Saturday, January 21, 2006

President Chirac orders preparation for nuke strike against Islam

I guess I am pretty late with this and the whole blogosphere is aware that Chirac the President of France has (hat tip, Israpundit) mentioned preparations of France's nuclear Force de Frappe to hit targets in the lands of Islam in retaliation for Islamist terrorist attacks on la douce France.

My analysis:
The French elite it nervous and panicky, otherwise they would not be making these statements. They try to deter the Islamists from making attacks on French soil, such as we have seen in Spain and the UK. The reason that they are so afraid is that they have increasing difficulty keeping society together. Since the riots in November the chasm between Ethnic Frenchmen and (descendants of) North African immigrants is widening and the Elite cannot deny it anymore. With every car burnt by Muslims youth and every Muslim arrest by a French policeman society is becoming less manageble. The last thing the French can use now is an terrorist attack on French soil, not to mention an attack that claims large amounts of lives. This fits in a wider European pattern. Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam the Netherlands is basically throwing up his hands in despair at the increasing obvious hatred between the Ethnic Dutch and the immigrants and in the UK nationalist leader Nick Griffin has been put on trial for predicting the attacks that happened on 7-7-2005 in order to be able to appear evenhanded while they are also prosecuting one (1) Islamist leader for things Imams have been saying for more than 1400 years.

Multicultural societies are falling apart. The European elites have been denying it and been boasting about their successes. In reality the big cities of Europe have become Balkanized and society over here is probably more fractured than in the USA, the land that our elites love to hate with such ridiculous fervour.

And the Islamists CAN strike in Europe and in the USA. And perhaps even with Weapons of Mass Destruction, perhaps even with nukes. And neither Israel, France or the USA will be able to strike back because they will not be able to pinpoint the attack to a targettable nation state. Hitting Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan with a nuke strike in retaliation will destroy the retaliator morally, they way the Germans are destroyed morally by the Holocaust.

The enemy's stronghold must be attacked with police batons and baseball bats, with knives and fists. Not with tanks, jet fighters or air craft carriers. Not to mention nukes.

Chirac is sooooo impotent.


Wiag said...

After reading up on it for a bit, I am not too concerned about the statement. I was a little stunned hearing it on the news, but I would'nt make much of it.

It's an (albeit silly) way of trying to give meaning to the nuclear power you have against (indeed Snouck) a threat you don't know how to handle.

The British reaction (NRC - dutch) (whatever the reason for it) I liked for that matter. They won't say how it will respond to nations who facilitate terrorist attacks to be planned or carried out from their soil.

All in all, the statement is completely meaningless. Interesting to see what they come up with next.

On a positive note: it shows that the current political elites in Western Europe are starting to acknowledge the downside of the multicultural ideal and our meddling in other peoples affairs.

eyesallaround said...

I think you're right, but it is a nice fantasy... mushroom cloud over Mecca. And France is the one country that could get away with it (nobody takes them seriously), thinking "oh, it's just France, you know our retarded nephew."

José María said...

Elites in France have hekped to destroy their own country. They are unable to protect its citizens of the harassment of Muslims gangs and they pretend to nuke who?

increasing obvious hatred between the Ethnic Dutch and the immigrants
Well I think it is easier you Dutchmen go to jail for "hate speech" than Morrocans are simply expelled.

nouille said...

Chirac is indeed impotant! Even he knows this, hence the political posturing.

France has been dealing with bombs in the metro and trash bins from islamists long before the attck on the U.S. The writing was already on the wall.

This is why during the Paris riots the French were annoyed w/ all the foreign media covering the event and tried to "'control" what images were shown on t.v.

Remember- they are not riots but "political protests" and not done by North Africans or Muslims but unhappy "French youth"

Charles Martel said...

please bear in mind that the term "Londonistan" comes from the French security services.

the french went to trouble of sending a secret spying detachment to figure out who were the terrorists in London, late 90s - and handed it over to the British.

But the British werent interested - the Brits were playing the appeasement game.

Now, ask yourself - who got bombed - the French or the British?

Snouck said...

Eyes all around,

"France is our retarded nephew"

France is a great and wonderful nation. It has a beautiful impressive tradition that makes me feel humble and inferior. Europe will not be the same with a Islamified France. We will be gutted.

God bless France!!! She needs a new maiden.

Snouck said...


I did not know that origin of "Londonistan". Mind you, I heard a Morroccan say when he came back from a holiday in Paris what happened in Paris: "It is full of Algerians and African monkeys. They eat you alive!"


Charles Martel said...

france is to be admired - "multiculturalism" is a load of bollocks to them. you are either French or you are not.

If you go to France and want to live there and get on, you have to learn French and fit in with THEIR way of doing things.

that is why you have these Muslim ghettos in France. they have rejected French life and want to impose THEIR Islamic values on France - rather than bowing down to that , the French just said "fuck off" and so they have festered in their own ghettos for decades.

of course, all the Mullahs blame the French - rather than telling their youth that you are now in a new country, and you should adjust and change and integrate into French society.

honestly , the French have a backbone- unlike the British. The Brits just dont know who they are right now, as the UK is currently under an onslaught of PC nonsense gone crazy.

just have a look here

could you imagine ANY of what happened in that link happening in France? no.

nouille said...

Chirac's nuclear flag-waving a signal to the US: analysts

PARIS, Jan 20, 2006 (AFP) - By warning that France could use nuclear weapons against state sponsors of terrorism, President Jacques Chirac is signalling that the United States does not have a monopoly on nuclear deterrence, analysts said.

French experts also agreed that Chirac's speech on Thursday did not mark a fundamental policy shift but rather a refinement of current nuclear doctrine.

Chirac's unexpected warning to "rogue" states was intended to show that "one does not leave the monopoly of deterrence to the Americans", argued Dominique Moisi, of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).

"It was a Gaullist-inspired speech aimed at giving renewed legitimacy to France's deterrent arsenal, within the context of Europe," he said.

Jean-Pierre Maulny, deputy director of the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS), also saw the message as an assertion of nuclear independence from the United States, but one aimed at France's European partners.

"Jacques Chirac wants to give credibility to the European Union's strategic autonomy," Maulny said — despite the fact that, according to one military expert, most European nations wish to remain under the US nuclear umbrella.

France and Britain are the only EU nations to have nuclear arsenals.

Asked whether Britain would consider using nuclear arms against state sponsors of terrorism, the British Foreign Office said its policy was not to give advance warning of its intended response to specific threats.

Meanwhile, Maulny questioned the strategic wisdom of Chirac's decision to clarify French strategic doctrine in the face of emerging threats.

"Is this necessary? That's not certain. Because the doctrine of deterrence is all the more effective when it stays vague," said Maulny. "Under (late presidents) De Gaulle and Mitterrand, the doctrine was simply to say: 'I have nuclear weapons and I will not hesitate to use them.'"

In a wide-ranging policy speech, Chirac warned on Thursday that any state that sponsored a terrorist attack — or was considering using weapons of mass destruction — against France, would be laying itself open to a nuclear attack.

He also extended the definition of the "vital interests" that France would defend with nuclear weapons to include its allies and "strategic supplies" — widely taken to mean oil — and condemned "the temptation by certain countries to obtain nuclear capabilities in contravention of treaties".

Although no specific country was mentioned, Chirac was understood to be referring to Iran. The West is currently engaged in an escalating dispute with Tehran over its nuclear programme and is seeking to win guarantees from Iran that it is not developing nuclear arms.

"We are thinking quite clearly of Iran," Moisi said of that reference by Chirac.

Chirac also indicated in Thursday's speech that the previous Cold War strategy of threatening enemies with massive and widespread destruction had been changed to a doctrine permitting a graduated and limited nuclear response.

He said that France had configured its nuclear arsenal — widely believed to number between 200 and 300 warheads — to be able to respond "flexibly and reactively" to any threat, by reducing the number of heads on certain missiles.

Such a move would enable it to conduct strikes on specific targets and limit the zone of destruction.

Both Maulny and François Heisbourg, director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, warned against drawing too swift a parallel with the United States' so-called "mini-nukes", developed to destroy installations such as deep underground bunkers.

According to Maulny, Chirac's statements mark a clarification but not a fundamental change to the nuclear doctrine he outlined in 2001.

"Chirac is saying: France is adapting. We are applying the same strategic thought but to deeply different circumstances," agreed Moisi.

Heisbourg saw a similarity with British strategic policy "in terms of the ability to shoot missiles that are not equipped with their full payload".

"That gives the possibility of extending the range but also of carrying out something other that a massive strategic strike," Moisi said.

But above all Heisbourg argued that Chirac, who is nearing the end of his term in office, had delivered a "heritage speech, a nuclear testament, in relation to which future presidential candidates are called upon to position themselves".

Charles Martel said...

the thing i cant help wondering is - does chirac know something that the rest of the western world doesnt?

interesting development:
UBS to stop doing business with Iran & Syria

Yeah - thats UBS - a SWISS bank.
we all know that Swiss banks are incredibly neutral - even to the extent of being bankers for vile African dictators. This is a most interesting development - do UBS know something that the rest of us dont?

Snouck said...

Of course UBS knows LOTS of stuff we do not know. The question is what piece it is. But perhaps they are just disinvesting from a volatile region. Banks and private firms disinvest all the time and we know Syria and Iran are being under threat of the USA right now.

Bush may be nuts enough to get the USA even further in trouble.

nouille said...

Bush may be nuts enough to get the USA even further in trouble.

Let's hope not. I think Bush is busy fighting at home right now.

James said...

well, i am french and just really hate our elite who r so coward, i just add one more solution to reply in case of terrorist attack on french land : solution is very simple : let make the same than them but in muslims country !!! it they kill one french men we kill by terrorist attack reply 1000 of them !!! at this speed war will stop fast. Its the best way to deal with this muslishits people and islamishits quran. nuke them all in case of recidive, hey guys dont forget visit my blog i add soon photos and have english translation