Monday, December 26, 2005

White self defense not permitted

Everywhere in The Netherlands Morroccans go there is trouble. They have to lord it over the natives and they can not stand weakness. Morroccans usually congegrate in the 19th century urban areas near towns and villages. The youngsters form gangs and look for fights with other ethnic groups. Of course urbanised Dutch are their preferred targets, because generally these have lost the ability and will to get together and defend against scum.

Todays saga is from the Dutch capital: The Hague. In a new VINEX suburb groups of Moroccans are terrorising and extorting Dutch youth, just as the Qoran tells them to. This has been going on for years and the police knows it and even admits it. If you read Dutch, read here.
And here.

The kids complain to their parents. Who complain to the police. Again and again. A year ago the Leftist newspaper "De Volkskrant" published every Saturday the reports of Bert and Marja who where terrorized in their Amsterdam neighbourhood. The police can never do anything, because they are busy or not around or call us back later. Eventually Bert and Marja had to leave their house and neighbourhood. The mayor said that he was sorry. Gee.

My brother was terrorised by his neighbour a few years ago. The guy is a small time Israeli criminal. The guy played loud music at all hours of the day, gave threats to my brother when he asked if the volume could be put down please. And threw my brother from the stairs. A police lady came by after a few weeks and spend two hours of her precious, tax payer funded time to explain to my brother that the police can do nothing, absolutely nothing.

The same happened in Den Haag, in the Wateringen neighbourhood. The police never did anything. Then a father beat up one of the Moroccan kids. Of course a gang of Moroccans showed up and there was a threatening situation, so now the police had to show up. The police refused to make any arrests, so the man went back to his house and got a knife. Ordered to put the knife down the man ignored the police on the grounds that if they ignore Moroccan trouble makers why discriminate against a Dutch troublemaker?

Wrong! He got arrested and is just sentenced to 60 hours community service. Oh, if you tell this story to your politically correct friends they just make snide comments and pretent it is okay! So funny!

I just looked on the map and Wateringen, the The Hague neighbourhood is only two kilometers from Honselersdijk. Three days after the murder on Pim Fortuyn a Dutch lady, Brigitte de Birk (39), in Honselersdijk was attacked by their 16 year old neighbour, because they had raised the Rebel flag in their garden. The neighbour is of course a Moroccan. He called the lady a "Whore" and "Fortuyn was killed and many Dutch will follow", then he hit her in her own garden. The husband came to her aid. Minutes later the couple is under assault by dozens of Moroccan males. The couple is beaten up. Their son flees to Dutch neighbours. The police shows up and bring the couple to the police station. They are then arrested and put in a cel!

It turns out that in the excitement the Moroccan neighbour, the mother of the original attacker has had a heart attack. And the Moroccans blame of course the Dutch family, because nothing can ever be the fault of Moroccans. They vandalised the house of the Dutch couple. Windows and doors are destroyed. The house is looted.

The Mayor of the village goes on local TV and promises the Moroccans that the Dutch will not return to their house. Not a single arrest is made. Apart from the Dutch couple of course who are in jail for 4 days. Then they are taken to the house of their family in another town.

This is not the end of the story. The Moroccans consider themselves to be in a feud with the couple and find out where they work and where their handicapped son goes to school. They attack the son in his school and the lady, Brigitte at her job in a clothing shop. The police refuses to do anything and advises to couple to emigrate! THEY ARE DUTCH! THE MOROCCANS ARE FOREIGN SCUM!

Why do we put up with this? Why do we pay tax? The first duty of the state is to protect its citizens. Instead the state brings in foreigners of cultures that are not compatible with ours and muzzles us by taking away the freedom of speech concerning immigration.

Is it a surprise that the people in Den Haag are terrorised when they see they can get away with anything and the Dutch state can not be bothered to protect its citizens? But mysteriously DOES find the capacity to come down on Dutchmen who defend themselves and their families?

Read the story of Brigitte de Birk and her husband Rinus Bauman in De Telegraaf.


eyesallaround said...

I am so sorry.... I hate to see Europe suffer like this. I believe Europe is heading for great distress. If you can get out, it would be wise. You are always welcome here in America. "Robert in America" linked you through "UP Pompeii"...

It's a sad fact that Christianity made possible the liberal theology that is now tearing apart Europe. They remember the God of love, and forget the God of Justice. I'm so sorry....

gandalf said...


this is not good, we here in the UK are following the same path as Holland and we are experiencing similar things.

I have taken the liberty of posting this story on my site accredited to you of course.

we in the Uk need more info from your part of europe , we only tend to get the official media reports
that do not tell the whole story.

I will be placing a link to your site on mine hopefully this will help spread the word, we must all support each other in this battle.

Snouck said...

eyes all around,

well it is self inflicted suffering. We "just" need to wise up on Islam and immigration.

Anonymous said...

This is utter madness. The Dutch need to stand up and in organized groups. The kowtowing elite cannot arrest the entire country, can they?

BTW, I've blogrolled you. This is a great site.