Friday, January 27, 2006


Late night Thursday 26 January the biggest Danish blog Uriasposten, was taken down by internet activists. The attackers defaced the blog with a flag of Saudi Arabia, a signature and an Arabic hymn.

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if anybody knows arabic (by chance! :-D)), i'd like some comments on the defacements:


i wrote a little more about them here:

mikkel, enough!

Charles Martel said...

flag of saudi arabia?

hmm.. nothing to do with this i suppose?

Charles Martel said...

it doesnt help if you display the version numbers of the software you are using for the entire world to see.

Esther said...

emailtilmikkel, thanks for the pictures.

I put a translation on my blog:

I have probably misunderstood things here and there, so take care reading it.

Snouck said...

Todah raba, Esther!

that translation is really helpful. Great to know there is some one in our circle who actually knows something of the Arabic language!

Snouck said...


I notified uriasposten and a few others, and updated my own post.

Very much appreciated, Esther!

Mikkel, Enough! said...

i just now read that the company that owns, amongst others, Jyllandsposten which published those cartoons of muhammed, was hit by a denial of service attack: 75000 spam mails launch from the mid east at the same time that Uriasposten was defaced. Pretty interesting!!

danish languaged article at

MIkkel, ENough!

Esther said...


I believe that it is important to learn Arabic if you want to discuss Islam. Otherwise, the entire discussion moves over to your court, in your language. Sadly, though, I do not know enough yet to actively follow up on Islamic/Arabic sites.