Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Resistance goes mainstream

In a remarkable move Liberal-Conservative (VVD) stalwart Henk Kamp made a significant move to slow down Islamisation of The Netherlands. The coalition party is now advocating a platform to reduce marriage migration to a trickle. From 30.000 to 5.000 per year.

"Henk Kamp wants to reduce immigration as much as possible of people "who not speak Dutch or English". The minimum age of a non-EU marriage immigrant should go up from 21 to 24, to combat arranged marriages. The applicant should also pay a deposit of 7,500 euros, only repayable after five years if no call has been made on social security."


"Kamp also wants the government actively to track down and deport all illegal immigrants. Additionally, it should be a punishable offence for municipalities or other government bodies to offer aid to illegal immigrants. "

Also and most significantly:

"the Netherlands is not an Islamic country and must not become one." Mosques offering radical Imams a podium must be closed and the Imams deported, in Kamp's view. If they also have Dutch nationality as well as another, the Dutch passport must be taken away from them"

The VVD Party is under strong pressure from the right. The party's Conservative and Nationalist voters are deserting the party in droves running to Conservative Geert Wilders and Populist Rita Verdonk, both who jumped ship on the Liberal Conservative Party.

This move looks like the move a few days ago of insane Neo-Conservative (Invade the world, Invite the world) and Presidential Candidate John McCain in the USA.

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