Thursday, April 30, 2009

Queensday parade attack

The Column with the Royal Family was nearly hit

A black Suzuki Swift rammed and killed several bystanders in an incident during the Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) parade in Apeldoorn. The vehicle drove through a crowd waving at the Royal Column. This happened at around 11:50 local time.

News media report that the vehicle was chauffeured by a 38 years old White Male.

The driver was arrested and is in hospital. The authorities say this is not at terrorist attack, but rather the work of a loner.

Video of the Royal Bus and the hurtling Suzuki Swift.

A full report at KV.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

White people are racist, Minorities are not

At Gates of Vienna Baron Bodissey has a story about the fact that "the rules are different for white people."

White people are racist by definition

Accross the Western world the public is being indoctrinated with the message that:
1. all White people are Racist;
2. Non-Whites are not Racist;
3. Racism is Evil

And therefore it follows that only Non-White people are Good and have legitimacy.

However the statement: "Only white people are racist" is a racist statement itself. It is paradoxal. To the extend that Epimenides could not have improved upon it.

The chief benefactors of the "Whites are Evil" brainwashing

The real intend of the statement is to impose political norms on social relations of the general populations of Western Nations. It is a power grab by the elite. In 1984 George Orwell described the elite as a class: " "bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, trade-union organisers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists and professional politicians", with their origins in "the salaried middle class and the upper grades of the working class"."

This is the New Class. The goals of the New Class are similar to the goals of the Left. Having said that almost all political parties support whatever the New Class comes up with, from Cultural Relativism, to MultiCulturalism, to Political Correctness.

The New Class engages in a power grab similar to what has been seen from totalitarian regimes, particularly the Communist ones. The policies that the New Class initiate follow from their ideology. The highest tenet of their ideology is the principle of non-discrimination. And their policies are a danger to Western Nations. The New Class elevates its class interest, New Class power, over the common interest. As there is hardly any meaningful opposition to the New Class that Western societies are severely endangered.

Finding a balance

For a healthy society it is necessary to limit the power of the New Class. In some European countries the power grab of the New Class is increasingly hampered by the original population rallying around their old Freedoms. Especially a Freedom of Speech. Populist movements like the Freedom Party in The Netherlands and the Danish People's Party have managed to grab the moral high ground from their indigenous New Classes by supporting Freedom of Speech. Under the protection of Freedom of Speech it can be pointed out that minorities generally behave in a racist way and moreover that the New Class itself is racist against the core of the Nation.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Expanding the media for colonist youth

Shaping the media

In The Netherlands the media are traditionally divided up between social groups such as liberals and religious groups. Since the 1960ies broadcasting organisations which are more or less solely commercial have been added.

A commission that develops Dutch Media policy (visitatiecommissie van de Nederlandse Publieke Omroep) has advised to expand the radio bandwidth for FunX. FunX (Dutch) is a subsidized radio station which broadcasts in the major cities, with large Muslim colonies. The radio station targets immigrant youth with their content and is popular amongst the target population.

The NPO commission argues that it is essential to increase the reach of the radio station, as it creates a channel to communicate with immigrant youth, while the current allocation does not cover demographic reality.

Media and the national state

Political Scientists have argued that the growth of the strength of the national state in the 19th century was possible due to the development of media which created a new, secular, language-based "imagined community".

Due to the fact that it is cheap and easy to start up new digital media, new media have been profilated since the 1960ies. As a result audiences are becoming more and more splintered. At the same time transnational elites have weakened the national state and allowed ethnically and culturally foreign colonies to settle in Western nations, especially in the urban areas.

Disintergration of society

Developing media especially for immigrant youth furthers this trend of societal disintergration and polarisation. It emphasizes the idea that the foreign youth are, well, foreign.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Criminal Foreigners probably not expelled

Labour Party Fraction Chair woman Manon van der Garde said today that the two youth gang members (Dutch) will not be expelled. Despite the fact that the two belong to a youth gang and committed countless crimes. Despite the fact they are not Dutch citizens. Despite the request by Amsterdam - West politician Marcouch and the Amsterdam police to remove them.

The two men sued the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) and one of them won. The other case is still pending.

Dutch judges seem to take the security of Dutch citizens and their property not into account.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dutch Army Imam 2

The Imam who is to be appointed as an Army Imam will be äppointed despite objection of Parliamentarian opposition. According to a letter written by Deputy Defense Minister Jack de Vries this is what will happen. He thinks the Imam's opposition to the presence of Dutch troops in a Muslims land as not relevant.

Parliament will vote on the matter today. Opposition politicians of the Freedom Party (PVV), Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Christian Orthodox SGP are expected to contest the decision. They hold 74 seats in the 150 seat Parliament.

Readers can find earlier articles on Islam in the Dutch Army below: Imams in Dutch Army, Dutch Army permits oath on Allah, Dutch Army hates Multiculturalism and Jihadists in the Dutch Army.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eliminating the outposts

Built and strengthen alliances, weaken the alliances of the opponent

Militant movements in the Third World build strategic alliances with Anti-Western groups within the West.

Examples are:

- the Viet Mihn which allied with tha Anti-War movement in the U.S. to weaken the support of the American population for U.S. involvement in the War between North- and South-Vietnam.

- the struggle between Zimbabwean and South African Black Nationalists against the Afrikaner and Rhodesian White Minorities ruling those societies resulted in boycotts, economic collapse, demoralisation and the consequential toppling of the White Minority Governments in Southern Africa.

A new alliance on an old front

And now the Muslim Middle East, particularly the militant Palestinian movement is working on creating an alliance with the treasonous Left in the West. Together they form a new Anti-Western Lobby. Part of the great Treason Lobby. A typical organisation representing this Treason Lobby is the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanction) Movement.

The BDS is holding a congress in Geneva on 18 and 19 April. They are preparing the ground for the United Nations' Durban Review Conference, which is a successor to the 2001 Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Conference in Durban, South Africa. This conference is also organised by the UN.

The Muslim world has a lot of clout against Israel in the UN, because the number of Islamic Countries, each of which can vote in the UN General Assembly.

The Israeli - US alliance

Israel has long counted on the veto power of the USin the UN councils. The US announced yesterday that it will not attend the Anti-Racism and Discrimination Conference.

If the alliance between the US and Israel is undermined, Israel will become isolated, unless it finds new alliances. A boycott and desinvestment of Israel may demoralise the Israeli population and elite to such an extend that they merge Israel with the Palestinian entity into one state. This would be the end of a State that sees itself as the Jewish State, the main representation of the Jews on the international, security and political level.

The planned Endgame for Israel

The goal of the BDS is to deligitimize Israel as a separate and therefore racist and discriminatory entity. Israel would lose the support of the US public. Both gentile and the intensely liberal US Jews. There are already Jewish groups organised that are against the existence of a separate Jewish state, in the US, Europe and Israel itself. The latter is perhaps the starkest example of a Treason Lobby that we have. It might weaken the support of the ethnically Jewish population of Israel for the Jewish State.

The Muslim community in Europe flexes its muscle

Recently the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) launched an offensive against Hamas in the Gaza strip, with massive firepower and an armoured ground assault. To retaliate against the bombardments of Israeli towns with rockets. And for electoral reasons, by projecting a tough image for the Leftist (Kadima) parties.

The hamfisted Israeli action led to demonstrations in Western cities. The usual Leftist demonstrators saw their ranks swelled by large numbers of Muslims living in European Urban areas. The protestors managed to get the London police on the run. This causes great pressure for European governments to sever their links with Israel.

A Backlash

On the other hand the demonstrations caused dissatisfaction amongst the ethnic European citizen of European nations with large Muslim immigrant communities. Westerners instinctively identify with other Westerners and ethnic Europeans feel less secure in their homelands than during the struggle for Southern Africa.

Dutch Right-wing populist Geert Wilders and Vlaams Belang politicians supported the Israelis. This move was supported by their electoral bases.

Today the news came out that the Dutch Foreign Minister, Mr. Maxime Verhagen, declared that The Netherlands would not attend the Geneva Anti-Racism and Discrimination Conference. He was quoted; "these countries were planning to use the summit to put religion above human rights and rein in freedom of speech". Mr. Verhagen is a Christian Democrat and his party needs to have a strong profile against Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV). Freedom of Speech is a typical point where centrist parties such as the Christian Democrats are seen as weak by Dutch voters who are defecting from the Christian Democrats to the Freedom Party.

It is sure that Israel will remain a flash point for conflict in the struggle by Islam to dominate all societies in the world. Islam can not countenance that there is a formerly Muslim-ruled territory ruled by unsubmitting Infidels.

A Western Patriotic Alliance

But the Middle Eastern conflict has become linked to Europe through immigration and Muslim colonisation on Western land. A formal or informal alliance between certain European groups and Israel, could provide a counterweight to the Muslim-Leftist alliance.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The State of the West

Standing up for your country is taboo

Standing up for the West brings few benefits for those who engage in it. It does not bring quick fame and fortune. On the contrary, Patriotism and a Pro-Western attitude brings many disadvantages. Many people avoid standing up for country and culture.

Mr. Steinar Lem is a brave Norwegian Environmentalist who wants Norwegian society protected from mass immigration. A translation of an article by him in the Norwegian press was featured on the Gates of Vienna blog.

“Oslo will soon have a majority of non-Western background, and in due course the same could happen to the whole country during this century. Most non-Westerners have a Muslim background. The consequences will be dramatic.”

Social ostracism

The dogma of the desirablility of non-western immigrants is strong. So strong in fact that Mr. Lem challenges it because he has no future anyway. He will die in one or two years: “If I had not been seriously sick with cancer and been working, I could not have written this”

Using pseudonyms

Others are less circumspect. Dennis Mangan, an American blogger writes under his own name. He recently featured an article about the merits of writing conservative opinion articles under pseudonyms rather than under one's own name.

I am not really a 70 year dead guy writing from the other side of the great divide. My nom de plume is of the great Dutch orientalist Snouck Hurgronje. I would say it is braver to write under one's own name. And it can have a positive effect on people, when they see people standing up for the national question and the Cause of the West.

As the West suffers more and more damage it is to be expected that more people will publicly support Western Patriotism. It is through suffering and defeat that Western Patriotism will advance. The question is, whether the Patriots will be on time to save a sustainable piece of what they cherish.

Expelling Criminal Foreigners from The Netherlands

Youth gang members are to be expelled

Police of Amsterdam-West is using expulsion as a weapon against criminal foreigners. Two Moroccan Muslim brothers (Dutch), around 20 years of age, with long rap sheets are facing possible expulsion. Interestingly enough the move is advocated by an ethnic Moroccan local Councillor, Mr. Achmed Marcouch.

The brothers have been in The Netherlands for 15 years. They forgot to renew their residence permits. Usually the Immigration Department does not process expulsions for people who are in The Netherlands for more than 5 years.

Illegal AND criminal: what are they doing here?

I would say that it is strange that illegals, criminal or not, are not expelled as a matter of principle. Tha fact that the two are violent criminals makes their expulsion particularly damning. Dutch public officials are not doing their duty: protecting the security and property of the Dutch people.

More to follow?

The gang to which the two Moroccan brothers belong consists for about 80 percent of people without Dutch nationality. I do not see any reason NOT to expel every last of these criminal foreigners, who ruthlessly infringe on the rights of Dutch citizens.

Amazingly several public officials have reacted negatively the plan to expel the Moroccans.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Geert Wilders announces Fitna the Sequel

Starting the Fitna 2 project

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (Dutch) announced (Dutch) the commencing of making a sequel to his earlier film "Fitna". "Fitna" means "Discord" in Arabic and is a Islamic theological term.

Jihad and Mass-immigration

In the original "Fitna" Geert Wilders showed the connection between present day terrorism by Mislims and the injunctions in the Quran to wage Jihad to further the power of Sharia-law in Non-Muslim societies.

Mr. Geert Wilders stated that "Fitna 2" will focus on Mass-immigration as an engine for Islamisation of the West. The importance of demographics rather than just terror will be an eye-opener to many right-wingers. This deviates from the universalist neo-conservative position which has been an important prop of U.S.-policy.

US filmmakers

It is intended to involve U.S. filmmakers in the making of "Fitna 2". This is important because the U.S. promotes mass immigration for Western societies. Recently U.S. President Obama urged the EU to accept Turkey as a member, which would open European nations to unchecked immigration from Turkey.

The original "Fitna" was made by a Dutch filmmaker who named himself "Scarlet Pimpernel". The name of the new filmmaker has not been revealed.

"Fitna, the Sequel" is slated to be released in 2010.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Imams in Dutch Army

In the beginning of April the Dutch Army was to install its first two Imams to administer the religious needs of its Muslim soldiers and officers. Suad Aydin and Ali Eddaoudi of Turkish and Moroccan background respectively.

The proposed appointment of Ali Eddaoudi as a Dutch Army Imam ran into trouble. Dutch Parliamentarians of the Freedom Party and the Liberal-Conservatives dug up opinion articles written by the Imam in which he said that the Dutch and other Western Armies had no business being in Afghanistan.

The opinion of the Imam is that the West should not interfere in Islamic societies, because Western and Islamic values are too much at odds with one another.

In my opinion the Imam is right. But if Islam and Western values are so at odds then there is no place in Dutch society for Muslims, whether laymen or Imams. And they certainly have no business administering the religious needs of Dutch soldiers. Islam centers on the imposition of Sharia law on societies through struggle or Jihad.

A true Dutch Army does not have religious authorities in its ranks that teach Sharia and Jihad, the submitting of unbelievers under Islamic rule. There should not be a place in the Dutch Army for ANY Muslim religious authorities. It would be against the essense of Dutch Nationalism, our Christian and European heritage.

Furthermore it is my opinion that in order to right what is wrong in The Netherlands we need a total overhaul of mentality to restore Western values in The Netherlands.