Monday, January 16, 2006

Stay or Go

Turkish delight

Nilgun Yerli is a Turkish woman, who moved to the Netherlands at the age of ten. She became a show woman and her highly moralistic plays highlight the misunderstandings between Turks and Dutchmen. And the prejudices of the latter. Nilgun is here not just to entertain us, but also to educate us.


Before the attack on the twin towers on 2001 her shows were mostly moralistic sermons about prejudiced Dutch and confused Turks. After the attack on the USA the undercurrent of disenchantment of the Dutch with foreigners in general and Muslims in particular burst to the surface and Nilgun got frantically preachy. "Why can't we all just get along?". She insisted that she and her brother and sister immigrants were loyal and dedicated citizens of The Netherlands. In reality the immigrants have turned the big cities in welfare sponges, to the delight of the Left. Nilgun's sermons earned her the columns in two national newspapers. The mediacrats loved her sugary lines.

Rags to riches

Recently she married. Not with a Dutchman or a European. But as 75 percent of Turks living in the Netherlands do, with another Turk. A middle class type, living in London. So now she lives in London most of the time and because she is rich from her artist fee's and the income from her columns in the newspapers she travels regularly to Turkey were she feels at home and were she gets good medical care in private clinics. She then writes a column about the the Dutch medical system which is straining under budget cuts. Immigrants are very heavy consumers of medical care. Also the criminal life style makes that many hospitals have to take care of Muslims at night who got wounded in fights. These youngsters refuse to give their insurance numbers, so that Hospitals do not get reimbursed for their expenses AND they attack and threaten hospital staff. Not a word about this is sweet Nilgun's columns.

But we lost her. She is hardly living in The Netherlands anymore now that she has become rich. Suppose that you are a Muslim and you are rich why go to The Netherlands for a crappy job or welfare. You are RICH. You can go were you LIKE to go.

No loyalty to the adoptive society

So this whole line about the immigrants being a part of The Netherlands and loyal citizens is nonsense. They are here for the money, not because they love us or our culture, from which they try to isolate themselves as much as possible.

We are here to stay

A bunch of young Muslim professionals have setup a website about the life of young Muslims in The Netherlands. Http:// That url stands for "we are here to stay". The bloggers on the site tell the readers what is occupying them. Their study, jobs, going out plus stuff about Islam.

Professional headscarf

The defiance of these bloggers is matched for instance by Amsterdam politician Fatima Elatik, a Morroccan politician in Amsterdam for the Labour Party. She became quite prominent after the 9-11 because the Labour Party Mayor of Amsterdam realised that many Muslims support terrorism against the West. She was a hysterical opponent of the outspoken Theo van Gogh, who called her a "beroepshoofddoekje" or "professional headscarf".

(There is a expression in Dutch "professional Negro" indicating a negro who earns his or her living because of the affirmative action racket and not because of his or her talents. I wonder if there are similar idioms in English?)

Canvassing the mosques after 9-11

So professional headscarf Elatik went to all the mosques with the mayor of Amsterdam in order to connect the Labour Party with their ethnic electorate, also know as the "subsidy sponges". She was groomed by the Labour Party to be mayor of Amsterdam in the future. The Netherlands are, incredibly, the only country in Europe were mayors are appointed by the political parties and not by elections. Fortuyn and van Gogh wanted to change that. It is true though that a city usually gets a mayor of a party that is strong has a strong voter base. Professional headscarf Elatik´s slogan is: "we are here to stay". Of course the Labour Party wants them to stay. The ethnic voting block is their ticket to electoral survival and dominance, just as the black and hispanic votes will in the future assure electoral dominance of the Democratic Party in the US elections.

The strategy works fine and Labour does not have to change their ideology too much, now that the blue collar workers have become such a small part of the Dutch workforce plus the loss of faith in Socialism after the collaps of socialism. They have just imported a new blue collar voting base.

Marriage of convenience

However the story that these immigrants are loyal Dutch citizens is bull. It is obvious to see that the immigrants such as Nilgun Yerli and other professionals have no loyalty to The Netherlands. They feel loyal to their religion, the country of origin and other minorities living in the West. The Dutch passport is for them just a convenient travel document plus the access to education that their countries of origin do not afford to people of their class and background.

The 6 month plantation

The ethnic Dutch population heavily resents being exploited by these colonists of course. It is no fun to work on a tax plantation for 6 months per year. An increasing portion of taxes is used to pay for subsidies and services for the immigrants. Plus a hefty fee for the political establishment. The immigrants can guess that the Dutch are resentful. And they know what many Dutch ethnics want.

That is why their slogan is: "we are here to stay".


nouille said...

"ethnic Dutch population heavily resents being exploited by these colonists "


Here lies the problem.

These people are indeed modern day colonists.

They come by the boat
load,carload,plane load. Their rights trump mine and I am labelled a racist if I don't like it.

Charles Martel said...

dutch burqa ban

i dont think you've blogged about this Snouck. It would be interesting to hear what your opinion on this will be.

In my view, it could well turn into a backlash - with even more women turning to burqa, in a crazed notion of "resistance"

But overall, I think its a good idea - and indeed a heroic one.

ik said...

Speaking of colonists

The perfect con job: the Kashmiri loot of the nation(India)

India, the Kashmiri colony