Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some animals are more equal than others

At Islamineurope Esther wrote up a précis of rightwing violence accross Europe. One example of European racism is:
Dutch musician knifes three Poles in night-club after suffering from racist abuse
This looks more like anti-white racist violence. Or one must think it is an appropriate response to knife people for ethnic slurring.

The musician may probably have been a black rapper. Rap music is rife with the most vicious anti-white racist lyrics. And these rappers never get any troubles for texts that would get a white ethnic fined, fired, locked up and shunned in any Western country.

Double standard anyone?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Freedom Party ostracised by Parliament for immigration motion

In 2001 Pim Fortuyn caused a shockwave in The Netherlands by stating on TV that if he could do it legally he would make sure there would "not one Muslim immigrant let in the country". This was during the time he was setting up his List Pim Fortuyn Party or just before.

Last Thursday PVV MP Sietse Fritsma attempted to register a similar proposal for a bill of law. This law from Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) quiver would ban all immigration from Muslims from Muslim countries. Christians from Muslim countries would not be banned. The law is specifically aimed at brides and bridegrooms which are entering the country as a part of "family re-unification", similar to Bush' "family values do not stop at the Rio Grande" Mexican immigration rethoric.

MP Fritsma had to run the gauntlet from MPs almost all other parties who accused him of "discrimination". This included "right-wing" MPs from the Christian Union (CU)and a Liberal-Conservative VVD MP. MP Fritsma defended his motion on the grounds that Muslims do not share Dutch values, are overrepresented in crime and unemployment and are thus a threat to Dutch interests.

Sietsma did not argue as he should have that non-discrimination even in its present, marxist inspired form does NOT apply from people who are not yet in the country. E.g. it is not illegal under the law that Nigerians, Americans and Germans can not vote in Dutch elections. However it is illegal to think that under liberalism and political correctness.

At some point the moderator of Parliament, Mrs. Verbeet, took Sietsma's propsal from the roll and came to the conclusion that it was unconstitutional and could not be debated. This is not the first time Mrs. Verbeet has done this.

After checking the rules that govern Parliamentary behaviour it became clear that Sietsma's proposal for a bill had to be registered and properly debated.

In conclusion: it is obvious that all Dutch politicians are shackled by liberalism and cultural marxism. The Freedom Party (PVV) seems to be the only exeption.

An interesting fact: Mr. Kamp, the liberal-conservative (VVD) stalwart who is setting a more "right-wing course" for his party accused Fritsma of discriminating Muslims vis-a-vis Africans, who are also overrepresented amongst the unemployed and criminally violent. So it is now a matter of Parliamentary record that Muslims and Africans are more prone to violence and being public charges than the ethnic dutch and certain immigrant groups (Europeans and most Asians). The politicians are fully aware of what they are doing to the nation, but they continue doing it.

I used to vote for this Mr. Kamp. He is our former Defense Minister (2002-2006).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Resistance goes mainstream

In a remarkable move Liberal-Conservative (VVD) stalwart Henk Kamp made a significant move to slow down Islamisation of The Netherlands. The coalition party is now advocating a platform to reduce marriage migration to a trickle. From 30.000 to 5.000 per year.

"Henk Kamp wants to reduce immigration as much as possible of people "who not speak Dutch or English". The minimum age of a non-EU marriage immigrant should go up from 21 to 24, to combat arranged marriages. The applicant should also pay a deposit of 7,500 euros, only repayable after five years if no call has been made on social security."


"Kamp also wants the government actively to track down and deport all illegal immigrants. Additionally, it should be a punishable offence for municipalities or other government bodies to offer aid to illegal immigrants. "

Also and most significantly:

"the Netherlands is not an Islamic country and must not become one." Mosques offering radical Imams a podium must be closed and the Imams deported, in Kamp's view. If they also have Dutch nationality as well as another, the Dutch passport must be taken away from them"

The VVD Party is under strong pressure from the right. The party's Conservative and Nationalist voters are deserting the party in droves running to Conservative Geert Wilders and Populist Rita Verdonk, both who jumped ship on the Liberal Conservative Party.

This move looks like the move a few days ago of insane Neo-Conservative (Invade the world, Invite the world) and Presidential Candidate John McCain in the USA.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dutch police bust human trafficking operation

Human traffickers arranged fake marriages for underage Nigerian girls in Roman Catholic churches in Spain to avoid the questions civil authorities might have asked, the Spanish interior ministry has said.

The ministry said the suspects would charge girls 7,000 euro (?4,900) for a wedding to a European citizen while paying 3,000 euro (?2,100) to men with EU citizenship.

The Nigerian girls were taken to Spain from the Netherlands, to where they had been smuggled. After their marriages they were forced into prostitution to pay off the cost of the wedding plus the cost of bringing them to Europe, which the smugglers said was 31,000 euro (?21,700).

Spanish police last week made eleven arrests as part of a Dutch-co-ordinated crackdown in nine countries on the criminal ring. The ministry said a total of 32 people were arrested.

Spanish investigators had discovered that suspects were making frequent trips to the Netherlands and arranging marriage ceremonies in Spanish churches.

The girls would arrive at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport with fake Dutch passports and, because they were underage, stay at asylum seeker centres, having applied for asylum, the statement said. A few days later the girls would disappear from the centres, to be distributed around various EU countries where they were made to work as prostitutes.

The Spanish weddings were celebrated in Catholic churches using fake documents, thus avoiding face-to-face interviews with local authority representatives as required in civil marriage ceremonies, the statement said.

Raids in eight locations in Spain yielded Nigerian passports and birth certificates, false documents and Dutch baptism certificates. Investigators also found an invitation to the British Embassy in Spain, the statement said.

The operation, code-named Tulip, was triggered Wednesday by Dutch investigators who requested co-ordinated sweeps in Spain, the US, France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Ireland and Nigeria, the statement said.

Spanish police raided eight locations in Madrid, Fuenlabrada, Torrejon de Ardoz and Seville.

The question is: the women that entered the Netherlands under false pretences, are they to be accepted by Dutch citizens now that it has become known that the marriages that made them "European citizens" are false?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Netherlands becoming the playground for far-away disputes

The botched U.S. occupation of Iraq has thrown that country in ever worsening chaos, as was observed by the Gholam-Ali Haddad, Speaker if the Iranian Majlis or Parliament, to Turkish foreign minister Ali Babacan yesterday.

This means that there is has been no central authority in Iraq since 2003. The North of Iraq is Kurdish and is run by the Kurdish allies of the U.S. The Kurds are a minority in Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

The Kurdish allies of the U.S. in North-Iraq are giving refuge to PKK terrorists. The PKK is a Kurdish Communist Army the fights to liberate the Kurdish parts of Turkey. Kurdish separatism is a threat to the territorial integrity of Turkey. Turkey is an aspiring EU member state. Many Kurds and Turks live in Western Europe, especially in Germany and The Netherlands.

Turkey is now attacking PKK positions in north-Iraq. It has threathened to invade Iraq and some of its troops are already on Iraqi soil carrying out operations against the Kurds. Turkey is trying to find support in the region for its anti-Kurdish offensive.

Turkish public opinion is in turmoil over the threat of Kurdish separatism. There have been nationalist demonstrations in several Turkish cities. Demonstrators chant and display nationalist slogans.

Similar convulsions are also taking place in The Netherlands and Germany. In Berlin, Germany and Utrecht, The Netherlands, ethnic Turks demonstrated to express their dismay about the threat of Kurdish separatism. They demanded an invasion of Iraq by the Turkish Army.

Dutch viewers (Dutch) commented on the obvious loyalty of these Dutch-speaking Turks to Turkey. The Turkish diaspora in Western Europe knows exactly where their loyalty lies. It lies with Turkey and Turkish nationalism and goes against the host societies and Kurdish migrants in their host societies.

These demonstration give substance to the allegation by Dutch nationalist leader Geert Wilders that ethnic Turkish citizens have a "double loyalty", and that their loyalty to Turkey trumps their loyalty to The Netherlands.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Commie hate attack in Denmark

Yesterday the news came out (HT KV) that last Sunday Mr. Anders Gravers, the leader of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) together with some of his compagnions, had been attacked. The van they drove in to a demonstration was ambushed and the occupants were assaulted by Leftist activists, with knives and crowbars. These "autonomer" attacked while the van and a following security car had just entered a underground parking lot.

The "autonomer" attacked a 74 year old women that had been driving in the security car with a crowbar as she was fleeing the scene. Mr. Anders Gravers was wearing a protective vest. His clothes were rent with knife gashes, but the vest saved him from serious injury.

Four of his compagnions were not so lucky and were injured by the Commie thugs. The injured were two men and two women, which shows you just how ideological this scum is. Equality before everything!

Mr. Gravers and some of his compagnions managed to drive off the attackers. It would seem that the autonomer tried to stop Mr. Gravers the same way the late Pim Fortuyn was stopped in 2002. Pim Fortuyn had been attacked by a Dutch group which is similar in outlook to the autonomer. Later he was assassinated by Volkert van der Graaf, a member of a far-left group of animal rights activists.

Groups as environmentalists, animal-rights activists, "autonomer", Antifa are heavily subsidized by governments in several European countries. They are protected by sympathetic judges when tried for using violence. They act as strong-men and enforcers for the political elites, stifling right-wing opposition to Left/Liberal political and ideological hegemony.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

ANOTHER Amsterdam school stabbing

Yet another stabbing at school, now in Amsterdam South East also called the Bijlmer. The area is Amsterdam's black suburb, populated mainly by African and Caribbean blacks.

The stabbing (Dutch) was yesterday (Wednesday 24 October). The school was the "Open Scholengemeenschap Bijlmer". The victim is 15 years old. He was assaulted by to schoolmates after a quarrel earlier the day. They beat him up at the busstop and then stabbed him for good measure.

The victim is on the way to recovery in hospital.

Nothing has been said about the ethnicity of the victim or the perps.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Britain's Chief Rabbi slams Multiculturalism

Britain's top Rabbi Jonathan Sacks denounces Multiculturalism:
Liberal democracy is in danger,
Sacks said, adding later:
The politics of freedom risks descending into the politics of fear.

Sacks said Britain's politics had been poisoned by the rise of identity politics, as minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment.

The process, he said, began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays. He said the effect had been
inexorably divisive.

A culture of victimhood sets group against group, each claiming that its pain, injury, oppression, humiliation is greater than that of others, he said.

That the Rabbi identifies the Jews as the first to take up multi-culturalism requires special emphasis. Next the question pops up: "why is the Rabbi abandoning multi-culturalism"?

Multi-culturalism involves abandoning the historic ethnic and cultural core of Western nations. It justifies mass immigration and condemns opposition to immigration as 'racist'.

The particular content of immigration in Europe is overwhelmingly Islamic. Muslims are becoming an important factor to take into account in elections in France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Britain. Due to the hostility of the Muslims towards Jews in particular parties looking to woo voters have to abandon support for Israel. This leads to Israel's cut off from alliances with nearby European countries and reliance on the far-away US, whose position is weakening globally, due to military, economic and political shortcomings.

The Conservative Muslim council, a consultory body to the British Conservative Party recently released a report stating amongst others:
The Conservative Muslim Forum also wants the compulsory history curriculum in schools changed to give "full recognition to the massive contribution that Islam has made to the development of Western civilisation
Regardless of whether one finds Israel a congenial country or not, on any objective assessment of the type of unqualified support given to Israel by the current government it is not conducive to British national interests as this could damage Britain's relationships with 15 billion Muslims (Sic!) worldwide, including those in Britain
Also Jewish citizens of European states become under threat of violent Muslim citizens, which can be seen most strikingly in France. This takes the shape of opportunistic street crime.

In conclusion: there are good reasons for the leaders of European Jewish communities to review their support for Multiculturalism and mass-immigration. In my view alignment of Jewish communities with nationalist movements in Europe must begin with affirmation of the historic ethnic and cultural core of European nations, by Jewish leaders.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flowers for the police

Dutch newspaper "Het Parool" reports that the policemen who got injured during the suicide knife attack by Bilal Bajaka last Sunday are overwhelmed with flowers from the grateful Dutch public.

Under political correctness it is dangerous to express the hatred, distrust, disrespect and anger people feel for the invaders. Also known as immigrants.

When the police finally shoots one of the buggers, to express gratitude is also to express abovementioned emotions.

It would seem that quite a few cloggies found the opportunity too good to pass up.

From the frying pan into the fire

The Euro elites do not approve of the Christian view on nature:
European lawmakers approved a report condemning efforts to teach creationism in schools, underscoring concern about an emerging socially conservative agenda.

Meeting in Strasbourg, France, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe members approved, in a non-binding 48-25 vote, a report that criticizes creationism advocate for potentially sacrificing children's education "to impose religious dogma" and to promote "a radical return to the past," The International Herald Tribune reported Friday.
The radical liberal egalitarianism that powers the Euro elites allows for no serious religiousness in Europeans. Creationism is a threat. This is a confirmation of the refusal to appoint Italian Roman Catholic politician Buttiglioni as a EU mandarin, because he was a serious Christian: he held that homosexuality goes against God's plan.
Creationism supporters endorse "a radical return to the past which could prove particularly harmful in the long term for all our societies,
The European Parliament (EP) seeks to surpress this threat. The next step will be to criminalize opposition to Darwinist Dogma.

But Darwinism itself is also a danger to Liberal dogma.

Noted DNA scientist James Watson recently said in an interview with The Times of London:
that he is inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really”, and I know that this “hot potato” is going to be difficult to address. His hope is that everyone is equal, but he counters that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true”. He says that you should not discriminate on the basis of colour, because “there are many people of colour who are very talented, but don’t promote them when they haven’t succeeded at the lower level.
According to an article in the Independent (HT Laurence Auster):
"The newly formed Equality and Human Rights Commission, successor to the Commission for Racial Equality, said it was studying Dr Watson's remarks "in full".... Anti-racism campaigners called for Dr Watson's remarks to be looked at in the context of racial hatred laws. A spokesman for the 1990 Trust, a black human rights group, said: "It is astonishing that a man of such distinction should make comments that seem to perpetuate racism in this way. It amounts to fueling bigotry and we would like it to be looked at for grounds of legal complaint."

The radical Liberalism highest ideal is radical egalitarianism. Both religion and racial / ethnic differences are at odds with egalitarianism. Darwin is not a suitable ally for the Euro egalitarians to defeat religion, as its outcomes point to a unequal humanity similar to that of the Old Testament of the Bible.

Darwin and Christianity may not be friends, but they do seem to be in agreement about the fundamental unequality of religions, races, nations and sexes.

And the history of the Soviet Union shows you can fool people about this inequality for a considerable period of time, but Truth can not be surpressed indefinately.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Persistent Jihad Syndrom update

Last night (Monday) there were riots in Amsterdam-West caused by the killing of Bilal B. Bilal, a Moroccan, attacked policemen in a police station on the August Allebé square with a knife.

Media are trying to spin the event, pointing to Bilal having received treatment for schizophrenia, arguing his attack has nothing to do with race or religion.

But if that is so, why do Moroccan Muslims act as one to seek revenge for of of theirs?

Footage of the riots. (HT

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another lethal stabbing in Amsterdam

In the same neighbourhood as the school where a Turkish pupil stabbed a Moroccan to death a week ago another incident took place.

Yesterday, a Moroccan youth entered the police station on the August Allebé Square in Amsterdam-West and started stabbing the on duty police woman at the desk. The police woman was stabbed three times in the chest and back. Another policeman who tried to assist his collegue was stabbed as well. Another police woman joined the fracas gun in hand and shot the attacker. The attacker died on his way to hospital.

The attacker was later identified as Bilal B, 22. He was known as a hanger-on of the terrorist Hofstad terror (Dutch) cell. This group was led by the assassin Mohammed Bouyeri, who killed Theo van Gogh. Bilal B. had been convicted by a court in 2006 to take treatment at a psychiatric ward "Valeriuskliniek". He had suicidal tendencies. During the weekend he went on a "accompanied leave" under guidance of a staff member of the ward. He shook of his warden and went on a rampage.

Bilal B. had an endless rap sheet. His first conviction was when he was twelve years old, for stabbing someone in the face with a sharpened screwdriver. Society allowed him to run amok for ten years before it stopped him. For good.

Friday, October 12, 2007

More stabbings at school!

Today another stabbing at school. Or well, near a school. It is the Accentcollege school in Rotterdam. The deputy-headmaster of the school was walking near the school with a 15 year old pupil, when they encountered another pupil. The pupils had a feud and got into a fight. A knife was pulled and the first pupil got injured. When the deputy-headmaster intervened she was stabbed as well. The incident took place at 11.00 in the morning.

Well, I am curious if there will be any further news.

Stabbing at Amsterdam school

It is Ramadan time, stabbing time! Yesterday there was a lethal stabbing between a 14 year old Turk and a 16 year old Moroccan at Technisch - College Amsterdam in Amsterdam West. The Turk killed the Moroccan in a fight over a pen. Friends of the Moroccan beat the knive-killer up before handing him over to the police.

This is part of a spate of stabbings, mostly at black schools, in 2007 in The Netherlands.

Amsterdam Labour major Job Cohen was shocked, shocked, by the stabbing.

Naturally Leftists have to be shocked by these events. According to the Leftists all people, races, ethnicities, religions and cultures are equal.

For those who keep their minds uncluttered by Leftism have seen this coming a long way. And it will only get worse. much worse as the borders are wide open. Trying to impose western style laws is not going to make much of a difference as the numbers of immigrants is too big and their capabilities too limited.

Ayaan finding out who are her friends

The news is out. Dutch parliament has decided NOT to fund the security detail for Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The debate on whether to funding Ayaan while she is in the States was unfocussed. Parliamentarians debated mostly on side issues, such as the way Ayaan and her legal representative tried to influence deliberations with confidential correspondence was proper.

Strictly speaking it indeed goes against the territorial principle to protect a citizen living in a different nation. Mrs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has received two extensions of her security funding on foreign territory and she was amply warned.

In her defence it was argued that she was formally not allowed to solicit for funds while she was waiting for her US green card. Funding by the Dutch state was cut off almost immediately after she received her US green card. She did not receive a period of time to arrange new sponsors.

Ayaan is going to find out who her real friends are in the next few months. The US State does not fund the security of private persons. She has to find wealthy sponsor who are willing to underwrite her funding which runs in the order of two to two and a half million US Dollars annually. She has a extremely well-funded employer in the AEI.

Also we saw a media campaign in the Anglosphere with illustrious names as Anne Applebaum, Christopher Hitchens and Salman Rushdie writing highly moralistic pieces to urge the Dutch to fund her, without mentioning the issue of territoriality or the fact that Mrs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was repeatedly warned.

The whole affair is dirty. The Dutch politicians reacted in a venal, overly formalistic way. Mrs. Ayaan and her legal representative Britta Böhler played it very hard on the assumption that the Dutch would not want to lose face in the world by cutting Mrs. Ayaan's funding. They were wrong. Mrs. Ayaan lost a lot of kudos amongst the populist right wing in The Netherlands by running off to the US. This made her look very strongly like an opportunist.

There is also a pattern here. Ayaan abondoned her clan and the Somali nation when her elders tried to force her into a marriage with an uncle. She made new friends in The Netherlands were she found asylum under false pretences. Later she was working for the Dutch Labour party. When she realized that the socialist were not interested in reforming immigrant communities in The Netherlands, she defected for the second time, now to the Liberal-Democrat Party (VVD) which put her on an electable seat on their party list. Once she had achieved international fame she made another move. She went on to work for the AEI in the US. She did not keep in touch with most of her backers in The Netherlands. So in effect it is another defection. The third.

A person that makes an enemy of a million Muslims should not neglect the base of her security as callously as she did.

She allegedly now has found funds to cover her security spending for less than a month. US imams have already called for her to be assasinated.

If Mrs. Ayaan is assasinated in the next few months were going to see a disgusting spectacle of our Dutch politicians trying to deflect the blame that is going to come down on them like a ton of bricks. It is going to be filthy.

To all those Americans who are screaming on Infidel-forums at the Dutch to protect Mrs. Ayaan I will say: "take your responsibility". The Dutch taxpayer has forked out more than two million US Dollars for her security, WHILE SHE WAS ON US SOIL". If you really want her safe, put your money where your mouth is. Money talks and bull***t walks.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Witnessing is a risky business

Abraham Zeegers, the witness to the trial of organised crime boss Willem Holleeder who died from poisoning two days ago had used cocaine, with his girlfriend "Shirley O.". Shirley O. is a Brazilian national. The cocaine might have been poisoned.

Mr. Zeegers had purchased the cocaine in restaurant Klein Kalfje in Amsterdam-South. The seller has been tracked down as a "Joop de B." apparently a well-known criminal and underworld figure. Joop de B. used to employ Shirley B. in his bar on the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam-South.

Witness Abraham Zeegers had already made a full testimony on the blackmailing of Real estate mogul Willem Endstra by Crime boss Willem Holleeder.

The police is now transporting other witnesses in armored vehicles to the courthouse, where the trial against Holleeder is proceeding.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Organised crime witness murdered in Amsterdam

Snouck previously reported on the trial in Amsterdam of crime boss Holleeder. The trial began inauspiciously with an attack with anti-tank rockets (2) against a special organised crime courthouse in Amsterdam-Osdorp!

In a new and spectacular development the crown witness to the prosecution, laywer Bram Zeegers (58) was found dead in his bath last night at 03:45. The police excludes no causes at all for his untimely dead. Murder (Dutch) was specifically not excluded as a cause of his death.

The girlfriend of the laywer was arrested in "the interests of the investigation" in the house where the deceased was found.

Former friend and ally of Willem Holleeder Bram Zeegers gave witness for the prosecution a week ago. His children had urged him not to testify.

Ayaan in Limbo

Dutch Premier Balkenende Friday said that Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Dutch) should have taken care of funding her own security. The funding of her security had been extended twice by Mr. Hirsch Ballin, Minister of Justice.

Balkenende urged Ayaan to go back to the US and take care of her security there. "It can not be so that she comes back merely because she is protected here".

This is an out-of-this-world idiotic statement by the Premier. Mrs. Ayaan has to fear for her live all over the world, anywhere where Muslims live. As a result of her uncompromising criticism of Islam. She has no other choice to go there where she is protected. As the US State does not protect private citizens she has to do it herself, find sponsors or rely on the Dutch state.

The Premier makes it sound as if people can simply forego their security needs.

Friday, October 05, 2007

More on "Ban the Quran"

A Dutch television program called Eenvandaag conducted a poll into the question how many youngsters in The Netherlands agree with Geert Wilders' silly idea to outlaw the Quran in The Netherlands. Earlier polls had shown that a small majority of 54 percent of ethnic Dutch youngster agree with Wilders.

It turned out that even Wilders' notion to outlaw the Quran was supported by one in five of Dutch youngster support this idea.

The Education Minister Plasterk had retaliated by suggesting that Hitler's "Mein Kampf" would be released from its ban for a day. Which is even more odd a notion than the notion to ban the Quran.

But two thirds of Dutch youth support the idea to lift the Dutch ban on "Mein Kampf".

Obviously a significant portion of the ethnic Dutch youth have left behind the Second World War as a main point of reference and regard themselves under the threat of Islam.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Days of Confusion

There is a lot wrong with this story of Somali Islam-basher Ayaan Hirsi Ali coming back to The Netherlands.

1. She is not in touch with her friends in The Netherlands, her friends have attested;
2. The American Conservative media are almost ignoring her leaving the US and
3. The fact that the US State does not want to guarantuee her security;
4. To top it off a civil servant has leaked a letter by the Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin that she is not under any threat in the USA. There is a link to this letter in Dutch in the opening ("brief") of this article by Robin van der Kloor.

What is als becoming clear is that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has lost a lot of honour in the eyes of the Dutch population by leaving The Netherlands for the USA. Right-wing forums show the nationalist part of the population in anger against Mrs. Ayaan. This is not so strange as there is an impression that Mrs. Ayaan used our country as a stepping stone to a higher and mightier seat. And now she running back to make the tax payer pay for her protection in a foreign land.

I do not have any sympathy for Mrs. Ayaan and I have consistently recorded my distrust of the woman on this blog (See Hirsi and Sharia, enemy of the West and "Hirsi has to go"). But this must be very hard on her.

But she has left her tribe and when one leaves one's tribe or nation, one may find one day that all one's friends are good-weather-friends.

Going back to the beginning: why are the American Conservative media ignoring what is happening to her?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The value of the immigrants

Esther at Islamineurope quotes an observation by writer Zacharia Shore that European Muslims are not willing to support the European welfare state with its aging native population. Esther follows it up with a description of a Dutch TV program ("Tegenlicht") that follows some Dutch Muslims who are looking around to leave The Netherlands and even go back to the country of origin.

This is not surprising , the immigrants just came here for the money and opportunities they could not get in their own countries. Now that some of them have an education paid for the European taxpayer they show their true loyalty.

And it draws the rug from under the argument that immigrants will eventually pay back all that has been invested in them by supporting the welfare state, that needs to support the old. Naïve idiots.

People are only loyal to their own.

The welfare state is a dead end. It encourages people not to have children and thusly weakens nations. To bring in people from third world nations is financially unsound. Peter Lakeman has calculated that between 1970 and 1995 native Dutch workers supported immigrants with transfers of 70 billion guilders (35 billion Euros) through benefits and subsidies. Finally it is societally fracturous and politically extremely dangerous.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Amsterdam Mosque organisation's accounts are confiscated

I have blogged before about the building of the monumental Westermosque in Amsterdam-West. The leader of the project, a Turk by the name of Üzeyir Kabaktepe was arrested on August the 23rd. Effendi Kabaktepe was the director of Manderen BV, the company that had been awarded the contract to build the mosque by Mill Görüs, a powerful Turkish Islamic organisation. Mr. Kabaktepe had been accused of embezzling Manderen BV's money. Yesterday his arrest has been suspended.

Building organisation "Het Oosten" who was owed money by Manderen BV in the course of the mosque building project (Dutch) has confiscated the possessions and bank accounts of Manderen BV.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's new line

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has come back to The Netherlands. Because she has not found anyone there willing to pay for her protection.

What is interesting is that she has a new line on Islam according to Rod Dreher, who quotes an interview on Reason, which is not yet online (HT Mr. Laurence Auster).

Ayaan: "Only if Islam is defeated. Because right now, the political side of Islam, the power-hungry expansionist side of Islam, has become superior to the Sufis and the Ismailis and the peace-seeking Muslims.

Reason: Don't you mean defeating radical Islam?

Hirsi Ali: No. Islam, period. Once it's defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It's very difficult to even talk about peace now. They're not interested in peace."


Ayaan: "There is no moderate Islam. There are Muslims who are passive, who don't all follow the rules of Islam, but there's really only one Islam, defined as submission to the will of God. There's nothing moderate about it.

Reason: So when even a hard-line critic of Islam such as Daniel Pipes says, "Radical Islam is the problem, but moderate Islam is the solution," he's wrong?

Hirsi Ali: He's wrong. Sorry about that."

In the discussion on View from the Right there is a suggestion that one of the reasons why Ayaan is moving back is because the neo-cons that she is working for at the AEI are forcing her to toe the line on "the solution to radical Islam is moderate Islam". It is this crazy belief that has enticed the US to waste its strength by bringing democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan.

That is one frightening suggestion. The neo-cons are worse than useless in the fight for the West and against Islam.

Find the article by Rod Dreher on Ayaan here.

The article has an interesting treatise of difference of the role of religion in US and European societies.

Find the discussion of the Rod Dreher's article on VFR here.

Monday, October 01, 2007

She's baaaaack!

Somali religion basher Ayaan Hirsi Ali is back in The Netherlands after living and working for several months in the USA. The well-known Islam critic was protected by the Dutch state whle working for think-tank AEI in Washington. The Netherlands is picking up the tab for her body guard/personal security detail. Ayaan returned to The Netherlands when the Dutch state said it was unwilling to continue to pay for her security, while she was working and living in the USA. Read MORE...


The Greens have already a debate in Parliament about Ayaan's security, noting that it may be necessary that international spokespeople may require Dutch protection outside the territorial borders of the Netherlands. (The interior Minister had noted that the Dutch state only has the duty to protect those who reside on Dutch soil).

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No EU referendum in The Netherlands?

The new treaty which is slated to become the EU constitution in 2009.

The Dutch and the French voted against an EU constitution in referenda in 2005.

In The Netherlands the Left is usually for referenda. The other referendum parties are the Liberal - Democrats (D66) and the hardline socialists (SP).

The Dutch Labour Party yesterday decided that it would oppose organising a new referendum to have the population have a say whether essential governmental powers should be ceded to the EU super state, headquartered in Brussels.

Labour decided to trade the referendum against a law that protects workers from getting fired cheaply. The decision was taken by a meeting of Labour MPs. There was no vote, so MP had to go on the record as opposing the referendum.


Friday, August 31, 2007

What goes around....

Düzgün Yildirim, the new Socialist Party Senator mentioned as an example of the crop of candidates from ethnic minorities in the previous post, made a proposal. He says that the subsidy Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) receives from the state should be withdrawn. The reason he gave was that Wilders owes the threat against his life from Leftists and Muslims to his "radical utterances" towards Islam and the multicultural society (Dutch).

Yildirim says that politicians should not be protected their whole lifes at the expense of the Treasury.

Nobody ever asked whether Dutch society should be multicultural. This was forced on society. Those who asked questions were ostracised or attacked by "Antifa" the vigilantes of the Left. Now that there finally are people who are brave enough to stand up to intimidation, they need protection from the vigilantes and Muslims 24 by 7.

Yildirim shows were his real loyalty lies. With his own Muslim community. He attempts to use his political power to rob Wilders of the shield that he needs to survive and represent that part of the Dutch community that has retained a sense of nationhood.

Yildirim thinks that it is legal to attack those who attack Islam and the multiculturalist ideology that enables Islam to settle in Dutch society. He thinks it is illegal for the Dutch to oppose it. This fits with the Islamic view of those who do not agree with Islam and become Muslims are agressors against Islam.

The next step in the drama is obvious. Senator Yildirim has received many death threats from ethnic Dutchmen. E-mails, letters, packages, phonecalls stating support for Wilders and threats of murder and rape against himself and members of his family. Yildirim has reported these to the police.

Meanwhile, a German-Danish group led by a Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is planning a protest against the Islamization of Europe. The mayor of Brussels turned down the application for a permit to demonstrate by the organisers. The grounds for the denial was: "a real danger of violence between demonstrators and Muslims living in the neighbourhood." according to Mayor Thielemans.

Another application for a permit to demonstrate was granted. To "a group claiming that the 9/11/2001 terror attacks are the work of the American government, acting on behalf of the Jews".

This groups consists of Muslims and Leftists. There is no ground to deny this group a demonstration. Because there is no threat of violence from the ethnic Europeans against them.

By default this clearly shows who the violent side is, in the dispute between the Left and Islam on one side, and the groups who oppose Islamisation on the other side. As the opposers of Islamisation are confronted with the these facts and the obvious bounty on the use of violence, there will be a trend towards the use of counter-violence against the Left and Islamic communities. It is the only way to get represented and recognised politically.

As a result of Multiculturalism different ethnic and religious groups are competing within the same political space. They do not perceive the claims of the other groups as legitimate, hence they resort to threats of violence rather than to debate. Civil society is eroding. The government will have many excuses to rule in an authoritarian manner, rather than consult the public, as it is made up of warring groups.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Population replacement: nice political strategy, but is it sustainable?

In the project to abolish European nations in general, and the Dutch nation in particular, the elites use the strategy of population replacement. By importing hostile third worlders the politicos obtain a sledgehammer. To break their own people. And to create a garrison force to keep the broken people down.

In order to get a grip on the sledgehammer, it is necessary to select leaders from the imported groups and to INCORPORATE them into the elite. This happens during elections, when immigrants use block votes to get their candidates to jump ahead on the party lists, so they can represent them in the "ethnic spoils game" of multicultural politics.

Some parties are not attractive to the immigrants, such as the Liberal-Democrats and the Christian-Democrats, because their message is at odds with the "ethnic spoils" ethos or their culture is too particular to be attractive to foreigners.

The Left however are ideally suited to attract particularist immigrants, as the message of the Left has always been a transgression of the Tenth Commandment, articulating "covet your neighbour's money, house and car".

There is such a thing as "too much of a good thing" however and it is ripping the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) apart. Labour won big vicories in the 2006 municipal elections and they strengthened their hold on urban town councils accross the country. However there was a flood of non-Dutch councillors that had been low on the Labour Party lists that became councillors because their ethnic constituents voted for them en masse: the block vote!

Labour Party leader Wouter Bos warned that there were risks connected to the sudden infusion of ethnic leadership. The new councillors might be inexperienced and hail from a culture of particularism, he warned.

With the 2007 national elections Labour appointed two Muslim Deputy Ministers in order to advertise their special care for Muslim interests.

However the strategy is backfiring in a big way. Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders made an issue of the nationalities of the Deputy Ministers. The political establishment reacted furiously, but the damage was done. White voters are running away from the Labour Party with every attack by Wilders and the party is dropping in the polls. This week they poll as low as 22 seats, from 33 during the elections. Meanwhile Freedom Party is polling at 19, so the establishment Labour Party is hardly bigger than the new kid on the block. The establishment Liberal-Democrat Party (VVD) also polls at 20 plus seats, a third less than were the were a five years ago.

It would seem then that the population replacement strategy can severely backfire on the political establisment parties.

Most of the white voters of Labour go to the Socialist Party (SP), a far Left Party, with a strong charismatic leader, a well-developed local cadre and lots of grass roots support.

The Socialist Party has always taken a hard line on the particularism of immigrants. The Labour Party defectors now in the SP are often shocked by this hard line, but SP holds on to its line and tells their new voters to go back to Labour, if they do not like it. They have more voter support than they know what to do with, given the constraints of training new cadre.

The reason why population replacement is backfiring for Dutch Labour, is that there are credible alternatives for white voters, both on the Left and the Right.

Recently Düzgün Yildirim, a Turkish politician, was elected from the provincial council of Overijssel on the German border to the National Senate. However his election went against his position on the party list hierarchy. The SP party leadership insisted despite considerable opposition that he step down. Yildirim is still in the Senate, but the latest news is that he will be purged from the Maoist SP in September (Dutch) if he does not step down.

He has threatened to start his own party, but the SP is not impressed. They are not trying to curry favour with immigrant groups at the expense of white voters, because they know these are the backbone of their support AND the economy. This shows that they are smarter than the Dutch political establishment and e.g. George Bush' advisor Karl Rove, who has insisted on the desastrous pro-Hispanic strategy of the Republican Party, which will ensure Democrat hegemony in the near future.

Already in 1983 the Socialist Party wrote in their report "Guest Labour and Capital" by Anton Constandse that importing Muslims and other Third Worlders was to the detriment of the working class both economically and socially. The SP has claimed that therefore they were the first to make a stand against immigration. However, they were quickly intimidated by the political and media establishment into joining the political cartel on immigration. They never had the spine to really stand up for their constituents and now they are relying on the Freedom Party to do the dirty work on immigration restriction.

IMO that will prove too little and too late. While immigration continues in a flood, the country will continue to tear itself apart over issues of crime, religion, ethnicity and identity.

And Dutch Labour is the first to fall victim to that development.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Former Amsterdam mosque leader arrested

The saga of the project to built a huge mosque in Amsterdam-West continues. This project is an effort by Milli Gorüs, a Islamist Turkish organisation which is rather powerfull in the Turkish community in Western Europe.

Two months ago I wrote about the fact that the Amsterdam municipality had subsidized the mosque building project fraudulently, supporting the project with more than two million Euros. When you read the linked article pay special attention to the comment made by a Dutch liberal reader.

One of the leaders of the project, Üzeyir Kabaktepe was arrested yesterday:

"Amsterdam police have arrested the former director of the city's still-to-be-built Western mosque in connection with an investigation into embezzlement and money laundering.

Earlier this year, the mosque's new leadership made a formal complaint against Üzeyir Kabaktepe, alleging he had syphoned off €1.5m in mosque funds into his own investment company Manderen.

Manderen had been awared the contract to build the mosque by Turkish organisation Milli Görüs."

Strangely there has been no action against the municipality.

The unused building grounds for the Westermosque are going to be temporarily converted into a playground. The municipality still has not shelved the plans to built a mosque on this terrain. Arco Verburg (Labour), a spokesman of the local council (stadsdeelraad) said that the municipality still wants a mosque (Dutch) to be built there.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

President of Turkey on Islam and Islam critics

On MEMRI the news on Turkey is that the Islamist Turkish President Erdogan is angry with Westerners who believe in moderate Islam:

"These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it."

We got it on Islamist authority: "No such thing as moderate Islam. It is an insult even"

Yesterday President Erdogan also commented on those who criticize Islamist President-Candidate Gül in the harshest terms:

"The people who say that (Gul is not my president), must renounce their citizenship," quoted Reuters.

The Euro elite is still trying to make this country a EU member state!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Neo-Marxist Quandary

Ehsan Jami, the apostate of Islam was assaulted by three dark-skinned men for his apostacy. They threatened him with death. As happened to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And as happens all the time in the Muslim world.

According to the mainstream, which is liberalism, all cultures and religions are equal. So Islam is equal to Bhuddism. Or Christianity. This late form liberalism is the latest incarnation of Marxism. Neo-Marxism or post-1989-Marxism. All opinion makers in Western countries are such Neo-Marxists.

When there are phenomenona that do not fit in the Neo-Marxist thinking pattern appear the opinion makers will ignore them. But sometimes there are incidents that are too big to ignore. Such as the 2002 Fortuyn election and the assassination of Van Gogh. Opinion makers have to deal with a reality that defies their ideology.

This peeves them. They get angry. This means they may actually be wrong. Which means their hegemony may be threatened. They may hit wildly about them.

When Theo van Gogh was assassinated by Mohammed Bouyeri many in the media elite wrote that it was his own fault for making "Submission". When Ayaan Hirsi Ali was threathened it was said that she was making it up in order to dramatize her situation. (In the end Ayaan was shown to be something of a cheat in her asylum request. She had never fled a war, but lived safely in Kenya and this destroyed her reputation with many Dutchmen. This was exposed by the media. They are not always wrong.)

When Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders was threathened for his criticism of Islam and the Islamic presence in The Netherlands it was his own fault that he requires a permanent four man body guard, like Ayaan in order to survive. He should have been more sensitive. Should have toed the party line. It was implied that Muslims are right to seek to kill critics. There was a shocking cartoon in Vrij Nederland, showing Geert Wilders as a coward, a man cowering behind his bodyguard. This was after TWO assasinations for a political purpose and in relation to Islam.

Now Ehsan Jami, the aspiring Labour politician founded a committee of ex-muslims, of apostates. Critisized Islam and was attacked for it by three men. His contact details were made public by a internet forum for Morroccans. He received a deluge of hate mail and phone calls.

And opinion leaders are jumping in the fray in order to cast doubt on the attack. Sociologist J.A.A. van Doorn published two pieces in two national newspapers, Trouw (Dutch) and NRC Handelsblad stating among other things: "It would seem that not only did Ehsan bait his victimhood with rough insults of Islam, but he even made it up."

Rudie Kagie, editor of Vrij Nederland, (Dutch) another snobbish leftist magazine did something similar. A part of the press corps jumped on top of this and started to question the reality of the attack on Ehsan using the testimony of one of the witnesses, who made some mistakes in his report and denied that Ehsan was hid and was bleeding. Various other witnesses gave conclusive testimony asserting that Ehsan was hit by a Somali, fell down unconcious that his girlfriend was molested and that Ehsan was insulted and singled out for insulting Mohammed.

All this to protect the Neo-Marxist worldview from inconvenient and damaging facts. To engage in incestious groupthink and to maintain conformism.

Meanwhile, white voters are leaving the Labour party in droves, running towards the anti-EU Socialist Party and the Conservative Freedom Party, where Geert Wilders called for a ban of the Quran, because it was a cause of intolerance. Wilders' story proved itself by the story of Ehsan, which happened at the same time. Polls show that the Freedom Party rose to 19 seats from 9 while Labour stands at 23 down from 33 during the last election.

In other words, the strategy of population replacement is backfiring for the Left. They lose their voters quicker than they can be imported. Only the SP is gaining votes of working whites. The right is also gaining cumulatively in the polls vis-a-vis the left.

In conclusion: right now this Labour Party weakness means that the Christian-Labour coalition is becoming increasingly unstable. And it is just in its first year.

The centre of Dutch politics is weakening. Politics is getting more and more polarised, with centrist parties weakening and hardline Leftist and Rightist parties making strong gains. It will be more and more difficult to put coalitions together and they will have a hard time remaining in power for the full term.

Neo-Marxism and mass immigration are a recipe for political instability. Societies going down this path seem to become ungovernable as can be seen in France, The Netherlands and the UK.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Brussels demo against Islamisation

Cassandra wrote:
"I've been scanning your blog in vein for any mention of the 9/11 rally in Brussels by the Stop Islamization of Europe organization. I would have thought this might be of interest to you. Your views?"

My view is that it is great. That is to say it is great if there will be a significant number of people: say 5.000. Even though mayor Thielemans has not given permnission for the demonstration. Vlaams Belang leader DeWinter has invited everybody to celebrate his birthday, so that seems a good reason to congegrate.

Brussels also has many excellent restaurants. I strongly suggest that all readers of this blog that can make it take the day, go to Brussels, visit the De Wetsstraat (where the demonstration is) and have a nice meal before heading home. If you are arrested for celebrating with a Patriot it will make things so much more interesting. And a nice story to tell the kids.

US power is faltering

In the 1920ies and 1930ies world power moved from Europe (Great Britain) West accross the Atlantic. It was not until the 1950ies that everybody understood that European power had collapsed and that the USA was racing ahead. The 1956 Suez crisis caused the world to realise what the new power realities were. Exit Europe. All eyes on the USA and the new contender, Soviet Russia and world communism.

Right now we can see a similar power shift. In the stage of the 1920ies and 1930ies shift of power, when the UK needed US capital to develop the economies of its empire in the Middle East and Asia. The new global financial power is China. And it has started to openly flex its muscle: "Two Chinese officials at leading Communist Party bodies have given interviews in recent days warning, for the first time, that Beijing may use its $1,330bn (£658bn) of foreign reserves as a political weapon to counter pressure from the US Congress. Shifts in Chinese policy are often announced through key think tanks and academies."

And a key US Policy maker is taking heed (HT Parapundit). David Walker, comptroller general of the US recently warned:

"The US government is on a ‘burning platform’ of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon"

The fiscal imbalance meant the US was “on a path toward an explosion of debt”.

The recent waves made by the US sub-prime mortgage crisis only underscore the words of the US comptroller general. European and Asian banks are underwriting US consumption. The US saving rate is close to zero. The US does not have the capital to develop its own infrastructures, let alone the infrastructures of societies in the Middle East. Moreover unfettered Third World immigration is straining US education, transport, health and many other infrastructures. Its economy is strongly consumption driven and this consumption is fuelled by credit. Meanwhile China is sitting on a mountainous treasure, much like Fafnir, Sigurd's Dragon.

The US government and the Federal Reserve must make economies. But these cutbacks will cause a recession and unemployment. Together with a disastrious foreign war this will make US internal politics unstable and depressed in the next decade. Think of the post-Vietnam era, but then much worse.

After 1990, the US was the only power and we lived in uni-polar world. We are moving back into a bi-polar world and I would expect local powers to become restless as well. Similar to what happened in the 1920ies when Japan and Germany tried to fill the British power vacuum with military adventurism and warrior ideologies.

Countries that could play such a role are Iran, Turkey and Egypt, for the Middle East. Iran has already allied itself in the SCO with Russia and China for such a role.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In the name of the Father?

"A Dutch Catholic bishop has suggested that Christians should refer to God as "Allah" to promote better relations with Muslims.

Bishop Martinus "Tiny" Muskens of Breda told the "Network" television show that "God doesn't really care how we address Him."

Bishop Martinus "bend over backwards" Muskens urges his flock to make maximum accomodation to Muslims in The Netherlands. It is impossible for anyone to respect people who will follow this urging of this shepherd. Neither a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew or a Muslim shall respect people with so little self respect. The Bishop has lost his salt.

But we should not be surprised that the Bishop has taken this position. As Lawrence Auster at View to the Right has pointed out regarding Pope Benedictus and his Regensburg Address, the Catholic hierarchy is bound to the 1965 Nostra Aetate. This is the document which addresses the relationship of the Roman Catholic Church with the Non-Christian Religions. Among other things Nostra Aetate holds:

"No foundation therefore remains for any theory or practice that leads to discrimination between man and man or people and people, so far as their human dignity and the rights flowing from it are concerned."

This allows: "No people, no nation, no religion, no culture, no form of government, no family organization, no human society of any kind could maintain its existence under this rule." according to Mr. Auster.

Nostra Aetate is unfettered liberalism. It is nihilistically destructive even of Christianity itself. Think of this, the Bishop also said that God does not care what we call Him? Shall we address Him Shiva, or Lucifer, or Satan? It is all the same and to think that it is different would be evil, right?

The Catholic Church has been quite aloof from worldly matters, such as immigration, military and defense. But under Nostra Aetate the Roman Catholic Church has become actively hostile to ANY defense of the West. The Church hierarchy is part of the Treason Lobby, together with Big Business, the Trade Unions, the Political Class, the national and international Bureaucracies and the Church of the Left: the Media.

There is little point in complaining about the Bishop. The Bishop and the Pope are bound by this declaration, according to Catholic doctrin. For the Catholic Church to become defenders of the West and Western nations and of Christianity it is necessary first to repudiate Nostra Aetate and to come to a new non-liberal understanding of the relation between the Catholic Churches and the responsibilities of Catholics to defend their societies.

That will be quite a bit of work.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poll: half of Dutch population sees Islam as a threat, a firm specialized in public opinion and polls published a report on attitudes of Dutch voters regarding Islam. The cause was Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders' call to ban the Quran. This poll was already mentioned on the KleinVerzet blog by a MAUDLIN Erwin. I commented on his conclusion a few days ago.

The question: "Does the presence of the Islam in our country represent an enrichment or a threat or neither?

Fifty-one percent of the sample replied Islam is a threat. The sample was broken up according to the party the respondent voted in the last election. Ninety-nine percent of the sample that voted for the Conservative Freedom Party of Geert Wilders said Islam was a threat. The other big rightwing party supporters (CDA and VVD) showed a sixty to seventy percent rate of those who thought Islam is a menace to society. The small Christian Union supporters showed only thirty-four percent thought Islam is a threat, but their supporters are mostly in the little affeced countryside. Amazingly thirty-four percent of Labour Party supporters and thirty-seven percent of the hardline leftist Socialist Party supporters thought the presence of Islam threatens Dutch society and is no enrichment. And just eleven percent of the posh but small Greens viewed Islam as a threat.

So the view that Islam is a threat to society is widely held in the Netherlands, the majority view. This view is held by the overwhelming majority of those who identify with the Right and by a large minority of those who support the Left.

Finally, those who support the right are consistently slightly bigger than those who support the Left in The Netherland. Since 1972 however the media and political establishment are far more Leftist in their views than the population.

To condense it in one slogan: Multicultural ideology is dead in The Netherland. As far as the population is concerned. The political, academic and media elites are still ambling along as if nothing happened.

For those who read Dutch here is the link to the site with the research:

The document can be found under: "09-08-2007 Geert Wilders en de Koran"

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dutch Labour leader abandons Apostate of Islam

Ehsan Jami, the founder of the Dutch committee of ex-muslims and Dutch Labour party member was assaulted last weekend by angry Muslims.

Jami, who is a member of the Labour Party (PvdA) is controversial within Labour for his stance on Islam. His party is heavily dependent on the Muslim vote in the immigrant saturated big cities and many towns across The Netherlands.

The latest development is that Labour Leader Wouter Bos now came out in an interview in "De Volkskrant" (Dutch) that he and his party do not support Jami and his call for protection of those who leave Islam. Because the way Jami presents his story is too provocative and injuring to Muslims.

The Left never misses a chance, to prove their dhimmitude.


Dutch blogger Erwin at Kleinverzet wrote: "Almost 70% of the Dutch do not feel free enough to openly air their opinions on islam. In a purportedly free country as the Netherlands still likes to think it is, that is a most depressing statistic..."

No, no, my brother Erwin. This statistic is a cause for joy. Suppose people did not realise or recognize or deny they were unfree. Like it used to be. Then it would be impossible for them to THINK the truth. The people has to be aware of an issue, before they can deal with the issue.

A Czech told me a rhyme from Communist times:

"Don't think,
but if you think,
don't talk.
But if you talk,
don't write.
But if you write
don't sign.
And if you sign,
Don't be surprised."

Well, at a certain point people under Communism started thinking, then talking, then writing and around 1985 signing and demonstrating.

And then Communism fell apart in a few years.

People are now setting the first step of thinking and recognising they are unfree to speak. They are becoming aware of their unfreedom. And you and I and others are already writing. But not signing. It is too early for that.

Eventually the people will move on to sign and to assemble in the streets openly proclaiming what the people already believes. When the time has come the politico's and the other people in power will lose their own belief in neo-marxism.

At that point the whole ideological building will fall apart. And their power will dissappear. And that moment is not too far. It is now 1973 or 1983. I do not know which.

The other side bases itself on lies. If we are righteous and built our foundations on Truth and Honesty we are invincible.

The Sun is shining for us. The other side is heading into night and fog.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Freedom Party leader proposes to ban Qoran

Fasten your seatbelts, this is the leader of the populist Freeddom party (PVV) speaking:

Geert Wilders, the controversial leader of the anti-immigration PVV party, has called for a ban on the Quran in the Netherlands. MORE ..

Multicultural festival in Amsterdam marred by violence

Last Sunday the ending of Amsterdam multicultural festival "Kwakoe" for Caribbean blacks was marred by violence. As the festival ended and revellers went home fights broke out. The police (Dutch) made seven arrests.

I witnessed an ongoing fight in the carriage behind the metro carriage that I was using travelling home after a trip to Berlin. Several enrichers were fighting it out for five minutes on the track from station Duivendrecht to Amstel.

Berlin is very mellow compared to Amsterdam. Berlin has only fourteen percent immigrants, while Amsterdam has close to fifty. Even so I was a witness on the S-Bahn of an angry confrontation between a German and a Turk, over the Turk playing music on his walkman.

In The Netherlands the train carriage got tense halfway in the country as about six muslim kids entered my carriage and started to play music loudly.

Debate is also starting in Berlin over the possibility to assimilate the Turkish immigrants, as there has been a spate of honour killings in the past two years. More and more Turkish women in Germany is wearing the headscarve, although I did not see a single Burqa.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Liberalism bites its own behind

Last weekend Amsterdam saw another installment of its hysterically touted "Gay Pride". The Amsterdam Gay Pride is a flotilla of party boats sailing on the Amsterdam canals in a column:
The flotilla and party afterward is one of the biggest of the year in Amsterdam, and one in which the city upholds its reputation as one of Europe's gayest capitals.
It is an opportunity for Liberals to wallow in smugness. "We are the best! The most tolerant and inclusive lot in the world. Big applause for ourselves!"

But the openness and inclusiveness also allow in masses of Third Worlders into the Netherlands. And thus into liberal Amsterdam. And these Third Worlders are decidedly unliberal in their outlook. As a result the Amsterdam Gay Pride was marred by attacks on gay revellers by Muslim youth for the past 5 years or so.

This year the message of the Pride was a call for tolerance and the spokesman of the Parade and several of the floats carried messages about gay bashing in general and immigrant gay bashing in particular:
Elferink of the COC (Gay rights organisation) disputed that the rise in attacks was due to better reporting.
An Irishman and a Spaniard plus two Americans, all gays (Dutch), were attacked during the weekend. Gay rights organisations called for harsher measures against gay bashers, including collective punishment against groups of people when one of the members of the group attacks gays.

The Irishmen is actually seriously injured, with a broken jaw, a broken nose and a dislocated joint in the neck.

Instead of calling for special protection under the law for special groups, Dutch society should start enforcing existing law, old-fashioned law and order and the borders. This means that all Thirld World immigration should cease.

Muslim apostate assaulted by Muslims

Ehsan Jami is a son of Iranian immigrants to The Netherlands. He is a member of the PvdA, the Dutch Labour Party. A while ago he became well-known as a apostate of Islam. He also founded a "committee of ex-Muslims". The leadership of the Labour Party feared to lose the Muslim vote, which is a significant part of their electoral base and tried to muzzle him.

The latest news is that Ehsan Jami has been assaulted by a Moroccan and a Somali thug who made references to his judgement on the Prophet Muhammed:

"The chairman of the Netherlands-based Central Committee for Ex-Muslims confirmed late Monday, August 6, that he has been put under special police protection after being attacked over the weekend.

Ehsan Jami, 22, who is also city councillor of the left-leaning Dutch Labor Party (PvdA) in the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg, said he was beaten up Saturday, August 4, by three men while leaving a supermarket.

Both Jami and a female companion were reportedly injured in the attack in Voorburg, which was carried out by two Moroccans and a man from Somalia, Dutch media said.

It was the third time that Jami was attacked, prompting the Dutch National Coordinator Terrorism Suppression to intervene, Dutch television reported. "Yes I can confirm that I have protection and feel myself more safe," he told the Dutch television news show NOVA."

I am looking forward to the day when the authorities are actually going to protect ethnic Dutchmen against violent immigrants. For instance by enforcing public order and keeping Muslims out of our territory.

Friday, June 08, 2007

More Mosque for your money?

Amsterdam-West is the scene of an attempt to built a large mosque (including garage and shopping centre) by Milli Gorüs, a Turkish Islamic organisation.

The project is controversial and keeps yielding juicy news. It is getting more and more unclear if the mosque will ever be built, depite strong support from the central government and Amsterdam townhall.

Former Justice Minister Donner laid the first stone in 2006, promoting Milli Gorüs in a grandiloquent speech. Donner has also said that he would support introduction of the Sharia as the Dutch constitution if this would be done according to democratic procedure.

However, there are those in the Amsterdam neighbourhood "De Baarsjes" that do not want the mosque to be built. This organisation, Bort, has been finding more and more allies in their opposition to the building of the mosque.

As opposition mounted, Fatih Dag, Milli Gorüs' spokesman in the Netherlands threatened violent demonstrations by Turks (Dutch) from all over Europe. Similar threats were made by the then spokesman Kabateke in 1995, when there was oppostion to the building of the mosque (Dutch).

This was the final straw to many Amsterdam and Parliamentary politicians. They reacted by deserting Milli Gorüs and publicly stating that the Turkish Muslims had lost their backing on the issue of the building of the Mosque.

The position of Milli Gorüs had been weakened when it turned out the organisation had used mosques and Islamic organisations as platforms to sell "Islamic investments" to Dutch Turks. These investments, often called "holdings" by Turks have been popular with German and Dutch Turks in the 90ies and later. Tens and hundreds of thousands of Euros were invested in the Islamic Investments by individual Turks, constituting their life savings. The total sums are estimated in the dozens and hundreds of millions of Euros. However the holdings turned out to be pyramid schemes and the investors saw their investments lose their value overnight. At least some of the money raised by the "Islamic Investments" was funneled into Jihadism in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East.

But the story has gotten worse. The cover-up seems to have collapsed and on June the 6th of June it transpired that the Amsterdam municipality in 2005 had supported Milli Gorüs' Amsterdam mega Mosque project by a shady real estate transaction that transferred two million Euros from the Municipal purse to the Turkish Muslims.

For some dark unstated reason, no heads rolled in Amsterdam politics after this came out. The politicos motivated their decisions by recounting threats that had been made by the Mosque's board. As the "Islamic Investments" had gone broke, Milli Gorüs Amsterdam had apparently become insolvent. In order to regain their financial position that if financial aid was essential. If it would not be forthcoming the Amsterdam Turks threathened that the radical German leadership of Milli Gorüs would become dominant after giving them the two million Euros.

In summary: in order to, among other things, finance Jihadism in Europe and the Middle East Milli Gorüs and other organisations defrauded their compatriots and co-religionists of millions of Euros. When their schemes collapsed their front organisations in Amsterdam was faced with a financial shortfall. In order to make up the deficit the Amsterdam Municipality was succesfully blackmailed into transferring 2 million Euros into the coffers of the Amsterdam Jihadist front Milli Gorüs. The Amsterdam Municipality was very easy to blackmail, despite the very obvious crossing of the separation between church and state that was involved. In the end the appeasement did not pay off and just whetted the appetite of the Turks for unearned money and rights. This does not result in a political scandal and is downplayed by the media. Heads do not roll.

Finally: I feel it is safe to state that this is not the last scandal that will be connected to the building of the Wester Mosque in particular and other mosque projects in The Netherlands in general. To be continued.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When young men get together

Tuesday a friendly footy match between youth teams of Morocco and The Netherlands caused riots in the Tilburg stadium and the city centre of the town. Moroccans from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France booed and whisteled during the playing of the Wilhelmus, our national hymn.

Altough young Morocco won the game, supporters stormed the field in the second half. Later there were riots in downtown Tilburg. Only twenty-six Morroccans were arrested, although:
It is not the first time they have spoiled a Moroccan match in our country according to a spokesman.
Moroccan fans in the last two years vandalised stadiums in Utrecht, Arnhem, Kerkrade and Amsterdam.
according to a Freedom Party spokesman.

The Freedom Party demanded in Parliament from the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice that the twenty-six arrested hooligans in addition to their normal punishment will be forced to
clean a number of Dutch Football stadiums ..... with their own toothbrushes. And if not, then why not your Excellencies.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

USA makes suicide attempt

The political elite of the US is working on killing the Nation, quickly. Before they just tried to do it slowly.


"US Senate proposal for massive illigal alien amnesty"

The proposal seeks to legalize 12-20 million illigals, mostly Hispanics. It is a big step towards the elimination of the USA as a nation and a global player.

The elimination of the USA as a global player will have mayor implications for nations in Europe, the Middle East, India and China, which are used to play politics and war in the shadows of hyperpower USA. The stakes for these nations will be raised.

This proposal is so bad that it finally seems to have woken up Mark "Demography" Steyn from his slumber:
I'm not a fan of "bipartisanship" for its own sake. This is a very divided political culture in which bipartisanship is all but nonexistent on everything else, starting with war and national security. So, when the political class is in lockstep bipartisan mode, that's sufficiently unusual all by itself. When it's in bipartisan mode on an issue on which the public is diametrically opposed, that looks less like bipartisanship and more like the lockstep myopia of an out-of-touch one-party state.
At some point, it's worth trying to climb over the rubble of the 2007 Z-1s and the 1986 amnesty and the 1965 immigration act, and going back to basics: What is immigration for? In the modern Western world, to question immigration in even the most cautious way is to risk being demonized as a racist. Most of us like to see ourselves as nice people, and so even to raise the subject of immigration -- even illegal immigration -- feels like an assault not on distant foreigners so much as on our self-image. Yet, whatever the virtuousness of immigration for the host society, a dependence on it is a sign of profound structural weakness, and, when all the self-congratulation about celebrating diversity has died down, that weakness ought to be understood as such. The unspoken premise behind this bill is that the socioeconomic order in America is now so dependent on the vast apparatus of a giant shadow state of illegal immigrants that it cannot be dismantled but only legitimized and thereby expanded. If that is true, that is a basic structural defect that should be addressed honestly.

This is the first time Steyn questions IMMIGRATION, as far as I know.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mohammed removes all doubt

Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh's assassin had to testify yesterday in the case against several members of the Hofstad terror cell. Mohammed Bouyeri was a dominant member of the Hofstad terror cell. Amongst other matters concerning the nature of his religion Mohammed Bouyeri testified:
A good Muslim in the Netherlands has two choices,
he said.
The first was to ‘pack your bags and leave’ for an Islamic country
but, he said,
there isn't one at the moment
. The second, said Bouyeri, is the one he opted for:
pick up your weapons and fight.

This is what Islam means to a good Muslim according to a significant portion of the Muslim community in their countries of origin AND in the West, where they have settled in the last 40 years as a result of the failure to control immigration into those countries.

Good Muslims take their scripture as a hunting licence, as Arabist Hans Jansen argues. And we unbelievers are their prey. In a world in which states are becoming increasingly irrelevant this is a powerful force.

In the same week US law enforcement arrested a group of Albanian Muslim immigrants who were preparing themselves to attack Fort Dix, a US Military base. From their actions it is highly probable that they see their duty as Muslims in the same light as Mohammed Bouyeri does.
The Dukas are typical of those who have thrived from such ties: 28 of 37 local family members live in America now.
This plot exposes Bush' dictum:
we fight them there (Iraq), so they do not come here
as the inanity is obviously IS and WAS. But neither Bush, nor the current crop of Republican Presidential candidates seems to be able to rethink their position on the universality of Western civilisation.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Freedom of Speech in Finland

There is a rather telling incident in Finland, reported by Gates of Vienna (HT, KV). A blogger has been accussed of political incorrectness by the Ombudsman for minorities. The blogger, Mikko Ellila, has written that African immigrants commit more crimes per capita than Finns.

The Ombudsman for minorities, a Mikko Puumalainen, reported the "hate crime". The police is on the case and Mikko Ellila has to explain his thoughts and emotions (hate is a emotion) to the police. Supposedly, if the police find unlawful emotion on their "soul-o-graph" Blogger Ellila will be charged and if convicted punished.

Minority Ombudsman Puumalainen has stated:
"all opinions that help maintain the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere in Finland ought to be totally criminalised" according to blogger Ellila.

The ombudsman knows that the majority of his countrymen are against immigration. So in order to deal with their opposition he will OPPRESS them in order to get his way and to ensure the replacement of his countrymen.

Puumalainen's arrogance is just breathtaking. He is begging his people to rise up against the PC regime. The gods ought to favour such ambition.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Tonight at 20:00 hours is Dodenherdenking, the commemoration of those Dutchmen killed in the Second Word War, by the Axis powers. Wreaths will be laid at monuments in every town that lost their people.

Often there will be calls for racial and sectarian tolerance and peace.

In Amsterdam, there are ceremonies at 39 places. The wreaths will be brought indoors (Dutch) or be guarded. This has become necessary as "youths" will attack and destroy the wreaths.

Probably, when the mayor makes his call for peace and tolerance he will omit the fact that there are very well-defined groups in the city that habitually use violence against the outsiders.

And that these groups consist of immigrants or the offspring of immigrants.

Selling us down the river

An important article on VDare. Randall Burns has put a price on American citizensship, enabling calculation of the costs of selling US citizensship by the political class to Third Worlders.

Dutchman Pieter Lakeman of Sobi Bedrijfsinformatie has made similar calculation of the cost of immigration for The Netherlands. He estimated that immigration cost the Dutch taxpayer 70 Billion guilders (roughly 32 million Euros or 38 million US Dollars), after substraction of gains, between 1960 and 1970.

The recent asylum seeker amnesty by the coalition will add another 800 million guiders, in the next 4 years. Family reunification or "chain immigration" will BALLOON the costs after that.

The costs of immigration are unevenly spread accross society. Employers and bureaucrats GAIN, while blue collar workers see there wages FALL, due to the increased labour supply. Supply and demand and all that jazz.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ondiep policeman investigated as a suspect

The policeman (appearantly he is a male) who shot Ondiep resident Rinie Mulder, causing the Ondiep riots, is now a suspect of the shooting. The reason is that this is necessary to have further investigation under guidance of a specialized buraucrat called a "judge commissar".

I have not been able to fully figure out the reasoning that was given by the public prosecution for this change in the policeman's status. Let's see what happens.

Read MORE.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Anti-terror bureaucrat attempts to intimidate Geert Wilders

Right-wing leader Geert Wilders was invited to the office of Tjibbe Joustra, chief of the NCTb, the anti-terror service of the Dutch state. He was told of the hostility to his views in Muslim societies. And more:

"Wilders said the NCTb's goal was not only to inform him about his security situation. After the three hour meeting, an employee of the NCTb told Wilders that he would do better to express his political message in a milder manner. Wilders said he was given this recommendation during a presentation in the office of NCTb boss Tjibbe Joustra, at which officials from the intelligence and security service (AIVD) were also present."

Read the whole article on Geert Wilders.

More insults

The new Dutch coalition is still working on new deals between the three parties. Labour is pushing for a amnesty for failed asylum seekers and has received a new concession from the friggin' Christian coalition parties (Christian Democrats and Christian Union).

This concession is that asylum seekers who are proven lie-ers will also be included in the amnesty. The limit is one lie.

Lets just round this scum up and kill 'em all. I am talking about the coalition politicians. I get so effing disgusted......

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Labour leadership resigns

The entire management board of the Labour (PvdA) resigned late last night after a four-hour crisis meeting. MORE

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Racism and Rights

Criminalizing speech in the EU

The Brussels Journal reported a few days ago on new EU legislation being prepared by the European Commission. It is currently under review by the Council of Ministers, the ad hoc council of Justice Ministers of all European countries that approves legislation prepared by the European Commission.

The legislation is intended to stifle freedom of speech and action in all EU member states under the guise of "fighting racism and xenophobia". This kind of legislation is remniscent of the 1936 Constitution of the Soviet Union. It is concerning that the EU is attempting to legislate the criminal code of the member states.

The EU laws will in effect be quite powerless unless they are actually enforced by the national judiciaries of the EU member states. So what is the record with regards to surpression of speech enforcement in The Netherlands?

Free Speech takes of in The Netherlands

During the 2001-2002 Pim Fortuyn upheaval Dutch speech codes were relaxed. There was increased freedom to debate matters and government agencies released studies with politically incorrect finding, such as the overrepresentation of non-western foreigners in violent crime. As a result speech and action (hiring) are more free in The Netherlands than in other parts of the EU, especially Germany and Belgium. Still, article 1 of the Dutch constitution remained unchanged, including the part amended by Communist Marcus Bakker, that outlaws ethnic and religious discrimination by the public, rather than discrimination by the state that was the original portent of article 1.

Recently Vlaams Belang leader Dewinter recognized this greater freedom when he stated that he would apply for political asylum if the Belgian legislature would pass a law that would make exclude anyone convicted of "racism" from seeking political office.

With the new government of Labour, with Christian Democrats and Christian Union this freedom is under threat. Not only Labour politicians but also the Christian politicians are making ominious noises.

The sponsors of the agency

Yesterday, Christian Democrat Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin presented a new foundation dedicated to "combat racism and xenophobia" in addition to the organisations already existing, such as subsidised internet watchdog MDI and the special desks of the police for discrimination. The new organisation is called "Art. 1" after the Communist subverted article 1 of the Dutch constitution. The foundation was actually "enshrined" at Parliament by chiselling the text of article 1 of the Dutch constitution in a stone bench on the square of the Parliament building "Binnenhof".

The budget of the agency

The national government has an 6 million Euro annual budget item for such anti-discrimination desks. "Art. 1" wants it doubled. Justice Minister Ballin also promised that the prosecution department (OM) will intensify its hunt against dicriminatory hiring practices and "hate speech".

The head of the agency

The man appointed to head the new foundation is a Mr. Herman Meijer (Dutch). Mr. Meijer is a professional homosexual, a member of the radical gay-rights movement. He belongs to the Green Party ("Groen Links"). The Greens are a amalgam of a pacifist, the Communist and the Christian Leftist (EVP)Parties. Mr. Meijer is both a former card carrying Pacifist and a Communist. This man has now appointed himself to head a state-subsidised quasi-governemental organisation. The subsidy adds insult to injury, as politically incorrect Conservatives such as myself are forced to fund with our taxes the very organisation that disenfranchises us.

The morals of Mr. Herman Meijer

But that is not all. Mr. Meijer is an activist for pedophile rights. He is closely connected to activists that advance the "rights" of pedophiles as a part of his political activities and writings. He is an organiser of the infamous "Love of fellow man, Freedom and Diversity Party" ("Partij van Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit"). This party tried to take part in the 2006 election advocating rights of pedophiles, but met with such hostility that it never came to anything.

Breaking contracts

It is a sign of the times that immoral personal conduct is ADVOCATED by people on positions of highest political power. Diversity of opinion, necessary for debate in a free society regarding the reconcilability of ethnic, religious and national differences is criminalised. Though the latter a mere opinions and the former are actual breaches of the contract of society. This is general in the West.

Back to The Netherlands

Finally what this reveals again is the utter contempt with which the Dutch political class regards the public. Despite the fact that 2006 again showed there is enormous hostility against pedophilia in the country, Mr. Meyers was made head of the anti-heterodoxy foundation regardless.

This will give those who attack Multiculturalist dogma extra ammunition in their fight against the surpression of speech. So we can end this piece on a positive note.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The state of the nation

In order to rule the lives of its citizens the Dutch government is enacting and enforcing legislation to, e.g.:

ban smoking from the workplace
ban smoking from public places like bars and restaurants.

This, they think show that they care for our well-being.

On the other hand the government has to perform its oldest duty. The core of what a state has to do. To protect the public from violence.

Two stories:

1. A "very dangerous criminal (Dutch)" has escaped recently in Rotterdam. Police is looking for him, but only a SWAT team is allowed to make an arrest. That is how dangerous he is. However, the public prosecutor (OM) does not want to publish his picture, in order not to injure his privacy.

2. In Enschede a man burglared a house. The owner of the house defended himself with a baseball bat and injured the burglar. The houseowner has been arrested and is accused of assault. The burglar has been taken to hospital, to be nursed back to health at public expense.

The state cares about the well-being of the criminals, their privacy and safety. They do protect us if we voluntary go to places were we may be harmed by smoking. However, the state treats with contempt its duty to protect the public from wrong-doers.

This phenomenon was first given a name by the late Sam Francis. Anarcho-tyranny. He wrote: "a combination of anarchy (in which legitimate government functions—like spying on the bad guys or punishing real criminals—are not performed) and tyranny (in which government performs illegitimate functions—like spying on the good guys or criminalizing innocent conduct like gun ownership and political dissent).

The result of anarcho-tyranny is that government swells in power, criminals are not controlled, and law-abiding citizens wind up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs."

Anarcho-tyranny is a sign of the crisis of ligitimacy of the state. This is clearly shown on online forums of populist Dutch newspapers. Here commenters make constant comparisons of the laid-back attitude of the state in crime surpression contrasting with the harshness of the state when productive citizens are caught speeding or self-defending. It would seem they well understand the idea of Anarcho-tyranny.