Thursday, January 19, 2006

Free Speech in Europe

In 1689 the United Kingdom accepted a Bill of Rights in a deal between The English people as represented by her Parliament and Mary, heir to the English Throne and her Dutch husband, William, the champion of Protestant Europe in the struggle to free the European peoples from oppressive Governments and the power of the Roman Catholic Church, who ruled civil affairs and did grossly interfere in people's lifes.

Basic tenets of the Bill of Rights 1689 are: Englishmen, as embodied by Parliament, possessed certain civil and political rights that could not be taken away. These included:

Freedom to elect members of Parliament without interference from the Sovereign


the Freedom of Speech in Parliament, in that proceedings in Parliament were not to be questioned in the courts or in any body outside Parliament itself (the basis of modern parliamentary privilege)

This implies Freedom of Speech for all subjects. And freedom of the press, the media.

Freedom of Speech is necessary to make a Parliamentary democracy function. Without the liberty to define and discuss new or old subjects and concerns of citizens, Parliament can not represent the interests of the citizens in a meaningful way.

Freedom of Speech is curtailed in Europe by Marxist inspired legislation. The reasoning is that due to the growing presence of foreigners in our midst, people who know not our customs, follow not our rules and who have strange and unusual customs, the freedom to express opposition to their presence must be limited because otherwise there could be injustice (racism) and violence.

Freedom of Speech was not a Dutch import into the British Isles. The English, the offspring of Germanic tribes from present Southern Denmark (Angeles) and the German/Dutch border area (Saxons) had always had the custom that a man was free to speak his mind on political matters, just as it was common amongst the other descendants of Germanic Tribes. The Dutch, who had just been through a 80 year struggle with the Spanish Kings and the Catholic Church had had ample opportunity to define and frame their cultural traditions of freedom. To pass on their memes to the English when they were faced with a situation of Absolutist kingly rule and religious intolerance.

These freedoms have been expanded, refined and rigorously tested by the English and the "Rights of Englishmen" have become an envy and an example to the rest of the world. When the Brits lost the strength to carry their beacon of freedom lighting the world, the people of the United States of America carried it further to the benefit and gratitude of multitudes in the West and beyond.

However, dark and sinister forces have now gathered in the West and assailed the freedoms and rights of the peoples of the West. In the USA, on the old continent and in Britain itself. Freedom of Speech is still guarantueed in the United States although speech codes and intimidation have circumscribed the ability to freely speak one's mind. As I wrote yesterday the negation of the Freedom of Speech has a prominent place in the Dutch constitution.

In 2004 in England too, the Labour regime has acted on impulses it cannot deny, the impulse that the power of Government has to be used to reform the people and its culture. The change that what has grown organically over time, proved and tested and supplant it with a blueprint for society.

People these days are sadly opportunistic, materialistic and spiritually empty. To oppose these laws and to stand up for the British people requires wisdom, insight and a heroic attitude. Were are these people to be found?

The British National Party is lucky to have a men that are not cowed by repressive laws, not by the threat of imprisonment. Those men are Nick Griffin and Mark Collet who spoke out against the presence of Muslims in Britain and the threat they pose.

What is Nick Griffin accused of?

In 2004 Nick Griffin said "sooner or later there’s going to be Islamic terrorists letting off bombs in major cities" and "..[they]..would be asylum-seekers or second generation Pakistanis living in somewhere like Bradford"

This has been almost prophetic in the light of the London bombs on 7-7-2005.

Nick Griffin is willing to go to jail for this as he has said last Christmas. I know I have British readers on this blog. I think you can all be enormously proud to have such a patriot amongst you. He has spoken the Truth. But as in Belgium, where the Vlaams Blok was outlawed last year with a law that was specifically designed to assault them speaking "THE TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE". Those who made this laws did not do so in order to protect what they believe is true but because they believe the power of the state is a higher good. They seek to humiliate us and to put us down. To make us liars. But they can not extinguish the fire that is burning in the heart of the Patriots, nor the thirst for Truth. It is that fire in the hearts of men that lights the beacon of Freedom. We shall relight the beacon from our fire and carry it on.


Bunch Of Trouble said...

For a real good laugh, go to
and try to make a comment.

The great irony is, he calls himself "Iran UNCENSORED"!

Okay, I know, I'm naive. Who'd of thought an arab would LIE? These little arab parasites need to be wiped off the map.

gandalf said...

This bill cannot be repealed and is still on the statute books,
it also says in this bill (hidden in very small print) that every Englishman is required to maintain a weapon with which to defend the
realm if needed, it could be a gun, sword or longbow etc.

In 1996, an MP raised this issue of free speech and this bill in Parliament, many others have since raised this issue, we are told the EU legislation overrides this particular act, thus we have no free speech anymore.

Charles Martel said...

Snouck - you might not know this but the BNP are a national socialist party and notoriously anti-semitic.

the first thing they would do if they ever got into power would be to abolish free speech.

so , the comparision to Vlams Blok(now Vlams Belang) is unfair, considering that Vlaams Belang is pro-Israel.

" Vlaams Belang doesn’t like Le Pen’s typically French views of centralisation, his anti-Americanism and his anti-Jewish scoldings and his political position against Israel. In Vlaams Belang’s view, Le Pen has the disastrous illusion that it’s France’s destiny to have a special, privileged relation with the Islamic world."

Desmond Jones said...

Mr. Griffin has a message for pusillanimous patriots like you Iphobe:

"Those who claim to believe that no Jew ever does anything wrong, or that to criticise any Jew or group of Jews is a mortal sin against a group singled out by God or Hitler for special treatment and in consequence entitled ever-after to carry a globally valid ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card, are clearly in the grip either of PC self-censorship or the last misguided upholders of the late 19th century ‘Master Race’ fantasy.

But equally, those who believe that only Jews are capable of abusing great power for their selfish personal or group benefit are sadly lacking in any grasp of the realities of human nature. Give an elite—any elite—power, especially over decades or generations, and that elite will abuse that power, and scheme, cheat and kill to maintain and extend it."

Snouck said...

Ha, Desmond I saw you stole a march on me. I brought more heavy equipment though. Check out the Grosse Kanonen at my latest post.

bnp national socialists

Charles Martel said...

"To give you a good Jewish source on the BNP, try Frontpagemag contributor Richard Locke, who wrote on the BNP"

that is indeed very interesting - and even more interesting that a Jewish writer wrote it.

Mr Jones: thanks for bringing that Mr. Griffin quote to my attention - and for adding "pusillanimous" to my vocabulary.

Maybe they have indeed changed- and I dearly hope so (since I am an Irish patriot - and thus, no friend of the "old" BNP).

Snouck said...

I changed the verb in the link of my post from plural to singular, so the link broke. The article is under this link: BNP is national socialist sez reader"

Si. Durra parra la campasino.