Monday, November 28, 2005

Improving the economic structure of Muslim countries

on VDare another excellent article by Steve Sailer on the matter of remigration of Muslim Immigrants. I have been advocating that Muslims should be send back to their countries of origin since I was 15. That is since 20 years. It was always obvious that Muslims were going to be a demographic threat to The Netherlands and to Europe through family reunification. And now it is becoming increasingly clear for all to see.

In discussions often it would be said that immigrants could not be send back due to the fact that they had paid payroll taxes and state insurances. Although Peter Lakeman has calculated that up until 1995 ethnic Dutch tax payers had been charged with a bill of 70 billion guilders to pay for immigrant related transfers (roughly 35 million Euros or dollars). He published this in his book "Binnen zonder kloppen" - "Enter without knocking".

It is true that individual immigrants have earned money and put money into the system. I thought about this matter and realised that people are not easily going to accept a policy that they see as being unfair and hurting the rights of others. And that in fact it is a good thing that people are so concerned about the rights and welfare of others. Still "Demography is destiny" and Muslim immigration will cause Europeans to lose control of their societies if left unchecked.
And I do not just want to see these people leave our society I want them to stay away for as long as possible too. So paying them a sum of money is no good as long as they will return after a while.

So I came up with the following scheme. Create in the countries of origin financial institutions which are run and administered by Dutch directors and administrators which are partly taken from the local elites. Give the institutions Islamic names and charters that are congruent to Islamic law. Finance the institutions generously. Then register the immigrants that go back to their countries of origin and calculate the amount of money they paid into the Dutch system and substract the amount of money they took out in welfare. If the balance is negative never mind. Add 25.000 Dollars or Euro's. Then multiply the balance by seven, so there is a very considerable amount of money in the "bank", at least 175.000 dollars or Euro's, per head of a family. Then pay out the money slowly spread out of a period of 30 or 50 years, insisting on the family staying in their country of origin or only moving to another Muslim country, where similar institutions have also been set up. Also make available loans if these people want to buy houses, farms or businesses. Help the migrants to register the land, houses and businesses they buy.

Make it appear that the Europeans are paying tribute or Jezyia (Sura 9:29 of the Q'ran to the migrants. So that the migrants appear as winners, not as losers rejected by a hostile civilisation. This will make that the whole scheme will fit nicely in Islamic law and the beliefs of rank and file Muslims.

When I was on holiday in Turkey I spoke to guest workers who had returned from The Netherlands and Germany or who had intentions to return. One of their concerns is that they are being ripped off by their countrymen when they buy houses and businesses. Because they are considered fat cats who got rich in infidel countries. Contractors charge extortionate prices for building houses and restaurants for these remigrants. So it is a good idea for the returners to set up their own construction firms or societies so they can deliver the goods and services to each other at reasonable prices. At the same time ensuring business for these remigrant firms and reasonable prices for remigrants.

This will make a lot of people happy. The Dutch patriots such as myself see the demographic threat removed. The lovers of migrants see the rights of migrants safeguarded. The migrants themselves will have a much better lifstyle in a county they call home. Plus they are removed from the hostility of the Dutch population. And the societies of the countries of origin are strengthened by new businesses, financial institutions and the influx of capital. The only losers are the multicultural ideologues.

I guess we can all live with that.


Desmond Jones said...

Very interesting analysis, Snouck. However, is there an historical precedent? Has diaspora, ever been accomplished thru incentive rather than force? I can't think of one.

Desmond Jones said...

Apparently the Germans tried, "In 1983, the Kohl Government passed the so-called Voluntary Repatriation Encouragement Act. This law offered migrants financial incentives to return home", with mixed

Steve Sailer said...

Thanks. Excellent thoughts.

Snouck said...

Well, what is the definition of a solution. Already 67 percent of the Turkish migrants to the Netherlands that arrived in the 1960s, the original Guestworkers, went back after 1975. The rest reunified with their families. Generally a large number of immigrants return and the bigger the backflow gets the better it is.

The real purpose of the scheme is to handle the whole affair properly and as gentlemen. Turks put money in the system. They saved. So pay them out. Thus Patriots take a step in reclaiming the moral highground. We must take the moral highground in order to advance our Cause. Because we must win converts.

Snouck said...

Well it is good that the Germans did that. So there is already a precedent. So let's work to expand the precedent. Let's get good people into the administration of the scheme. Patriots. Gain momentum. Turn the tide. This is going to take a long time. So let's take it easy and let's take it one step at the time :-)

Snouck said...

To Mr. Steve Sailer,

thank you for your kind words. And thank you for your link on your portal. Much appreciated.

John Sobieski said...

Just glad to see a concept. What a mess the west has got itself in by forgetting the warnings of Snouck Hurgronge and Andre Servier.

As much as I hate creating another 'bureaucracy' to administer the jizya, it may be the only way. I do like spreading the jizya over time. That must be done.

Esther said...

Hi Snouck,

67%?? Can you point me to the source on that?

There is no reason to "pay off" immigrants going back home. At most, you can give them the benefits they deserve. That is, if they paid for social security, they can continue to get the benefits that it gives out.

If you already want to invest money, do it in HOLLAND in order to encourage the DUTCH to go out and work in whatever jobs supposedly require bringing in immigrants, and to protect the DUTCH economy and the DUTCH job market.

spect8or said...

This is all quite wonderful. But I do wonder whether you (or Sailer) actually consider these plans viable, or is it all just a pleasant daydream?

If the former, then forgive me for asking: just how do you plan on convincing sufficient numbers of multculti inductees (ie the great majority of westerners) of the *need* to "buyout" Muslim immigrants?

While the need may be blatantly obvious to *us*, I'm afraid that the most people aren't even close to seeing it. While the mounting number of Muslim related incidents may enable you to coax an admission that yes there is a problem with Muslim immigrants, even the tamest multicultist would balk at the implication that there is something inherently wrong with Muslim immigrants; something *so* wrong that it would require the (to them) unprecedented, unheralded, outright immoral solution of a "buyout".

A buyout isn't just an attack on glib "multiculturalism", it strikes right at the heart liberal society's most important value - inclusiveness. All those years spent fist pounding for the "inclusion" of everything and the kitchen sink and now you're going to ask them to *ex*clude every single memeber of the group they're trying their damndest to *in*clude?

I don't know. Maybe you guys have got a long time-frame in mind. Like 150 years. Otherwise, yeah, it's nice to daydream.

Snouck said...

I do not know where you live spect8tor. I can see where you are coming from. The Multiculturalists are at the centre of our society and they will never stand for repatriation.

The thing is that there was a very strong Multiculturalist stance by the establishement in The Netherlands. However, already since 1995 there is increasing critisism of Multiculturalism both by voices on the right and on the left in The Netherlands. Since the 2002 elections it is obvious there is massive opposition to Multiculturalism and mass immigration amongst the population, especially parts of the population that are exposed to the negative effects of Multiculturalism and immigration. And premiums for remigrant third worlders also already exist in The Netherlands and Germany. So the precedents are already there, we must increase the heat for it to have effect. I am not utopian. I don't believe in a brighter future. Compensated repatriation is part of a struggle that we have to undertake as a historical obligation. Even if we should lose it is still our duty to take up this struggle. It is better to die with honour than to live in shame. But actually I am quite optimistic about our chances.

This whole struggle with Islam and the Left is all a part of finding something we had lost: ourselves. Our Western Identity.

nouille said...

Snouck: "It is true that individual immigrants have earned money and put money into the system"

How much money is sent back to their homeland?

In the US there are huge sums of money sent back to Mexico,or Guatamala.

nouille said...

Snouck: This whole struggle with Islam and the Left is all a part of finding something we had lost: ourselves. Our Western Identity.


Proof of this on a more humorous note is when Britons were asked and polled in a local newspaper what their "national dish" was majority of respondents said.........Kebab and Curry!

What happened to fish and chips or Roast beef?