Thursday, January 12, 2006

European Racists

This is from blink( a black information link):

"THE RACIST Cornish festival of Darkie Day has finally been ditched after years of controversy.

Last year anti-racist campaigners converged on Cornwall to protest against the century-old tradition that involves songs about ‘niggers’.

However old habits die hard with locals intending to carry on the nature of the festival, replacing the word ‘niggers’ with ‘mummers.’"

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What is happening that foreign immigrants of another race agitate to change the ways of the original population. Because they think the habits of the original population offensive.

The funny thing is that the Multiculturalists are forever telling the white population to be tolerant of foreign customs and beliefs. Making critisism of foreign habits criminal. Legislation is underway to outlaw critisism of Islam for instance.

Ponder on that for a bit.

The amazing arrogance both of the Multiculturalists and the immigrants.

The immigrants arrive here. Look around. Get jobs or welfare. And when they encounter a tradition that they do not like they take action to change it. Just like that. "Sorry guys. You have been doing this for ages. But we do not like it. And we are the new bosses around here. We can critisise, but we cannot be critisised."

And the Multiculturalists: "This is a fantastic and totally free society. You can express any opinion you want, as long as it is an approved opinion. But if you say something bad about a African or Middle Eastern Religion you will feel the full force of the law. Oh, and by the way. The rising crime rates are not due to foreigners. Most of these people have been naturalised, meaning we have entered them into our population register and given them funny bits of paper, the same that we give to you. Therefore they are ours and it is illigal to call them foreign."

Talk about a make-believe world.

Dutch people are famous for their bluntness. Theo van Gogh called Middle Easterners "goat fuckers". Pim Fortuyn called Islam "backward". A large segment of the population did this already. What was special, is that people who are regarded as belonging to the intellectual classes, looked at what was being said and thought by the people and thought: "actually they are right" and repeated it in their columns and on TV.

And that brought the whole Multiculturalist illusion crashing down in The Netherlands.

And that is what you have to wait for in the UK and other Western countries. Just a politician or a bunch of writers and creative people saying what we all think and see already. One prick is all it takes to burst a balloon.

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