Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swiss Court convicts Israeli Author for Hate Speech

Punished for stating wrong opinions

A Swiss Judge convicted Israeli Author Avi Lipkin to paying a fine for stating in a public meeting in a Churchhall in Switzerlam that Islam is a dangerous religion which threatens Christians and Jews (German).

The closing of the European mind

All over Europe people are being hauled into courts and often indicted for saying that Islam is what it is: an agressive faith which seeks to overthrow the governments, laws and customs of non-islamic states. All over europe people are being hauled into court for though crime, for thinking forbidden thoughts and speaking their minds. The judiciary elites are hell-bent on surpressing dissent with the ruling Multi-Cultural orthodoxy.  

Islamic Terrorism Movie Italian box office success

Jihad a profitable joke in Italy

Che Bella Giornata, a film comedy on an Islamic bomb plot against a statue in an Italian Church is breaking box office records. The movie already made a whopping 42 million US Dollars and is still going strong.

The trailer gives an idea of the contents of the film

The script for the film was co-written by Checco Zalone who  is known for his politically-incorrect humor. .. the beautiful young Arab woman Farah (Nabira Akkari) who befriends him is actually planning to plant a bomb atop the cathedral to avenge her parents’ death in the current Gulf War.
The implication of this movie's resonance 

The actual script of the film is not the main issue here. The making and resonance of Che Bella Giornata is testamony to the fact that Islam and Integration of Muslim immigrants are central issues all over Europe. 

US Financial Decline

Jon Stewart of the Daily show used last Thursday's January 20th episode to put a humoristic twist on the increasing financial power of China and what it does to US' superpower status.

(Relevant part starts about 30 seconds in the clip)

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The US owes China alone one trillion US Dollars which is about 7 percent of the US GNP. European and other countries depending on US political and military support better look around for a new protector. US support is contingent on the Chinese People's Republic approval.