Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mayor of Amsterdam fears rioting by North Africans

Recently there was a spate of incidents in Amsterdam, of which some but not all reached the media. Mayor Cohen has now addressed the Dutch media and the heads of the 16 Amsterdam neighbourhood councils.

- A police station in Amsterdam-West was attacked after a Moroccan youth killed himself fleeing from a policeman.
- In the Diamant neigbourhood, on the Westbank of the Amstelriver where Bert and Marja were driven out by Moroccans there were a number of incidents:
- a Jew had his window thrown in and fire works were thrown into his house;
- a homosexual couple were intimidated and consider leaving their apartment;
- 39 cars had their windows smashed on New Year's Eve;
- there are ongoing incidents, a waiting camera team could immediately register a freshly smashed car window and the apathic reaction of the Dutch elderly living in the street;
- people in the Diamant neighbourhood report a increasingly belligerent attitude of Muslim youth in the area;

Groups of Morroccan youngsters that have been locked up in boarding schools under strict supervision due to incorrigable criminal behavior come out of the schools without there being any hope that they will reform their behavior.

In fact mayor Cohen is reporting things people who are open-minded have known already for years. In connection to Cohen's talk to TV during which he had moments in which he was tense and had trouble to hide his anxiety, several neighbourhood politicians and a University researcher were interviewed.

The language of the television reports, of the researcher and of Cohen all had one thing in common. They all admitted not knowing what to do about the problem. Punishing does not help, reeducation does not help. Throwing money at the problem does not improve matters. The system has not only run out of options but is actually admitting defeat!

This is great news!!!

Cohen DID promote his plan to built another boarding school (in fact a youth prison) for about 100 Moroccans that are constantly committing offenses, but for whom there is no capacity. These "revolving door criminals" are a constant drag on police capacity because they can not be locked up.

Cohen said that he was expecting small scale riots which could develop into "Paris style riots".

The national Government has made a small amount of money available to the four major cities of The Netherlands to deal with the troublesome Moroccans. And that is it. Mayor Cohen identified alieniation from the Dutch mainstream, Islamic media promoting hatred against Jews, gays and women, refusal of employers to employ Muslims and his own policy of harsh and unforgiving police repression (ahem!).

Exactly a year ago a Moroccan thief was killed by a black woman in a car in Amsterdam-East, less than 60 meters from the spot where Theo van Gogh was murdered. The robber who had that morning been in court for an armed robbery of a drugstore was martyrised by the local Moroccan community. There was a procession in which thousands of Moroccans walked. I recognised a lad that had threatened me with a gun in the van of the procession, to give you an idea of the morals of this community. The employment situation of young foreigners is still detoriating. Police is cracking down on criminal behavior. There is a plan to dismantle thousands of illigal house hash planatations that are a source of income for unemployed and criminal Muslims and Blacks and the politicians have not connected that cracking down on the plantations will cause areaction because it is the life vest that is keeping the criminal economy going.

I expect an interesting spring and summer for 2006.

My advice is to buy stock of firms in the car glass, window pane, knuckle duster and baseball bat line of businesses :-))


Heloise said...

Snouck, you have excellent posts and, although I am only a simple American barbarian and my words carry no weight, I want to thank you for providing us with a view of Europe that we never get from our media here.

nouille said...

This is what happens when an entire continent (Europe) is more worried about the threat McDonalds poses than what's going on in their own fetid back yards.

Snouck said...

Thank you for your praise, Heloise. And I specifically created this blog to give a window on this neglected part of European reality, for the benefit and education of the barbarians, who have to spend their lives in all that horriffic Freedom. You lucky bastards!

José María said...

In USA Freedom is also in danger. Masive Hispanic immigration will lead to a Socialist USA.

Crime is rampant in USA, mainly commited by Blacks and Hispanics, MSM obviously silences it.

Very bad times for Western Civilization.

Esther said...

jamria, freedom in the US is threatented more by anti-terror bills than anything else. Once you throw out human rights, for any reason, don't expect them to be there for you later.

Snouck said...

Both mass immigration and measures such as the Patriot act endanger freedom of US citizens. The attack on the rights of citizens is all out and uses several strategic approaches towards the same ultimate goal: as big as possible control over the lives of all citizens. They must all worship at the temple of the state.

Charles Martel said...

mass immigration =more crime = government has to pass more laws = less freedom.

i can see where this is heading.

funnily enough, this hasnt happened in Ireland. then again, we're letting in thousands of Polish catholics, who share our values(Ireland is mostly Catholic) . Ok, different language, but generally, they share our values. And it works.

There might be a lesson there. Don't just let everyone in - only let in people who can adjust easily , because they share the same beliefs/religion/background.

Charles Martel said...

come to think of it - as far as i know, only Ireland is letting in peoples from the Christian Eastern Europe.

We dont have thousands of Muslims entering our country.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out - in comparision to the Dutch/French/UK experience.

So far , its worked out. No race riots, not too much trouble (well, besides the usual criminal underworld stuff - which goes on everywhere anyway)

Snouck said...

Hey now I gettit! I am so dense!

Islamophobic, you are linux notes admin! Have you got a source for the "Londonistan" comment btw?