Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Flying the colours


"I know this is old but- I just have to ask, Why would you ban YOUR OWN FLAG????? (notic there isn't a ban on immigrants and what they can wear.)"

Well we started hearing this in the 90ies. With increasing numbers of immigrant children in schools, groups started to "ethnicize". More and more Dutch kids would sit in groups one hundred percent Dutch, the blacks would sit in their own groups and so would there be a Turkish and a Moroccan group. The Blacks have the flag of Surinam, the Turks the "Grey Wolf" of Turkish fascism, and the Moroccans the sickle moon of Islam and the flag of Morocco.

In that time working class Dutch kids would start wearing Bomber Jacks with Dutch flags on the shoulders.

Schools faced with the problem added rules to their statutes that forbade to wear the Dutch Flag. I know of no instances where foreign flags or ethnic jewelry was forbidden.

Well, you know how it goes. The people running the institutions in the West have no backbone. They happilly squander the rights of those whites whose rights are under their care, while fastidiously protecting and enlarging the rights of non-whites.

These days it is worse. There has been a flood of immigrants before 2002 and schools are being overrun by their children. So Ethnic Dutch nationalism is on the rise especially amongst the youth. The government is trying their usual game of criminalising it by publishing a report on it. However the public is onto the spin meisters and the forums of newspapers mirror indignation.

Apparently nowadays there are even careerist civil servants with an informed view of Islam as Theodore Darymple reports. I wonder if this newfound backbone will persist until after the present government is replaced with a more left-wing government. Which is bound to happen.

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