Wednesday, January 11, 2006

On bigotry

Nouille said in response to Christians Fight, Infidels not:

I find religion can sometimes cloud ones judgement of a situation. This may make me unpopular here but I stand by this.

I am neither liberal nor conservative but take the issues as they come.
Some issues I am more conservative than others and some I am downright liberal on.

Americans seem to have to label people one or the other, this is troubling to me.

The "Random House Dictionary of the English Language" defines bigotry:

"(1) stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own. (2) actions, beliefs, prejudices, of a bigot. (3) to be so emotionally or subjectively attached to one's own beliefs as to be unthinkably hostile to all others who disagree."

Religions are about morality and morality is about sorting actions and attitudes in good and bad. This causes followers of religions and creeds to be opposed to certain groups who are deemed to think or act unchristian. In some cases this goes so far that Christians become bigots. Counterculture of 1968 has attacked traditional and Christian bigotry and used that bigotry to discredit tradition and religion. This was done in the name of utopian expectations. An end to tradition and traditional religion would bring about an era of progress and the elimination of amongst others bigotry.

When we look at our societies these days one sees a entirely different specacle however. Presently it is soccially unacceptable to mention all kinds of facts and opinions, especially those dealing with non-western religion, non-western demographic groups, women, homosexuals just to name a few. The whole practise has become enshrined in laws against racism and discrimination. Universities and institutions of learning have adopted draconian speech and hiring codes. The corporate world hires diversity experts to organise brainwashing sessions during which emnployees are browbeaten into submission to a particular point of view and ideology. We know this practice as POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Political Correctness is the new secular bigotry. It is more pervasive than ever. It enforces diversity of creeds, gender and enthnic background, yet abhors diversity of opinion. Because the goal of Political Correctness is to create a discourse of society that is perfectly and harmoniously Multicultural its goal is an earthly utopia. Anybody standing in the way of that Utopia must be evil and crushed. Due to the new improved bigotry society is subject to a permanent political witch hunt in order to sniff out dissent. McCarthy was given the power to organise witchhunts against the Left for a few years. Something the Left is still sniveling about.

The McCartyism of the Left has been made law, institutionalised and is terrorising citizens for decades already. So it appears that bigotry is a universal human trait and efforts to stamp it out, have in fact made it worse.

Ironic, isn't it? The more changes, the more that stays the same.


gandalf said...

well done snouck.

you have described the disease that is crippling the UK, I do not know how bad it is in your neck of the woods but here it is horrendous, our employers send us all on "diversity" training and when I had the ordacity to ask "what about the English Culture" I was actually asked to leave as I was "being disruptive"
you could not make it up

Anonymous said...

McCarthy was given the power to organise witchhunts against the Left for a few years.

Joseph McCarthy was absolutely correct in his concern regarding communist spies in the US and the sympathetic nature of hollywood towards communism/marxism. His only error was that he UNDER-estimated the number of infiltrations. This was found after the fall of the Soviet Union and the release of Venona.

Yet to this day, McCarthy who should be lionized and held up as a true American patriot and Communist foe, is still referred to with contempt.

Also liberalism, which is the current religion of our times, knows no bounds. We see how it has slowly and steadily progressed from an "easement" of social structure to a witch hunt of anything that may injure it.