Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crisis causes marriage crunch

As a result of the credit crunch The Netherlands is now experiencing a marriage crunch (Dutch). The number of Dutchmen marrying fell from 75,500 to 72,000. This may cause the below replacement level birth rate of ethnic Dutch women to fall. The number per of children per women is now 1,6. This implies that the Dutch nation shrinks at almost a quarter of the total each generation.

However an increasing number of people now postpones marriage after having children.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Climate Change Revelation

So far this blog has not published anything on the climate change affair. Simply because I do not understand enough about the climate to say anything worthwhile on the subject. However there is a development which could proof interesting. Apparantly
The British Hadley Climate Research Unit's computers have been hacked. A massive amount of data and emails were download and are now available on the Internet. Some of the emails look very compromising. For example:
An e-mail by a Phil Jones states:
Once Tim's got a diagram here we'll send that either later today or first thing tomorrow. I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline.
It will be interesting to see how this story develops.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The New President of Europe, Van Rompuy

The EU has just appointed as a President of Europe under the Lisbon Treaty. His name is Herman van Rompuy. He is a Flemish Christian Democrat politician from Belgium.

Paul Belien has a lot of background information on Van Rompuy. Van Rompuy was elected secretly by 27 Prime Ministers of all EU member states. The difference in the election process between this EU President and an Prime Minister or President elected by the public is striking.

Interestingly Mr. Van Rompuy argued against the entrance of Turkey to the EU (HT De Zwijger) on the grounds that it would dilute the Christian character of the EU. I augur that Mr. Van Rompuy will change his position on Turkey and will work towards the incorporation of Turkey into the EU.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mosque attendance increases in Europe

Second generation Moroccans have higher mosque attendance (Dutch) than the first generation. In 2008 63 percent of older Moroccans visit the mosque "less often" or "often". A decade earlier that was 72 percent. The second generation is attending more frequently. Their attendance rose from 46 tot 66 percent in the past ten years, according to the SCP, a Dutch state social engineering.

The figures point at a religious revival amongst Moroccans in Europe. Additionally it is evidence of budding Muslim family formation. Couples with children have a stronger tendency to attend religious services than childless people.

Minority girls more likely to be jobless

A Dutch News report on minority joblessness reports that:
Girls from an ethnic minority background are more likely to be unemployed than their male peers, despite their better performance at school, Trouw reports on Monday, quoting research by the E-Quality institute.

The jobless rate for girls from a minority background is five percentage points higher than boys and nine percentage points above native Dutch girls.

The institute said early pregnancies, household duties and psychiatric problems are largely to blame.
Snouck's commentary: Minority women generally face less discrimination than their male counterparts. Society pressures males more to find employment and these finding reflect the efforts of minority males to find gainful employment.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dutch civic leadership too White

The Amsterdam Advisory Council for Diversity released a report stating that the leadership of civic society in Amsterdam is dominated by White people. The Chairperson of the council, Ankie Verlaan stated:
Amsterdam is almost entirely run by white Dutch people. There is hardly anyone from an immigrant background on the boards of directors of any of the capital city’s private or public organisations. Members of the establishment simply pass on the top jobs to old university friends, and non-Dutch people are excluded.
As the majority of the Amsterdam population is non-white the leadership of Amsterdam civic society is not representative of the Amsterdam population.
The 66 directors and board members of Amsterdam housing corporations include not a single immigrant. In social services organisations, not one of the 46 directors has a non-Dutch background. A similar picture emerges in higher education, where there are only four immigrants out of 70 board members, and in the cultural sector the proportion is just two out of 48.
So six out of 220 top slots are filled by minorities. The Dutch elite is Liberal. Non-discrimination is the highest liberal goal, the centre piece of Liberal ideology. The question is whether the liberal elite has this goal out of material self interest. Or whether they are willing to pursue Liberalism iven if it means their displacement.

Ankie Verlaan continues:
there is a “dominant white culture” within organisations which is hard to break through. She says that although boards of directors and supervisory boards are not deliberately excluding people from ethnic minority backgrounds, the problem is they simply don’t know people from these communities. And people in top jobs tend to pass on positions to people in their own circle of friends and acquaintances.
It seems that the advisory council dissaproves of minorities being underrepresented in civic leadership. What I find strange is that liberalism posits that all people are the same and compativble. But if a Black, Muslim or Asian connot be represented by a White person, than that gives a lie to the notion of equality and compatibility.

Finally Ankie Verlaan states:
It’s a typical Dutch phenomenon. You go to university, you join a typical student fraternity with a white culture, and that’s where you know everybody, and all your life they remain your circle of friends, and that’s what you draw on.
That a manifest lie. All over the world nations are represented by people from their own nation. In fact, between 1945 and 1960 the nations of Africa and Asia all managed to rid themselves of colonial represntation in favour of indigenous representation. It is just the Liberal West which tries to break their own nations.

The end goal of Liberalism is the destruction of the West and its incorporation into the Middle East. Liberalism is the treasonous behaviour by Western elites.

Monday, November 09, 2009

German reunification and the European unification

Today Europe commemorates it is 20 years ago that the wall that separated the German Demos into a Communist Germany and a Democratic West Germany. This is at the same time that the EU unifies the 27 or so member states under the Lisbon treaty.

I doubt whether the unified EU will last 10 years.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Open borders: infiltrated security forces

Immigrant Army infiltrator lets lose

The news went all over the world. A Middle Eastern Muslim who is an US Army major went on a rampage and killed 12. The site of the killing was Ft. Hood, Tx. It is one of the biggest bases of the US Army in the world.

The face of the US Army

It is amazing to look at the pictures. So many of the "soldiers" are women, or non-whites. Few seem to belong to the ethnic core of the US.

This is what happens with uncontrolled immigration. Eventually foreign races and religions end up in the security forces and become a power in the land.

It is just that the speed at which developments are going in the US is mind boggling.

Police intimidates un-PC South African Blogger

South African Blogger Uhuru Guru arrested

In a move that reminds Dutchmen of the arrest of Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot the South African police arrested blogger Uhuru Guru of the South Africa S***s blog.

The blogger was incarcerated in a cell with Black* thiefs and murderers for 30 hours before being released.

* It is a good thing that race does not matter.

More on Jews and Muslims in Holland

A while ago this blog featured exerpts from an interview with Mr. Henri Markens, a principal of a Jewish school in Amsterdam. At the time a commenter, Rob, questioned the representativity of Mr. Markens. I corraborated Mr. Markens' story with another article on the threat from Muslims to Jews in The Netherlands. Esther's Islam in Europe Blog today had another recent article from Leftist daily Het Parool and it again very bluntly shows the danger to the Jewish minority by the Muslim minority.

It does not matter whether this blogger brings this story out of concern for the Jews or out of enmity to the Muslims. The bigger point is that the multicultural ideology is wrong. Different cultures in the same social and political space can be toxic to each other. Separating cultures and nations keeps the peace.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Liberalism connects the issues of our time

Kleinverzet wrote a post on the need to get out of the Afghanistan. One of his commenters DP111 reacted with a comment that I reproduce fully:
I have a problem. In fact there are three little big problems

1. We have a situation, when at first sight there is really no need for us to interfere in Afghanistan. There is again no reason to undertake nation building, when the locals are more then happy to be how they have been for centuries.

Despite this, huge amounts of money, and worse, casualties sustained, almost all Western countries are engaged in Afghanistan in one form or another, and insist on staying the course for as long it takes. It takes to do what?

What the hell is going on?

2. The Anthropogenic Global Climate Change issue. From what I can see, the whole object seems to be to raise lots of money, and then hand it over to Third world countries, mainly in Africa, for the foreseeable future. As it must be obvious to anyone, all the money will be pilfered or wasted by corrupt African dictators. So why do politicians from the Western world insist on continuing.

3. The Lisbon treaty. The whole thing is a sham. Cameron is in fact mightily pleased that the Czech president has signed, or he would have been in the invidious position of having to come up with a devious excuse why he couldn’t hold a referendum.

What the hell is going on?

Let us assume first that our politicians are not total idiots, who care not if they are elected or not.

In all three of the above, politicians across Europe and the West, are in lockstep over issues that they normally would have been falling out over. As politicians, they would see that they could exploit these issues to get into power. And yet they stand firm.

It is unlikely that all Western politicians in power or in major opposition, in almost all Western countries, are out of their minds. It is also unlikely that they do not see their increasingly unpopularity with the electorate. They must know that can be un-elected, or be rejected, and yet they stand firm.

Why? Why such lockstep on all three of the most contentious issues in the West?
In short commenter DP111 says: Why? Why such lockstep on all three of the most contentious issues in the West?

Snouck's Commentary: The 3 issues are linked to the ruling ideology of the day: Liberalism. The highest idea of Liberalism is the idea of equality.

So to see: 1. Under Liberalism Afghanistan must be equal. Tthat Afghanistan can not be made a western style nation-state because it is Islamic and tribal is impossible.

2. Global warming as a ploy to hand over money to Africa. Africa is the most glaring proof showcasing that the races are not equal. Any material sacrifice to make Africa equal to the West is therefore justified, in order to rescue the ruling ideology.

3. All European nations must be equal too under Liberalism. The existence of national differences is an abhorrence and these differences must be eradicated under the EU project. The EU project is the logical outcome of Liberalism.

...Let us assume first that our politicians are not total idiots...
Our politicians may be intelligent or stupid but their mental toolbox is filled with all the ideas that Liberalism permits. They act in the interest of their political class and its interests. The best they can do when reality and ideology do not match in a big way is by allowing an unprincipled exeption.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Theo van Gogh commemorated

Today the 2nd of November it is exactly five years ago that a Muslim assassinated filmmaker Theo van Gogh. There was a small ceremony at Van Gogh's monument in the Oosterpark. The mother of Theo van Gogh was present and a borough mayor, Achmed Marcouch. A few students from Voorpost, a nationalist group displayed anti-socialist and anti-islamic signs.

That was all.

The EU steamrollers the British Conservative Party

Euro-sceptic lines are folding

After Czech President Klaus ratified the Lisbon Treaty, which further enhances the power of EU institutions against member states institutions the Euro-sceptic British Conservative Party caves in too (HT EU Referendum). The Conservative Home blog has an article up stating that David Cameron will not seek a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, despite his promise, his iron-cast promise to do otherwise.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dutch PM Balkenende candidacy for the EU Presidency

Meanwhile, in Brussels, the centre of the EU

In Brussels, the Capital of the European Union (EU) a two day EU summit was held. The battle for the position of President of the European Council is becoming serious. Time to ask some questions:

1. What is the EU Council Presidency?
2. How is the EU Council Presidency defined?
3. Who elects the EU Council President?
4. Who are the candidates for the EU Candidacy?
5. Who decide the outcome of the elections for the EU Candidacy?

The new European Council Presidency

Many had been considering that former British PM Blair would become the new President of the European Council.

The Lisbon Treaty and the EU Council Presidency

A new politically more powerful EU was created by the powers invested in the the EU Council Presidency by the Lisbon Treaty. The Lisbon treaty is expected to be ratified soon.

The election of the EU Council Presidency

The President of the European Council is elected by the members of the European Council. The Presidency of the European Council should not be mixed up with the better known Presidency of the European Commission, which is currently held by President José Manuel Barrosso. This European Commission is a powerful body of European Civil Servants.

The candidates for the EU Council Presidency

The current European Council President is Sweden's Fredrick Reinfeldt. The candidacy of Britain's Tony Blair is losing support. The most important other candidates is Luxembourg's Jean Claude Juncker. The names of more than ten other candidates are mentioned. There have been rumours in The Netherlands that the long serving Dutch Christian Democrat PM Balkenende would become the EU President. These rumours were denied by the Government and Mr. Balkenende himself. Since last Friday 30 October 2009 those who expect Balkenende to move up a step to become the man to occupy the highest political seat in the EU are seeing that their prognosis gets assistance from confirmation by the Dutch PM himself. No, Balkenende has not yet explicitly confirmed that he is a candidate against the UK's Tony Blair. His words were:
It is premature. Perhaps there will be no request and I will not have to consider it (EU Council Presidency)
So there is no formal request. But there is an informal one.

The decision on the EU Council Presidency

The decision lies with the parties in the European Council. The main power deciding the outcome is the European People's Party, an alliance of centre right European Parties led by the German Christian Democrats of Angela Merckel and the French UMP of Sarkozy. They want a weak and compliant President, hailing from a small nation. Someone who has carried a lot of water for their respective power bases. Luxembourg's Jean Claude Juncker fit's this bill very well. The Netherlands' Jan-Peter Balkenende has a long association with the German Christian Democrats. He may be a runner up then. He has a low profile as a modest networker.

In Conclusion

What is perhaps most remarkable about the road to appointing the new Council President is its slippery and downright boggy surface. The Presidency does not have a clear face in the public's eye. It's power is small, mostly of setting the agenda. In its appointment, duration, definition, constituting parts and relation to other EU institutions it is shady.

This is in fact typical of the whole EU, which defies getting grasped by the people it is supposed to represent. It is a bog and a labyrinth at the same time.

Geert Wilders is declared a threat to State Security

The Danger of Geert Wilders

In a partly leaked report, prepared by three Dutch university experts commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders (Dutch) is declareed a threat to State Security. Experts Hans Moors, Professor on Counterterrorisme, Bob de Graaff and Jaap van Donselaar state that Mr. Wilders mobilizes islamofobia, hatred of the system, hatred against the State and undermines social cohesion. The report will be published in December in Dutch parliament.

The report is being prepared at a time when the Dutch government is strongly weakened by political differences and unpopularity.