Monday, January 16, 2006

Lieuwe Van Gogh

"I wonder how Van Gogh's son is doing. I read an article somewhere that some muslim kids beat him up because they blame him for the lock-up of the murderer..."

I followed the reports about that as well. Dutch language sources here and pics of the Pythagoras straat were Theo van Gogh used to live here.But I am not sure about the veracity of the story that he was beaten up. He may have been threatened, but the story that he was beaten up was denied. I do not know what the true story is. At least Lieuwe van Gogh was threatened and told that it is a good thing that he is dead by Muslim classmates. If one checks and most North Africans there say Van Gogh had it coming to him. A lot of Leftists say that too. The same thing happenned when Fortuyn was killed. Many supporters of Multiculturalism always used to say that people who do not agree with Multiculturalism should be deported. These people also do not mind if Muslims and Leftists kill people that critizise Multiculturalism.

Tolerance is only for those who agree with the Left.

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eyesallaround said...

Thanks for following up on his son. It is such a sad situation. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. He and the artists of his time left such a hugh mark on the world, comparable in greatness to that left by Mozart, Beethoven, etc...