work for the government or for big corporations in jobs that are intellectiually undemanding. There is little entrepreneurship and blacks do not provide job opportunities for whites in something closely resembling the job opportunities whites offer to blacks. Racist hatred against other ethnic groups runs endemic in black populations, whether it is Jews, Arabs, Whites or Asian's; Blacks are equal-opportunity haters, just like Snouck.

Compare the socio-economic status of Blacks after 3 centuries of exposure to Western civilisation to the achievements of Japanese and Chinese in the USA or Europe. Both thrive economically and socially. The socio economic level of Blacks in the USA has been lowered by all the social engineering the Democrats love so much, rather than that it has been increased. Meanwhile taxes have risen and powers of central government have been on the rise.

Well, the disorder of Islamic populations is well documented by this blog, I do not think I have to add to that for the purposes of this article.

Social engineering of disorderly populations

The way to deal with the world's disorder is not to invade the territories of disorderly populations and impose a foreign belief system on them, such as democracy or socialism or whatever. That is social engineering. That is what a Democrat or a Communist would do!

Colonialism failed

These populations will not be quickly turned around. Once a country is invaded it will involve huge loss of face to admit defeat and to pull back. So the leadership of the defence establishment will not quickly admit their uselessness, and governments will not pull back the troops. A situation of RECOLONISATION is the result with the same dissapointing prognosis of the original colonialism. Decades and centuries of military occupation and oppression of populations do not significantly change or improve originators of disorder.

Those societies that have a history of colonisation and are successfull politically and economically usually have a history of order and good government PRECEDING colonialism.

Snouck's 5 point plan

The way to shield the West from attacks such as undertaken by Al-Queda is not by occupying territories and reforming populations, but by:
1. undertaking study of the languages and cultures of the nations from which the attackers originate.
2. spy on and study the many organisations that are undermining well established nations states, using local allies and experts. Be honest in the study, and do not succumb to Multicultural fallacies and idealism.
3. Send in men that can blend into the hostile populations and that can use the logistic base of the enemy as their own logistics base.
4. Identify and locate the leaders of hostile networks and groups. Agressively seek to kill and dominate these leaders, sending the message that engaging in hostile acts against the West does not lead to earthly power and riches.
5. Wait a few years to cover the tracks and then publicise the attacks to our own and to the hostile populations, so that a sense of justice is established.

No victory

The result of this strategy will not be total victory. There may still be terrorist attacks on Western and other nations. But it will minimise attacks and decrease the level of unrest caused by attacks such as the 9-11 attack. Western populations will learn to grow a thicker skin. The first terror attack is a huge shock. The next attack will have a smaller effect. And at a certain point we will mostly get bored with it.

Bugger strategy

The idea that Afghanistan is a strategic target is in my not so humble opinion not correct. Afghanistan borders on Western China, Pakistan and the former Islamic Southern Republics of the former USSR. However Western China or Xinjiang is larely empty and has hardly any military or economic significance. The population is not Han Chinese but Turkic and Islamic. The "northern territories" in Pakistan on Afghanistan are populated by Paythans and so unruly that the central government of Pakistan despairs of ruling it and it has given it tribal self-governance. The Kyber Pass in Afghanistan is indeed an important gateway between the Indian subcontinent and the "stans" in Central Asia and Xinjiang, but that is of importance to India and not the concern of the West. There are plans to transport oil from sources in Central Asia to the Persian gulf, which give Afghanistan some importance as a territory that is used to transport oil over. I will make one prophesy. It will never be able to operate a pipeline over Afghani territory. There simply are too many clans and groups vying over the economic resources in the area and the situation on the ground is too fluid to be ever controlled by any outside or even inside powers. There has not been stable central government for a thousand years, people. Nothing the West does or says will make these people change their ways. Just let them continue to commit unspeakable acts with their womenfolk and livestock. Everybody will be happier that way.

Eventually Osama will be killed by a rival or by an American agent or by an aggravated goat. His position at the pinnacle of Al-Quada will be taken by someone else. The misery will continue. If it will change than the change will be so slow as to be imperceptible in our lifetimes. And it will come from those people themselves. This is the will of God. Deal with it.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Morocco wants Migrants back!

In the American Conservative William S. Lind wrote on 22 November 2004: "Europe has imported an enormous source of disorder in the form of immigrants from other cultures, many of them Islamic. It is by no means impossible that the 21st century will see Europe compelled to undertake a second expulsion of the Moors". (Fourth paragraph from the bottom).

Belgian Newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" reports that Moroccan Minister Nezha Chekrouni wants Moroccan migrants in Europe back. "Morocco has no oil or gas. So people are her greatest asset" said the minister on a press conference in Granada.

So what is the catch?

The minister wants the EU to invest in the Moroccan economy to raise the living standard of Moroccans, in the next five years. There are 2.6 million Moroccans in the EU.

Perhaps the Minister has read the Steve Sailer Muslim Buyout Scheme. Or Snouck's very own Muslim Economic Re-structuring Scheme.

This comment by a Moroccan Minister could be a major contributor to dispell the taboo on debate of Muslim repatriation. Probably the Moroccan's first interest is the pecuniary dimension of a repatriation scheme. But does that bother us?

The icing on the cake: Morocco regards all Moroccans abroad, no matter what their legal status is, no matter how many generations they are abroad as Moroccans. Moroccan citizenship can NOT be surrendered according to the State of Morocco. Like Israel and Germany, their citizenship is one of blood, not an Ius Solis (Place). Unlike Israel's Ius Sanguinis of maternal ancestry as defined in the law of the return, Moroccan law follows the paternal line.

It has happened before: "in 1492 the Moors were driven from Spain. To be precise: from Granada.

Jewish non-state entity in Judea and Samaria

Remarkable news from World Net Daily. Westbank Jewish Settlers are gearing up to create an alternative Jewish, non-state authority in the area outside the 1948 borders:

The Judea Initiative, led by northern Samaria resident Yekutel Ben Yaacov, is seeking to gather signatures from Judea and Samaria's nearly 200,000 Jews for a manifesto declaring the creation of a sovereign Jewish authority that would govern itself independently according to Jewish law and would provide its own security.

Most of these area's are very near to cities inside the Green Line (the 1948 border). Mostly near Jerusalem.

"Legally it's a no-man's land. The Palestinians used that status to create their own authority, so there is absolutely no reason the Jews can't do the same thing." says Ben Yaakov.

The area was taken by force of arms by Jordan in 1948. In 1967 Israel captured the area. In 1988 Jordan RENOUNCED the area and withdrew its claims to the area. Under the 1995 Oslo accords the State of Israel is withdrawing from the area, not claiming territorial rights of the area. In the vacuum the Palestinian Authority is trying to claim authority, but the PA has no legals status as a state and many of the areas are in a state of anarchy, with Palestinian clans fighting for power.

Sharon has formed Kedima, a new party that wants to dismantle the Westbank settlements. But if Israel can withdraw from Palestinian populations it can also withdraw from Jewish populations in this disputed area.