Thursday, May 24, 2007

When young men get together

Tuesday a friendly footy match between youth teams of Morocco and The Netherlands caused riots in the Tilburg stadium and the city centre of the town. Moroccans from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France booed and whisteled during the playing of the Wilhelmus, our national hymn.

Altough young Morocco won the game, supporters stormed the field in the second half. Later there were riots in downtown Tilburg. Only twenty-six Morroccans were arrested, although:
It is not the first time they have spoiled a Moroccan match in our country according to a spokesman.
Moroccan fans in the last two years vandalised stadiums in Utrecht, Arnhem, Kerkrade and Amsterdam.
according to a Freedom Party spokesman.

The Freedom Party demanded in Parliament from the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice that the twenty-six arrested hooligans in addition to their normal punishment will be forced to
clean a number of Dutch Football stadiums ..... with their own toothbrushes. And if not, then why not your Excellencies.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

USA makes suicide attempt

The political elite of the US is working on killing the Nation, quickly. Before they just tried to do it slowly.


"US Senate proposal for massive illigal alien amnesty"

The proposal seeks to legalize 12-20 million illigals, mostly Hispanics. It is a big step towards the elimination of the USA as a nation and a global player.

The elimination of the USA as a global player will have mayor implications for nations in Europe, the Middle East, India and China, which are used to play politics and war in the shadows of hyperpower USA. The stakes for these nations will be raised.

This proposal is so bad that it finally seems to have woken up Mark "Demography" Steyn from his slumber:
I'm not a fan of "bipartisanship" for its own sake. This is a very divided political culture in which bipartisanship is all but nonexistent on everything else, starting with war and national security. So, when the political class is in lockstep bipartisan mode, that's sufficiently unusual all by itself. When it's in bipartisan mode on an issue on which the public is diametrically opposed, that looks less like bipartisanship and more like the lockstep myopia of an out-of-touch one-party state.
At some point, it's worth trying to climb over the rubble of the 2007 Z-1s and the 1986 amnesty and the 1965 immigration act, and going back to basics: What is immigration for? In the modern Western world, to question immigration in even the most cautious way is to risk being demonized as a racist. Most of us like to see ourselves as nice people, and so even to raise the subject of immigration -- even illegal immigration -- feels like an assault not on distant foreigners so much as on our self-image. Yet, whatever the virtuousness of immigration for the host society, a dependence on it is a sign of profound structural weakness, and, when all the self-congratulation about celebrating diversity has died down, that weakness ought to be understood as such. The unspoken premise behind this bill is that the socioeconomic order in America is now so dependent on the vast apparatus of a giant shadow state of illegal immigrants that it cannot be dismantled but only legitimized and thereby expanded. If that is true, that is a basic structural defect that should be addressed honestly.

This is the first time Steyn questions IMMIGRATION, as far as I know.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mohammed removes all doubt

Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh's assassin had to testify yesterday in the case against several members of the Hofstad terror cell. Mohammed Bouyeri was a dominant member of the Hofstad terror cell. Amongst other matters concerning the nature of his religion Mohammed Bouyeri testified:
A good Muslim in the Netherlands has two choices,
he said.
The first was to ‘pack your bags and leave’ for an Islamic country
but, he said,
there isn't one at the moment
. The second, said Bouyeri, is the one he opted for:
pick up your weapons and fight.

This is what Islam means to a good Muslim according to a significant portion of the Muslim community in their countries of origin AND in the West, where they have settled in the last 40 years as a result of the failure to control immigration into those countries.

Good Muslims take their scripture as a hunting licence, as Arabist Hans Jansen argues. And we unbelievers are their prey. In a world in which states are becoming increasingly irrelevant this is a powerful force.

In the same week US law enforcement arrested a group of Albanian Muslim immigrants who were preparing themselves to attack Fort Dix, a US Military base. From their actions it is highly probable that they see their duty as Muslims in the same light as Mohammed Bouyeri does.
The Dukas are typical of those who have thrived from such ties: 28 of 37 local family members live in America now.
This plot exposes Bush' dictum:
we fight them there (Iraq), so they do not come here
as the inanity is obviously IS and WAS. But neither Bush, nor the current crop of Republican Presidential candidates seems to be able to rethink their position on the universality of Western civilisation.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Freedom of Speech in Finland

There is a rather telling incident in Finland, reported by Gates of Vienna (HT, KV). A blogger has been accussed of political incorrectness by the Ombudsman for minorities. The blogger, Mikko Ellila, has written that African immigrants commit more crimes per capita than Finns.

The Ombudsman for minorities, a Mikko Puumalainen, reported the "hate crime". The police is on the case and Mikko Ellila has to explain his thoughts and emotions (hate is a emotion) to the police. Supposedly, if the police find unlawful emotion on their "soul-o-graph" Blogger Ellila will be charged and if convicted punished.

Minority Ombudsman Puumalainen has stated:
"all opinions that help maintain the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere in Finland ought to be totally criminalised" according to blogger Ellila.

The ombudsman knows that the majority of his countrymen are against immigration. So in order to deal with their opposition he will OPPRESS them in order to get his way and to ensure the replacement of his countrymen.

Puumalainen's arrogance is just breathtaking. He is begging his people to rise up against the PC regime. The gods ought to favour such ambition.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Tonight at 20:00 hours is Dodenherdenking, the commemoration of those Dutchmen killed in the Second Word War, by the Axis powers. Wreaths will be laid at monuments in every town that lost their people.

Often there will be calls for racial and sectarian tolerance and peace.

In Amsterdam, there are ceremonies at 39 places. The wreaths will be brought indoors (Dutch) or be guarded. This has become necessary as "youths" will attack and destroy the wreaths.

Probably, when the mayor makes his call for peace and tolerance he will omit the fact that there are very well-defined groups in the city that habitually use violence against the outsiders.

And that these groups consist of immigrants or the offspring of immigrants.

Selling us down the river

An important article on VDare. Randall Burns has put a price on American citizensship, enabling calculation of the costs of selling US citizensship by the political class to Third Worlders.

Dutchman Pieter Lakeman of Sobi Bedrijfsinformatie has made similar calculation of the cost of immigration for The Netherlands. He estimated that immigration cost the Dutch taxpayer 70 Billion guilders (roughly 32 million Euros or 38 million US Dollars), after substraction of gains, between 1960 and 1970.

The recent asylum seeker amnesty by the coalition will add another 800 million guiders, in the next 4 years. Family reunification or "chain immigration" will BALLOON the costs after that.

The costs of immigration are unevenly spread accross society. Employers and bureaucrats GAIN, while blue collar workers see there wages FALL, due to the increased labour supply. Supply and demand and all that jazz.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ondiep policeman investigated as a suspect

The policeman (appearantly he is a male) who shot Ondiep resident Rinie Mulder, causing the Ondiep riots, is now a suspect of the shooting. The reason is that this is necessary to have further investigation under guidance of a specialized buraucrat called a "judge commissar".

I have not been able to fully figure out the reasoning that was given by the public prosecution for this change in the policeman's status. Let's see what happens.

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