Sunday, January 22, 2006


Spoke to a mate of mine today. A week ago we went out. And when he got out he was very happy and drove home on his bike. Then he hit a car. Because he was happy. Very happy. There was a little scratch on the car. The owner of the car, a Moroccan was standing nearby with a mate. He gave them his address.

Now he got a bill from the owner. 1,500 Euro's for a little scratched paint. It is obviously a fraud, this bill.

He is going to make a counter offer for 150 Euros.

Thing is, he lives in Amsterdam-West, in Mokrostan. It is 80 percent Turkish - Morroccan.

Now he is less happy.


eyesallaround said...

Dang, it sounds like he's having the whole car painted...

Robbie Earl said...

It's his own fault for hitting the wrong target. I mean, how happy do you have to be to miss two stationary morocans ?

Snouck said...

It's his own fault for hitting the wrong target.

Well, he is happy and peacefull. I would convert to Islam if they took over, just to be on the safe side. In fact he already did! :-)