Sunday, January 22, 2006

Three Generations

Achmed Aboutaleb the Moroccan aelderman for Labour and Integration was on TV tonight. He is the Labour Party leader for Amsterdam. The program of news, interviews and commentaries was concerning the down cast message by Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen on Moroccan - Dutch relations in many parts of Amsterdam. I did not see the program, but I just heard that when asked how long the problems with Moroccans would persist his answer was:



Charles Martel said...

so is that three generations worth of rioting? thats about 20 years x 3 - the next 60 years?

good god.

things are seriously getting bad in your neck of the woods Snock. Honestly, i wake up everyday, hear something new about Iran, or some riots in France, and i'm thinking that i'm living in 1938 - on the cusp of a major world war.

maybe thats just me. and i hope i'm wrong.

Heloise said...

Could he have meant that in 60 years the mohammedans would be the majority?

nouille said...

The parasites that are swarming in Europe have no intention of becoming "European".
They are people with cultures diametriacally opposed to your own cherished beliefs and codes of conduct.

nouille said...

The leftist media seeks to inculcate every one.

In India if you are white and born and raised in India - never knowing anything else, YOU ARE STILL NOT CONSIDERED INDIAN! THAT IS THE TRUTH!

ik said...


There are about 30,000 Western whites (male and female) working in India.

This number does not include the usual suspects (Diplomats,Journalists(yuk), East European Prostitutes, NGO workers) - these are your regular "salarymen".

There are also 20 million illegal Bangladeshi immigrants floating around. That is why we are fencing the border.

India virtually allows terrorists in from B'desh

Here is an article talking about 2.5 million Bangladeshi illegals in JUST ONE STATE in India.

nouille said...

ik, I support Indias attempt to keep out Illegals.

My point was simply that whites will never be considered Indian, no matter what. I know this because I have asked Indians.

This is fine by me. India is not America.