Friday, December 29, 2006

Jede Konsequenz fuehrt zum Teufel

The Guardian has the news, with the usual Spiel:
Spain is to hire 180,000 immigrants in their countries of origin next year in an effort to stem illegal immigration while satisfying its demand for cheap labour.
It seems the business lobby in Spain is going full speed ahead in national destruction as we can see in the rest of the Western world.

Spain used to have a unemployment rate of 20 percent of the work force. Under the Conservative Aznar government in the 90ies economic growth was high as a result of curbing government spending and lowering taxes. Unemployment fell to 7,6 percent, which is still too high. Under the present Socialist government economic growth is faltering.

The business lobby, especially of big business in agriculture, construction and tourism, with are always hungry for achieving competitive advantages against smaller businesses by gaining cheap and docile labour is recruiting on a big scale in Morocco. Morroccans are notoriously difficult to intergrate into European society.

The social and economic costs of this immigration are dumped on larger society. As soon as the immigrant gain rights in Spain they will be replaced by newer, cheaper labour. They will then go on the dole, and bring in relatives who will receive state support at the expense of the tax payer.

And it will not just be the Spanish tax payer. Due to the 1985 Schengen treaty, the immigrants can freely travel and live all across the EU, so they may well end up in other countries were the state is more generous, i.e. the more northern European countries, such as Germany and The Netherlands.

As a German idiom has it: "Consequenses lead to Satan"

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Daniel Pipes does not understand "enemy"

Mr. L. Auster of Amnation has a commentary on an article on Islam authority Daniel Pipes:
The book that most shaped my understanding of modern Muslim life was Wilfred Cantwell Smith’s Islam in Modern History (Princeton, 1957). To reduce Smith’s nuanced thesis to a few sentences, he argues that Muslim military, economic, and cultural success in the premodern period created an expectation that God’s people would be rewarded for their faith in mundane ways. That expectation left Muslims incapable of explaining what happened when, in modern times, they fell behind in those same arenas.
Pipes quotes Smith:
The fundamental malaise of modern Islam is a sense that something has gone wrong with Islamic history. The fundamental problem of modern Muslims is how to rehabilitate that history: to set it going again in full vigour, so that Islamic society may once again flourish as a divinely guided society should and must.

Pipes seems to think here that Muslims attack the West because of their urge to renew the glory of Islam. The idea that Islam attacks the West (and the rest) because it is the nature of Islam to attack Dar-al-Harb does not enter his mind.

Mr. Auster then comments:
Let’s get this straight. Pipes is telling us that when Islam was enjoying “military, economic, and cultural success in the premodern period,” that was good. But when Islam fell behind the rest of the world and remained that way,—externally powerless, beset by internal ills, unsure of its spiritual vocation, and emotionally traumatized by its multitudinous failures—that was bad.

Yes, that’s what Pipes is telling us. Therefore he is looking for ways to help Islam overcome its trauma. How? Well, since the trauma was caused by Islam’s becoming a military, economic, and cultural failure, evidently Islam can only heal the trauma by once again becoming a military, economic, and cultural success. Following his mentor Wildred Smith, Pipes wants Muslims to rehabilitate their history, to set it going again in full vigour, so that Islamic society may once again flourish as a divinely guided society.
Daniel Pipes just want to help those poor dears, the Muslims, who attack us Wsterners.

In other words he want to aid and abbet the enemy.

But in Mr. Pipes' world there is no room for the concept of "enemy". Non-Westerners are either friends or victims. Or both. Thus Mr. Pipes does not call for an end to immigration. He does not call for the expulsion of all Muslims from Western lands, in order to separate the West from its enemies and to safeguard our peoples from the vicious attacks of Muslims living in our lands.

Mr. Pipes is a liberal. His criticism of Islam is essentially liberalism bound. Just as the neo-cons who basically wanted to invade the Middle East in order to free the Muslims only to discover that voting Muslim populations are more radical and hostile to the West than Middle Eastern dictators. A neo-con is an reality-mugged, angry and armed liberal.

Right now the Americans Forces are training and arming Muslim fighters who will only turn their weapons and training on the West in due course, because their holy writ tells them so.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Staffing problems

The Conservative Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders got 9 seats in the elections last month for the 150 seat national assembly. Before the election Geert Wilders, who defected from the Liberal-Conservative VVD party, was on his own in parliament.

Having added eight to his rank Wilders now has to train these novices in national politics in becoming effective politicians and welding them into a team.

Of course Wilders must have vetted his candidates carefully when he was making his bid for parliament two years ago. After all Pim Fortuyn's parliamentary fraction of 26 quickly fell apart after their entry in national politics and the murder of the party leaders.

Or has he?

A regional newspaper raked up a story about Dion Graus (Dutch), number six on the party list. NRC Handelsblad also carried the story.

Mr. Graus has had a report filed against him for wife battering three years ago. And intimidation of his father in law. The accusations have not been proven and Graus will get a few weeks to exonerate himself. Moreover he is supposed to have had a string of conflicts with previous employers. These accusations look like nit-picking.

Whether Mr. Graus is really innocent or not remains to be seen. But publicity like this will certainly damage the image of the party in the eyes of the public.

Friday, December 22, 2006

New Communism: now with EXTRA propaganda!

New Communism: now with EXTRA propaganda!

Communism has renewed itself. It is now available in a glorious new package! Equality for ALL!

In the ongoing endeavour of Dutch Communism to bring equality to all people living on Dutch territory the subsidized broadcasters have now collectively decided to enforce quota for non-white immigrants. Television programs must be representative and reflect multicultural reality in order to educate the population about the wonderful, enriching and steadily increasing diversity of Dutch society.

This way the old, hideously white part of the population will be educated, so that they will understand that diversity is strength and that the multicultural project, after a unfortunate hiccup between 2002 and 2006 cannot be stopped.

Some naive Whites mutter about diversity of opinion. We cannot have that. This is a free society and it is forbidden to diverge from the party line. There is a narrow set of approved opinions and facts.

Ok, so let's move on comrades and "repackage" that pesky internet, not to mention the ongoing proliferation of commercial and sattelite TV, it is worse than samizdat. There is a long march ahead!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pope's Regensburg Address wins prize

The seminar for rethorical studies of the German University of Tübingen has declared the "Regensburg Address" (German) of pope Benedict XVI to most influential speech in 2006.

Our future: The Middle Ages

Professor Martin van Creveld, the expert on non-clauzewitzian warfare just published a new article on Defense and the National Interest

The past:
For a thousand years before 1945, the story of mankind had been one of political consolidation. To be sure, empires rose and receded, were created and fell to pieces. But however twisty the road, in the long run it always led toward larger and more powerful units. By 1914, virtually the entire Earth was dominated by just seven of them, six of them established by white men and five centered in Europe. Needless to say, they promptly fell to fighting each other on an unequaled scale and with an unequaled ferocity. By the time their struggle ended 30 years later, 80 to 100 million people had been killed.
The present and the growing power of transnational organisations:
From Indonesia to Scotland, and from the former Soviet Union to southern Africa, the process most characteristic of our age is political splintering, decentralization, even disintegration. Hardly a month goes by without some new state appearing on the map. And political transformation extends far beyond government. Each time a new user acquires a TV dish or links up to the Internet, the nature of politics undergoes a subtle change. Each time a new international organization arises, more states find themselves caught in its coils. The splintering process has led to vast increases in the power of organizations other than states, such as multinational corporations, nongovernmental organizations, and the media. With each passing day these groups are a little more independent of government. With each passing day, the influence they exercise in world affairs grows.
It is true that the public is resisting the power of some transnational organisations dreamed up by the political class (EU), but other social units other than states are increasing their in the minds of the subjects they seek to control, as we can see in the struggle in Iraq between a transnational alliance of Western nations to create a nation that would do their bidding and a legion of non-nation groups that fight them and each other for dominance over populations and territories.

The future:
There will be continued political decentralization accompanied by massive population movements from one political unit to the next. These political units will vary widely, from sovereign states to international organizations that are not sovereign, and from those with large territories to those that have very little territory or none at all. Operating within a very loose framework of international law, from time to time they will go to war against each other. But compared with the titanic struggles of the years 1914-45, these wars will tend to be small and, except to those directly involved, harmless.
Martin van Creveld wrote "The Transformation of War" in 1990 in which he showed the waning power of nation states and the inability of these states to perform their core duty: physical security. Rereading the book in 2006 it is uncanny how prescient he was at that time.

Another seminal book by Van Creveld is: "The rise and fall of the State"

Read more of Van Creveld's article at

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Registry - Rigspula

The Dutch Ministry of Justice has created a special registry, a database, for Caribians from the Dutch Antilles.

"Antillians" are citizens of the realm and can travel freely to The Netherlands, although Dutchborn have to go through immigration procedures to live in the Dutch Antilles.

Antillians are known for their propensity to be violent criminals, using knives and Tanfoglio pistols.

Thus the registry was created to enable municipalities to know whether Antillians they encounter have criminal antecedents.


Rig, sometimes known as Heimdall,
visited an ancient poor couple.
He, Ai, and Edda shared the bed
For three nights, and Rig left.
Nine months later, Edda had a son
Named Thrall.
Thrall married Slavery.
They had boys:
Noisey, Byreboy, Roughneck, and Horsefly.
They had daughters:
Lazybones, Beanpole, Fatty."

I wonder about one thing. Who are the "enthralled" here?

The register is important because Antillians are very mobile and constantly on the move.

The council for Caribians has protested against the registry and compared it to measures against the Jews in the Second World War.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Secret Service Sieves

The Dutch journalists arrested a few days ago for possessing classified information of the Dutch internal Secret Service (AIVD) have been released.

The journalists had obtained the information from a source inside the AIVD or another part of the security buraucracy.

The latest news is that there is another leak in the Secret Sieve. This Secret Service man is said to have left the AIVD after "integrity concerns". This is according to the laywer of Paul H. a suspected employee of the AIVD (Dutch) who allegedly traded state secrets.

The second leak was part of the AIVD investigation of Mink Kok, a notorius Dutch Arms trader.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

More terror coming to the USA

The G.W. Bush administration has sold the Iraq war to the American public arguing that occupying and "transforming" Iraq is central to the war on terrorism. Fight the terrorists in Iraq, so they do not come to the USA. However, G.W. Bush is at the same time maintaining that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" and is admitting a hundred thousand legal Muslim immigrants to the USA, in addition to the uncounted multitudes of Muslims that cross the borders of the USA illegally, together with the Mexican invaders.

Certainly there are Jihadists amongst them. Some of them come with Jihadist intent, others get Jihad when the spirit wills it.

But there is another source of terrorism coming to the USA.

From its own soldiers in Iraq!

"Last week, one of my students, a Marine captain, asked whether I had heard a news report about an “IED-like device” supposedly found near Cincinnati, and if I thought we would soon start seeing IEDs here in the U.S. I replied that I had not heard the news story, but as to whether we would see IEDs here at home, the answer is yes.

One of the things U.S. troops are learning in Iraq is how people with little training and few resources can fight a state. Most American troops will see this within the framework of counterinsurgency. But a minority will apply their new-found knowledge in a very different way. After they return to the U.S. and leave the military, they will take what they learned in Iraq back to the inner cities, to the ethnic groups, gangs, and other alternate loyalties they left when they joined the service. There, they will put their new knowledge to work, in wars with each other and wars against the American state. It will not be long before we see police squad cars getting hit with IEDs and other techniques employed by Iraqi insurgents, right here in the streets of American cities."

That's right folks! Terrorism is easy! It is affordable too!

"We will see the same thing here, powerfully I think, as a result of our defeat in Iraq. It will manifest itself in many ways, and one of those ways will be the progression of inner-city and gang crime into something close to warfare, including war against the state.

Police will not be surprised by this prediction. I have talked with cops about Fourth Generation war, and they “get it” much better than do American soldiers and Marines. Many have told me that they already recognize elements of war in what they are encountering, especially in inner cities. Cops have been killed while just sitting in their cruisers, because they represent the authority of the state. How big a step is it for those cruisers to get hit with IEDs instead of pistol shots?"

The police is better equipped mentally to understand "war against the state" than the US Military, which is institutionally geared towards state on state warfare.

"... [bring] “terrorism” here from among the people we have sent to fight the war there. Well educated in the ways of successful insurgency, they will come home embittered by a lost war, by friends dead and crippled for life to no purpose. Thanks to America’s de-industrialization, they will return to no jobs, or lousy “service” jobs at minimum wage. Angry, frustrated and futureless, some of them will find new identities and loyalties in gangs and criminal enterprises, where they can put their new talents to work."

The failed policy of the US State in anwer to 9-11 will turn the very people the US has send to fight terrorism into terrorist. And so the state is tearing itself apart.

Research reveals Ancient Greek Computer

"A bronze calculating machine salvaged from a shipwreck a century ago is finally yielding up its secrets, revealing a Greek computer of remarkable sophistication for a device constructed long before the birth of Christ.

Scholars have been baffled by the 80-plus fragments of the ancient mechanism found in 1901 by sponge divers in a Roman shipwreck near the island of Antikythera, midway between the Peloponnese and Crete."

This astrological machine is approximately 2,200 years old!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Retreat of the West

"China will surpass the U.S. as the single biggest contributor to global advertising growth for the first time at the end of 2006, foresees Adam Smith, futures director of Group M, WPP Group's media unit."


"China's investment in major media in 2006 will rise to $4.2 billion vs. the U.S.'s $4 billion."

The size of the Chinese advertizing sector reflects China's growing GNP. Economic power is the fundament of military power. As China's economy grows it will become more dominant and will end the era of effortless dominance of the Multicultural US empire. This effortless dominance started in 1989 when the Soviet Union collapsed.

In 1945 the US also quite effortlessy inherited the global British empire that had been built up between 1702 and 1945.

With China on the rise, nations and other social groups aroundthe world have an alternative to the US for investment and economic and military assistance, further undermining the American position in the world.

The ideology of China is ethnically nationalist, cherising the Han Chinese core of China. As such it poses and ideological challenge to the Multiculturalist ideology.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Judge slams Hofstadgroup terror cell

Four Islamic terrorists (Dutch) received serious convictions from the Amsterdam Court last Friday:
AMSTERDAM — A court in Amsterdam sentenced Samir A. and three other Islamic militants to prison on Friday for planning terror attacks on politicians and the intelligence service AIVD.

Samir A., 20, was jailed for eight years and three others — Nourrdin El F., Mohammed C. en Soumaya S. — received terms of between three and four years.

Some of suspects were alleged to have links to the Hofstad group, whose leader was convicted of killing filmmaker Theo van Gogh.
This refers to Mohammed Bouyeri, the assassin of Theo van Gogh.

Two other defendants were acquitted of terror charges.
The presiding judge at the heavily-secured Amsterdam-Osdorp court said A. had been striving to carry out his terrorist aims for several years.

The Dutch-Moroccan A. was said to be the ringleader of the suspects.

Although he had been placed on trial several times previously, this is the first time that A. has been convicted.

The public prosecution had demanded a 15-year jail term against him.

The court ruled that evidence presented in the case suggested A. was planning an "imminent terror attack".

The evidence included a suicide video, automatic weapons and manuals explaining how to turn mobile phones into detonators.
This conviction is the result of new anti-terrorist laws, that have been put on the books in the last 2 years. These law outlaw "membership of a terrorist organisation" and "preparations to carry out violence. The judge accepted "preparations to carry out violence" with regards to Samir Azzouz and three others members of the Hofstad terror cell, but not "membership of a terrorist organisation".