Friday, December 25, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wilders' defense uses Muslim assassin

The defense of Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders was recently summoned by the Court of Amsterdam on charges of hate speech. Mr. Wilders' laywer Mr. Bram Moszkowicz has announced (Dutch) that he will ask Mohammed Bouyeri to be a witness in the defense of Mr. Geert Wilders. Mohammed Bouyeri or Mohammed B. is the assassin of Theo van Gogh.

The proof is in the assassin

The point which the defense of Mr. Wilders will attempt to prove by the assassin's testimony is the inherent violence of Islam against those who do not submit to Islam, the Kufar or all non-muslims. Mohammed Bouyeri explained his motivation to murder Van Gogh at length in a letter which he pinned to the chest of his slain victim with a knive. The letter was analyzed by Professor Hans Jansen. A translation of Professor Jansen's lengthy and highly elucidating analysis of Mohammed Bouyeri's letter was published on Islam in Europe and is available here.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wilders: showing up in force

Geert Wilders summoned for Insulting Islam

Geert Wilders is summoned by the Court of Amsterdam on December 4. The charge is insulting Islam.

Calling for a demonstration for FOS

The case is due on January 2010. Yesterday Mr. Wilders (Dutch) called for a demonstration supporting Freedom of Speech (FOS) at the the concrete Court of Amsterdam on the Parnassusweg. His hope is a show of force to persuade the judges to let him walk on account of "societal unrest" if anti-islamic views are surpressed by judges.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Turkey refuses to talk to Wilders

Dutch parlementarians will not go to Turkey over Wilders row. Dutch delegation's Turkey trip cancelled over Wilders.
The Dutch parliament said the MPs have decided to cancel a trip to Turkey after Turkish government said Geert Wilders is unwelcome in the Islamic country. A delegation of Dutch parliamentarians to visit Turkey in January has been cancelled after members of the Turkish government refused to meet anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders
Ministry spokesman Burak Ozugergin said:
We reject the racist views of this person... He is unwelcome in many European countries as well
The Turkish spokesman is probably referring to the UK, which refused entry to Wilders earlier in 2009. But a British judge refused to uphold that decision.
At the head of the Party for Freedom, he [Wilders] has also voiced fierce opposition to Turkey's European Union membership bid, likening the country to a Trojan horse whose accession would prompt more Muslims to immigrate to Europe.
The Turkish parlementarians probably thought that the other members of the Dutch delegation would not support Wilders and isolate him. The refusal of the Dutch MPs to make the trip to Turkey causes a dent in Turkish and Dutch relations and is a good thing for The Netherlands. I do sincerely hope that more meetings of Dutch politicians with politicians from Muslim countries will be severed and that the influence of Islam on Dutch politics will decrease accordingly. This is a good example of the positive influence Wilders already has, without even having any formal power.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Communist past in Eastern Europe higly suspect

Down with Hammer and Sickle

In Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states legislators are considering legislation to ban Communist symbols (HT Esther). Eastern Europe was occupied since 1945 or longer by Soviet Communist supported regimes who cloaked themselves in the Red Banner with the Hammer and Sickle. The Soviet-Communists furthered their ideology by murdering dozens of millions of people in their wars of the state against the people between 1917 and 1936. Particularly Poland wants to outlaw symbols of the Left similarly to the way that Nazi symbols are outlawed in many parts of Europe.
President Lech Kaczynski approved an amendment to the criminal code which outlaws production, possession, spread and sale of items or recordings containing symbols of communism. Anyone who disobeys the law – for instance, waves a red flag singing The Internationale in the centre of Warsaw – can be fined or even sent to jail for up to two years.
It is true that the totalialitarians were mass murderers irrespective of whether they came from the Left or the Right. To be precise Left-wing movements mass murdered on a far greater scale than the Nazis. It is good to see that nations such as Poland are cognizant of that.

Attacking windmills

It is also sad that this results in symbolic legislation. Evil can not be defeated by laws. Especially not laws attacking mere symbols.

Swiss ban minarets

Ban towers!

The outcome of a Swiss referendum is that in future it must be forbidden for mosques to built minarets on their mosques. Basically it is a building ordinance forbidding towers on buildings built by a specific religious denominations.

Other towers apart from minarets

Churches will not be prevented from building towers neither will synagogues or Buddist temples. In my opinion it will be difficult to write this referendum into Swiss law. The Swiss contstitution uphelds equal religious rights to all religions. So unless the constitution is changed it seem difficult how this referendum can ever be passed into law and upheld.

Multicultural society coming apart at the seams

Even if the minaret ban is not written into Swiss law it will still show strong hostility of the ethnic Swiss against encroachment of Islam on their society. Slowly but surely the different religious and ethnic groups in Europe are growing apart. Were this will end is anybodies guess.

Lisbon Treaty: official end to the social contract

The end of the nation state in Europe?

Today on December the first the Lisbon Treaty has come into effect. This means that the European Union (EU) has now officially taken over many of the functions and powers that used to be the prerogative of the national state. A process that was started in the early fifties of the 20ieth century to create supra-national political entities whose powers will eat up the powers that used to belong to democratic nations state has reached its full flowering. Despite a French and a Dutch referendum that stated that a majority of the citizens of those nations do not want to end their political represantation by national states.

No reciprocal obligations

The pretence of the European elite of democratic representativity has ended. Therefore legitimacy has been stripped away. The elite openly states they do not care about any obligations they might have towards the governed. The peoples, the nations of Europe have likewise been freed of their obligations towards the elites, the political class and the class of bureaucrats and managers which legislate our lives in detail.