Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Nouille quoted (but provided no source):

A Moroccan man who kept his four daughters house-bound in the name of Islam was given an eight-month suspended prison term and deprived of his parental rights by a court in southern France on Friday.

The 45 year-old man — whose name was not made public in order to protect the children — refused to let the girls attend school on the grounds that they would be made to remove their Islamic veils.

At his trial in December the man walked out of the court after seeing that the judge and the prosecutor were both women.

The girls — aged 4, 10, 13 and 14 — were banned from leaving the confines of the family's small apartment in the town of Romans-sur-Isère, the court heard.

The girls have since been placed in a care-home.

The whole case is disgusting. The power of the state to interfere in family life is a great evil. Obviously however these people are not making a serious attempt to homeschool their daughters. If these daughters would have grown up in this way there is no way they would have been a part of France, even if the father was white and a secularist.

The idiocy of having these people in Western society just continues to baffle me. They are not a part of us culturally or ethnically. And then the state taxes us to pay for these people to live, breed and increase their numbers. At the risk of boring my readers I keep hammering the same anvil: repatriation, repatriation, repatriation.

What I like about this Muslim though, is the strength of his convictions. He stands up to the State regardless of the consequences. He is extending the traditions of Islam that have served the faithfull for 1.400 years.

The strength of convictions is what gave my Christian grandfather the ability to stand up to the Germans and not to be intimidated by their power to win battles and to deport, imprison and kill. Stand up to Nebuchadnezzar!

The strength of convictions is what gave the Baptists (mostly ethnic Germans) in the Soviet-Union the ability to stand up to Communism. It gave them the strength to refuse to serve in the German army during the German occupation of Western Russia. And to refuse the orders of the camp guards that they did not agree with, because the Germans send all ethnic Germans in the East to concentration camps if they refused to serve in the Army. My grandfather met some of them.

Brussels Journal has the story how many of these ethnic germans who emigrated to Germany in the 1990ies are now resisting the power of the modern German state:

"Last week, a court in Paderborn in the German state of Westphalia ruled that two Baptist couples lose their parental authority over their own children in educational matters. The court said it was interfering “in order to protect the children from further harm.” It stated that the parents had shown “a stubborn contempt both for the state’s educational duty as well as the right of their children to develop their personalities by attending school.” The court appointed the local Paderborn social service as guardian over the children to ensure that they attend public school.

The two couples belong to a group of seven families with a total of fifteen children of elementary school age who do not attend school. The parents were brought to court by the local education board of the county whose director, Heinz Kohler, argued that homeschooling cannot be allowed because it is “a right of the child not to be kept away from the outside world. The parents’ right to personally educate their children would prevent the children from growing up to be responsible individuals within society.” Kohler was backed by the Westphalian minister of Education, the Socialist politician Ute Schäfer, who stated that the obligation to attend a government approved school follows from the “right of a child to free education and maturation.”"

These actions and the spirit of these actions are State Worship. The State is seen as the only body that can raise and mature the spirits of these children, just as the French State sees it in their verdict against that Muselman who kept his daughters at home.

It is totalitarian. Like Soviet-Communism and National-Socialism.

The State worshipping ideology of Multiculturalism says that all human beings are blank slates and that the State and its laws and institutions decide who is a subject and who is not.

Multiculturalism says that everybody that lives on the soil of a certain European or other Western state is a citizen of that state, just by virtue of living n years on its territory and by being entered into the registers which are controlled and maintained by its bureaucrats, the State's worker ants.

But it is a untruth. Those foreigners who live here in Europe are not our co-citizens. They belong to a different ingroup than we do. They know it and we know it.
If the numbers of immigrants had been very small it would have been different, but the Multiculturalist State worshippers were intoxicated with their power and they pushed their agenda far too far.

The Left has now woken up to the problems that their policies have caused. Their solutions are classic Leftist State worship. Take away the rights of the citizens. Force the citizens whatever their background to be equal. Force them to be indoctrinated in the state educational system. This is Hirsi Ayaan's Leftist approach.

European nationalists should take the example of those Baptists and that Muslim. Find out what you believe in. Learn what the core values are of patriotism and Western civilisation. And stand up for them. If you are asked, tell the Multiculturalist enforcers exactly what you think.
Ethnicity does matter.
Men and women are unequal.
Islam can not be paired with Western civilisation.
Africa is a basket case because of the low avarage IQ of Africans.
Immigration from members of populations who live in chaos and squalor just imports
chaos and squalor.
And so forth.
If you are forced to take "sensitivity training" take offensive and insensitive positions. Our States may be attempting to be totalitarian, but they are by far lacking the resolve and dedication the Russian Communists and the German National-Socialists had and they lost too. Because a lie can only live for a short time while Truth endures and is immortal.


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eyesallaround said...

Snouck, you can have the ID thing pop up to get rid of these ads if they bother you. I just skip them... They're pretty obviously ads.

Snouck said...

Thank you Eyes,

I know. It is called word verification. I used to get some spam when I started this blog so I enabled the word verification option on blogger.

Recently I switched it off because there was no more spam and because a treasonous Leftist reader of this blog said that the spam controls were indications of a racist, exclusivist, xenophobic mind and that my fear that my blog would be swamped by Muslim spam is unjustified.

Well, you can see with your own eyes what happens when one listens to Leftist advice!!!!!!!!!! And let one's guard down.

I will re-enable word verification on this blog. For Western civilisation!! For the survival of the European race no sacrifice is too dear!!! No surrender!!!! F### the Muslim spam!

nouille said...


here is the link.

eyesallaround said...

Viva la Repatriation! :>) You know sometimes I think the left fell in love with "Star Trek" and then "Star Wars", and decided "If they can do it on TV, why not in real life?"

I think it's as simple as that. If the Ewoks and humans can get along, why not the West and the muslims? People are never-endingly stupid.

I guess the only thing that's worse than doing something stupid, is continuing to do it because you're too stubborn to admit it was a mistake.

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

~ Einstein

nouille said...

Snouck said: Men and women are unequal.

Yeah, I'd like to see men walk in 8 or 9 centimetre heels ;D

Esther said...


I also wasn't sure about word verification too. But you can also simply delete these ads.