Monday, January 09, 2006

Morocco wants Migrants back!

In the American Conservative William S. Lind wrote on 22 November 2004: "Europe has imported an enormous source of disorder in the form of immigrants from other cultures, many of them Islamic. It is by no means impossible that the 21st century will see Europe compelled to undertake a second expulsion of the Moors". (Fourth paragraph from the bottom).

Belgian Newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" reports that Moroccan Minister Nezha Chekrouni wants Moroccan migrants in Europe back. "Morocco has no oil or gas. So people are her greatest asset" said the minister on a press conference in Granada.

So what is the catch?

The minister wants the EU to invest in the Moroccan economy to raise the living standard of Moroccans, in the next five years. There are 2.6 million Moroccans in the EU.

Perhaps the Minister has read the Steve Sailer Muslim Buyout Scheme. Or Snouck's very own Muslim Economic Re-structuring Scheme.

This comment by a Moroccan Minister could be a major contributor to dispell the taboo on debate of Muslim repatriation. Probably the Moroccan's first interest is the pecuniary dimension of a repatriation scheme. But does that bother us?

The icing on the cake: Morocco regards all Moroccans abroad, no matter what their legal status is, no matter how many generations they are abroad as Moroccans. Moroccan citizenship can NOT be surrendered according to the State of Morocco. Like Israel and Germany, their citizenship is one of blood, not an Ius Solis (Place). Unlike Israel's Ius Sanguinis of maternal ancestry as defined in the law of the return, Moroccan law follows the paternal line.

It has happened before: "in 1492 the Moors were driven from Spain. To be precise: from Granada.

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