Friday, August 24, 2007

Former Amsterdam mosque leader arrested

The saga of the project to built a huge mosque in Amsterdam-West continues. This project is an effort by Milli Gorüs, a Islamist Turkish organisation which is rather powerfull in the Turkish community in Western Europe.

Two months ago I wrote about the fact that the Amsterdam municipality had subsidized the mosque building project fraudulently, supporting the project with more than two million Euros. When you read the linked article pay special attention to the comment made by a Dutch liberal reader.

One of the leaders of the project, Üzeyir Kabaktepe was arrested yesterday:

"Amsterdam police have arrested the former director of the city's still-to-be-built Western mosque in connection with an investigation into embezzlement and money laundering.

Earlier this year, the mosque's new leadership made a formal complaint against Üzeyir Kabaktepe, alleging he had syphoned off €1.5m in mosque funds into his own investment company Manderen.

Manderen had been awared the contract to build the mosque by Turkish organisation Milli Görüs."

Strangely there has been no action against the municipality.

The unused building grounds for the Westermosque are going to be temporarily converted into a playground. The municipality still has not shelved the plans to built a mosque on this terrain. Arco Verburg (Labour), a spokesman of the local council (stadsdeelraad) said that the municipality still wants a mosque (Dutch) to be built there.

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