Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Removing the virus is essential

I keep getting messages from my ADSL provider that my computer is infected with the Bagle W32 virus. I run my anti-virus scan and I get a report that there are no virusses. So I now down loaded a nifty little program that is specifically built to remove - amongst others - Bagle W32. MacAfee Avert Stinger 2.5.9. I hope it will do the job.

Hey, what did YOU think this article would be about?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

French Intellectual speaks out

The Israeli daily newspaper Ha'aretz carried an interview with leading French intellectual Alain Finkielkraut in which the latter made some un-pc observations. Sez Finkielkraut:
In France, they would like very much to reduce these riots to their social dimension, to see them as a revolt of youths from the suburbs against their situation, against the discrimination they suffer from, against the unemployment. The problem is that most of these youths are blacks or Arabs, with a Muslim identity. Look, in France there are also other immigrants whose situation is difficult - Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese - and they're not taking part in the riots. Therefore, it is clear that this is a revolt with an ethno-religious character.
The acceptance of Asian immigrants by the Westerners as workers, collegues and friends shows that White racism as a force to obstruct integration is not plausible.
Moreover, there's a contradiction here. Because if these suburbs were truly in a state of total neglect, there wouldn't be any gymnasiums to torch, there wouldn't be schools and buses. If there are gymnasiums and schools and buses, it's because someone made an effort. Maybe not enough of one, but an effort.
The French really made an effort to make a place for the Arabs and the Africans. The Asians rose to the occassion. The Arabs and Africans did not.
Of course discrimination exists. And certainly there are French racists. French people who don't like Arabs and blacks. And they'll like them even less now, when they know how much they're hated by them. So this discrimination will only increase, in terms of housing and work, too.
Indeed, how can one not come to certain conclusions if one witnesses the hatred these ethnics have for the Europeans and European civilisation.

Still Finkielkraut is alone in his denunciation of the demographic of the rioters. And most of the European press, save Elsevier and HP/De Tijd in The Netherlands did not dare to make similar observations or give Finkielkraut a platform.

Instead the pundit caste, the newpaper and television editors, make excuses for these people. Who refuse the hand outstretched to them by the progressive French State:
But you're not allowed to say that, either. I can't. It's common sense, but they prefer to propound the myth of `French racism.' It's not right.
The media, the keepers of the city square where the affairs of the community are discussed, do not allow a genuine debate. Only certain discussions with certain outcomes are allowed.
We live today in an environment of a `perpetual war on racism' and the nature of this anti-racism also needs to be examined.
This war on racism is a perpetual Jihad on European people, their culture and history. Can we blame susceptible immigrant groups to be fired by this Jihad if the Pundits, the Brahmins of our civilisation a preaching it? Can we blame these groups for hating us if we hate ourselves and the heritage that our progenitors left us? If we fail to pass heritage and tradition on to our posterity?

The aftermath:
In an illustration of the closing of the Western mind Alain Finkielkraut spoke of, he was attacked by an anti-racist group that filed a lawsuit againt him for virulent racism. Finkielkraut retracted and issued an insincere apology.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Improving the economic structure of Muslim countries

on VDare another excellent article by Steve Sailer on the matter of remigration of Muslim Immigrants. I have been advocating that Muslims should be send back to their countries of origin since I was 15. That is since 20 years. It was always obvious that Muslims were going to be a demographic threat to The Netherlands and to Europe through family reunification. And now it is becoming increasingly clear for all to see.

In discussions often it would be said that immigrants could not be send back due to the fact that they had paid payroll taxes and state insurances. Although Peter Lakeman has calculated that up until 1995 ethnic Dutch tax payers had been charged with a bill of 70 billion guilders to pay for immigrant related transfers (roughly 35 million Euros or dollars). He published this in his book "Binnen zonder kloppen" - "Enter without knocking".

It is true that individual immigrants have earned money and put money into the system. I thought about this matter and realised that people are not easily going to accept a policy that they see as being unfair and hurting the rights of others. And that in fact it is a good thing that people are so concerned about the rights and welfare of others. Still "Demography is destiny" and Muslim immigration will cause Europeans to lose control of their societies if left unchecked.
And I do not just want to see these people leave our society I want them to stay away for as long as possible too. So paying them a sum of money is no good as long as they will return after a while.

So I came up with the following scheme. Create in the countries of origin financial institutions which are run and administered by Dutch directors and administrators which are partly taken from the local elites. Give the institutions Islamic names and charters that are congruent to Islamic law. Finance the institutions generously. Then register the immigrants that go back to their countries of origin and calculate the amount of money they paid into the Dutch system and substract the amount of money they took out in welfare. If the balance is negative never mind. Add 25.000 Dollars or Euro's. Then multiply the balance by seven, so there is a very considerable amount of money in the "bank", at least 175.000 dollars or Euro's, per head of a family. Then pay out the money slowly spread out of a period of 30 or 50 years, insisting on the family staying in their country of origin or only moving to another Muslim country, where similar institutions have also been set up. Also make available loans if these people want to buy houses, farms or businesses. Help the migrants to register the land, houses and businesses they buy.

Make it appear that the Europeans are paying tribute or Jezyia (Sura 9:29 of the Q'ran to the migrants. So that the migrants appear as winners, not as losers rejected by a hostile civilisation. This will make that the whole scheme will fit nicely in Islamic law and the beliefs of rank and file Muslims.

When I was on holiday in Turkey I spoke to guest workers who had returned from The Netherlands and Germany or who had intentions to return. One of their concerns is that they are being ripped off by their countrymen when they buy houses and businesses. Because they are considered fat cats who got rich in infidel countries. Contractors charge extortionate prices for building houses and restaurants for these remigrants. So it is a good idea for the returners to set up their own construction firms or societies so they can deliver the goods and services to each other at reasonable prices. At the same time ensuring business for these remigrant firms and reasonable prices for remigrants.

This will make a lot of people happy. The Dutch patriots such as myself see the demographic threat removed. The lovers of migrants see the rights of migrants safeguarded. The migrants themselves will have a much better lifstyle in a county they call home. Plus they are removed from the hostility of the Dutch population. And the societies of the countries of origin are strengthened by new businesses, financial institutions and the influx of capital. The only losers are the multicultural ideologues.

I guess we can all live with that.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Conservative Dutch group attacked by Antifa

Friday night a group of black clothed "Antifascist" thugs attacked 2 members of a Utrecht based Conservative group "Platform De Krijger". Two girls that were with them were pushed against the street and each Conservative man was beaten up by several men. The attackers were discribed as typical "squatters". People from the neighbourhood came to the aid of the men who were wounded after the attackers left. The police and an ambulance were called. One of the Conservatives had to be hospitalised. During the attack the squatters called Leftist slogans and one attacker was recognised as squatter "Dave". The Conservatives had received several threats and suspect that the attackers live in the squatter houses "ACU" and "Ubica" in Utrecht.

Kevin Heller, a spokesmen for the Animal Liberation Front and "Dave" are conducting a hate campaign against patriotic young activists such as the two victims. They have formed a unit of political thugs called the "Black Block" or the "Zwarte Blok". The members of this band of thugs are dressed in black and hide their faces with Balaclava's or Palestinian Covers.

A few days ago a 41 year old leftist activist Louis Sevekes from the radical "squatter" and Extreme Leftist Fringe was murdered in Nijmegen. It is unclear who is responsible for the murder. Witnesses agree on a man with a sports bag.

Political violence is the new rage in The Netherlands. This started with subsidised Leftist groups that targetted nationalist groups in the mid 1980s. In 1986 squatters set a hotel on fire in Kedichem where a Dutch Nationalist group CP'86 was having a meeting. The wife of the party leader had to jump from the second floor of the hotel and lost a leg. At the time the thugs (Antifa) were subsidised by the government and shielded from police action.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

(Im)morality of Western Leftists disconnects them from the world

From Arutz Shewa, two days ago:
Arab leaders in Hevron have contacted the city’s Jewish leaders for help in getting rid of self-proclaimed anarchist volunteers who, they complain, are destroying their traditional way of life.
European and American Leftists are flocking to Israel to support Palestinians in their resistance against the Israeli forces that occupy the land of Palestine. Protected by their legal status they hinder the Israeli Army and Police in their work at checkpoints and other contact points between the armed forces of the Israelis and the Palestinian population. However, the lack of traditional morals hinders the Leftists to make real contact with the mainstream of Christian and Muslim Palestinian culture:
Several local Arab residents told the Kol Ha’Ir newspaper that the activists have been exposing the local youths to drug use and sexual promiscuity. One interviewee told Kol Ha’Ir that the volunteers show a disregard for the religious norms of the local villages and teach the local youth to reject and disrespect the traditions of their forefathers. "These anarchists come here and undermine the education we give our children.
But very quickly they infuriated me with their lewd behavior.
This clearly shows the disconnect from Third World reality of a significant portion of the public in Western societies. Usually these people see themselves as friends and allies of Third World populations. Not just of Muslims but all poor people in Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia. Yet when these people visit these societies they are hopelessy out of touch with the core believes and attitudes of Third Worlders. Third Worlders usually highly conservative socially, mindlessy patriotic about their nations and unbashfully zealotic about their religions.

Thus Western Conservatives usually have a quicker understanding of what e.g. Muslims say, think and believe than Western progressives. Because the underlying conceptions of societies and the world are more congruent or isomorph.

As a result the approach of the Left towards the threat of Third World immigration and Islamic terrorism is fundamentally flawed. They do not understand that Muslims really believe in Islam and want to take over the world. By peaceful means if possible, yes. But if this goes slowly their zealots will show their true colors.

And yet Leftists cling to their outdated ideas. And still believe that in the future people will live at peace with each other in a world of plenty. The world will continue to prove them wrong.

The Leftist worldview is embraced by a generation that inherited a world of effortless Western dominance. As the international position of the USA is detoriating economically and militarily and mass immigration is undermining Western populations internally the chasm between the Leftist worldview and reality becomes increasingly obvious.

As a result the public in Western nations are becoming ideologically adrift. Many people are starting to question Leftist dogma about equality between cultures and ethnic groups, utopian Multiculturalism and so forth. A paradigma shift is waiting to happen especially in Europe were the Left is so strong. But because of absolute Leftist Media cartel true Conservative voices are often not heard or they are misrepresented. This is were the internet comes into play.

The internet gives right wingers a platform to work out a world view that is congruent with reality, that makes sense and to present this world view to those who seek truth. The internet is the tool that the Right, the true Right can use to win back the public and hold out a roadmap to Western survival.

And the Western protesters in Israel? What happened to them?
In a bid to rid the region of the anarchists, local Arab leaders approached representatives of the Jewish community in Hevron – a rare, but not unheard of occurrence – in order to find a solution. ..... The left-wing activists would then be informed by the local Arab population that they appreciate their offer to help, but that they are no longer needed.
Basically warring Jews and Arabs teamed up and the decadents were told to leave. And to not come back.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Why do people like to express faith in Multiculturalism?

People want to pay lip service to Multiculturalism in order to be pious. The pious, Multicultural or otherwise, hold themselves superior because of the beliefs they have and the strength of their faith. The good thing about piety that you can be superior without doing anything or achieving any goal. It is an aristocracy of make-believe.

Old guard member Wiegel tells Hirsi to cool it

Hans Wiegel, an elder statesman of the Liberals (VVD), has advised his outspoken party colleague, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, not to be so "fanatical". Wiegel was responding in newspaper 'Trouw' to her suggestion he is a 'reactionary' who has no idea about the problems relating to the integration of immigrants into Dutch society. She accused the former leader of the VVD of being Utopian who was living in the "Land van Ooit" (a fantasy world).

Wiegel is a member of the Liberal Party, VVD a member for the conservative wing and very popular with older voters. These day he is a govenor of the Province of Friesland. His opinion represent the opinion of many Dutch old fashioned Liberals and Conservatives who are not affected by the Multicultural society and do not like the turn Dutch politics have taken after the 2002 election campaign. This was the time of the rise and murder of Dutch maverick politician Pim Fortuyn.
Wiegel hit back by cautioning Hirsi Ali to "play the ball, not the person" and to respect people who hold contrary views. "In this way we can strengthen Dutch society and offer a future," he said.
Wiegel has a point about Hirsi Ali ad hominem attack. But she was smart to single him out as a personification of one of the many politicians on the old right who want to continue in the old pattern of pre-2002 politics. In the countryside people do not like to sacrifice liberal and conservative laws to right the wrongs of the excesses of the Multicultural society. And because they are not affected by Multiculturalism they do not see the need for change. The divisions in Dutch society are deepening.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The way out in Iraq

How to win the war in Iraq

The war in Iraq is going badly for the USA. After having defeated the Iraqi Army quite easily the Americans have a hard time establishing peace and order in Iraq. A small number (about 20.000 to 30.000) of insurgents keep inflicting losses on American and coalition troops, on the new American sponsored and trained Iraqi Army and on the Iraqi population. What to do?

First we have to check what the goal is of the USA in Iraq. The cause of the war is clear, it is the attack by political Sunni Islam on the USA on 9/11. The Bush administration connected the attack on the twin towers first with the rulers in Afghanistan and then with the rulers of Iraq. Also the Bush administration alleged that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which could be used to attack the USA again.

It is now clear to everyone that there were no WMD in Iraq. There have been elections both in Afghanistan and in Iraq so by democratic logic the problem should be over and the American Forces should be able to withdraw from the Middle East.

But nobody sees it quite so. Not the Americans who dare not to withdraw although they want to, not the new governments and not the Islamists who continue to attack and inflict losses on the American and pro American forces and terror on the population.

The American government has to find a way to convince everyone that they have won and resistance is futile. To do that at home in America is not so difficult, the Bush administration controls most of Mainstream Media there. But they have to convince the Islamists they have won.

I figured out a simple, step by step strategy that might just do it.

If it has not been done yet, get serious about setting up a intelligence organisation in Iraq, concentrating on spying on the Sunni population. 20.000 spies should be enough, for 20-30,000 insurgents. Secondly get serious about training an Iraqi Army that can hold the population centres against Sunni Islamists. About 120.000 men should be enough to hold all cities and towns in Iraq. You can recruit them from the Shia and Kurd ethnic groups. With a 120.000 men one has got enough troops to hold out against the 20.000 – 30.000 Sunni Islamists. Selecting Shias and Kurds will ensure the loyalty of the troops in fighting Sunni Islamists. This will have been done already.

Select about 20.000 men from the 120.000 to become officers, sergeants and corporals, to lead the other 100.000. The soldiers can be taught to march, salute and shoot. That will not take more than 8 weeks and will have been done anyway, by now. Divide them in 13.500 squad sized groups of 7 or 8 men. Equip them lightly, with AK-47s, RPGs and Light Machine Guns (LMG).

Train the 20.000 to be Corporals, Sergeants and second Lieutenants. Select the men for leadership, high morals, perseverance and intelligence. This takes more time. After say four months let the Lieutenants and the NCOs take over the training of the squad men. Let the first 1.000 Iraqi squads go on patrol with American and British troops so they can learn on the job.

If things go well after two months pull out all Western troops out of all cities and towns apart from Baghdad, into deserts bases near the towns, cities AND the highways to the South where the ports are.

The Sunni Islamists are strong in the cities where they can attack the Americans from up close. The American Tanks, Armoured Vehicles, Helicopters, Communication Equipment and Artillery do not give the Americans any advantage in the cities. But in the desert with the free fire zones all around the conventional strength of the American is actually a great asset. Secondly it also means that the Americans are always menacingly nearby and can suddenly pounce on the Sunni insurgents, while the Islamists cannot hurt the Americans. Thirdly it means that the Americans are not hurting the civilian population. Right now a lot of civilians are hurt by American firepower when the Americans are responding to guerrilla pin pricks with their overwhelming but blind firepower. This translates in lots of recruits for the Islamists and has to be stopped. Finally with the Americans out in the deserts they are well poised to keep the Iranian Army from getting any funny ideas about meddling in Iraq.

Create an Iraqi Army Engineering Corps of about 20.000 men. Have them construct new roads, bridges and bypasses in those areas where the roads from the Southern ports are running through or nearby Sunni neighbourhoods and where there is a constant threat of ambush and mines against logistics convoys to the pro American forces in the rest of the country. Supplement the strength of the Iraqi Engineering Corps by letting local construction contractors in on lucrative contracts, to create jobs and a powerful pro American lobby.

Now recruit a second batch of 120.000 Kurds and Shia’s. Hey, throw in some Sunni’s too just to show YOU ARE NOT PREJUDICED.

With the Americans out in the desert and the Iraqi Army in squads in the cities and towns the Islamist cells will start attacking the Iraqi Army squads. In order to get an edge over the Army Squads they will band together in groups of 20-30 men and appoint sergeants and lieutenants to command these groups. To house them, feed them and equip them they will appoint kitchens, safe houses and armouries in neighbourhoods and streets friendly to them. This will be mostly in Sunni neighbourhoods. There will be a maximum of 1,200 of these groups. Make sure you have your spies in there by now, especially in the garages, markets, mosques and coffee houses.

If the Iraqi Army is not strong enough to police the Sunni Neighbourhoods, allow them to pull back into their own ethnic neighbourhoods, which they may defend.
Also make sure to set up funds administered by Kurdish tribal leaders and Shia clergy to pay out considerable amounts of money to the families of killed Iraqi Army personnel. Have community leaders collect money from their ethnic/religious base and add a dollar for every dollar contributed to the funds. Pay out sums of at least 10.000 -20.000 US dollars to the families of martyrs. Also have ethnic leaders and clergy establish funds for hospitals and such. Make available excellent medical and other care for Army wounded. Send American doctors to Iraq and attract the best Iraqi Medical staff to these show piece medical facilities.

Now you take the Iraqi army second Lieutenants that show exceptional ability and promote them to Lieutenant. Form 3 squads into platoons of about 20 men. If losses are heavy pull back out of the Sunni neighbourhoods and concentrate mostly on the Kurdish and Shia ethnic areas. If losses are light keep harassing all known groups of Islamist Insurgents.

Having to oppose the Iraqi Army organised in squads and based on the Shia and Kurd areas and the US Army out there in the desert and on the border the Islamists have to select the most attractive target. Targeting the US Army in the desert will only bring occasional successes and regular losses. So the Islamist forces will concentrate on the Sunni areas and attack the Shia and Kurdish units especially the ones who venture onto Sunni turf. In order to take on the new platoons the Islamists will have to band together in bigger organisations for neighbourhood defence and for attacks on Army strongholds. So they will organise in company sized units and appoint captains to officer them. Also they will be looking for Iraqi and other Sunni Muslims with officer training to command such groups. The company sized Islamist forces will more and more look like regular army organisations. They will need training grounds, arms and munitions depots and hospitals, garages for vehicles, workshops for weapons, communication equipment and tools. There will be a maximum of about 170 of these groups. It will be easy to list them and to follow them. Unfortunately smaller groups will branch off them, which complicates things.

Basically what is happening is that you are dictating the shape that the enemy will take in order for him to be victorious. Because the enemy is not under strong central command there will be no way for him to oppose the shape that his forces are taking. By now there will also be conflicts of interests between company sized Islamist groups which can be used to gain information on the Islamist forces.

Select a company (150-200) sized unit in a particular Sunni neighbourhood in a particular town that is also partly Kurdish or Sunni, with a Iraqi army unit plus a intelligence gathering cell. Invite reporters from American and Iraqi television broadcasters. Make sure everything is known about the Islamist forces. All the names of the warriors. The location of the their houses and infrastructure. The names of their brothers and cousins, their wives and girlfriends. Know their habits. Where they eat and sleep and an exact weapons count. Surround the town using Americans in vehicles and establish roadblocks. Control all roads, paths and fields. Then attack them using both Iraqi Army units with American Special Forces Officers and units of US Army personnel. Do not use vehicles or helicopters but attack through the streets or alleys, the sewers or the roofs, just use any angle to quickly take care of the whole group. Avoiding to use vehicles will enable surprise.

Televise the victory on Iraqi and American national TV. Then do nothing for a while. Keep sending squad and platoon sized Iraqi Army units against the Islamists. Never mind if they are defeated again and again by the Islamists. Presenting a string of small successes to the Sunni Islamists is essential to the success of the strategy.

Now again take the promising Iraqi Army Lieutenants and send them to further officer training. Train about a 150 of these promising Lieutenants to become Captains and form 5 platoons into companies of about a 120 troops. Some of these companies can not be housed in Shia or Kurdish neighbourhoods but will be housed in former Iraqi Army barracks or US Army bases. Also other staff will have to be trained such as logistics, technical and maintenance specialists. For non-combat roles soldiers can be taken that were wounded and are not fit to return to combat duty.

Have the newly formed companies attack or threaten to attack Sunni Islamist’ strongholds. Equip them with some heavy arms, such as combat engineering equipment (Tank dozers, Armoured heavy howitzers, heavy engineers transporters, D-9 Armoured bulldozers). Some of the strongholds will band together and form battalion sized units (600 – 800 men). They will build up arms and munitions stockpiles and all kinds of military infrastructure and bases. Supposing that about 15 of these units will come into existence, comprising about 10,000 personnel it is now time to move in the US Army and have them crush these battalion sized units using heavy fire power and equipment. TV crews must be ready to show large amounts of weapons and men taken, killed or destroyed. This will be the time to declare a full victory and quickly pull out most of the American troops. It will be wise to retain a considerable training unit to train the Iraqi Army up to division levels and also to keep an US Army brigade (3.000) in the desert near Baghdad. The war will continue for a long time between the Iraqi Army and the Sunni Islamists. The main thing however is having declared a victory and gotten the bulk of the troops out without losing face.

The Western media will lose most of its interest. The regime in Iraq will be reasonably secure because it is based on the biggest ethnic and religious blocks in the country and they will have access to the world market for arms. Obviously the Sunni ethnic group will whither and eventually many of them will emigrate to Sunni Muslim countries such as Syria and Saudi Arabia. The latter is contrary to American interests but there will be little that can be done to prevent it. Also the political, cultural and military influence of Iran will increase and although something can be done by keeping strong ties to the Shia leadership and supporting the Iraqi media, this is basically something that American policy have to take in their stride and is food for thought in case of planning of further military adventures in the future.

Important goals for the USA, such as a reasonable stable and peaceful society in Iraq, run by people who are friendly towards the USA and also a little dependent on them (because of American arms and training) will be met by this policy. Also it is a way to get the USA out without losing too much face. It will be problematic that the Kurds and the Shias will form power blocks and perhaps even clash with each other. This may cause involvement of Turkey (Kurds) and Iran (Shias).

Rescued by the Left?

Elites versus the governed

In the past 40 years the political, media and business establishments in most Western nations have collaborated amongst themselves to undermine traditional Western culture. Initially right-wing business interest imported foreign labour to bring down wages. Later the Left used accusations of "racism" as a club in order to keep whites from defending their material and cultural interests. In the 1990s Universities and the Media developed and enforced speech codes to mold perceptions of reality. To forestall the possibility that people would be able to put together a picture of the ethnic competition that is taking place between old populations and the newly arrived.

Elite becomes more powerfull

The real winners in this set-up are the elites, not the newly arrived, the immigrants. The immigrants are constantly threatened in turn by more recent immigrants. This threatens their access to services and undermines their wages just as is the case with the original inhabitants of Western Nations.

Political cartel plus a media cartel

It is impossible to do something about this, when the working of democracy is undermined by a cartel of political parties which does not allow real opposition against Multiculturalism and mass immigration. And a media cartel that does not publish dissent.

Outflanking the cartel

Recently the Left in the establishment political parties in several Western Nations is losing its control of the political arena. In The Netherlands, Denmark, Flanders, France, Austria and Australia political parties are springing up that have the ability to go into the mainstream. Internet is giving people an opportunity to voice real opposition to Multiculturalism and to outflank Left wing media bias. With the attack by political Islam on New York, the bombings of Bali, Spain, the UK disadvantages of Multiculturalism have become looming. So that doubts about the viability of Multicultural societies can not be denied anymore by the Media and Political elites. This has resulted in real debate between the opponents and proponents of Multiculturalism and the rise of parties that really oppose Multiculturalism in several countries. These Antimulticultural forces usually focus on the threat that Islam poses to the West. By its inate hostility to Western values such as liberalism, the western work ethic, independence and freedom for women and non-islamic groups.

Fight them overhere, not overthere

People such as Pia Kjersgard, Pim Fortuyn, Ali Hirsi Ayaan, Theo van Gogh strongly oppose Islam in the West, while the leaders of the United States and the UK seek to fight political Islam and state sponsored Islamic terrorism in the heart of the Middle East.

More power to the executive branch

In this climate of real hot military and cold political warfare against the excesses of political Islam Western politicians seek to counter the threats of Islamic violence. They do this by giving state agencies, such as the military, the secret services, the police and the judiciary increased powers in the fight against terrorism.

The public pays the price

Unfortunately the powers that the state begets are gained at the expense of the citizenry. The citizenry is now exposed not only to the rising crime of a Multicultural society and omnipresent terrorism. But also to the increased power of the various state agencies that are mobilising to crush terrorism. The US have suspended Habeas Corpus, the traditional right of individuals not to be arrested and detained without an indictment for a specific crime.

This means e.g. that Middle Easterners arrested in Afghanistan during the American assault on that country are held without an indictment or a trial for THREE years already at a US prison in Guantanamo Bay under the US "Patriot" act.

This means e.g. that Tony Blair, the Labour Prime Minister of Britain, has tried to pass legislation that would give state agencies wide ranging powers in the fight against terrorism. Also suspending Habeas Corpus in the UK, the very country that gave these rights such fame in the past. Fortunately his proposals have been shot down in flames by the British parliament.

And in The Netherlands politicians, such as Maxime Verhagen and Pieter Hein Donner, are discussing whether terorist PLANS and INTENTIONS should be made punishable. This after a court declared Samir Azzouz innocent when it turned out that this self-declared Jihadi was too incompetent in his preparations to be credible as a threat to the security of the Dutch public.

And Ali Hirsi Ayaan is regularly proposing new legislation that would give state agencies powers in order to improve the rights of children and women in the Muslim community against violence and abuse by Muslim men, usually family members.

The state versus the people

All four of these initiatives counter the growing power of Islam and Islamic communities internationally. All four initiatives counter Islam's power to impose its will on Islam's outsiders and insiders. Yet all these initiatives have one thing in common. They fundamentally increase the power of the state and at the expense of the rights of the public. In this they are typical of the approach taken by the Left under Socialism, Communism and Multiculturalism. These initiatives are not specifically aimed at Muslims and they undermine the freedom and rights of ALL citizens of Western Societies. Something Liberals and Conservatives alike should be opposed to if they take their own worldview seriously.

Meeting the challenge of Islam

We, Liberals and Conservatives, should be concerned that a foreign religion and worldview is trying to scare us and submit us to its will. The challenge is to find an approach that does not fight for Freedom at the expense of Freedom. The problems with Al-Queda are much worsened by Multiculturalism. Without open borders and Multiculturalism the September 11 conspirators would not have been able to enter and stay in the USA so easily. Without the presence of large and growing Islamic communities in the West plus the blinding of public opinion by Multiculturalism and Political Correctness Islam would not be such a threat, at all.

The Truth will set you Free

If we free ourselves of the shackles on our thought and look objectively at the strengths and weaknesses of the West and the strengths and weaknesses of Islam, we can see that the balances are in favour of the West. Islam has to export its population to do the dirty work of the unbelievers. Whereas Freedom is one of the most fundamental strengths of the West. Through Freedom Westerners are able to freely discuss the direction their societies need to take in peace and war and to vote for the parties that take a credible approach as a process of trial and error get underway.

The example of Israel

Look at Israel. A few million of Jews, mainly Westerners, are standing up to the multitudes of Islam for decades and they, the Jews, thrive. Time in time again Muslim armies are defeated. The Jews only fail to win where they have become occupation forces of hostile Islamic populations. As in the population of the territories occupied in 1967 or the population of large parts of Lebanon after 1982. The Muslims are able to maintain themselves and even win some space through riots, suicide bombings, assorted terrorism and of course demographics. This works only as long a the Jews fight as nice boys, keeping to the rules of Western warfare and not resorting to ethnic cleansing or genocide.

Ethnic cleansing

However, if the Muslims really corner the Israelis, these will have no other option than to take off their boxing gloves and to hit the Muslims with mailed fists ("Egrofei Shofim"). This is called "Transfer" in the political debate in Israel.

Europe must follow

And the same goes for the European Christians worldwide. If the Muslims really anger us and put us in a difficult position we will have to cease to be such gentlemen and to wipe these unruly populations from our lands. Not by killing them but by a firm removal from our societies. And then it will be obvious who needs who. Because afterwards our societies will be much better off. Yes, our marginal industries will be lacking cheap labour and they will relocate elsewhere. But on the other hand the white underclass will receive much better wages so it will benefit far more people than that it will hurt. And end a chasm that is opening up in Western societies.

Keeping the rights of the people intact

And the best of it is that it can be done without hurting the core populations, without taking our political rights away, without establishing a security dictatorship or oligarchy.

Radical? Sure. But think about it. It makes sense. Transfer.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Terror update from Indonesia

Stratfor, a private intelligence organisation from the USA believes that the capacity for attacks against Western targets of Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) has not diminished, despite the recent killing of one of its engineers, Azahari Husin.

A militant website explaining in Bahasa how to target individual Westerners on the streets of Jakarta and listing locations frequented by Westerners is operated by operatives of Jamaah Islamiyah.

According to an article in The Australian JI has increased the number of bomb makers and increased the frequency with which the terrorists can hit targets.

Selamat Makan!

Report Discrimination!

Yesterday I visited the police station on the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam-West, a neigbourhood which dominated by a considerable minority of Muslims. There was a shield informing that it was the right place to report "Muslim-discrimination". It turned out that the station was not the right place to report a theft.

Still I wonder. A discrimination report desk just for muslims. I wonder if that is not discrimination against all the other groups there who are not Muslims.

But were do you go to report THAT crime?

Lack of leadership in Dutch security forces

The Dutch state goes into a state of hypertension when acts of terror occur. The security policy is purely tactical and lacking in formulating a coherent strategy for tackling with treats to law, order and public security. The culture of Dutch security administration is lacking in leadership.

This is the conclusion of a report by former minister E. Brinkman.

According to the report The Netherlands are still not well prepared for terror attacks. The internal security service AIVD does not have the capacity to deal with a large terrorist attack. The police and military have yet to show their effectiveness in dealing with terrorism. This is mainly caused by the culture of consensus. In times of sudden threats there is a need for decisive rather than consultative leadership.

The report says that the Dutch security hierarchy knows too many officials, too much co-ordination, too much policy-making and a lack of unity. Comparing The Netherlands to the UK Brinkman finds that the security services over there are well-organised, exchange information that is relevant and that have a responsive command and co-ordination structure.

Brinkman also recommended to reorganise the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice. Both Ministries should be abolished (now that is what we call "to reorganise!") and in their place a Ministry of Security, flanked by a Ministry of Administration and Law should be founded.

The Government Coalition is going to postphone restructuring the Dutch civil and security administration until after the election, due to the rather fundamental nature of the reforms, thusly illustrating the validity of the critisism of the Dutch political leadership.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sharon withdraws from Likud, to form new party

In a move that can only be described by "as audacious as it is unexpected" Ariel Sharon, PM of Israel and party leader of the right wing Likud Party is leaving Likud, forming a new centrist party and is calling for new elections in 90 days. The motive for the move seems to be the wish on the part of the former general to make more territorial concessions, this time on the Westbank. The Likud has already great difficulty to digest the Gaza withdrawal. The new elections are slated forMarch.

Sharon's plan appears to be to capture a sizable portion of the moderate right-wing and the moderate left-wing vote on is reputation of a hard-headed, security-concious soldier and to enter into a coalition with left-wing parties Labour, Merets and Shinui. He is turning his back on right-wing ideology and does not hold on to the land. If Sharon will be able to form a strong Centrist coalition he will undertake bold diplomatic moves to come to terms with the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people.

There is a possibility of chaos on the right-wing now that powerful Likud leaders are contemplating defecting to Sharon's new party.

It remains to be seen whether the Palestinians will be satisfied with new concessions. If terrorism continues after a handover of Jewish settlements a large portion of the Jewish population, which is right-winged and religious will strengthen their hawkish attitudes.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shooting in Rotterdam pub

In a shooting a woman and two men were shot in a pub in Rotterdam. The owner is one of the persons killed. A fourth person got heavily injured and is still in hospital. The pub, the "Inn and out" is owned by a Capeverdian (Cabo Verde) and mostly frequented by Capeverdians, Surinamese and other black ethnics plus some whites and Muslims. On Saturday morning 05:00 the pub was held-up by 4 men with assault rifles. The attackers were also black. The attack was supposed to be carried out in connection with attempts to blackmail the pub owner. The attackers tied up the guests and took the valuables guests had on them. They also tortured
the pub owner. At some point during the ordeal the robbers got angry and started firing wildly around them.

There were also reports that the robbers fired their weapons outside the pub.

Amongst foreign ethnic groups in Western societies mafias often flourish. Ethnic gangs carve up lucrative criminal trades among themselves. Often particular ethnics groups have their own rules and bylaws. Antillian gangs are noteworthy for their violence and use of fire arms. The use of assault rifles is very unusual as normally cheap pistols and knifes are used.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Dutch police will monitor ethnic origin of households involved in domestic abuse

The Dutch police is going to register the ethnic origin in addition to the country of origin of people involved in domestic abuse cases. The pilot will take place in Twenthe and in Rotterdam. If the pilot is succesful the practice will be extended nation wide. I wonder what the requirements will be for the trial to be pronounced "succesful".

Media Conference blames the messenger

On the News XChange Broadcasting conference in Amsterdam media bosses and media staff discussed the slant that is given to the news in general and the negative image Islam and its followers have in particular:

"Between March and August 2005 the survey team carried out more than 2,400 online interviews in Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US. Their findings included: Muslims rated lowest in overall favourability among various religious groups. Ignorance of and lack of empathy with Islam is widespread."

Despite the ongoing MultiCultural propaganda Europeans when asked to rank members of different religions will still rank Muslims lower than other religions such as Bhuddism or Hinduism.

So despite the fact that most people have internalised the fact that they have to mouth meaningless platitudes about all people being equal and Islam being a religion of peace, when they have to put a religion at the bottom they will still put Islam at the bottom.

According to the speakers this is because the media put followers in a negative light: "Wadah Khanfar, managing director of al-Jazeera, said many media and correspondents failed to differentiate between the Muslim religion and cultural tradition. He too agreed: "We should abandon simplistic coverage."

"It is the messenger", sez he.

The solution? "many European broadcasters stressed the need to avoid using inflammatory terms and to give airtime to moderate voices as well as extremists."

The media will give us more slant in order to correct the negative image of the muslim.

But is that what Islam needs? Ayaan Hirsi Ayaan, an apostate Somali Muslim says: "She accused Arab journalists of seeing all problems as caused by some outside force, and said they should engage in more self-reflection. Her remarks that "there is a total lack of freedom in the Arab and Islamic world", as well as "a lack of equality for and a culture of violence towards women"

The reaction of the represented Arab media present was: "angry denials and denunciations from many Arab and other journalists in the hall."

Basically proving that there is no self critisism amongst the Islamic media.

How can you see a blind spot if you are blind to it?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snouck's Book Store

A. Snouck's Book Store Recommended Titles

1. Murder in Amsterdam. By Ian Buruma

B. Snouck's Book Store Book Reviews

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chirac is losing his grip while the riots carry on

Chirac is not giving the impression that he is in charge of affairs during the "carbeque" riots. His television appearances are wan. He avoids mentioning the riots a much as possible.

"He has said virtually nothing about it, heightening perceptions of him as a politically irrelevant figure. He looked pale and deflated on Thursday in a rare public appearance, prompting rumours that the blood vessel problem for which he was hospitalised for a week in September — some described it as a mild stroke — might have inflicted more damage than previously acknowledged."

The French voters already gave Chirac the boot over the EU referendum. Chirac has not recovered from that yet. Moreover he has health problems and had a operation for what was perhaps a mild stroke this summer. Now the minorities in France are rejecting the law and order bid of his projected successor Sarkozy. Most likely the right wing voters Chirac and Sarkozy wanted to please are only going to move further to the right with all the rioting.

"The 72-year-old head of state has been off balance ever since voters defied him by rejecting the European Union constitution in May. Even his lieutenants in the centre-right governing team seemed to be putting the boot in. “Chirac looks stunned, almost overtaken by events,” Jean-Louis Debré, president of the national assembly, was quoted as saying."

France is looking at political instability in the near future. There are no cheap or easy solutions for this situation. And the chasm between Europeans and non-whites is only widening, not just in France, but all over Europe.

This should be a warning to England, Belgium and Sweden. Politicians there should try to limit immigration in order to calm the situation. This will cause problem for the brave leader who speaks out, but when things heat up, he or she will be seen as a prophet.

French TV bosses try to influence voters

Last Thurday a French Media Mogul stated that he is holding spectacular news away from his audience in order to forestall a move to the right by the French public.

"Politics in France is heading to the right and I don't want rightwing politicians back in second, or even first place because we showed burning cars on television," Mr Dassier told an audience of broadcasters at the News Xchange conference in Amsterdam"

By contrast an English Media Master stated that the riots would have been very newsworthy had they occurred in the UK:

John Ryley, the executive editor of Sky News, said his channel would have handled a similar story in Britain very differently:

"We would have been all over it like a cheap suit. We would have monstered the story, and I didn't get the impression that happened in France".

However this is not what we saw. During the Birmingham riots three weeks ago between Blacks and Asians the TV media remained eerily quiet. The media in Western society are obviously not interested in presenting any news that might darken the image of the Great Multicultural society. For honest reporting trust the internet.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Rememberance day

Today the nations of the British Commonwealth have Rememberance day. A day in the memory of the soldiers and officers of the members of the Commonwealth such as the UK, Australia and Canada to remember those who fell in the service of their country.

The Netherlands was liberated by the troops of the British 8th Army, specifically by troops of the First and Second Canadian Corps. They fought their way from the Normandy beaches, where the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landed on Juno beach on June the 6th 1944, along the North Sea coast to The Netherlands and then on from the Southern Netherlands into Germany.

My grandmother tells me that when she heard the news she was driving a bike near a village looking to find food, because there was famine. People came running out of some houses because they heard about the capitulation of the German Commander in the Netherlands, General Blaskowitz, on an illegal radio. "They have capitulated. We are free" was the shout. She fell of her bike. The feeling she had then and there was the strongest feeling she had ever had in her life. She was 2 months pregnant of my mother at that time.

Hail to our liberators. Remember the fallen.

Immigration and Islam in Europe. Is it too late?

A few weeks ago I went to have supper with an Mizrahi Israeli friend of mine, who has been living in The Netherlands since the late 70s. He has a business and is married to a Dutch lady. Perhaps inevitably the conversation turned to immigration and the presence of large numbers of people of the Islamic persuation in The Netherlands and in Europe. Because of his cultural background he has a better understanding of Middle Eastern Muslims so it is always interesting to listen what he has to say.

At a certain point I asked him: "what if Islamic Immigration is not stopped or stopped by the time that Islamic Communities comprise more than fifty percent of the population of The Netherlands or of Europe?" His answer was that as long as Whites control the economy, justice and army and police there is alway time to regain control of society. And this answer came quick and without hesitation. Obviously he must have considered the question and wondered if he should not remigrate to Israel with his wife and children looking European demographic realities in the face and what this means to Jews.

And of course he is right. Riots such as we have seen in Birmingham, Arhus and in France open the eyes of many people. Unfortunately as I have pointed out on 2 November the Dutch media are still almost exclusively pushing the Multicultural Agenda. The same goes for the rest of Europe, only more so! Immigration is becoming increasingly a issue in elections and is strongly slowed down in countries such as The Netherlands and Denmark. Most probably this will happen everywhere where the powers that be overplay their hand and are corrected by a backlash from the voters. Most likely this will now happen in France too and it is likely that Belgium will follow suit.

So that gives us time to prepare for the cultural change that has to follow and that will dislodge the followers of the Multicultural Cult from the commanding heights of our cultures. Those commanding heights are the academia, the media and entertainment sectors, the arts and the rest of the educational system, the places where our culture is conciously shaped and passed on. Where chauvinistic pro-western voices are sadly lacking.

We can outflank the enemy using the internet. And other new media. The media landscape is transforming and it is difficult to keep up with new technologies, new media not yet dominated by the State and the Cultural Left.

This should be our goal. Just getting anti-immigration and anti-multicultural political parties in parliaments is not enough. Politicians are on their own not capable to come up with answers to drive significant pro-western attitudes in society.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Marco Pastors, a Fortuyn disciple and Rotterdam city counciller loses his seat in Islam Fracas

One of the surviving remnants of the Fortuyn revolution is the coalition of Christian Democrats and Fortuynists in the Rotterdam City Council. Three of the councillors on the Rotterdam City Council belonged to Leefbaar Rotterdam, or livable Rotterdam. Belonged, because one of them has abdicated yesterday after the Christian Democrats removed their support of Councillor Marco Pastors.

Pastors had compared Caribbian Black Criminals with Morroccan Criminals and come to the conclusion that the Caribbian criminals are equal opportunity offenders, who rob, rape and murder everyone without preference of race, nationality or creed, while the Qoran inspires Moroccans to just rob non-Muslims as part of the obligation of Muslims to loot and tax ("Jizya" or "protection money" based on Sura 9 verse 29 of the Qoran) non-Muslims. The article was an interview published in IDee, a newsletter for Rotterdam Roman Catholics.

As there had been an agreement between the coalition partners not to bash Islam the furor that these comments caused, was heavy enough for the Christian Democrats to drop their ally.

Because of the upcoming elections in 2006 the move is not disagreeable for Livable Rotterdam, because not only gives it the opportunity to profile themselves as martyrs of Freedom of Speech, but also it gives them more freedom to campaign in the coming months unrestrained by coalition responsabilities and agreements.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Piracy in African Waters

Tourists on a cruise ship in African waters witnessed the ultimate thrill. According to an article in The Christian Science Monitor there ship was pirated 100 miles off the Somali Coast. The pirates fired aussault rifles and and rocket propelled grenade (RPG).
a band of pirates careened toward the ship in inflatable boats, firing machine guns and a grenade launcher. One couple even had an unexploded grenade lodged in their stateroom's wall before the ship could escape.
Tourism to African destinations is on the rise. It is already the number 1 source of income for certain countries. But the violence that is endemic to Africa makes this source of income highly unreliable, as tourist tend to stay away from violent places:
Just to be safe, the cruise company diverted its ship to the Seychelles Islands, away from Kenya's main tourist port, Mombasa - a city where growing Islamism has also created more and more problems for tourists. In 2002, militants bombed an Israeli-owned hotel near Mombasa - and fired two missiles at an Israeli jet, but missed.
On the East-African coast the population is mostly Muslim, a inheritance from the ages of slave trade with nearby Arabia and the Gulf states. The Muslims have mostly been quiet since the independence of most African countries in 1960.

This quiet has been shattered in the early 1990 when civil war broke out in Somalia. The easy victory of the Mujahedeen over American forces in Mogadishu in 1992 convinced people like Osama Bin Laden that the number 1 world power and guarantor of peace and order, the USA, was a paper tiger:

Bin Laden: The U.S. government went there with great pride and stayed there for some time with a strong media presence wanting to frighten people that it is the greatest power on earth. It went there with pride and with over 28,000 soldiers, to a poor unarmed people in Somalia. The goal of this was to scare the Muslim world and the whole world saying that it is able to do whatever it desires. As soon as the troops reached the Mogadishu beaches, they found no one but children. The CNN and other media cameras started photographing them (the soldiers) with their camouflage and heavy arms, entering with a parade crawling (on the ground) and showing themselves to the world as the "greatest power on earth". .......

.... After a little resistance, The American troops left after achieving nothing. They left after claiming that they were the largest power on earth. They left after some resistance from powerless, poor, unarmed people whose only weapon is the belief in Allah The Almighty, and who do not fear the fabricated American media lies. We learned from those who fought there, that they were surprised to see the low spiritual morale of the American fighters in comparison with the experience they had with the Russian fighters. The Americans ran away from those fighters who fought and killed them, while the latter were still there. If the U.S. still thinks and brags that it still has this kind of power even after all these successive defeats in Vietnam, Beirut, Aden, and Somalia, then let them go back to those who are awaiting its return."

This is how the inspirator of Islamic Resistance sees the strongest Western power. A force whose soldiers have a "low spiritual morale" compared even to the communist Russian forces they encountered in Afghanistan, whose empire collapsed in 1989 and whose population is shrinking.

Obviously the USA is proving itself more committed after the attack on the Twin Towers. Recent events however show that America is a giant on feet of clay. The American Army is still fighting like a blind man in Iraq, because its soldiers do not speak Arabic and do not know the local customs. The public is losing its confidence in a victory. The reason for the American presence is still mistifying observers. Democratisation of the Middle East is NOT a panacea against Islamic radicalisation. Democratic nations in Europe such as France, The Netherlands, The UK and in Scandinavia with Muslim minorities are under attack of Islamists. Libanon is a democracy.

Islamists are thriving in failed states. They found thriving in Bosnia and Afghanistan. In the Palestinian Authority and in Chechnia (listen!). Somalia and Soudan.

They are thriving in Malaysia. Malaysia is a successful modern Asian state. Other Asian states are more successful than Malaysia. But still.

Meanwhile Western states from Europe to South America to North America are in decline vis-a-vis the rest of the world excepting Africa.

So what does that tell us?

Riots are dying down

The state of emergency the French authorities have declared on the body of France seems to do the job.
France invoked a state of emergency on its mainland for the first time in half a century yesterday, arming police with broad new powers
Perhaps the riots were running out of steam regardless.
Cars burned and gangs threw firebombs at police in Toulouse, but overall the unrest seemed diminished as only 66 people had been arrested as of 11 p.m.
There were 330 arrests the previous night, and 395 the night before. Some of the suspects were as young as 12.
The material damage of the riots is tallying up:
The rioters have set fire to businesses, police stations and schools; fired weapons at police; and torched at least 6,000 cars.
The real damage are in community relations though: Faced with widespread lawlessness, some people in France have started defending their property. In Seine-Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris rocked by several nights of unrest, a community group has started patrolling local properties armed with pepper spray and heavy flashlights. There's little sympathy in these neighbourhoods for the rioters.

Oh and the French state brings gifts!
Mr. de Villepin told parliament that economic stagnation in the ghettos will be addressed with the equivalent of $140-million in subsidies for local associations, 25,000 new government-funded jobs and 15 economic zones with lower taxes. He also promised to set up an anti-discrimination agency, saying it is necessary for the country to reconsider the way it has dealt with minorities".
Well, most of this is increasing the power of the central government. Basically the middle class pays for all this. And the civil servants get to distribute the goodies. Setting up economic zones with lower taxes is actually a nice idea. Especially as all Frenchmen and not just Muslims can live in these zones, theoretically. I will bet that CONTROLLING these economic zones will become a major bone of contention between muslim councils and Frenchmen.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Rioters

Some background on the people who are now rioting in France. The live in the Banlieu's of France's big cities. They live in high rise buildings that were built in the 1950s and 1960s. The projects were called HLM for "habitation à loyer modéré" (government controlled rent housing).
Mostly they housed the French poor and Frenchmen returning to the Motherland from the French colonies in Vietnam and Algeria. Because of the strong economy in the late 1950s and 1960s wages rose as they did in other European countries. There was little unemployment. Employers were clamoring for labour and the rising wages caused inflation to rise. The answer was found in allowing people from French colonies in the Magreb, North Africa, to come and work. This kept wages for unskilled blue collar work low, which was good for employers of unskilled workers and bad for blue collar workers who saw their lifestyle and financial advancement opportunities diminished.

After the oil crises in 1973 and 1979 economic expansion slowed down. The North Africans lost their jobs and there was very high unemployment. Because of generous welfare payments, people could still afford to live better than in the countries of origin and otherwise they did not want to admit to those left behind that they were losers so they stayed in France. What is more, they reunified their families by bringing their wifes and children to France. Or they started new families on the strength of a blue collar job or a welfare payment. France basically pays people to live, as do most Western societies, including the USA.

In the 1980 also most of the white ex-colonials and working class people left the banlieus and HLM. Due to the free education the French state give out to all people living on French soil these people entered the middle class. A smattering of the non-europeans also left, leaving behind what had in effect become a ghetto for the underclass.

The Black, Arab and Berber cultures basically treat their sons as little princes, while the women only have duties and are supposed to serve and keep quite. But these cultures have bad points too. Many of the women try to escape by taking advantage of the education and do well in school. They readily get employment. To escape a reality where a woman is either a veiled slave or a whore. A whore is a woman who is independent, does not wear a veil, wears make up, a skirt or drinks alcohol. She is fair game for a "tournante". A group rape. If she resists she will be beaten. If she keeps resisting she may be killed. This is described by Samira Bellil in "Dans L'Enfer Des Tournantes" (in the hell of group rapes) and Fadela Amara who wrote a book called "Ni soumises, ni putes" (no doormats and no whores either). This is now also the name of an organisation that tries to protect the women in the banlieus.

However the men often reject the discipline of the educational system and the foreign value system it imposes. Their drop out rates are very high and they enter the job market without skills.

The French economy has changed. As elsewhere in the Western world the blue collar sector shrunk and firms are primarely looking for knowledge workers, not unskilled workers. And because of the lack of training and bad attitude the immigrant, male youth is not suited to be plumbers, gasfitters, carpenters or other professions which are still in very high demand and which do not require high cognitive abilities.

Finally the entrance of Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary has caused large numbers of polite, white, hard working Poles to enter the European job market to compete with the native French and with the immigrant youth. This was an issue in the last French election when the French minister of Labour wanted to oppose Poles from entering France to compete with the French. He was corrected by European Commissar Frits Bolkenstein of EU Directorate 4, so the Poles and other Eastern Europeans keep entering the labour market.

Generally there is not a lot of trust between Magrebians and White Frenchmen. If a employer has a job opening and he can choose between a White European and a non-white foreigner most will choose the White European. In case of a selection between non-whites most prospective employers will prefer Christian Arabs and Asians over Muslims and Blacks. Racism is a reality. It is reinforced by bad experiences with often violent and threatening Maghrebians. It must be noted that the fathers of these youngsters had more discipline and had a less threatening attitude than this generation. The culture of the underclass is worsening. And race relations are not improving over time. On the contrary, they are worsening.

The rioters are like cats on a hot tin roof.

French damage

The number of cars torched in Paris is about 900 to 1.300 per night. On average let's say 1.100. And before the riots it was 100 per night (that's only 36.500) per year. So the increase from the normal situation is 1.000 (neat, innit?). At a cost of 20.000 Euros or Dollars per car that makes 20.000.000 per night. 220 million in 11 nights. To burden the concerned citizenry. Who share it with the insurance companies.

And the insurance companies have real power. The citizenry do not. There are only a few of them and they talk to the Minister of Finance and Bank Nacional directly. Imagine the confrontations that are going on now in the French Cabinet, the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, Foreign Ministry etcetera. I will bet they are having second thoughts about mass immigration and "Republican Neutrality" now.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Turkey and the Paris riots

One of the victims of the Paris riots may well be Turkey. The Turks may see their chance to become a member of the EU diminish as a result of the riots in the French Banlieu's. A third of Turkey's 70 million population would love to migrate to Europe, just as Mexicans in the USA. Turkish "Gastarbeiter" are already rioting together with Somalis and Palestinians in Arhus in Denmark. There are concerns in Germany that the riots will break out there. The Berlin neighbourhood of Moabit already saw torchings of cars. This maybe copycatting the Parisian riots.

Insecurity amongst Dutch youth still on the rise

Feeling of insecurity and fear of violence are on the rise amongst Dutch youngsters (13-30). A survey amongst Dutch youngsters shows a rise in the feelings of insecurity from violence to 74 percent. It used to be 43 percent.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

French riots - caused by crackdown in crime

The riots in the suburbs of Paris are caused by Interior Minister Sarkozy's crackdown on crime, according to the media and the French opposition:

According to Yahoo News:
Sarkozy, whose law and order policies have been criticized by human rights groups, launched a new offensive against crime this month, ordering specially trained police to tackle 25 tough neighborhoods in cities across France.
This is generally accepted to be the direct cause behind the riot. The police cracked down on crime following orders of Interior Minister Sarkozy. Three young boys fled for the police. They were guilty of something. The fury of the population of the suburbs as a result of the crackdown caused the Muslim youth to riot for ten days.

This shows that Islamic youth has a ethnic COMMITMENT to crime. Take their crime away and they respond, as if bitten by a snake. This is a graphic illustration of the relation between crime and ethnic minorities. Decendant fron immigrants from Africa and Middle Eastern countries have significantly higher crime rates than those who belong to the ethnic national core of Western nations. It is not politically correct to say so. Crime stats show it, but crime stats are surpressed. It is in Belgium even illegal to quote them. And crime stats are boring. Lot's of tables and figures. Worse than a balance sheet.

But these riots make the connection very graphic. Very interesting. And very clear. Muslim youth is saying: "Let us rob you. Or we will rise in arms."

Kurdish tragedy plays out in The Netherlands

NRC Handelsblad carries a story about one of the people killed in the fire of the detention centre in Schiphol. A Kurd by the name of Mehmet Avar from the Diyarbakir region in Eastern Turkey. His family lived in Deventer in the centre of The Netherlands. Mehmet was here illegally for 14 years. He died in the detention centre fire last week. This fire was lit by a Libian detainee according to the Islam in Europe blog (hat tip, Esther!).

Basically the story very much lights out the sad plight of illegal immigrants on European soil and in the clutches of the immigration bureaucracies. Mehmet never got a legal status despite simultanious asylum procedures in The Netherlands, Belgium and France and a story of persecution by the Turkish state for agitating for Kurdish minority rights and socialism. I have to wonder if Mehmet would ever have felt any loyalty to any of these countries, had he been granted a legal status of even citizenship.

The journalist interviews some of Mehmet's family. Mehmet was uninsured and was kept alive for some time by a Dutch girlfriend. Otherwise Mehmet's brothers Ahmet and Nevim remain evasive about how Mr. Avar earned his keep for 14 years. I wonder what remains hidden here. An illegal job, undercutting the wages of legal tax paying Dutch citizens? Crime, organized or otherwise? Working and organising for the PKK or another Kurdish organisation of "freedom fighters"? These are basically the options for an illegal. None of them are beneficial to the Dutch citizens of this country.

It is unfortunate that Mehmet had to live this kind of life in the shadows. It is tragic that he had to die in a fire. And that his legal relatives feel increasingly alienated from a Dutch society that is turning away from them. But it is the way it is and it will change for the worse rather than for the better. The sooner we all understand that, including the biased Dutch media ("linkse kerk") the better it is.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cultural borders of MultiCulturalism or having fun with Asians

The idea behind multiculturalism is that all cultures are equally competible with each other. So African cultures have no problem interacting with Asian cultures and Middle Eastern Islamic Cultures has no problem interacting with European cultures. This idea or ideology was invented in Canada (hat tip Hogtown front) in order to differentiate Canada from the USA.

Instead of tracing the origins and very rapid spread of this silly Canadian idea I will in this post consider something else. Multiculturalism has no adherents outside the white middle class.

Many people are these days slowly waking up that there is a problem to intergrate third world cultures into Western society, as can be seen by the failure of all Western societies with large third world immigrant groups to intergrate these groups. The only exeptions are Asians such as the Chinese and Indians. There are smaller subgroups of each immigrant group that do thrive, but the majority of these third worlders ends up on the bottom rung.

But even these succesful third worlders have certain beliefs that are completely at odds with the believe that all cultures are created equal. Look for instance at the large amount of vicious anti-semitism in Middle-Eastern countries, such as Egypt or Jordan. Translations of "The protocols of the learned Elders of Zion" and caricatures straight out 1920 "Der Stuermer". Serious stuff.

Much less serious is the fascination many Asians feel for Nazi imagery. Anybody who spent time living and working in the Far East knows that Asians do not have the same sensitivity about the equality thingy that many Westerners have since the 1960s. Japan, Hongkong, China (PRC), Thailand, they all got a thing for Nazi Uniforms, the Fascist salute and German Military stuff. And they think it is funny. It is even used in ads. In 1994 a Guangdong province television station, ran ads in Hongkong (still British) praising the audience they had and saying that if Hitler would be trying to convert Guangdong to his ideology, he would use their broadcasting network to propagate. Cut to masses of Chinese sieg heiling like a bunch of drunken hooligans. Or let's just say hooligans.

The first time I brought up Germany with some female Asian collegue they started giggling and bring the Fascist salute. I spilled my tea. To my embarresment these girls would also bring the salute when I brought them to a German restaurant, much to the shock of the German patrons.

Go to the bookstores. There is a whole genre of Japanese science fiction novels, that concerns future space wars of a kind of Japanese Nazis against.... well, I don't know. I can not read Japanese.

And then there is the fashion of having Nazi parties where everybody dresses up like a 1943 Wehrmacht Officer or a Nazi Party bigshot. There are lot's of shops in Hongkong that sell the uniforms and parafanalia. Fashion and style magazines even do specials on them.

So the whole guilt trip that is the "stick" part of Multiculturalism is lacking in the Far East. The carrot part of Multiculturalism is "food" of course. Somehow I do not see Asians trading their food for Taco's and Kebabs. And importing entire populations to cook them.

But the point of this post is that Multiculturalism only works for white middle class people. It is an instrument of discipline and thought control that works for whites. All the other groups do not subscribe to Multiculturalism which leads them to struggle against the Whites. And against each other off course. The Western media ignores this struggle.

Samir Azzouz, terr of "Hofstadgroep" fame planned to attack Israeli Airliner El Al

Samir Azzouz the "Hofstadgroep" member was preparing to attack an El Al plane.

Also there were plans to assasinate Dutch politicians and to plant bombs in public buildings. The man was looking to obtain explosives, handguns and AK-47 assault rifles. There were already handguns, explosives manuals and parts in his posession. Samir Azzouz was enrolled in a Laboratory school which is a polytechnic that teaches applied Chemistry and has store room with ingredients for explosives.

Dutch television program NOVA, a newscast program, have laid their hands on the police and secret service dossiers that state this. It is funny how these television programs get their hands on al this confidential information. Will this not affect the chances of getting these people convicted and put away?

Samir Azzouz was arrested again when he had recorded a video in which he makes his testament.

More heroism

Indonesia is a country with 140 million people population. More than 90 percent of them follow Islam - Submission. Muslims are not under threat in most areas.

And yet. And yet they (scary pictures) attacked 3 Christian girls on the Island of Sulawesi. Cut off the heads.

It is like coming in the kitchen in the morning and see the cat has been playing with a few mice. Body parts, blood and gore everywhere.

Handicapped woman set on fire, Paris riots spread and widen

The latest atrocity from France is that rioters who were causing mischief on a road, caused a bus to stop and attacked a woman. No not just a woman. The heroes - vrais heros - attacked a woman in crutches. Doused her in petrol. And set her a-light.

Paragons of Honour. Warriors. Paladins of Islam. Woman. Handicapped.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Aging populations

All western populations are aging. The Netherlands, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, you name it.

Because people have fewer children or none at all. Basically this means that the proportion of people in the working age decreases. Which makes it more expensive to take care for the elderly, who are not working. Which means that people in working age have to pay more to support these elderly people. That is a problem. But not a huge one. Extend the working age. Limit the services and benefits for the elderly. Increase taxes to finance the system. All the option are slightly unpleasant. Our wealth will grow slower than we are accustomed to. But it is not a desaster and importing foreign non-western populations is a desaster. On top of that, immigrants age too! So importing foreigners does not really do solve the problem at all. If all Western countries would import foreigners to maintain the present proportion of people of working age versus the elderly not only would Western countries but hugely overpopulated, but the world would run out of people to feed immigration hunger.

Basically importing foreigners to take care of the aging population problem makes no sense at all.

Attempt to shoot Minister Verdonk of Intergration and Foreigners

Earlier this week the office of Minister Verdonk was shot at. Several shots were fired and a window was badly damaged. The shots were probably fired from residential buildings accross the street from the Minister's office.

In a response security measures have been increased. Minister Verdonk wore a bullit proof vest to the commemoration of the assasination of her friend Van Gogh.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Immigrant youth hobby: throwing in windows

The Chassé neighbourhood in Amsterdam - West, is terrorised by immigrant youth. In several areas of Amsterdam people are driven out of their neighbourhoods by violent acts of immigrant youth. A year ago the Volkskrant published a story of a Dutch couple in the Diamant neighbourhood. They were driven out of their neighbourhood by Morroccan youth, in the course of the series of articles.

Now there is a similar thing underway in the Chassé neigbourhood. A window of snackbar "Raphael" on the corner of the Van Kinsbergenstraat and the Van Speijkstraat, was broken last Friday night for the 33rd time in less than 2 years. That is once every 3 to 4 weeks. Townhall has now promised to pay for all windows broken. Insurance refuse the snackbar owner further coverage.

French police under fire in suburbs

The French police is under fire during the riots in the suburbs of Paris.

The interior minister, whose open ambition to run for president in 2007 had been boosted by a decline in crime and delinquency on his watch, visited police in one of the embattled suburbs, Bobigny, overnight.

One officer told him that "two real bullets were fired" at riot police in La Courneuve but did not hit their targets. The riot squads themselves were using rubber bullets when they felt threatened by advancing mobs.

Liquidations - Reorganising Mafia Style

The Mafia wars are continuing.

Mafia laywer Hingst was shot on Monday in posh Amsterdam - South.

Mafia prince John Mieremet, the leader of the old gambling syndicate of "The Reverend" Bruinsma was killed 2 days ago in Thailand.

Yesterday Kees Houtman was killed in front of his house in Amsterdam - Osdorp was shot, with 6 bullets from a machine pistol. Kees Houtman was a real estate investor. Real estate is notoriously caught up in laundy operations for tainted drugs money.

Level of Crime in French ethnic suburbs

The French police expects this year 100.000 acts of violence. This is two times as much in comparison to the crime level four years ago. Until September 20.000 cars were set on fire.

This is war. A low intensity conflict (LIC).

European Riot Overview

Muslims run riot in France in Denmark and in the UK.

In the Northern Suburbs of Paris, not far from the area where in August 1914 the French Army turned back the invading German Forces Muslims are battling with the police and complaining aboutthe toughness of the policemen. In Aarhus the Danish police is fighting it out with the local Muslims and cracking down on Turkish, Palestinian and Somali youth. Danish Muslims say they do not tolerate the police in "their" neighbourhood. In Birmingham there were race riots between blacks and Pakistani's after Pakistani's raped a black girl.

It is heartening to see the hard line politicians are taking in Denmark and France. To think that this will be enough would be naive. But where enlightenment of individuals comes in a flash, the enlightenment of groups is a long drawn out process.

Yet minds are increasingly getting ready to see what is really happening. The cult of Multiculturalism is dying. Increasingly being discredited even in the eyes of its believers.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stealing Van Gogh's Thunder

This morning at 0930 Snouck visited the commemoration of the Assasination of film maker Theo van Gogh. As I wrote yesterday the event was organised by the Amsterdam Townhall and the opposition Labour party. In order to further enhance the standing of the event our "Conservative" Prime Minister Balkenende was invited to speak some words.

Friends and family of Van Gogh were not in anyway consulted by the organisers.

There was a respectable crowd gathered of respectable people. Lots of middle class locals and lots of press including various camera crews. I think there were quite a few people from Theo van Gogh's area, the affluent and white Watergraafsmeer, on the other side of the railroad track.

Commemorations or ceremonies in The Netherlands are almost always carried out with a minimum of aplomp, style or dramatic content. So I was not expecting much. I was to be surprised. There was a lady with two noisy young kids but otherwise the crowd was well behaved.

Then there was a tattoo drummed. Military style. I could not see the drummer but he was alone. The drum solo lasted a minute or longer and created an mood of hushed expectation. It even shut the brats shut up.

Then the local council head (Amsterdam is divided in 16 little councils, which administrate 16 little "council areas") spoke a few minutes. He mentioned a local woman who told someone off who denounced her for wearing a islamic veil. The speech was well-delivered. Prime Minister Balkenende was next. Again a strongly pronounced well delivered speech. What is going on here? Then a local mother spoke who had been bringing her children to the school just 15 meters around the corner from the spot where Van Gogh was cut up after having been shot repeatedly. She was very, emotional and on the verge of tears. Something she said piqued my interest. She had been talking to local Muslim women while making a documentary about the aftermath of the assasination. Then she criticised politicians and opinion makers who had been very hardline in there pronunciations in the months after the attack. She demanded that these people would tone down, would limit their speech in the name of her children who were growing up in an environment of threats and increasing mutual recriminations.

Then finally Job Cohen spoke, the mayor of Amsterdam the man who is appointed to "keep things together" (The Netherlands is the only country in Europe where mayors are appointed and not elected). And he told the crowd that had gathered that "we" should all come together and stop deviding into ethnic crowds who only work towards their narrow self interest. Which is something that is happening of course.

"Si monumentum requiris circumspice". He who requires a monument, let him look around. The crowd that Cohen addressed was 99 percent white, mostly middle class. I counted five blacks, two among the policemen, two among the camera crews, two in the crowd. And zero, zilch, nada Muselmen showing their solidarity with the martyr of freedom of speech.

Looking at the crowd reveals the truth, the awkward reality that the words of political speechmakers and the carefully selected mother/documentary maker were trying to hide. The reality is that a multicultural society is not a society at all. It is a alligator pond of warring ethno-cultural societies each with their own temples, martyrs, totempoles, media and holy books.

And the Dutch martyr for freedom of speech is being turned into a martyr for controlled speech.
The local councillor only mentioned hatred against a Muslim woman
The mother/documentarist pleaded for controlled speach in the name of her children
The Prime Minister only mentioned that "we should not let each other go" and should not practise hate and extremism, which are basically codewords for white ethnic solidarity.
The Mayor said that we should look further than our own groups collective interest, but that is only meant for whites.

Theo van Gogh would have written a great column on this event.

University study shows persistent Multicultural bias of Dutch media

The Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad yesterday published a newspaper article stating that the press are not negative about the Muslim community. The press has a continued commitment to the Multicultural society and its ideological precepts. This goes against the argument often repeated by the media that they, the media, would write too negatively about Muslims and Islam.

The piece, an interview by NRC editor Merel Thie with University of Amsterdam Professor of Political Science Maarten Hajer and researcher Justus Uitermark concerns media bias of Dutch printed media in the period running up to the murder and afterwards. The period of four months running up to the assasination and the four months thereafter is excluded, due to the high volatility of the period. The researchers explain that compared to the period before the assasination the treatment of Muslim minorities continued to be rather positive. This is also the case when negative phenomena of the Islamic community are the topic of an article. In over a hunderd articles causes for the Islamic community's failure to contribute positively is solely blamed on societal factors, such as discrimination. Only six articles take on the community itself.

Basically print still can not be trusted.

Aksamci / Eetcafe De Hollander

Turkish Bar- Restaurant Aksamci is the place in front of which Theo van Gogh stopped living. It was ironically called Eetcafe - De Hollander (Dutchman pub) a year ago.

Theo Van Gogh

The exact spot where Theo Van Gogh rested his body 365 days ago. Picture taken at 6 PM.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Suburbs of Paris are the scene of clashes

For 5 days the Parisian suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois has been the scene of clashes between black and brown underclass youth and the Police. The clashes have been so bad that overwhelmed French policemen requisted army assistance to quell the disturbances.

The riots started when two youngsters electrocuted themselves when they were hiding in a transformation house from police searching the neighbourhood. Later the riots were fuelled by a teargas granade that hit a mosque and caused the faithfull to flee.

Both incidents were blamed on police intentions. The police denied the allegations streneously and was supported by Interior Minister Sarkozy. The self-electrocution was caused by the police chasing the killed boys and rioters accused the police of intentionally firing the teargas grenade at the mosque.

It is obvious that there is no trust amongst the immigrant population in the declarations and intentions of the police. The police is seen as an illigimate force or a force of occupation. As the North- and West-African demograph is still showing an upward trend this problem of illigimacy will grow.

On the other hand the present hard-line Interior Minister policies are addressing White French voters that want to be reassured about law and order issues. As crime is very much an ethnic phenomenon, with non-white groups overrepresented in crime stats and crime experience of voters the only way to affirm the rule of law is to crack down on immigrant youth. Which leads to these clashes.

The issue of hard-to-assimilate immigrant groups has become too big and visible to be ignored.

In countries like Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Great-Britain the problems of Multi-Culturalism have already caused mayor unpleasantness for the political elites. Basically it is blowing up the the faces of the elites whether Leftist or Conservative. It now looks that France is set to follow. The French media has always looked the other way when there were facts interfering with the notion of Multicultural Utopia. This has kept the problem under the rug.

And if I am not mistaken the same thing is happening in the United States and Sweden. We will soon again be able to say: "told ya so".

Dutch Labour Party turns the Tables

After the murder on Theo van Gogh a year ago the Amsterdam Labour Party desperately tried to get as close to the family and friends of Van Gogh in a transparant attempt to gain back the respect that they had lost in the eyes not only of the public. But also in the eyes of people in a wide circle around Van Gogh who knew him well and respected him and who have some power in the media. The attempt failed tragically and backfired on Labour Party and Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen when it became public knowledge that Van Gogh's family refused to invite or admit the socialist Mayor for Van Gogh's funeral. The much reviled hard-line Minister Verdonk of Foreign nationals and Intergration wás invited by the family and was also a personal friend of the filmmaker.

However the Labour Party has tried to turn the tables. Desperate to cling to their electoral power in Amsterdam after having lost their Rotterdam working class voter base they try all the tricks in their books to influence events and to slow down the fact that socialism is just not as attractive anymore as it was in most Western countries.

Although friends and family of Van Gogh did not want a ceremony on the spot in the Linneusstraat where Van Gogh breathed his last breath, a ceremony was organised anyway. Labour needs to show to its friends and supporters that it is still relevant and that it still running its little fiefs.

Townhall organised a ceremony which will be held tomorrow on the murder spot. In Amsterdam Townhall and Labour Party are the same thing, Labour has been running Amsterdam's shady affairs for decades. There will be no friends or family who are having a private affair somewhere else in the city. Our socialist mayor will be there to speak plus some other lesser Labour dignitaries, but no other politicians apart from our Conservative and Clueless Prime Minister who will be there to add some weight to the occasion. Hardliners M.C.F. Verdonk and Ayaan Hirsi Ali have not been invited. They are not from Amsterdam, you see?

Of course when this came out it raised quite a few eyebrows in the press. However Gijs van der Westelaken, a friend an business partner of Van Gogh, has a free pass for the event which he handed to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the hard line opponent of Islam. Once more Labour is made to look foolish.