Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dutch internal security service points out Nationalist potential of Dutch youth is the highest in Europe

Dutch internal security service AIVD released a report this week, stating that the so-called "Lonsdale" youth subculture is getting more and more strongly hostile to the presense of Muslims and other non-whites in The Netherlands.

Lonsdale is a British boxing and sports cloths brand that is popular amongst white blue collar lads on the Dutch trade (VMBO) schools. Whereas the trade schools in the four major cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag) are dominated by Black and Muslim youth, the schools outside the big cities have small populations of non-whites. Still the presence of different ethnic and religious groups causes fashions to become ethnically coded. Where blacks and Muslims wear Karl Kani and Von Dutch the whites often wear Lonsdale to affirm nationalist sympaties. The explanation is that Lonsdale stands for "May our Dutch skinheads slowly eliminate all Foreigners (Laat Onze Nederlandse Skinheads De Allochtonen Langzaam Elimineren)".

The AIVD states that very few of the Lonsdalers have actual extreme rightwing ideology. But the known connection between the cloths and hostility to foreigners causes black and Muslim youths to attacks youth in the cloths without further provocation, cause many skirmishes and occassional pitched battles by larger groups of opposed ethnic groups. The nationalist potential of Ethnic Dutch youth is not matched anywhere in Europa according to the internal security service. This is evidenced by internet forums like Don Black's where the Dutch forum is the largest of all non American forums, although the British forum is hell-bent on overtaking it.

This report was brought out in an attempt by the Multiculturalist elite to do damage control in an attempt to appear even handed as in the past few years Muslim youth, especially Moroccans have been singled out by the public and also by the press for vilification.

What is remarkable is that in the actual report the AIVD does not state that the Lonsdalers themselves are a danger "to our democratic order of rule of law" but that the reaction by non-white ethnics may cause a spiral of increasing levels of violence.

The reaction of the public to the presentation of the report was one of anger. Newspapers and webforums have, as usual, been as usual flooded with furious mails and letters from the public pointing out the violence of non white ethnics, the abandonment of the public by the forces of law and order and the fact that the attention on the Dutch ethnic youths is only a white washing attempt and balancing act.

Multiculturalism has run out of options.


Charles Martel said...

i worked in the Netherlands a few times and the one thing i learned was that the Dutch were a pretty laid back bunch of folks. Really nice bunch of people, very pro-free speech, pro-liberty - all and all a pleasant experience.

But , they can turn in an instant - they are so proud of their country and proud of their heritage that it shocked even me, and i'm an Irish nationalist!

In other words - the Dutchman is very nice, but dont fuck with his hospitality. They wont turn the other cheek.

Thats just my own personal impression - and i only speak for myself. ( i went to Amsterdam, Utrecht and i think Eindhoven as well)

Charles Martel said...
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Charles Martel said...

aagh - loads of spelling errors...

i'll try again.

may i clarify the above post - i remember now. i was getting drunk with some Dutch friends, and i said the wrong thing about World War 2 (something along the lines of "collaboration".. i was in the wrong and my knowledge of history was inadequate at the time)...

that's where i saw the dutch nationalism suddenly boiled up. it didnt end in fisticuffs, just a heated argument that was quickly calmed down by my apologies for getting it wrong.

it was my first time experiencing Dutch patriotism. all i could say afterwards was "wow - these guys really love their country"

nouille said...
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nouille said...

The man is Kenneth Von Dutch, and the story of the fashion empire that now bears his name is full of the stuff Hollywood thrives on - violence, controversy and betrayal.

Born Kenneth Howard in 1929, Von Dutch made no bones about his disdain for "Jews, Mexicans and niggers" and erratic, antisocial behaviour dominated his encounters with others. He made a living spray painting intricate designs on custom cars. He became a legend in his field.

He was also an alcoholic.

The years that followed, Von Dutch became more violent and reclusive. By the time he died, he was practically unapproachable, and was spending most of his time crafting and decorating guns. His last words were reportedly "Heil Hitler".

nouille said...

Snouck said: Where blacks and Muslims wear Karl Kani and Von Dutch

HAHAHAH, What a joke, the joke is on the blacks and muslims!!!

The Von Dutch logo( now owned by a DANE) was created by an American man of germanic background WHO HATED NON WHITES!!! He was an open racist!

eyesallaround said...

Interesting... I think I'll go to ebay and get some "Lonsdale"!

eyesallaround said...

Hi Snouck,

I couldn't get this article off my mind. I woke up this morning and was thinking about it.

Specifically I was thinking about how angry your young people must be about the adults having screwed things up so royally for them.

Normally, adults are supposed to try to make the world a better place for their offspring, but in Europe's case, they have intentionally done the opposite. I think it's up to you and your generation to do something to fix it. Nothing should be out of play.

It's up to the adults to fix the mess they've made for these kids.

I'm very sad for your children and grand children.

nouille said...

I know this is old but- I just have to ask, Why would you ban YOUR OWN FLAG????? (notic there isn't a ban on immigrants and what they can wear.)

Vlagverbod is wijdverspreid
AMSTERDAM - Meer scholen blijken de Nederlandse vlag in de ban te hebben gedaan.

Op het Groene Hart Lyceum in Alphen aan den Rijn is de Nederlandse driekleur al bijna een jaar uit den boze. Alle groepsidentificerende kenmerken worden daar niet geaccepteerd en schorsing dreigt als leerlingen het toch wagen met kleding en tassen met vlaggetjes aan te komen. Lezers reageerden eerder deze week woedend op het vlagverbod van een IJsselsteinse school, omdat de vlaggetjes provocerend zouden zijn voor allochtone medeleerlingen.


Een boze man meldde gisteren dat hij regelmatig wordt verketterd door 'buitenlanders en linkse intellectuelen' omdat hij rondrijdt in een donkerblauwe ex-defensieauto met een rood-wit-blauwe sticker achterop. " Ik krijg te horen dat ik een nationalist en een fascist ben. Misschien kan er een lijst worden opgesteld met wat Nederlanders nog wel mogen zeggen en doen", schampert hij.

Het Groene Hart Lyceum zelf zegt tot die maatregelen genoodzaakt te zijn door het verharde klimaat op school. Niet alleen de vlaggetjes, maar ook Lonsdale-kleren, kisten met witte of rode veters en bomberjacks kunnen volgens de directie van de school discriminatie of pestgedrag tot gevolg hebben. Een woordvoerder van de school legt uit: "Soms slaat ineens de vlam in de pan en dan moeten we reageren. Dan weren we voor een tijdje het probleemvoorwerp." Volgens de school maken de leerlingen daar geen probleem van, maar zijn het vooral de ouders die vinden dat hun kinderen de eigen identiteit wordt afgenomen. "Alles gebeurt in overleg en een verbod is een groot woord." Het Landelijk Bureau Rassendiscriminatie begrijpt de scholen wel, maar denkt dat het weinig zin heeft om preventief te verbieden.

Charles Martel said...

"Specifically I was thinking about how angry your young people must be about the adults having screwed things up so royally for them."

it worrying alright. The young shouldnt be regressing backwards to something getting very close to neo-Nazism.

they should be free, happy, thinking happy thoughts. and without a care in the world - enjoying their youth.

this is not a good situation. this anger amongst young people is not natural. it does indeed show that the older generation has failed them. said...

these news fits perfectly with my notions of a rift between generations: all signs are that the youth are the most hostile towards immigrants because theyre the ones mahving to take their insults and beatings in everyday life. read my blog for more on that stuff.

Moriae Encomium said...

"Multiculturalism has run out of options."

Was it ever an option? I don't know how much credit I can give the Dutch, but I think Dutch Liberalism was often over rated. Too often I came across nationalistic behavior when dealing with educated and "average" Dutch in my work, in places you would never suspect.