Friday, January 13, 2006

Public prosecutor reopens Van Gogh's investigation

The Amsterdam Public Prosecutor is reopening the Van Gogh murder case.

Today, Friday 13 January it transpired that in connection with the case against the "Hofstad" terror cell new testimony has been given shedding light on the Van Gogh Assasination on 2 November 2004. One suspect, Jamal B., alleges that the members knew about Mohammed Bouyeri's plans to assasinate Van Gogh. Jamal received this information from Bilal L. with whom he was sharing prison accomodation.

The public prosecution has always believed that Mohammed Bouyeri was not operating alone, in his preparations for the assasination. The reopened investigation has to find out whether this suspicion can be proved.

One of the "Hofstad" cell members, a son of black American service man by the name of Jason W., was part of a group of construction workers that worked in Van Gogh's street, keeping an eye on the comings and goings of Van Gogh. The schedule of Van Gogh's movement helped the assassin to be at the right place to kill Van Gogh.

Mohammed Bouyeri has always maintained he prepared and carried out the assasination on his own. The meetings with the other "members" of the "Hofstad" cell were according to Bouyeri social. The Hofstad cell members discussed religion and watched internet and other movies with reports of Islamists attacks against American forces.

A Dutch television channel, RTL, wants to broadcast Jamal B.'s testimony. Sources close to the Public Prosecutor's Office have said there is little chance that there will be permission for a broadcast of the testimony next week.

An hour ago (14:20) newspaper Trouw reported that Jamal B. has retracted his testimony. Making emotional gestures he said that he lied about Bilal B.'s story because Dutch police were pressuring his family.

Jamal B. is a jailbird who has been in prison four four years for various criminal offenses. As happens a lot many Islamic criminals are radicalising in European jails. Bilal L. was recruiting Islamists amongst Dutch criminals in prison. North Africans are very heavily overrepresented in Dutch and European jails.

North Africans are culturally programmed to attack non-Muslims, even without a grounding in the Qoran. When they come in jail because of their ethnic commitment to anti-white crime, they (re)discover their religious roots, helping them to justify their lifes of crime and seeking to support the Anti-Western campaign of the Islamists world wide.

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eyesallaround said...

I wonder how Van Gogh's son is doing. I read an article somewhere that some muslim kids beat him up because they blame him for the lock-up of the murderer...