Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Population replacement: nice political strategy, but is it sustainable?

In the project to abolish European nations in general, and the Dutch nation in particular, the elites use the strategy of population replacement. By importing hostile third worlders the politicos obtain a sledgehammer. To break their own people. And to create a garrison force to keep the broken people down.

In order to get a grip on the sledgehammer, it is necessary to select leaders from the imported groups and to INCORPORATE them into the elite. This happens during elections, when immigrants use block votes to get their candidates to jump ahead on the party lists, so they can represent them in the "ethnic spoils game" of multicultural politics.

Some parties are not attractive to the immigrants, such as the Liberal-Democrats and the Christian-Democrats, because their message is at odds with the "ethnic spoils" ethos or their culture is too particular to be attractive to foreigners.

The Left however are ideally suited to attract particularist immigrants, as the message of the Left has always been a transgression of the Tenth Commandment, articulating "covet your neighbour's money, house and car".

There is such a thing as "too much of a good thing" however and it is ripping the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) apart. Labour won big vicories in the 2006 municipal elections and they strengthened their hold on urban town councils accross the country. However there was a flood of non-Dutch councillors that had been low on the Labour Party lists that became councillors because their ethnic constituents voted for them en masse: the block vote!

Labour Party leader Wouter Bos warned that there were risks connected to the sudden infusion of ethnic leadership. The new councillors might be inexperienced and hail from a culture of particularism, he warned.

With the 2007 national elections Labour appointed two Muslim Deputy Ministers in order to advertise their special care for Muslim interests.

However the strategy is backfiring in a big way. Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders made an issue of the nationalities of the Deputy Ministers. The political establishment reacted furiously, but the damage was done. White voters are running away from the Labour Party with every attack by Wilders and the party is dropping in the polls. This week they poll as low as 22 seats, from 33 during the elections. Meanwhile Freedom Party is polling at 19, so the establishment Labour Party is hardly bigger than the new kid on the block. The establishment Liberal-Democrat Party (VVD) also polls at 20 plus seats, a third less than were the were a five years ago.

It would seem then that the population replacement strategy can severely backfire on the political establisment parties.

Most of the white voters of Labour go to the Socialist Party (SP), a far Left Party, with a strong charismatic leader, a well-developed local cadre and lots of grass roots support.

The Socialist Party has always taken a hard line on the particularism of immigrants. The Labour Party defectors now in the SP are often shocked by this hard line, but SP holds on to its line and tells their new voters to go back to Labour, if they do not like it. They have more voter support than they know what to do with, given the constraints of training new cadre.

The reason why population replacement is backfiring for Dutch Labour, is that there are credible alternatives for white voters, both on the Left and the Right.

Recently Düzgün Yildirim, a Turkish politician, was elected from the provincial council of Overijssel on the German border to the National Senate. However his election went against his position on the party list hierarchy. The SP party leadership insisted despite considerable opposition that he step down. Yildirim is still in the Senate, but the latest news is that he will be purged from the Maoist SP in September (Dutch) if he does not step down.

He has threatened to start his own party, but the SP is not impressed. They are not trying to curry favour with immigrant groups at the expense of white voters, because they know these are the backbone of their support AND the economy. This shows that they are smarter than the Dutch political establishment and e.g. George Bush' advisor Karl Rove, who has insisted on the desastrous pro-Hispanic strategy of the Republican Party, which will ensure Democrat hegemony in the near future.

Already in 1983 the Socialist Party wrote in their report "Guest Labour and Capital" by Anton Constandse that importing Muslims and other Third Worlders was to the detriment of the working class both economically and socially. The SP has claimed that therefore they were the first to make a stand against immigration. However, they were quickly intimidated by the political and media establishment into joining the political cartel on immigration. They never had the spine to really stand up for their constituents and now they are relying on the Freedom Party to do the dirty work on immigration restriction.

IMO that will prove too little and too late. While immigration continues in a flood, the country will continue to tear itself apart over issues of crime, religion, ethnicity and identity.

And Dutch Labour is the first to fall victim to that development.

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