Thursday, November 27, 2008

Belgian police arrest Muslim terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda

In Belgium police arrested 11 suspects of terrorism this morning in a raid in various towns in the country.

"Belgian police took 11 men into custody Thursday following a request by Moroccan authorities, amid an investigation into a suspected terrorist group in Belgium, federal prosecutors said.

The 11 were picked up during 12 raids, involving around 100 officers, in Brussels, Tongres, in northeast Belgium, central Nivelle and Arlon in the southeast, spokeswoman Lieve Pellens said.

The raids follow declarations made to police early this year by Abdelkader Belliraj, a Belgian and Moroccan national on trial in Morocco on suspicion of having led an Al Qaeda-linked group."

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Muslims attack Church in Gouda

Muslim youth attack Church

Four Moroccan teenagers attacked a Church in the town of Gouda in The Netherlands. The attack took place on Saturday 22 November during the afternoon. The target is situated in the Gouda neighbourhood of Bloemendaal.

The name of the church is the Reformed Christian Church "Vaste Burcht". This is Dutch for "Well-built Stronghold". The Church lived up to its name as only the door of the church was damaged by the fire.

Three of the four arrested teenagers spend a whole night in a police prison. A fourth was released.

In Parliament

The matter was mentioned in Dutch Parliament by Freedom Party (PVV) MPs Geert Wilders and Sietse Fritsma. Among other things they asked for criminals with Dutch and Moroccan (Dutch) nationality to be banned from The Netherlands.

Reaction of the Gouda authorities

Police and fire brigade reacted quickly to the attack. The mayor of Gouda, Mr. Wim Cornelis stated to "take the case seriously".

Earlier disturbances in Gouda in september 2008

Another quarter of the town of Gouda called Oosterwei was in the news in September. The neighbourhood had been terrorized by Moroccans (Dutch) and other ethnics for a years already, but now it finally hit the news due to busdrivers refusing to drive their route trough Oosterwei after a busdriver had been mugged.

Geert Wilders: protect Dutch citizens

In an effective performance Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders asked in parliament why the Dutch Royal Army was in Afghanistan protecting Afghan villagers from the Taliban if the Dutch in many towns and cities were not safe from Moroccan street terrorists.

Authorities try to diminish the issue

The mayor of Gouda, Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin (Dutch), Minister of the Interior Guusje ter Horst and the police chief of the police district that Gouda resorts under Mr. Jan Stikvoort (Dutch) tried to put the anarchy in Gouda under wraps. They stated that there had been an "incident".

In a reaction Geert Wilders subtly demanded that the police chief of Gouda had to be demoted to a parking supervisor in a rural part of The Netherlands.

The authorities are exposed as failures

Shortly thereafter a TV presenter was mugged in Gouda, a woman was hit by a dart arrow and a police trainee was stabbed. All by Moroccans. The icing on the cake was the looting of a supermarket by a group of Moroccans, with the police taking more than an hour to arrive.

The press finally does its work

A mayor newspaper, De Telegraaf, put reports of this serie of incidents on their front page, during september and october. This established the reality of the anarchy. And this anarchy in Gouda and many other places is not incidental but structural. It had become clear that the authorities did not have things in hand in the town of Gouda.

The authorities come around and recognize there is a problem

The authorities reacted by summing up programs to deal with Moroccan street terror "harshly". But the volume of violent crime and the number of criminals is so large that the capacity is lacking to punish violent criminals significantly. Also when the treatment that politicians and police managers want to prescribe to criminals one realises that they do not intend to punish but to "treat" or "help" the criminals.

Labour MP says: "Geert Wilders is right!"

One Labour Party MP however insisted that Moroccans had to be "humiliated in front of their peers" (Dutch).

Will it have a positive effect?

Even if capacity was created to punish Moroccan and other ethnic criminals. By imprisoning them for a considarable time. Even if this would happen it is doubtful that this would have much effect. The situation has gotten too far out of hand. Prisons are full of Moroccans and other minorities anyway. They have become crime schools, rather than correctional facilities.

Too little, too late

The rapid reaction of the Gouda Mayor and Police to the Gouda Church is a result to the effect of the Dutch press pointing out reality of Dutch Multi-Cultural society and the effective opposition work of Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party.

But it will not have a significant effect. The situation is out of government control . And therefore out of control of Parliamentary politics.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Further thoughts on the dismissal of Minister Ella Vogelaar

Last week I blogged on the dismissal of Minister Ella Vogelaar of Neighbourhoods and Assimilation.

A further thought on this topic occurred to me. In my above quoted piece I gave as a reason for the dismissal that the Minister was too weak.

But there is more. Vogelaar was also not well-aligned with the Labour party's position on Assimilation. She represents the old line on the position of migrants in which it is mostly ethnic Dutch who are responsible for creating favourable condition for success of non-westerners in The Netherlands.

The new line of Labour that it is the non-westerners who must create the conditions for their succesfully becoming a part of Dutch society. By firing Minister Ella Vogelaar the Labour Party has now communicated the new line to the whole party.

Either you agree with the new policy or you are out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ethnic Dutch and young Muslims on a collission course

Two Dutch institutes, the Verwey-Jonker and Forum institutes published a report on young Muslims in The Netherlands last week. It noted that a group of Dutch Muslims are becoming more pious and try to make more room for their religious practices. Practices mentioned are: "the right to pray, not shaking hands, wearing a headscarve, time off on Muslim holidays".

The report also notes that the rest of Dutch society is less willing to accomodate Muslim practices.

Obviously Muslim society and the majority are coming in conflict with each other.

The report optimistically looks at ways in which Muslims can make e.g. their employers accept their practices.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dutch Freedom Party: Islam no religion

By the way of Martin Bosma, MP, the Freedom Party (PVV) stated in Dutch Parliament (Dutch) that "Islam is not a religion".

The leader of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders stated a year ago that: "Islam is not so much a religion, but rather a political ideology".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liberalism kills

Fascinating story coming to us from the Middle East (HT Mr. Lawrence Auster): a dippy Italian bint named Pippa Bacca takes it upon herself to hitchhike to Israel from Italy through Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and the territory of the Palestinian Authority dressed in a bridal dress. To prove that peace between the West and Islam is possible by Westerners giving up steretypes of Muslims as rapists and becoming more tolerant.

Mrs. tragically is raped and murdered in the first Muslim country she visits: Turkey.

What does that prove?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Minister of Neighbourhoods and Assimilation is forced to step down

Ella Vogelaar too weak

Yesterday evening Dutch Minister Ella Vogelaar (Labour) of Assimilation and Neighbourhoods was forced to step down. The head of the Labour Party publicly concluded that Minister Vogelaar was too weak and had no authority.

Crime register

The immediate cause of the Minister's downfall was her giving in to politicians from the Dutch Antilles to have the ethnicity of Antillians logged in a special crime register, for better exchange of information on highly criminal Antillian youth. Dutch Parliament had demanded the register for two years.

Former Communist Ella Vogelaar had been a weak Minister since she had accepted her Ministerhood of the newly created policy taskforce. The idea of the policy taskforce had been to address the trouble attending non-western immigrants in The Netherlands by improving the neighbourhoods that contain large numbers of non-westerners.

A string of mistakes

The Minister's many mistakes were summed up by Dutch columnist Syp Winia: "stating that Burqas are cool, Islam enriches The Netherlands, stating everything will sort itself out in time, providing free assimilation courses to immigrants and blaming ethnic Dutch for the troubles of non-western immigrants".

The political class becomes more aligned with the nation

The downfall of the Minister shows that the presence of large numbers of non-western immigrants has gone from a liability for the nation and a boon to the political class to a liability to both the nation and the political class.

That is an improvement.

The king is dead, long live the king

Amsterdam Labour Party (PvdA) stalwart and laywer Eberhard van der Laan of the firm of Kennedy en van der Laan attorneys will succeed Mrs. Vogelaar as Minister of the taskforce for Assimilation and Neighbourhoods.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Brutal rape in centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam newspaper "Het Parool" reports that a 26 years old woman was raped (Dutch) in the center of Amsterdam, the upscale canal area (grachtengordel).

This happened last tuesday at around 2:30. Location: Herengracht. The man asked for a cigarette and grabbed the woman. The man took her handbag and then attempted to rape her, but he did not succeed. He dragged her to the Leidsestraat, a busy area although less so at that time. He then demanded that she withdrew money for him from the ATMs at Ledseplein.

The police reports that the woman did not manage to grab the attention of the many passersby in that street. When they arrived the woman managed to break lose from clutches of the rapist and ask for help from a group of tourists. The rapist managed to run.

The police describes the man as of probable mediterranean extraction. The discription given generally fits North Africans especially Moroccans.