Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Little Green Footballs Watch

I got mentioned on Little Green Footballs, a site that linked one of my articles about a riot in Amsterdam-West a short time ago. The other day Little Green Football WATCH published the following:

"Lie down with dogs
Yesterday a blogger wrote:

[A]n entire civil religion and cult has been organised around the Holocaust.

Must be either (a) a pro-Iranian Islamo-fascist nutbag or (b) a typical Jooooo-hating European Marxo-Islamic dhimwit, right?

Nope. That nugget of numskullery was provided by the author of Snouck Hurgronje, a Dutch blog that has, on at least one occasion, been featured at Pajamas Media -- and not in the "Opinion" category, either.

Snouck's main preoccupations are immigrant-bashing and defending the British National Party, which even The Sun describes as a "vile racist party," and which is now busily re-branding itself as a mainstream conservative organization.

Do "Pajamas Media in Los Angeles" (or Sydney or Barcelona) realize that they've featured material written by a white supremacist with neo-Fascist sympathies? Or do they just not care -- as long as what they republish bashes either Islam, or European liberalism, or -- preferably -- both?

Lie down with dogs, get fleas."

I replied:

"My dear friends of LGF Watch.

I am thrilled to see that my humble blog has caught the attention of your esteemed and very noble publication. Such a pity that I, a lowly and despised, yeah even mangy dog, have earned your displeasure and censure.

Perhaps your readers will be interested that the immigrants that you protect so lovingly attack teachers in Dutch schools that attempt to teach children about the Holocaust. That they attack and rip wreaths that are left during Holocaust remembrance ceremonies on May the fourth and that this causes an outcry amongst Jews and Dutchies alike?

My maternal grandfather was a inmate and "Todeskandidat" of several Nazi camps, amongst them Buchenwald. So Snouck is aware of what happened during that time of tragedy not just as something force fed by Leftist educational and media control, but also as a part of family lore.

However Snouck rejects the use of the Holocaust as a propaganda tool to deny the rights of ethnic Dutch or any other nation in the world.

You may well call me a "Nazi" for that. Demonisation is so useful for a propagandist! Not for nothing the definition of "Nazi" has become "someone who has won an argument with a Leftist".

Mangy, flea bitten regards from Amsterdam, the city of Theo van Gogh.


I wonder if they will publish it. Curious how Leftist organisations so very often censor their comments forums. They would not have anything to hide, would they?

It is a good thing that these Leftists don't HATE by the way. I mean if they would hate us things would be really bad, I guess.


José María said...

I didn´t know that someone is so stupid to set up a blog to watch another blog!

Congratulations Snouck, you must have done some damage if you deserve an attack with so many lies. I haven´t recognized the Snouck I usually read. It is the old lie, if you want to defend your race you are a racist, if you critize anything about Jews you are anti-semite. I don´t think it makes any sense to discuss with Leftists, I would only do it if it were on facts, otherwise is useless.

Charles Martel said...

yeah - we really have to a "tolerant" of a religion thats intolerant.

Muslim gays banned from Muslim festival desigined to improve "tolerance" and "understanding" of Islam

you couldnt make it up.
and its funded by the UK government:


Charles Martel said...

ack - link not html

news item is here

and anoter news item on it

Charles Martel said...

The BBC have a (realaudio) interview with the Dutch Somali MP , Ayaan Hirsi Ali

it's quite honestly, one of the best political interviews i have heard in a long long time. You Dutch people are so lucky to have somebody so brave, standing up for the Dutch way of life.

BBC interview Ayaan Hirsi Ali

her demolition of "multiculturalism" at the end is a tour-de-force.

gandalf said...

well said snouck, keep on going