Monday, October 31, 2005

The bloody Edges of Islam

Islam is a warrior religion. Mohammed forged Islam from the different strands of a tribal culture of desert fighters, where increasing martial face and avoidance of loss of face are prime shapers of society's ethics.

Where Islamic society and other national or religious traditions overlap there are bloody edges. We see them:
between Jew and Muslim in Israel,
between the Orthodox and Catholic Christians of the Balkan,
between the Chechens and the Russians,
between the Turkmen of Xinjiang in Western China and in Kashmir in India and
between the Black Kufaar of Southern Soedan and the Islamist Janjaweed militia and Islamist government,
between Christian and other minority sects and Muslims of established Islamic states of the Middle East and finally,
between Native populations of Europe's urban centres being ethnically cleansed out of their native neighbourhoods by Muslim immigrants

there appear the battered and bloody edges of Islam's will to fight, kill and die, to dominate, to loot, to tax and to raid. Clearly Islam (Submission) is not for sissies.

The latest outrage that hit the news is an bomb attack by a splinter group that calls itself:
Inquilab Mehez who hit the Indian city of New Delhi during the preparation of Diwali, a pagan holiday of light. Sixty were killed on the markets and in the streets. The attacks solely targeted civilians, there were no military casualties.

These warriors have forgotten how to fight honorably. Instead of attacking the enemies military forces they constantly hit civilians. Instead of overcoming man's natural abhorrance of death they put themselves in situations were death is the only option and were it is quick and painless, without the preparations and the accomplishment of the warrior.

We are not impressed.

Mohammed Bouyeri the Slayer

Mohammed Bouyeri (Amsterdam, March 8, 1978), is one of the members of the notorious “Hofstad” terror cell who killed Dutch Filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Bouyeri was born in Amsterdam, son of first generation Moroccan immigrants. He has dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality. On the second of November he killed Van Gogh, execution style, while the Cineast was bicycling from his house to the film studio, where he was finishing a film about the political assasination of Pim Fortuyn (06-06).

It had been the ambition of Bouyeri to kill Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for writing the script of “Submission” a film about the plight of women under Islam. Due to the heavy guard protecting Hirsi Ali 24 by 7, the filmmaker was targeted instead.

On November 2, 2004, Bouyeri the Slayer emptied several clips of his pistol in order to shoot and injure Van Gogh. Then he proceeded to finish his job with 2 knives. The second knive was also used to pin a declaration and verdict to the body of Van Gogh.

After the assassination the killer walked away, perfectly steady and composed. Addressing pedestrians who questioned him. He entered the nearby park (Oosterpark) crossed it and emerged on the street on the other side of the park, near a school. Here he was discovered by police cars that were racing to the site of the murder and shot in his leg after a short but furious gunfight.

In a bizarre twist a Moroccan lad, stealing a bag from the car of a black motorist, was killed by the motorist when she backed her car and crushed him between a tree and the car, not more than 50 meters from the location on the bicycle path were Van Gogh was killed. Rumours have it that the woman was possessed by Van Goghs revenge bend spirit.

Commemoration of the murder of Van Gogh

Next Wednesday there will be a ceremony for the commemoration of the murder of Dutch Cineast Theo van Gogh.

Because Snouck lives in the neighbourhood, he will be there...

Prime Minister Balkenende, Mayor Cohen and several other supremely unimportant people will be there to make a speech. The Van Gogh Family will not attend the ceremony.

Snouck Hurgronje

Snouck Hurgronje was a Dutchman who lived from 1857 to 1936. He was a scholar of Islam and visited Mecca. He wrote several books about the origin and development of Islam. This was of great interest to the Dutch elites of the time.

Most local rulers were quickly taken care of by armies of white soldiers shipped in from Europe, supported by local mercenaries, often Christians from the Molluccan Islands. However at a certain point the Dutch had to face a more formidable foe.


11 killed in detention centre blaze

Wednesday night 11 people were killed in a fire in a detention centre in Schiphol, the biggest Dutch international airport. Most of the people killed were drugs smugglers or illegal immigrants, held for deportation.

It appears that the high death toll was caused by the absence of a automated door opening system. The reason that such a system had not been installed is the fear that the inmates would escape every time there would be a malfunction or false alarm.

The images and stories of the fire and of the bereaved families of those killed and injured upset the Dutch public. The Minister of the Interior, Mr. Donner, came under attack for the failure of the detention centre to safeguard and protect the lives of the detainees.

Klaas de Vries, the former Interior Minister under the Leftist - Liberal government prior to the 2002 elections was quick to demand permits for the 270 survivors of the fire, in a move remniscent of the legalisation of 67 illegal immigrants after the crash of an Israeli EL Al 747 on an area almost exclusively populated by black illegal immigrants in 1992. This was done by the mayor of Amsterdam at the time, Ed van Thijn. The news drew thousands of illegal immigrants from all over Europe to the town hall.

Obviously the fire last week undermines the efforts of right wing forces in the Netherlands to reduce the number of illegal immigrants as well of the efforts to reduce legal immigration from Third World countries.

The upsurge of nativist sentiment in the 2002 election and the further strengthening of these forces due to Theo van Gogh almost exactly a year ago is clearly diminishing.

Terrorism fear amongst Dutch population is receding

Fear of terrorist attacks by Islamist activists is ebbing amongst the population of the Netherlands. An opinion poll, paid for by Dutch National Broadcasting Channel showed that the population, surpisingly, feels safer now then just after the murder on van Gogh. 76 percent of the population feels safe, as opposed to 61 percent, just after the murder.

The amount of people who think that there is no freedom of speech declined from 53 to 38 percent. Especially rightwingers believe there is no freedom of speech.

SWAT team assaulting "Hofstadgroep" Safe house insufficiently briefed

The SWAT team tasked with the assault on a terrorist hide-away in the "Laakkwartier" neighbourhood in The Hague was not properly briefed about the dangers, according to the Police Union ACP. Two policemen got injured during the assault.

The Police Union came to this conclusion on the basis of the transcripts of the wiretap records between the occupiers of the safehouse. The News and commentary program "Nova" showed parts of the transcripts during a broadcast the previous week and put it on its website. The transcript shows that Jason W. and Ismael A. made comments and allusions to throwing handgranades and excercised the use of pistols. This information was known to the internal security service (AIVD) but was not passed on to the SWAT team. Perhaps the AIVD were short of phones to pass on any information to the police?

Asked for comment the secretary of the Police Union ACP W. van der Pal said that "it could not be" that relevant information was kept by the AIVD from a SWAT team about to put itself in harm's way. In the opinion of the secretary nothing has changed in the cooperation of the AIVD with the police and such things could happen again in a similar instance in future.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another Member of the Islamist "Hofstad" group arrested by Dutch police

Friday 28 October 2005 the police arrested a 28 year old terror suspect who allegedly, was a member of the "Hofstadgroep", a group of Dutch Islamists. According to members of the group, which was responsible for the murder of Dutch Cineast and Enfant Terrible Theo van Gogh, the man was a Police snitch.

The accused supplied one of the handgranades, which was used by members of the group to resist their arrest during the siege of the groups hideaway in Den haag, late in 2004. Two members of the SWAT team were severely injured.

The police confirmed that the suspect, a 28 year old with dual Morroccan - Dutch citizenship was arrested in connection with an investigation into Islamist terrorist activities and preparations. The arrest was made on the basis of testimony given to by terrorist suspects Jason W. and Samir A. in a television broadcast on Thursday. Convicted terrorist Jason W. told the Newscast editors of "Netwerk" from his jail cell that he got 2 handgranades from the suspect. Jason W. had not mentioned this during the police interogation.

The investigation also looks into the suspect's involvement with the robbery of a drugstore in Rotterdam. Samir A. confirmed that the former member of the terrorist cell was involved in the drugstore robbery, which was committed in order to fund the activities of the Islamists. The members of the Hofstad group started to distrust the 28 year old suspect as he was not arrested despite being prominent in the operations of the cell. The man was very radical in his views and often called for armed struggle against the Kufaar, the unbelievers.

In the days just before the arrest of Jason W. and Ismail A. the suspect was a frequent visitor to their safe house. The interior secret service AIVD recorded all the conversations in the house concerned, but erased many of the recordings: due to "lack of storage capacity". It is suspected that the real reason for the dissappearance of the recordings is the need to protect the alleged informer.

The dissapearance of the records is also eerily reminiscent of the dissapearance of the negatives of dozens of pictures taken by Dutch soldiers during the fall of the UN Safe Haven of Srebrenica in Bosnia in 1995, which caused mayor embarrasement to Dutch authorities.

Friday, October 28, 2005

First Post

Dear reader,

I am setting this blog up to document some of the momentous changes that Western Society in general and Dutch society in particular is undergoing as a result of the Cult of Multi Culturalism and the ascendance of the Left to the Cultural and Political commanding heights.

Topics will include multiculturalism, freedom, tradition, religion in general, Christianity and Islam, mass immigration, race and ethnicity.