Monday, January 16, 2006

Terrs plan to hijack homos

Crazy plan from the "Hofstad" terrorist cell (Hat tip, Esther). They planned to assault a gay bar in Amsterdam and demand the liberation of Mohammed Bouyeri, the killer of Theo van Gogh. If Bouyeri would be set free the terrs would blow themselves up with the captured queens.

It may be bad of me but I find this hilarious. A picture is running riot in my imagination. Imagine that the queens (amongst them one in drag and 2 with SS-caps) would overpower their captors.

Humiliation. The "Hofstad" terror cell would be the laughing stock of terrorists groups world wide. What will my American readers think? They already thought that Amsterdam is a pretty wild place and now it is only getting more kinky.


talnik said...

I hope somebody gets it on tape! The gays could wear leather ski masks and bugger the terrs in front of a big pink flag and, uhm, well, saw off their heads from the inside, if you get my meaning.

Snouck said...

You have a dirty mind, Talnik. I am utterly shocked!