Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Afghanistan's importance

Order and Disorder

In "Distance from disorder is the key to winning the terror war" William S. Lind the author says: "One of the primary centers of disorder in the 21st century will be failed states—areas where the state has either disappeared or become simply one more criminal gang among many. Current examples include much of Africa, Somalia, Mesopotamia (following America’s destruction of the Iraqi state), Afghanistan, parts of the former Soviet Union, and the West Bank of the Jordan River. These areas represent the future for much of the world. Just as some cultures are likely to be centers of order, others will be centers or sources of disorder".


The causes for some populations to be a source of order or of disorder can be genetic or cultural or both. Populations with an AVERAGE IQ of below 90 are thought to be not capable of technological economy or orderly self governance.This excludes most of black Africa, which has a Average IQ of about 70. I was shocked myself when I found this out. Let it sink in for a minute.


Another source of disorder can be culture, such as Islamic culture which views the world outside of Islam as: "Dar-el-Gharb" or "the house of War". Islam seeks to submit the entire world to its laws and belief system. It justifies war and terror against non-believers.

Protect Western Civilisation

In order to protect Western Civilisation from disorder, Western Nations have to isolate themselves from its sources. That means isolation from Africa and the Islamic world. Isolation means limited travel to these destinations and an absolute avoidance of populations of these origins to settle in the West.

The Black underclass

Look at the black underclass in the USA. Generally black ghettos are the home of disorder and violence. Most babies are born out of wedlock. Mothers have offspring by various fathers. There is limited economic activity from the populations of the ghettos. Most people who work, work for the government or for big corporations in jobs that are intellectiually undemanding. There is little entrepreneurship and blacks do not provide job opportunities for whites in something closely resembling the job opportunities whites offer to blacks. Racist hatred against other ethnic groups runs endemic in black populations, whether it is Jews, Arabs, Whites or Asian's; Blacks are equal-opportunity haters, just like Snouck.

Compare the socio-economic status of Blacks after 3 centuries of exposure to Western civilisation to the achievements of Japanese and Chinese in the USA or Europe. Both thrive economically and socially. The socio economic level of Blacks in the USA has been lowered by all the social engineering the Democrats love so much, rather than that it has been increased. Meanwhile taxes have risen and powers of central government have been on the rise.

Well, the disorder of Islamic populations is well documented by this blog, I do not think I have to add to that for the purposes of this article.

Social engineering of disorderly populations

The way to deal with the world's disorder is not to invade the territories of disorderly populations and impose a foreign belief system on them, such as democracy or socialism or whatever. That is social engineering. That is what a Democrat or a Communist would do!

Colonialism failed

These populations will not be quickly turned around. Once a country is invaded it will involve huge loss of face to admit defeat and to pull back. So the leadership of the defence establishment will not quickly admit their uselessness, and governments will not pull back the troops. A situation of RECOLONISATION is the result with the same dissapointing prognosis of the original colonialism. Decades and centuries of military occupation and oppression of populations do not significantly change or improve originators of disorder.

Those societies that have a history of colonisation and are successfull politically and economically usually have a history of order and good government PRECEDING colonialism.

Snouck's 5 point plan

The way to shield the West from attacks such as undertaken by Al-Queda is not by occupying territories and reforming populations, but by:
1. undertaking study of the languages and cultures of the nations from which the attackers originate.
2. spy on and study the many organisations that are undermining well established nations states, using local allies and experts. Be honest in the study, and do not succumb to Multicultural fallacies and idealism.
3. Send in men that can blend into the hostile populations and that can use the logistic base of the enemy as their own logistics base.
4. Identify and locate the leaders of hostile networks and groups. Agressively seek to kill and dominate these leaders, sending the message that engaging in hostile acts against the West does not lead to earthly power and riches.
5. Wait a few years to cover the tracks and then publicise the attacks to our own and to the hostile populations, so that a sense of justice is established.

No victory

The result of this strategy will not be total victory. There may still be terrorist attacks on Western and other nations. But it will minimise attacks and decrease the level of unrest caused by attacks such as the 9-11 attack. Western populations will learn to grow a thicker skin. The first terror attack is a huge shock. The next attack will have a smaller effect. And at a certain point we will mostly get bored with it.

Bugger strategy

The idea that Afghanistan is a strategic target is in my not so humble opinion not correct. Afghanistan borders on Western China, Pakistan and the former Islamic Southern Republics of the former USSR. However Western China or Xinjiang is larely empty and has hardly any military or economic significance. The population is not Han Chinese but Turkic and Islamic. The "northern territories" in Pakistan on Afghanistan are populated by Paythans and so unruly that the central government of Pakistan despairs of ruling it and it has given it tribal self-governance. The Kyber Pass in Afghanistan is indeed an important gateway between the Indian subcontinent and the "stans" in Central Asia and Xinjiang, but that is of importance to India and not the concern of the West. There are plans to transport oil from sources in Central Asia to the Persian gulf, which give Afghanistan some importance as a territory that is used to transport oil over. I will make one prophesy. It will never be able to operate a pipeline over Afghani territory. There simply are too many clans and groups vying over the economic resources in the area and the situation on the ground is too fluid to be ever controlled by any outside or even inside powers. There has not been stable central government for a thousand years, people. Nothing the West does or says will make these people change their ways. Just let them continue to commit unspeakable acts with their womenfolk and livestock. Everybody will be happier that way.

Eventually Osama will be killed by a rival or by an American agent or by an aggravated goat. His position at the pinnacle of Al-Quada will be taken by someone else. The misery will continue. If it will change than the change will be so slow as to be imperceptible in our lifetimes. And it will come from those people themselves. This is the will of God. Deal with it.


José María said...

Man, you are brave and clever. I agree with most of your points except with isolationism.
I have to say that isolation is not possible, that is not Nature´s (or God?)´s plan. Just look at History: there have always been battles between East and West, we have influenced each other from ancient times.

I think that relations with Blacks and Muslims are possible but the West has to understand that self-defence is a must and also the West has to reject Marxists, Leftists who tend to patronize and hide the hard realities of low intelligence of some races that put a high pressure on White populations unaware of the dangers they face with them.

I believe in human evolution, even of Blacks and Muslims, but I am not naïve and I know that we have to be permanently on alert with them.

Anyway you are brave because you expose yourself to the typical abuse against you, I mean "Snouck racist" and so on, just because you dare to tell the truth.

netron said...

Off topic - snouck - you just HAVE to read this...


i would guess that you are a Protestant, but scan through that article for the bits on what the current Pope is thinking about Europe and Islam.

it is earth shattering, if indeed, what is being reported is true. It is severely doubtful that the Pope himself would publicly say these things - hence the usage of Jesuit priest in the interview.
the page is quite long, so search for "in his beautiful calm but clear way" and you'll find the paragraph i am on about.

Snouck said...

Jose Maria:

Yes I have been called a racist and a Nazi a thousand times. So what?

Definition of a Nazi: someone who defeats a Leftist in an argument or debate.

Although it is impossible to make a 100 percent clean break with Blacks and Muslims it is possible to reduce contact. Right now Blacks and Muslim communities in the West are growing due to immigration and natural growth. Expelling these ethnics groups makes the West healthier and safer and will bring economic and social justice to the White working class. This will make our societies stronger and more stable. If we continue on the path we are going now, we will worsen what is in fact a civil war which is now simmering at a very low level but bound to flare up.

Snouck said...

Linux notes:


Thanks for the link, Linux! It is really good. Imagine that, the Catholic Church waking up. Most of the Church elite usually just lick the boot that kicks them, whetheer it is a Communist or a Muslim boot.