Monday, January 23, 2006

Racism is not Racism when practised by Dutch Liberals

Hypocrisy rears its ugly head again in The Netherlands. Paul Belien's Brussels Journal has the story.

Last week Robin Gerrits from the Leftist newspaper the "De Volkskrant" reported on a Dutch schoolbuilding which is used by two Amsterdam schools. One is a state school and the other a denominational school, run according to the Montessori philosophy.

In The Netherlands one sends one's children either to a state run school, as does about 1 third of the population. Or one sends them to a denominational school, usually meaning Christian. However a long time ago Dutch upper class twats decided they needed denominations that were non-religious so they came up with Vrije School (Liberal School) and Montessorischools. Here the kids will not be graded, not be under authority, but under persuation etcetera etcetera. I am sure we can all image the smug, conceited parents who send their children there and the smug, conceited human material it produces. Guarantueed to vote Greens or Socialist-Pacifists or Feminist-Liberal-I-don't-know-whats.

Anyway as the public school "Rietlanden" in Amsterdam-East is losing more and more children because it is a black school and all the middle and upper class White parents refuse to send their children there because we all know what will become of little Richard and little Christina when they go there. So they send their kids to the 8th Montessori school that demands all kinds of extra payments, certain philosphical declarations and parental involvement. Things 98 percent of the immigrants living in Amsterdam are not capable of or not willing to do.

Almost all the white middle class children in Amsterdam seem to go to one of these Montesorri schools. These schools have become very popular and need space, space that black "De Rietlanden" has in abundance. The management of the 8th Montessori school makes an offer to the unpopular black school to rent their unused school space.

Soon the rich White school has taken over half of the poor state school. And soon the habit develops that the White kids use one entrance and the Black/Muslim kids use another one. And this has been going on for 20 years already, all over The Netherlands.

Anyway, Paul Belien takes the Volkskrant article, writes his own take on it and says that as all over the world whites prefer to be amongst their own kind and makes references to the USA South's Segregation and South Africa's apartheid.

That did not go down well with Robin Gerrits who penned a letter stating that what is happening has nothing to do with racism and that it is all voluntary. "The reality is much more subtle, and is not racist" and "In your ‘translation’ the impression is conveyed that one school has intentionally decided to make separate entrances for black and white children."

Indeed the present segregated situation is not organised by an ideologically inspired state. In The Netherlands parents can make a choice to what kind of school they will send their children and this choice is protected by article 23 of the Constitution on Freedom and equal state funding of Education. This is precisely the article Ayaan Hirsi Ali is railing against, because of the segregating effect it has.

Back to our indignant Leftist Robin Gerrits of the Volkskrant. You do not think that if White parents anywhere in the world wanted to keep their kids in schools that are say: 98 percent white and and our brave lieutenant of the Holier-than-thou-brigade
would be reporting that he would call it anything but: Racism, discrimination and you name it?

Come on, on what kind of school are Robin Gerrits children? Snouck says on a Montessori school. I am 80 percent sure of it. Perhaps on a Christian school (usually 90-100 percent white). But definitely not on a Black state school.

The Dutch are voluntary segregationists, the parents in the Deep South and South-Africa at least could use the defense that they were under State coercion.


nouille said...

I once worked with a Korean girl, she confessed to me Koreans are quite racist here in the U.S.(THEY HATE BLACKS). She also said they prefer their own company and do so by claiming it's a "cultural" right.All you have to do in my city is look around, people of various colours and backgrounds practice their own form of segregation. No one, certainly not a white person, would accuse them of racism. Yet if this is practised by whites it's called segregation.

Yes, the leftists are elitist snobs who cry "Do as I say, not as I do" but they are usually well off,(or young and stupid) and are in no danger of having their job outsourced to India/China or possibly competing with foreigners in their own country for low income housing.

Aren't we tribal by nature?

nouille said...

Here is an example of "legal" racism made possible by elite white people.( Notice the last 3 from the Netherlands near the bottom.)

Charles Martel said...

i have a chinese friend and he has a visceral hatred of anything Japanese, in spite of me trying to convince him that what happened to China under Mao was far far worse than anything that the Japs did.

well, ok - the Japs were particularly vicious to the Chinese, and with the lack of a proper apology, and that the vast bulk of Japanese war criminals got off scot free, its understandable.

Charles Martel said...

"Aren't we tribal by nature?"

look at any major city worldwide - "Chinatown" is a tourist attraction, rather than the ghetto , run by Triads, that it really is.

thing is - we tolerate it, as the Chinese folks generally keep to themselves, and dont try to overthrow western civilisation or engage in suicide bombings.

and i like chow mein and sweet'n'sour pork anyway...

Charles Martel said...

"Koreans are quite racist here in the U.S.(THEY HATE BLACKS)"

and the blacks in America hate Koreans as well. L.A. riots spring to mind.

might be something to do with

Koreans = strong work ethic. strong sense of wanting their kids to do well academically.

black americans : hip hop. gangsta rap. guns. gangs.

vastly different cultures. said...

all people likes to be with their own kind - religion and color first, then age and interests, then family, etc. it's human!

Mikkel, Enough!

Charles Martel said...

snouck does make an interesting point though , about leftist hypocrisy.

same thing goes on in the UK. A lot of Labour party politicians send their children to PRIVATE schools, while at the same time imposing comprehensive education on the plebian masses.

I suppose, its probably a good for your mental health to be right wing conservative - at least you cannot be called hypocritical.

Charles Martel said...

"comprehensive education"
for non-UK readers - that's state education, without any academic selection criteria.

Felix said...

Dear Snouck,

I happen to know you personally and I happen to had my primary education in a Vrije School. Surely you would agree that I'm not one of those dangerous hypocrits you rally against.

But anyway, I got called a rascist recently because I claimed I wouldn't send my child to a black school, mostly because the education level would be lower than in a white one. Is it rascist not to want to put my child in a class where a majority doesn't speak Dutch properly?

Two things:

One, I believe the language difficulties will wear off with third and fourth generation immigrants. (Obviously this won't happen if the Dutch government will keep allowing Muslim males to import their illiterate wives from their 'home' country).

Two, I'm supportive of initiatives of parents who team up to put their white children in a black school.

Snouck said...

Hi there,

Two, I'm supportive of initiatives of parents who team up to put their white children in a black school.

That is good. As long as people do not IMPOSE such mixed schooling on others I am all for it. Just as the fault of Apartheid was that it IMPOSED separation of nations by power of the state.

Separation is natural, even though a small amount of mingling will always take place. Depending on the respective qualities of the mingling populations they will usually create their own political and religious (cultural) spheres.

This happens over and over in the history of mankind and there are plenty of historical records to see the repetition of the pattern.