Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jihadists in the Dutch Army

The Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD, Dutch) and General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) are investigating an unknown number of radical Muslims in the Dutch armed forces. There is a growing number of reports concerning military and defence civil staff that support and proselitize for pure Islam, according to its recently released 2005 annual report.

The MIVD started an investigation to keep track of this fifth column.

The danger of radicalized Islam taking root in the Dutch armed forces has increased due to the controversial increase in recruitment of urban Dutch Muslims, in the ages between 17 and 25. It is particularly this age group that is vunerable to radical Islam.

The Military Intelligence and Security Service is taking into account that experiences of Dutch Muslim soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan will quicken radicalisation.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Failing to defend The Netherlands

Harald News Daily has a good article about the growing awareness of Dutch politicians of the threat of immigration to The Netherlands and Europe. Frits Bolkenstijn was a leader of the Dutch Liberal-Conservative party in the mid-nineties who was perhaps the first mainstream politician not only to strongly warn against Islamic immigration but also to warn for immigration in general.

(The grey chap on the right is Bolkenstijn)
Today, we have 1 million Muslims out of 16 million Dutch," Frits Bolkestein, an impressive center-right Dutch politician and former E.U. commissioner, began. "Within 10 years, they will have an absolute majority in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We are staring into the face of a shortly to be divided community. Muslims have the right to their own schools, so there is no teaching of evolution, gay teachers are not tolerated but anti-Semitism is, and the Holocaust is not a subject for teaching.
Both Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the biggest cities in The Netherlands are ethnically divided. In Rotterdam the divide is very clearly visible, politically in the Labour Party captured by the immigrant block vote and the Livable Rotterdam, representing ethnic Dutch voters.

Unemployment of immigrants has gone from 9 percent in 2001 to 16 percent today. Immigrants tend to marry women from their home country, and they have little contact with Dutch society except for the Iranians. Eighteen percent of Moroccan men are suspected of crimes, compared to 4 percent of Dutch men. Half the Turkish and Moroccan population believe their cultures are incompatible with Dutch habits.
Bolkenstein mentions the same percentages of suspects of crime between ethnic Dutch and Moroccans I mentioned in my previous entry. This community is waging a war on the ethnic Dutch and also on other ethnic groups (blacks). As Pim Fortuyn used to say: "is it not striking how Moroccan criminals always hit non-Moroccans?"

I was born in Amsterdam," he then said sadly, "and I resent the idea that the whole culture is to be changed. But these people are there to stay, and we wanted to draw attention to the dark side and risks of these changes.
So who decides that they are to stay? Do we Dutch people have anything to say about the matter? Or do we not have political rights, because we are white. As is common all over the Western world.

(Author George Annie Geyer)
But today, that paradigm has considerably toughened; the Dutch are making it absolutely clear that they are not going to change their tried-and-true principles, which have made them one of the most prosperous and peaceful countries in Europe, for any immigrants.
Definitely true! Although the situation leave much to be desired, The Netherlands is one of the most free countries nowadays with regards to the practical ability to critizise Multiculturalism and Islam.

We are witnessing a dramatic change in Europe, which men like Bolkestein see as underlined by a drop in national confidence in European countries over the entirety of the last century. The immigration problem, he says,
has to do with the loss of confidence in one‘s own civilization. It started with World War II, which was really a mass European suicide. Then, the rise of fascism, the Holocaust and the 1968 student cultural revolutions across Europe. There is no clear European identity today. This has a real impact on foreign policy.
Indeed, it does. But as this meeting shows, the Europeans are finally beginning to face their problems, and to grapple with "the immigrant" and particularly with his too-often arrogant and insatiable demands upon another man‘s house. In this process, they are discovering again what it really is to be a European. In some countries, it may be too late. But in the thoughtful Netherlands, there is still a chance of working it out.

Unlikely. The trust between the elite and the people has dissappeared and without trust there is no possibility of communication. Also the elite is not genuinly interested in giving the people a voice. They think the present arrangements are too cozy to give up.

Bolkenstein did a good job in opening up the debate on immigration in the 90ies and he won a lot of votes with it. I voted for him repeatedly. The strongest anti-immigrant and anti-islam platform was on the 1998 national elections. Unfortunately Frits Bolkenstijn did join the government after his election victory, but instead made a nice career move by leaving for Brussels and becoming Director General of Directory General 4 of Competition of the European Union. The government was left to the "economic man" liberal-conservatives like Hans Dijkstal, who are pro-immigration. Thus the opportunity to slow down the Islamification of Frits Bolkenstijn's Amsterdam was lost.

Hans Dijkstal

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Paper Poles

The Moroccans who killed Joe van Holsbeeck turned into Poles yesterday. I did presume they would be Paper Poles. By that I meant they would not be ethnic Poles, belonging to the ethnic core of Poland.

Today it turned out the Poles are Gypsies. Zigeuner. Ciganes. The Gypsies have a long history in Europe of living from theft. In fact one of their myths speaks about how a gypsy stole the nails off the cross of Christ, which is taken to mean that they have special dispensation by the Lord to steal.

They are often great musicians too.

Something else. Many Moroccans are now demanding apologies, because witnesses, police and media assumed that the murderer was a Moroccan and the assumption proved incorrect. "Assumption is the mother of all F###-ups".

So why was it that everybody, including the spokesmen for the North-African community assumed, it would be North-Africans who dunnit?

Because most of the muggings and knifings are done by North-African scum. The Dutch Statistical Institute SCP last year published an ethnic crime report. The figures were taken in 2002. Male Morroccans in the age group 18-24 which is the approximate age group of the train station killers appear in the crime stat with a rate of being a heard as a suspect of a crime of 17,9 percent. Against 3,8 percent for Dutch. And prisons in Belgium and The Netherlands are predominantly populated with Muslims, particularly of North-Africans.

And their communities seem (Dutch)to condone crime. Regard it as excusable. The page gives a radio interview of a Moroccan lad of 10 from my neighbourhood, whom I know by face. After the killing of a Moroccan boy the interviewed Moroccan lad insisted that "everybody steals". Therefore it was wrong to kill the thief.

These communities therefore consist of the Scum of the Earth. Apologies are not made to such scum. It is these communities that should apologize to the native Dutch. For existing here. Bastards!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moroccans turn out to be Poles

The two Moroccans who killed Joe van Holsbeek in the Brussels train station turn out to be Poles!

Damn Moroccans! One can not trust the buggers! How did they turn themselves into Poles?

Something stinks here. Everybody who saw the security cameras films assumed they were Moroccans. The people on the film did not look like ethnic Poles to me. Paper Poles then?

Let us see how this story unfolds, shall we?

In 2002 in my neighbourhood of Amsterdam-East some lads burglarized a house, raped some Dutch girls in the house and caught the whole miscreancy on video. The police later said that the lads were Dutch, but it turned out that they had Turkish names. Second generation immigrants. Papier is geduldig....

And as far as Moroccans is concerned: I spit on them and on their honour.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Self defense - best defense

The battle between the contenders for the leadership of the VVD, the liberal-conservative party is getting fiercer and fiercer .


Verdonk is working on sending back criminals from the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean. Antillians are strongly overrepresented in violent crime in the Netherlands. The 22 municipalities with a significant group of Antillians support (Dutch) Verdonk's plan to send back repeat offenders. Last Friday the council of judges warned that this might be against EU treaties. Citizens of the Dutch Antilles are automatically also citizens of The Netherlands, according to the 1954 Statute that shapes the legal relations between the Antilles and The Netherlands. The Dutch Antilles require strict policies against Dutch citizens who come to live on their islands, sending back people who are unemployed or criminal.


In a response contender Mark Rutte is beefing up his law-and-order image. He is pushing for the right to selfdefense of house and shopowner's that are burglarised. Right now it is so that Dutch citizens who use violence against intruders are treated as criminals by the police and the courts. Rutte argues that the state should be on the side of the victims of crime and not on the side of the criminals. His argument was pasted in huge letters on the front page of the right-wing and populist "De Telegraaf" last Friday 21 April.

My take on it is that the leadership of the VVD is afraid that Rita Verdonk is not the right person to lead their party. Verdonk will split the party up. VVD Old-timer Nijpels has said
"I get the feeling that if she becomes the political leader (lijsttrekker), we will have taken on a walking disaster". The article in the "De Telegraaf" is the result of string pulling by VVD strategist to bolster the appeal of Mark Rutte. Verdonk is very popular with right-wing voters.

Still the struggle for the VVD leadership is good for the popularity of the party in the polls. The party is part of the ruling right-wing coalitions whose tight economic and fiscal policies are cauing hardship for parts of the Dutch population. Due to the lack of strong personalities in the political leadership the right wing was losing its popularity as was shown in the red flood rising in the municipal election on 7 March. The battle between Rutte and Verdonk seems to be countering that trend.

Friend of Van Gogh assaulted by Muslims

Ebru Umar a newspaper and internet columnist and friend of Theo van Gogh was assaulted (Dutch) by Moroccan youth for lambasting Islam last Friday.

Mayor Cohen of the city of Amsterdam recently warned for violence between Moroccans and other groups in Multi-ethnic and Multicultural Amsterdam, the utopia that is the making of Cohen and his Socialist predessessors.

Ebru Umar writes the column in the Metro newspaper that used to be written by Theo van Gogh, who was murdered for his opposition to Islam. She is from secular Turkish parents and makes no excuses for her strongly anti-islamic views.

A week ago Moroccans killed a Flemish boy in a full trainstation in Brussels. For a mp3 player. The Belgian authorities blame Belgian society.

They should really blame themselves for not protecting society against the rats from Morocco, who cause murder, theft, violence and rape everywhere they go.

It is the duty of the rulers of society to protect society. Our authorities are sadly failing in their duty.

Organized crime is in a constant state of reorganisation

In Amsterdam-West another gangland killing occurred this week as a part of what seems to be the ongoing war between the most powerful Dutch crime syndicates.

Anthonie van der Bijl was killed in his wife's bar "De Hallen" near the major dairy and vegetables distribution centre in Amsterdam. Van de Bijl had been interogated by the police about his links to Willem Holleeder and had been released from custody on April 11. Last Thursday, April 20 he was shot by 3 gunmen.

Big time drug dealer Mounir Barsoum was shot dead on the same street on 8 July 2004.

Most of the murders occur in old organisation of Klaas Bruinsma, "The reverend". This organisation was heavily involved in the drugs trade, gambling, money laundering and real estate.

A possible explanation for the ongoing killing is a war between the established Dutch mafia and the mafia from former Yugoslavia. Others maintain that the organisations are multi-ethnic and all contain both Yugoslavs and Dutchmen.

The mafia is quite influential in Amsterdam and owns large numbers of houses and entertainment venues, such as bars and brothels. The administration has difficulty to fight criminal organisation, due to lacking experts who can counter its growing influence. Leading criminologists repeatedly urge the government to pay more attention to the mafia increasingly trying to infiltrate the economy of the big cities.

A very spectacular killing was the shooting of top criminal Sam Klepper, 40, among shoppers on the Gelderlandplein. Klepper was shot in the prescence of a friend and a new Yugoslavian bodyguard. A full clip of an AK-47 was emptied by the gunman at Klepper who futilely opened his umbrella in an attempt to ward the bullets off.

Klepper was buried with full honors by a motorcade of the Amsterdam Hell's Angels, another violent criminal organisation and the Headquarters of Hells's Angels in Europe. Hell's Angels received Amsterdam government subsidies for 20 years, claiming to be a youth centre.

It seems that the government has other priorities than fighting crime, organised or otherwise.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sinking feeling

I get a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach:

"The Royal Navy has appointed its first Muslim Rear Admiral, Pakistan-born Amjad Hussain, a British newspaper said Friday, April 14."

This is all going so fast.

"Rear Admiral is the fourth-highest rank in the Royal Navy, equivalent to a major-general in the Army or an Air Vice-Marshal in the Royal Air Force."

Conventional armed forces are getting increasingly less relevant. That is little consolace.

British working class feels betrayed - flocks to BNP

Margeret Hodge, the UK's Employment Minister has been campaigning in her electoral district in East-London: Barking and Dagenham. While canvassing white families she asks them whether they are considering voting the anti-immigration party BNP.
In a sensational claim, Margaret Hodge, one of Tony Blair's closest allies, said that eight out of 10 white people in her east London constituency of Barking are threatening to vote for the far-Right party in next month's local elections. Once traditional Labour supporters are angry at a lack of affordable housing - and blame immigration, and Labour, for the changes.
Margeret Hodge is regarded as a staunch ally of Prime Minister Blair. It is no coincidence that she asked her voter base these questions and it is no coincidence that she is giving voice to their dissaffection. Labour sees the anti-immigrant right gaining strength accross the Western world. The question for Labour is "what to do about it?". Sofar immigration has been good for the Left because immigrants need the support of the state more than indigenous voters. So immigrants show a consistent tendency to vote for the Left. However, at a certain point the white working class realises that there is no point in voting for the Left. If there is no alternative, they will lose interest in the political process. However once an alternative political party promises to defend white working class voter's interests they may return to the ballot again and support their champions. Democracy works pretty neat in that respect.

The municipal elections in The Netherlands have shown that immigrant voters overwhelmingly support the Left. More than 95 percent. But it also shows that the Dutch working class AND middle class will cut and run to the right once it champions their interests.

The British Labour Party is paying attention to what is happening in The Netherlands and are trying to open the debate in order to be able to address the issue, in order to be able to make a soft touch down. This is what the interview with Margaret Hodge is all about. However, looking at the reactions in the British press it is obvious that the press does not yet realise the predicament British society is in right now.

In 2000 Paul Scheffer published an article: "the multicultural drama" in a leading newspaper, thus opening the debate in The Netherlands. This was the first salvo in a battle to give those who doubt the multicultural utopia legitimacy. This interview by Margaret Hodge is an attempt by the British politicos to do the same for the UK.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Anarchy for the lawless; tyranny for the law-abiding

The Netherlands is a seriously liberal country. Since the old order collapsed with little more than a whimper in '68 the country has been lighting the road towards a brave new world of Liberalism. A state were most people can enjoy the unbearable lightness of being. Painful consequences of foolish or mistaken decisions are softened by a generous state. Just fill out that form!

The onslaught of Liberalism

The "Liber" of Liberalism means "free" of "freedom". In order to free themselves of the ultra-conservative pre-68 Dutch order the Dutch tried to get rid of society's repression of crime.

Kill the messenger

For a long time it was a taboo to be concerned about crime. People who had a problem with high crime levels were told to subscribe to another newspaper. This referred to the "De Telegraaf" newspaper, the biggest Dutch newspaper, which maintained a popular law-and-order profile.


In 1978 Renate Rubinstein (Dutch) wrote in her "Tamar" column in leftwing weekly "Vrij Nederland" about this attitude. When she wanted to discussing the rising experience of crime of people living in Amsterdam, she was hushed up by the enlightened set of Amsterdam. Rubinstein put this down to the even more taboo insight that most crime was ethnic crime and commited by Black and Muslim immigrants. She also noted the hypocritical behaviour of the left wing cognoscenti and literati, because she was taken home at the end of the evening in order to protect her against non-existent and unmentionable crime! "Walking home is unsafe". Unmentionable why. Sky falling in?

Ideas have consequences

Obviously this climate was not conductive for effective law-enforcement. A society that does not place real crime (vandalism, theft, assault) outside the borders of acceptable behaviour will see rising and rising crime levels. In order to forestall discussion of this all too obvious phenomenon article 1 of the Dutch constitution outlawing discrimination by the state was amended in such a way that it became illegal for citizens to discriminate and that speech pointing out differences in behaviour became an offence. This is the pc-pincer: first the lawless are liberated from the repression of the law: this is Anarchy for the lawless. Second: criminalisation of "offensive" Speech: Tyranny for the law-abiding. Anarcho-Tyranny.

The result is gross and wild injustices. The weak but law-abiding citizens have hardly any meaningfull recourse to justice, while those ruthless enough to pursue a criminal lifestyle can enjoy a high and tax-free income, with hardly any effort.

As a result the willingness to report crimes has fallen and police records are not any longer reliable indicators of crime levels. And since 1980 in order to have a meaningful statistical indicator of crime the CBS, the Dutch government statistic bureau, conducts surveys to estimate the level of crime.

The Stats

The SCP, or government Social-Cultural Planning bureau, reported in their "crime victims" report, that:

in 2004 3,4 million Dutch citizens fell victim to 4,6 million crimes.
3,6 million crimes were theft of vandalism. 1 million were violent crimes

The number of crimes has been quite stable in the past 24 years: it rose from 4 million in 1980, when the surveys were first compiled to the aformentioned 4,6 million in 2004.

In the case of 1,3 million crimes victimes actually bothered to report the crime to the police. 147.000 cases the police got around to hearing suspects. This led to 100.000 cases for a Dutch court of law. In 54.000 cases a suspect was convicted to a punishment, a prison term of a fine.

Car break-ins and vandalising saw the mighty-est rise. Actually I saw an American with a rented car (German licence plate) which was broken into 70 meters from my house 2 hours ago. He looked at me suspiciously. Hey, we are on the same team, buddy!

The chances that a suspect is heard by police has dropped from 34 percent in 1980 to 15 percent in 2000. This is called "case being cleared up" in statistic-speak. It rose to 21 percent in 2004. That does not mean a lot. Obvious criminals are let of after a cursory interview is my experience. The police is just engaging in statistical window dressing after the rucus about the low "clearing-up rates" in the 2002 "Pim Fortuyn" election.

The report was presented to Minister J.P.H. Donner of Justice, a few weeks ago. Donner likes to tell us that Islam is here to stay and we just have to accept that.

We will see about that.

The population is on to the injustice. When the SCP-report made the internet sites of the papers the forums were overwhelmed by furious comments on the uselessness of the police who are able to collect millions of dollars in fines for people driving too fast on the highway, but not able to arrest and deter the criminals. For the absurdity of criminalizing speech we have got Geert Wilders.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The last days of the Dutch Right-wing government

The Dutch Right-wing coalition government is falling apart. The coalition which ran The Netherlands since the 2002 Pim Fortuyn revolution has been uninspired due to the personality of its dull "leader", the Christian Democrat Balkenende. With the nearing of the 2007 elections and the success at the municipal elections a month ago, the PC wolves are now ready to try their luck at the sledge born convoy, yapping at the legs of the pulling-horses.

A few days ago a number of politicians of the whole political spectrum of the old guard published a manifesto calling for what they called a kinder, more sensitive tone of voice in the immigration debate. What they want is a return to full blown Political-Correctness.

To back them up an advisory body or government think-tank published a report on the policy of integrating Muslim immigrants into Dutch society. The Scientific Council for Government Policy It said that Dutch politicians are engaging in Muslim and Islam bashing, is caused by their ignorance of Islam. This makes us wonder about the knowledge of Islam of the Council.

This is a combined operation between the political and advisory fringes of the broader political complex in order to influence public opinion and exert pressure on the core political body, the present elected legislative politicians a part of the maneuvering for position for the 2007 elections.

Meanwhile, our lord and leader is in Indonesia, like Great-Britain a former colony of The Netherlands and the biggest Muslim country in the world. Balkenende calls Islam a RoP and says he feels all sad and tearfull when Islam is critizised. We are sorry we hurt your feelings, o fearless! Thou art our rock and refuge in days of fear and darkness!

Geert Wilder and Maxime Verhagen came out strong against the Scientific Council. They accused the Council of meddling in politics avoiding mentioning the powers that were behind that. Also Geert Wilders trashed the notion that Islam is not dangerous, calling it the biggest threat of violence to the world.

It is remarkable that the leader of the Christian Democrats said what he said, because it shows a rift in the opinions between himself and the Prime Minister. It also shows that the election campaign for 2007 has started in earnest now and that politicians are jockeying for position. And the Politically Correct old guard has not at all abandoned the ideas of Multiculturalism and they are trying to reinstate their ideology and probably want to push younger candidates of the old political cartel who can carry the torch of Multiculturalism into the future.

Their hopes will prove to be vain.

The little men of Europe are dreaming of revolt

Brussels Journal picked up a interesting European meme. The rise accross Europe of novels with the theme of a small entrepreneur cornered by the system rising in revolt and succeeding. Read it all at Brussels Journal.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The French Elephant has been hamstrung

President Chirac is bending for the power of the streets. He is abandoning the draft labour law that would make it easier to introduce hire and fire of youngsters by French companies. This would bring French law more in sync with countries like Britain and The Netherlands.

The French Elephant has been hamstrung. Immigrants will find it more difficult to find jobs. Economic dynamic will decrease further. The social fabric will rip further apart.

The French Elephant has been hamstrung. An army of little creatures comes out of the shadows and moves in for the kill.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Banning speech - banning prophesy

Fjordman the blogger from Norway wrote a piece exposing the fellow travellers of Islam called: "I am a terrorist groupie, hear me roar"

The title says it all. Go and read it anyway. That is an order!

Where was I? Where are my pills?

O yes. Fjordman. Let's lift a part out of the article that deals with the heroic work of people who opposed Multiculturalism in the beginning, the Genesis of the resistance against the suicidal Left. The first blossoming of the force of Life in the great rotting corps, the fallen tree of Christendom. Seedlings like "Carl I. Hagen, Pia Kjærsgaard of the Danish People’s Party, Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh and Geert Wilders".

The seedlings of a new Europe

These seedlings were set upon by the Ravens of the Left. Any opposition against Multiculturalism, the great ideology of the Left met with hysterical opposition, public trials by the press and the intelligentsia, hell bent on taking us all with them into the end of history. The end of our history.

One of the oddest seedlings flowered in The Netherlands in 1990. A man called Mohamed Rasul wrote a book called: "De ondergang van Nederlands - Het land van de naiëve dwazen" or "The coming downfall of the Netherlands - The nation of gullible fools".

Gullible Fools - Harsh but Fair.

The author, a Pakistani called Mohammed Rasoel or Mohamed Rasul wrote a short book on the threat of Islam, the treat of importing millions of Muslims into a nation and a culture that had gone too soft to defend itself. The book was published in 1990. Or in 1987. It has not been translated into English, although the author originally put it into together in bad English and had it translated by René Kurpershoek, who perhaps had a significant contribution in its composition. The real name of this "Prophet Mohammed", for that is what nom de plume Mohammed Rasul means, was Zoka F.

Counter Qoran

It was Rasul's intention to write a counter Qoran - his own Satanic Verses. He began writing about growing up in a Muslim family in Pakistan, growing up to be a Pakistani, travelling to Europe and arriving in the best and most gullible nation after the Scandinavian countries: The Netherlands.

He sees the Netherlander through the eyes of an outsider and shows their great points: easygoing, self-critical, calm and ready to excuse any fault in a foreigner in order to exell at the highest virtue of Dutch society in the 70ies and 80ies. Tolerance and understanding of the Holy Other. To be not Nazis. To be anti-Nazis. To be members of the "post-war resistance".

Rasul prophesies: by taking the negative of Nazism as a blueprint of society, the gullible Dutch will eventually end up at the same station as the Jews. He makes more prophesies, some quite obvious to many observers for instance to me at the same time, a teenager growing up in The Netherlands, others quite perceptive due to the islamic insider perspective:

- there will be more crime, fuelled by moslim crime
- the Dutch will become more criminal too
- the Dutch will become cynical and untrusting, less gullible
- the value of a witnesses in courtcases will diminish,
because Muslims lie and deceive
- Dutchmen will lose the "look of innocence in their eyes"
- Dutchmen will become irritable and aggresive
- Corruption will become epidemic
- Islamic groups will impose parts of Sharia on Dutch law
- Different Muslim groups will clash with each other and not just with the Dutch
- The cosiness, the sense of humour, the sense for freedom of the Netherlanders will dissapear

And others. And all this to no gain as Rasul points out. Because there is no gain in replacing a native population and they will not adopt the laws of the host population because those laws are weaker and less dominant than the laws of Muslim populations. Laws travel with populations. Rasul points out there would have been no Mafia in the USA if they had kept the Italians out. And lots of Americans would have been better off that way.

Again: the Dutch are so scared of treating other like the Nazis treated Jews that they will be like the Jews themselves.

Meanwhile, in 2006 all those Muslim fruits have come to fruition.

In the middle of the book Rasul describes the phenomenon of Political Correctness, which was still nameless in 1990. He shows how anyone critisizing Islam will be ostracized from civilized society, will be sued, and found guilty by a Dutch Judge of "Discrimination". This is the same that the illustrious Fjordman says in "terrorist groupie"

Only Rasul said it in 1990. Or even in 1987. A few years after Marcus Bakker managed to get article 1 of the Dutch Constitution amended in a way inspired by the Soviet Communism.

The Gem: the proof of Rasul´s allegation.

Rasul was proved right. He was attacked by Dutch journalists and academics for his stance on Islam and Muslims. He appeared in talk shows in disguise.

Koenraad Elst, of Brussels Journal writes:
The Dutch press frantically tried to uncover his real identity; a television talk show host tried to grab his passport and pull off the shawl with which he covered his face; a Muslim politician was ostensibly willing to talk to him, only to pass his teacup onto the police for the fingerprints.
The Anne Frank Foundation, whose directors were the high priest keeping the mysteries of the cult of Anne Frank, guardians of the taboo of the Holocaust sued Rasul in 1992. Rasul was convicted of
discriminating Muslims
of making
sweeping statements on Muslims
. Rasul´s commentary:
It proves that the general thrust of my book is correct, that Dutch society is changing and becoming less tolerant. Freedom of opinion is already being sacrificed. I don't blame this state attorney, he is a nice man but rather dumb and naïve like most Dutchmen. . . . Muslims are allowed to shout: kill Rushdie. . . . When Muslims say on TV that all Dutch women are whores, it is allowed. . . . It is ridiculous and scandalous that I have to justify myself in court for discrimination of Muslims.

Aftermath: the 90ies

The story did not end there. For a while leftist intellectials such as Teun A. van Dijk started a witchhunt against Dutch writers who were accused of having actually writte "the impending downfall of The Netherlands". As a proof Teun van Dijk wrote "analyses" of the writing style of for instance Gerrit Komrij. The witchhunt had a intimidating effect on discussion of the growing Muslim communities in the 90ies. Komrij has a sharp pen and defended himself ably against the mediocre Van Dijk.

Perhaps he was chosen to be attacked because he had scathingly attacked Multiculturalism. He became the "national poet" in 2000 (I think). On 7 May 2002, the morning after the assasination of Fortuyn he wrote a searing poem on the klammheimlicher joy of the established politicians in his poem: the Established Politician (Dutch).

The poem appeared in the NRC Handelsblad, the newspaper for the "intellectual". And for me. On six o´clock in the evening on May the sixth on the moment that Pim Fortuyn´s body hit the pavement, killed by 6 bullets, the NRC Handelsblad hit the doormat in thousands of Dutch homes. The editorial written (Dutch, Theo van Gogh´s site) by Folkert Jensma, WARNED the Dutch voters against Fortuyn:
sixty years after the war it may be a Prime Minister Fortuyn with a wreath at the national monument, a man who thinks Islam is "backward" and people from Turkey and Morocco do not belong in "modernity"? (...) It is the pride of The Netherlands that we do not prefer one culture over another culture. That people are treated equally in an open society. That we keep far from racists and xenophobes. It is a DISGRACE that we have to remind a politician in our midst of those matters sixty years after the war.

Editor Folkert Jensma made all the effort to create a piece the Völkischer Beobachter or Pravda would have been proud of. Not that it is anything special. Our elite is decadent and has turned its back on us. Their inability to formulate societal goals and hatred (Dutch) of those who do try to bring our Civilisation back to life are proofs of that decadence. The utterances of pundits and politicians had become more and more rabid as the number of people who said they supported Fortuyn went up and up. A hatewave was going through the country.

Getting back to Rasul and Fjordman. Fjordman selects a quote about European Civilisation "that Europe has made repentance for old sins, perceived or real, the central point of its identity, and something close to an obsession."

It is either the Crusades, or Colonization, the Holocaust or the Moral Equivalency canard. It does not matter what it is. Europeans are not permitted to think that their nations should be perpatuated. Europeans are not permitted to think that the effort of survival can be worthwhile. Basking in "unearned guilt" is the way to go.

It is the easy way to a position of individual moral superiority. The difficult path is the path of a shared destiny as Westerners, a morality of individual sacrifices on behalf of a collective, like family, people, nation and religion.

That is just too much EFFORT.

A postscript on Zoka F. or Mohammed Rasul. He is still there. He was later convicted of sexually harassing some women, who he had hired to pose for him. It is a strange story. I really do not know whether he wrote that book himself or whether a Dutch writer was behind it.

Investigator in Natalee Holloway's case replaced

Gerold Dompig, the officer leading the investigation in Natalee Holloway's case has been taken off the case. Dompig had prevented the FBI from enteering the island and seemed bent on discrediting the possibility that Natalee Holloway was murdered. He stated (Dutch) that Natalee might have died from exessive drinking and drugs abuse. The witness he provided to give the statement more weight turned out to be his brother in-law.

Dave Holloway, Natalee's father said on NBC 13 in Birminghamhe he "believes Dompig might have tried to protect someone."

It is remarkable that Aruban police chiefs have brother's in-law who are or pretend to be XTC-dealers.

Gays betrayed by Liberalism

Last Saturday Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam celebrated (Dutch)5 years of Gay marriage in The Netherlands. A milestone!

About 15 years ago the city marketing bureau of Amsterdam started to aggressively market the city as a destination for gay tourists. Gay tourists are usually relatively well-off and they are big spenders. The "gay industry" now has a considerable finger in the Amsterdam tourist pie. The revenues of the tourist industry are an important prop for the city of Amsterdam.

Gays had considerable political force too. The Liberal-Conservative (VVD) city councillors counted several influential gays.

Gay marriage is a symbol of the acceptance of the gay life style in The Netherlands. A showpiece! On the occassion of the celebration of 5 years of gay marriage in The Netherlands Mayor Cohen had some bad news for gays and liberals.

Cohen mentioned the violence against gays in Amsterdam. Gay interest organisations have warned against this violence, which got an higher and international profile after gay-bashing Moroccan youths assaulted Chris Crain (English), an influential American representative of the gay community visiting Amsterdam. The mayor of Amsterdam said that gays and Moroccans are both victims of prejudice and discrimination and implied that there should be natural solidarity between both groups. Note how deeply the man is immersed in the political-correct ideology and worldview.

So why is it? This unusual level of violence against gays in Amsterdam?

Obviously the Macho culture of the Moroccans has something to do with it. But Dutch working class also has a macho cultures and they do not show such unusually high levels of violence against gays. Imams have called gays "lower than swine and dogs" and for gays to be thrown of high building. But the violence of Moroccans against gays is also more notable than the violence of Turks, who are also Muslims.

Moroccans have a particular difficulty of coping with the freedom that liberal Dutch society gives them. Moroccan boys drink heavily, often smoke hashish, commit many violent thefts and robberies. In discussions Moroccans often say that the punishments in The Netherlands are far too light and that the get too much freedom.

This freedom causes Moroccans to morally disintergrate and to find sources of income that others groups would disdain. Theft, drugdealing, burglary. And male prostitution. Unusually high numbers of underage Moroccan lads are male prostitutes. This was referred to by Pim Fortuyn. When asked on television whether he disliked Moroccans he answered: "dislike them? I sleep with them!". Thus neatly sidestepping the question, throwing the liberal mindset into confusing AND delivering a deadly insult to Moroccan manhood at the same time. Interestingly Colombians have a proverb: "I am so Macho, that I use men as women".

For heterosexuals to engage (Dutch) in homosexual acts is psychologically and morally wrenching.

The resentment caused by deeds going against the grain of a person causes that person to be prone to behaviour that must redeem the transgressions against his own sexuality and his identity.

The violence against gays by Moroccans are often mere homophobia, but can also be acts of redemption and a assertions of Moroccan identity.

What is clear to the casual observer is that Amsterdam is losing (English) its attractiveness as a gay destination if it cannot guarantuee their safety. Thus one of their revenue sources is drying up. Secondly if the remarks Labour Mayor Job Cohen made are indicative of his thinking, then he is not intellectually equipped to deal with the threats that his city is facing.

The Dutch and international gay community seem not to mind. At the ceremony hundreds of letters of thanks from gay communities worldwide were handed to Mayor Cohen. Thus far 8,100 gay marriages have been conducted in the Netherlands since 2001.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Battle for Dutch Right-wing leadership heats up

The elections in 2007 are getting nearer and battles lines are being drawn.

A few days ago Rita Verdonk of the Liberal-Conservative VVD made her candidacy public for the position of election leader for the 2007 elections (lijsttrekker). The election to become lijsttrekker of the VVD will be held on 31 May and the 40.000 members of the VVD will be able to vote.

The vote contest is between Rita Verdonk, Mark Rutte (English) and Jelleke Veenendaal. Only Verdonk and Mark Rutte are serious candidates. Mark Rutte is the secretary of Education. It is not a position that gives one a clear profile. Verdonk is the hardline minister of Immigration and Intergration. She is a law and order politician, the law is the compass to which she sets her course.

With regards to Immigration and Intergration she has not set her own course, but carries out laws that have been drafted and adopted by Labour politicians. The present immigration laws notably have been drafted (English, third paragraph) by Job Cohen, the present Labour Mayor of Amsterdam. The difference between the Labour politicians and Rita Verdonk is that the latter strictly and narrowly carries out the law, including deporting thousands of asylum seekers.

The clear course that she steers has given her a strong profile and great popularity among that segment of the Dutch population bothered by immigration. She is also very unpopular among people who live in areas not touched by immigration or people who like or benefit from a multicultural society and open borders.

Several of the bosses of the Liberal-Conservative party are coming out against her. She has obviously upset the applecart of the people in charge of the Liberal Conservatives. It seems that her candidacy was a surprise to the old guard of the VVD.

Mrs. Verdonk is trying to positioning herself as a politician "who makes good on her promises". This is clearly a attempt to harvest in the furrow ploughed and sown by Pim Fortuyn. Her promise is credible. It fits her profile. She added to want to "save the Netherlands" from a disastrous Leftist government. This is a fear on the right wing, after the desastrous Municipal elections of March the Seventh which seemed to flow as a red river rising over the low countries.

Mark Rutte responded sharply to the hidden but intended barb against his lack of spine and conviction:
It is insulting to the [VVD] members that have to make an informed choice. I am not going to start mudslinging, but it is nonsense and damaging for the VVD.
What else could he say?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A contract on the earnings of the Belgian people

At the tail of an article Paul Belien has a quote that struck me on a Belgian "rights fraud" scheme.

Last week the Belgian authorities detained a Belgian of Turkish origin who runs a sandwich bar in Hasselt. In 2005 the man had employed more than 70 Turks, each for only one day. As a result of this the Turks, who came over from Turkey to work in the Hasselt sandwich bar, were entitled to stay in Belgium and became eligible for Belgian unemployment and sickness benefits. The Turkish Belgian had a number of accomplices within the Belgian social services. The mastermind of the whole network was an employee of MultiColores, the pro-immigration non-profit organisation of the Belgian Socialist trade union ABVV.

The Belgian law says that foreigners who come to Belgium to join family already living there, are entitled to Belgian welfare benefits if they have worked in Belgium for at least one day. In order to be allowed to work for one day in the sandwich bar, the Turks had to pay 1,000 euro to the network, which also included a Turkish imam. The sandwich bar owner was detained for a few hours, but was later released.

So foreigners can start leeching the system after one day of work. One day.

And the contant worth of this contract on the earnings Belgian people is 1,000 Euros.

Actually that sum is dissapointingly small. But then again. A non-EU person can become a naturalised Belgian citizen in just 3 years.

What this comes down to is that Belgian nationality hardly means anything.

But that goes for citizensship of most Western nations these days.

Attempt to murder Nationalist British Politician

Last Saturday there was an attempt to murder Nick Griffin, the British Nationalist leader of the BNP. The attempt took place while Griffin was in Stockholm, Sweden.

France talking to Hamas

France is holding low level talks with the new democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza (Hat Tip, Herr Winn).

It looks like most governments in the world will soon recognize the Hamas government. This will include the EU. I will bet the EU subsidies that keep the Palestinian government afloat will continue as well.

That makes paying taxes so much fun. Our politicians really know were to send our money. Much better than we do. Good thing too that the Palestinians will really respect us for it. And support us in the fight against radical Islam in The Netherlands.


The ripest plum in Europe

Tuesday and Wednesday twenty European countries, Australia and the US will conduct (Dutch) staff exercises and wargames in the port of Rotterdam. The port of Rotterdam is the biggest port in the world. The goal of the exercise is the detection and tracking of biological and nuclear arms being smuggled in on containerships. Containerships have to be brought to port in order to be searched by security forces using mechanized and electronic security measures built in ports. They can not be boarded at sea due to their vast size.

Security experts will be taught how to minimize dangers for the population.

The Rotterdam police, fire brigade, Bomb squad partake in the exercise.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Internet Racism Watchdog MDI loses the faith

MDI (Dutch), the private but Government funded organisation that registers and reports thoughtcrime yesterday published a report on its activities and its effects.

Marco Hughes, director of the Racism Monitoring Center said: (English) "We have filed 18 lawsuits over the past three years (against racist websites), but the appropriate authorities did not move a finger,"

Open borders in Europe

The Netherlands fully opens its borders for workers from the new EU -members such as Poland and Hungary by 1 January 2007.