Monday, January 16, 2006

Burqa Ban

Islamophobe Wrote:

"Dutch burqa ban - i dont think you've blogged about this Snouck."

I haven't blogged about it because I haven't made up my mind about it. I saw the first burqa in my neighbourhood last summer. Now I see them increasingly in Amsterdam - West which is a Morroccan - Turkish ghetto and also occassionally here in Amsterdam - East. The first time I saw it I was I must admit very shocked. I get shocked about once every five years so this was pretty bad.

I do not like the idea the idea of the government havoing power over what people wear though. It is something for more authoritarian countries like France or Turkey. The Netherlands was founded on a 80 year war of freedom against imperial Spain and Roman Catholicism as it was understood at the time. 1568 to 1648. The war was a success and at the end of it Dutch Roman Catholics fought shoulder to shoulder with Dutch Protestants for religious freedom and lower taxes. The Dutch republic was the first country in Europe with freedom of expression and religious freedom, although there were some limits on Catholicism.

So the whole idea of giving Government the power to regulate the clothes people wear is repugnant to me. I do not agree with Geert Wilders on this one. On the other hand our own Iron Lady, mrs. Verdonk, has said that the constitution will probably not allow legislators to ban the burqa, apart from considerations of security.

"In my view, it could well turn into a backlash - with even more women turning to burqa, in a crazed notion of "resistance"

There could be a backlash. Backlash would wake up more ethnic Dutch against danger of Islam and make them lash back in turn. I like backlash. It is like a virtuous cycle.

"But overall, I think its a good idea - and indeed a heroic one."

No, it is not heroic. The Muslims are still small and weak. We can do with them as we please. The difficulty lies in the lack of will to defend our societies from external threats. The real, underlying problem is not the burqa. That is just a symptom.

The real problem is mass immigration. Because of mass immigration we have problems with Muslims. Suppose there were only 1 million Muslims in Europe and their number was stable. Would we be bothered, if all of their women would start wearing the burqa?

The betrayal of our political and cultural elites is the problem. THAT is what we must address. Not cosmetic changes to Muslim fashions, no matter how shocking.


nouille said...

Muslim men rape in WESTERN NATIONS based on the fact that white western women were "asking for it" because they "are not covered up"

There is a current case of this in Australia.

I am not a feminist, however I can't help but wonder how many muslim women lie about their "choice" to wear a full veil for fear of chastisement?

I also worry about Muslim men using a ban on the veil as an excuse to keep their women (children,wives,sisters) at home and ignorant?

The answer is not easy for me to come to. I will listen to all info and keep open mind as much as possible.


A Moroccan man who kept his four daughters house-bound in the name of Islam was given an eight-month suspended prison term and deprived of his parental rights by a court in southern France on Friday.

The 45 year-old man — whose name was not made public in order to protect the children — refused to let the girls attend school on the grounds that they would be made to remove their Islamic veils.

At his trial in December the man walked out of the court after seeing that the judge and the prosecutor were both women.

The girls — aged 4, 10, 13 and 14 — were banned from leaving the confines of the family's small apartment in the town of Romans-sur-Isère, the court heard.

They had learned the rudiments of reading and writing from their mother but had seen no book other than the Koran. Their father — who lived off state hand-outs — also refused to let them take lessons at home because of the content of the curriculum.

Equal opportunity watchdog
calls for tolerance in veil debate

De Villepin defends French ban of veil

Turkish PM links head scarf law to French riots

Sikh group attacks French law as discriminatory

The social services became aware of their plight when a care-worker chanced upon one of the girls on the landing outside their apartment and passed to her an emergency telephone number.

The girls have since been placed in a care-home.

"Despite the wilderness to which they were abandoned, the children are lively, intelligent, willful and eager to learn," prosecutor Colette Clement-Barthez told the court hearing last month.

"The first thing they asked to do at the care-home was to be able to run in the garden. They had never been allowed to run," she said.

The girls' mother now lives apart from her husband, not far from their home.

nouille said...

Two Muslim teenage girls in eastern France found a creative way to both abide by a new law banning headscarves in state schools and keep their heads covered -- they wore wigs.
"It's annoying but we have to deal with it," explained 18-year-old Fatima, who has worn a headscarf since she was 10 years old, as she arrived at her high school in Bischheim north of Strasbourg.

The teen's face was framed in a wig of straight medium-length dark brown hair and her headscarf remained tied in a knot around her neck so she could put it back on upon leaving the school.

Órthodox Jews do it, why not all muslims?

eyesallaround said...

I'm pretty sure the burka is a form of "resistence" in the muslim women's minds. It's sort of like giving the "bird" to Western Culture. 100 years ago few women in islamic countries wore this costume.

If you could get everyone to do it, a better way to handle it would be to point and laugh, or stare... anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. People tend to want to avoid being made fun of.

My contribution is to let my dogs get just close enough to scare the shit out of them (don't worry liberal readers, they don't touch them).. just snarling, snapping and barking.

nouille said...

eyes all around said: I'm pretty sure the burka is a form of "resistence" in the muslim women's minds"

This is indeed the case in Europe, some have said this could be used as a form of protest of sorts.