Thursday, February 28, 2008

Al-Qaida calls on Muslims to kill Geert Wilders

Kleinverzet has the news:

"The international terror network Al-Qaeda calls upon muslims to 'slaughter' the PVV politician Geert Wilders for insulting islam and the prohpet Muhammed."

The call for the assassination of the leader of the Freedom Party was made on, an Al-Qaida news conduit.

The forum seems to have been taken offline.

Read more on KleinVerzet.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dutch minister of Justice goes PC

Dutch Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin wanted to discourage the use of the word "allochtoon" and "autochtoon". These words are used by the Dutch to describe people who are foreign. Especially when they are non-western foreigners.

The minister thought these words cause artificial divisions.

The minister's plan was shot down by the coalition parties:

"Dijsselbloem (PvdA) talks of a "sympathetic plea" that runs aground on obstinate reality. "We proposed this in 2005 already. The government at the time dismissed it. It would be nice to stop talking about 'allochtonen' and 'autochtonen,' but those terms are so assimilated in society. You cannot change that with language police or a new law."

That was the friendliest dismissal of the plan.

Flickers of reality are allowed in the immigration debate in The Netherlands.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Checking out from the Hotel

Emigrating from the Netherlands.

Emigration from The Netherlands is historically high. A raport by a Dutch demographic institute, NIDI (Dutch), shows this. More than 130.000 people left the country. The Netherlands has a population of 16 million, so it is close to one percent. Important reason to check out from the hotel are:
- lack of room and quiet
- societal problems cause by pollution, crime and the multicultural society.

The number of emigrants grew by 67 percent since the year 2000.

The silver lining

A third of the emigrants is ethnically Dutch (44.000). Two thirds (88.000) are foreigners ("allochtononen"). Most of the emigrants are male have above average incomes. So as a result of this emigration the country becomes MORE homogenous.

The report is available as a pdf here. In Dutch.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Separation of Church and State under assault

The separation of State and Church is under assault. From an unexpected direction.

Our Christian Democrat (CDA) Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende was a guest on Robert A. Schuller's Hour of Power (Dutch) last Sunday. The Prime Minister was presented to the viewers as the Prime Minister of The Netherlands and not as a private person. The footage was filmed in the Tower of the Catshuis, the office of the Prime Minister.

There was no reaction from the opposition in parliament, nor from the Labour Party PvdA), the coalition partner of the CDA and Christian Union parties. Only the secular blogosphere defended the strict separation of State and Church. Both the Leftwing but politically incorrect De Zwijger blog and hyper popular right wing Geenstijl attacked the Prime Minister.

Due to the erosion of the Labour party by competition from the Socialist Party (SP). And the erosion of the Liberal-Conservative Party (VVD) by Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) secularity is weakening in The Netherlands. The Christian Parties are not affected by Multiculturalism because their support is from the villages and towns. With urban voters flocking to the anti-multiculturalist parties on the Left and Right the Christian Parties are essential in putting together coalitions.

I would say that gay marriage was the last show case of Dutch hyper-liberalism.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A repeating fraction?

The split up of Multi-National Yugo-Slavia continues: yesterday Kosovo's independence was declared and recognized by 22 nations. The independence is the result of the US and EU policy regarding the break-up of Yugo-Slavia.

After Yugo-Slavia started to unravel in 1990, with the break-away of Slovenia and Croatia, the EU and US have tried to create new Multi-ethnic entities in Bosnia (Croat, Serb and Muslim "Bosniac") and now in the Serbian heartland of Kosovo (Muslim Albanian and Serb). The foreign policy of the EU and the US in this reflects their internal policies of promoting Multi-ethnicity.

However, as in Bosnia, the squabbling nationalities refuse to live together peacefully in Kosovo. The entities require a massive NATO force to keep the fiction alive that the groups can co-exist in the same political entity.

In Bosnia and Serbia proper there were nationalist demonstrations against Kosovo's indipendence. In Kosovo itself members of the Serb minority attacked a symbol of the international presence: a UN compound.

A legion of 5th columns

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey went to Germany to state that Turks in Germany and the rest of Europe ought to hold on to their Turkish identity. What goes for Germany, goes for The Netherlands as well. That clears something up for us Dutchies.

Now the Maroccan state made a similar statement regarding the Moroccan communities in Europe. Minister Mohammed Ameur stated (Dutch) that Maroccan children in Europe (Dutch) must be educated in Arabic and Maroccan culture.

It is often stated that Marocco has an economic or pecuniary motive to keep the Moroccans abroad in the orbit of the Moroccan state. The remittances to the home country by Moroccans is the third largest source of foreign currency for the country.

However, Minister Ameur is in charge of the Ministry of Maroccans abroad. Maroccans abroad number 3.2 million or 10 percent of the population. Minister Ameur called them "the 16 province of Marocco". So the state considers them to be integral to the nation.

This integrality to the body of the nation is expressed in:
1. the fact that the state has a Ministry for Maroccans abroad
2. the fact that it has set up a council of advisors of influentual moroccans in Europe which advises the King of Marocco.

Read also the informative article on KleinVerzet on the Maroccans in The Netherlands and Europe.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam okays discrimination of women

The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, Labour, stunned Amsterdam politicians yesterday afternoon. The case had come up of a Muslim "city security coach" refusing to shake women's hands as a matter of principle. Upon being asked what his stance was on this issue in the light of the constitution's insistence on non-discrimination on the basis of gender (Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution no less) the Amsterdam mayor stated that this was allright and municipal workers and officials could freely discriminate against women if their faith demanded this (HT Kleinverzet).

The core of Liberalism/Leftism is the principal of non-discrimination. Minorities are specially protected by the Left for protection against this cosmic evil. Dutch Libertarian Bart Croughs wrote a book in 1995 called: "in the name of the woman, the gay and the foreigner" in which he wondered what Leftists would chose to support if they HAD to choose between to minorities if they were discriminating against each other. He specifically raised the combination of Muslims discriminating against women.

As far as the mayor of Amsterdam is concerned the issue is clear. The strictures of Islam take precedence over women's rights (Dutch). And it is now Amsterdam municipal policy too.

Christian Democrat municipal councillor Maurice Limmen stated that this would cause many more issues to crop up, such as the permission of discrimination of gays by municipal employees and vowed to oppose such permissiveness.

Of course there is a more pressing issue than discrimination of gays, women and assorted Liberal/Leftist heart throbs.

The question that haunts Amsterdam is whether discrimination of all Infidels by Muslim municipal workers is now permitted. And if it is permitted we have to ask ourselves: "do the municipal authorities still represent us Infidels and our interests or have they been subordinated to Muslims and their Sharia law?"
Oh, for the record. I quite agree with the Muslims with regards to the position of women. Women are societally inferior to men. I endorse discrimination of women. Not in the shaking of hands but in other fields. Such as women being allowed to vote, or to be elected. Generally I am all for discrimination and I think inequality is the basis of society and even all Creation.

Unequal things must be treated unequally. Muslims are unequal to Dutchmen. They think so and I agree with them. So they should be discriminated against. They do not belong in our society. Certainly not in our political order. Not in any way. Article 1 of the Dutch constitution has to be rewritten.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Muslims making themselves unpopular. Again

The most popular Dutch blog has the news: Geenstijl reports: "Death squad for 73 year old Danish cartoonist".

Read the story HERE.

Geenstijl innociously asks "how come Islamophobia keeps rising?"

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stealing their Thunder

The Netherlands is waiting for Wilders' movie on Islam. The leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) has now released the title of the movie and revealed a wisp of its ending.

The film is to be called "Fitna". It is an arabic word with a particular meaning in Islamic theology. It is similar to the "Tribulation" in Christian theology, the expectation of Ordeal, Anarchy and Temptation at the end of Time, as seen by the prophets.

"Fitna" is also used for disbelief, sin, schisms and civil wars amongst Muslims. According to Wikipedia "Fitna" is the
jihad which returns as a boomerang inside and weakens the community. The fitna is the ulemas' obsessive fear since Islam exist.
Mr. Wilders said in an interview:
the word "Fitna" is a mirror. Islam (Dutch) is our trial by Ordeal, our Tribulation.
He continued:
the film ends with a shot of the prophet. Something happens to the portrait. I will not say what it is.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Abuse of tax payer's money

Geert Wilders is to release a Quran critical movie in March 2008. The Government is expecting trouble from the immigrant communities. In anticipation the Municipality of the City of Amsterdam sent "educational material" to 300 Amsterdam schools. The "educational material states: "unfortunate fact that some politicians seek to gain popularity by being very negative about certain groups of people."

This is a reference to Geert Wilders and his criticism of the Islam and its adherents.

The "educational material" contains a cartoon that reveals how the civil servants that prepared the "lessons" think about Dutch ethnics who oppose Muslims and Islam.

Do take a peek.