Thursday, January 26, 2006

Iraq Sniper - Juba

Film from a cam scope of Juba, a Jihadi Sniper in Iraq, taking pot shots at well-equiped and uniformed American troops. The camera is intergrated into the sniper scope used by the marksman to aim his rifle. I know that these combined sniper scopes / cameras exist and are manufactured in Israel.

I wonder how much it would cost to equip and maintain such a sniper in relation to the contant worth of the troops and equipment facing him. Imagine the effect of this film on Islamic immigrant youth in Europe and North America! Great recruiting tool.


Manny C said...

From the look of the video, this sniper is pretty good (in the sense of accurate).

Leaves you shuddering about how prepared, armed and ready Islamofascists are.

Charles Martel said...

that video doesnt have the hallmarks of islamism

a. there's no green color used in the graphics inbetween is clip. green is the color of islam - and it crops up a lot on jihadi videos

b. there's no usage of the arabic "there is no god but allah" that you see on the saudi flag - and which comes up time and and again on jihadi videos.

c. no "allah akbar" or other fiercy islamist rhetoric in the soundtrack.

rather - the colors are red and black. which points to Juba being a Ba'athist nationalist.

thirdly, notice that Juba only does ONE shot and one alone - in some clips he could have shot again and got another target, but he doesnt - a clear sign of a professionally trained sniper.

freelance ex-iraqi army - makes money per "hit" , hence the camera?

honestly, looking at - the guy knows what he is doing. calm, collected. not the sign of a "allah akbar" fantatic.

Snouck said...


thanks for your commentary. You make good points. One of the songs was also nationaist, singing about the "Fatherland" rather than about the Caliphat. But there are no Chinese walls between Islamists and Nationalists. The Belgian Arab - European league declared that Nationalism and Islamism go hand in hand and I guess the same goes here. Most Muslim Armies are mercenary also and in fact if you read the Qoran one can read it as a contractual frame work for a commercial military enterprise, with not only the goods and property of the unbelievers as booty for the Muslims but also the future incomes under the jezyia tax system (Sura 9:29).

Charles Martel said...

i raise the point about the mercenary aspect , because over a year ago, Al Qaeda in Iraq started to offer various amounts of money per "hit" - so much for wounding, more money for a single kill and even more for blowing up an American vehicle and killing several soldiers.
i need to google around for it.

bear in mind that the Saddam Iraqi army was sent home by the Americans and had no work - so , i guess this "juba" offered his services.

the Americans have never caught him by the way. one shot, one kill - and he dissapears. a sign of a highly skilled professional sniper.

but indeed, there are no walls between the Ba'athist's and the Jihadi's right now - the visit of the Iranian president to Ba'athist Syria recently is testament to that.


JZJThe scripts at the begining are Koran quotes and the song is about Bush killing Muslims and Islam and a heed to kill all Americans. However, I do agree 'Juba' is a former Iraqi Republican Guard sniper trained by Russians. The gun, however, is a Iraqi Tabuk sniper rifle, its in the picture with him, and is the clearest evidence that he is Iraqi in concert with the color scheme.

Juba is not one but many, a propaganda campaign.

Clearly, these videos are a compilation and the back story is concocted to both motivate potential and current insurgents, but mainly used as a tool of psychological warfare.
I have no doubt that Juba is a 'PR' concoction of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It is evidence that he is a formidable enemy in the sense he understand the realities of fourth generation warfare and seeks to enlist our media to assuage American support, waiting for a pullout. Unfortunately, our leftist media is easily and naively manipulated. They are the insurgent’s most valuable tool.
Yet, Juba is probably many men---a 'Juba Sniper Platoon' meant to amplify the kills and psychologically /tactical effect. Although I have no doubt that Juba consists of former Republican Guard snipers, possibly ex-Russian snipers with experience from Chechnya (Separatists Islamics) Syrian et al. snipers, etc.and many mercenaries and plain guns for hire snipers. A hodge podge of highly trained and moderately trained men. I am quite sure it is one of al-Zarqawi more complex and concentrated fronts along with the IEDs and hostage/beheadings initiatives. I also believe there to be a school in Iraq just as the American forces had in Vietnam. Yet, among them is one major sniper who no doubt has a couple dozen kills. That is the real Juba.

Look at the film again. There is one incident where he fires twice. I think its an anomaly, but the targets were too easy to pass up…even with his discipline.

The rifle is not scoped with a camera. He employs a spotter who also films the encounters. The jolt you see is a flinch or perhaps he is close enough to recoil as would make sense for a ‘spotter’.

And he is very good. Evidence that one elite sniper is lurking out there:
An incident occurred last June when a four-strong marine scout sniper team was killed in Ramadi, all with shots to the head.
This may have been the work of a well placed, or very lucky, team, but it would be an anomaly from a group that has consistently displayed solo to paired sniper employment. Its doubtful. This is the work of the real Juba. At four to one odds.over Marine Scout-Snipers---- the best in the world,--------------- this guy is good.

We have killed many snipers---usually with called in bomb strikes. These are no doubt 'Juba Sniper Platoon' members. We did capture two sniper/spotters in a van (Beltway Sniper style) insulated with mattresses(anti-acoustics) and with an opening for fire. Many thought this was Juba, but the kills continued after their capture. Clearly, this is the work of one main sniper and his apprentices.

The insulated van may explain the silence often ascribed to Juba's kills. The bullet casing and letter are probably pre-placed in the buildings before any shot is taken. A sniper always takes the extracted bullet cartridgeso the enemy doesnt know where he was or has been to avoid tracking or compromise. Leaving the bullet is for effect. It is to mislead the Americans into thinking he is shooting from that spot. Also, explaining the undetected extraction. Very reminiscent of the Beltway Sniper tactics and alarming in and of itself. As John Allen Muhammad was Islamic, I remind myself of my own theory that he was an al-Qaeda convert, opportunist, or sympathizer in the least.

The real Juba probably is the ‘rooftop dweller’. Most others are the 'moblie teams'. He would have been schooled in traditional tactics and proficient without the need of mobile diversion. All utilize the bullet and note to inflate the effect and 'omniscience' of 'Juba'.