Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Attack in Liege, Belgium by immigrant killer

There are more and more incidents in Europe with a multicultural background.

Belgian gangster of immigrant background

There was an attack today on a Court of Justice in Belgium today. Four people were killed and more than sixty were wounded. The attack took place at 12:30 local time, in the city of Liege, in French speaking Belgium. The gunman threw concussion grenades (flash bangs) and shot around him with an AK-47 assault rifle. The gunman is around thirty years old and his name is Nordine Amrani. He is a immigrant from Morrocco and has been convicted previously for possessing a large number of guns and a mariuana plantation of many hundreds of plants. Nordine Amrani is one of the people who does the work Belgians do not want to do.

Meanwhile in Italy

In Florence a right-wing extremist shot two Senegalese immigrants and then killed himself. The gunman's name is Gianluca Casseri.

And in Germany and Norway

Germany is still reeling from the discovery of a Neo-Nazi death squad ("Döner Mörder") who killed eight immigrant snack bar owners. Norway has its lone anti multi-cultural gun man Anders Breivik, who shot more than sixty kids attending a holiday camp of the Social-Democratic Party.

Reactions in the press

In the Dutch press Nordine Amrani is described as a "Liege man" and a gun nut. Not as someone of immigrant stock. Which is what the press does all over the West to obscure the immigrant origin of a large part of the crime wave that has been hitting Western nations since the 1970ies. Expect more headlines as immigrant colonies grow in Europe and their members become more assertive. Also there will be more terrorist attacks by right-wing terrorists, both as individuals and in groups. The economic crisis and the resulting high unemploymenst will only fan the fires as "idle hands are the devil's workshop".