Thursday, January 31, 2008

Socialist Mayor of Amsterdam is still unable to deal with criticism

Yesterday on television program NOVA former member of the Amsterdam police Hero Brinkman and his then boss Mayor Job Cohen of Amsterdam had a debate. The Policeman is now a MP for the Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders. MP Brinkman stated that:
Amsterdamse city administrators are afraid of Muslims. They allow themselves to be fooled, ignore racism, and do not act against Morroccan recividists.
He also accused the Mayor of being the worst mayor of The Netherlands and ignoring the Jihadist El-Tahweed mosque in Amsterdam.

Rather than refuting MP Brinkman's accusations Mayor Cohen retorted by accusing Brinkman and his party of:
polarising society and whipping up hatred and violence.
The Left is unable to deal with criticism that goes to the core of their world view, the idea that people are equal. As in the former Communist block they hold on to their false ideals and react by insisting that their opponents are insane or evil or both. They are unable to rise above ad hominem attacks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Islam criticism in The Netherlands

In addition to the film about the Quran that Dutch parlementarian Geert Wilders is set to release in March there is more serious Islam criticism coming up in The Netherlands.

Dutch Islam Scholar Hans Jansen is publishing a critical book on Islam and Jihad (Dutch) against unbelievers in April. The book's title is "read the Quran yourself". Hans Jansen has written a score of critical books and pamflets against Islam. He calls the Quran a hunting licence against non-muslims.

Hans Jansen has seen the effect of Islam in his own family. His son Ewout Jansen, a comedian who ridiculed Islam, has received death threats against his person.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dutch government gettting nervous about Quran movie

Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders plan to make and publish a film about the Quran worries the Dutch government. Guusje ter Horst, Minister of the Interior released a letter (Dutch) on the 24th of January preparing (HT Police and Army for
disturbances of the public order that may last for several days.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Censorship at the BBC

I missed this stroy a month ago. The BBC decided on 17 december 2007 to censor the lyrics of a song by the Pogues. "Fairytale of New York" the 1987 Christmas song features lyrics such as: "You scumbag, you maggot you cheap lousy faggot, Happy Christmas your arse I pray God It's our last." and the "faggot" part was deemed offensive by the BBC.

Small anti-islamisation demonstration in Amsterdam

Last Saturday SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) organised a demo against Islamisation on Dam Square in Amsterdam. A small number of demonstrators and an equally small number of Antifa turned up to counter-demonstrate.

Link with a video (Dutch).

There was a strong police presence, but not as overwhelming as during the Brussels demo on September 11, 2007. I counted 10-15 riot vans plus about 20 mounted policemen and more police on foot on the sides of the square.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Where does the Islamisation come from?

Gates of Vienna has a report by Rolf Krake about the Cities against Islamisation project in which Vlaams Belang and several other European Anti-Islamist parties participate:

Cities Against Islamization states:

"The movement:

Resists the multicultural ideology which results in a situation where Western European Muslims publicly live in accordance with their own values. That leads to the institutionalization of the religion.

Resists the institutionalization of Islam, the official recognition of Islam, the subsidizing of Islamic associations, Koran schools, imams, etc. The institutionalization of Islam will lead to the creation of an Islamic socio-political group which will slow down the integration of the Islamic community.

Is opposed to concessions by policy makers towards Islam which have resulted in Western values and standards being suppressed more and more, in favor of Islamic costumes and values, which are frequently incompatible with our Western values, standards, and way of life.

Believes that individual freedom of religion, including Islam, must be assured at all times. However, freedom of religion cannot be an alibi for introducing undemocratic or discriminatory customs or acts.

Resists the introduction of Sharia law as a replacement for the European rules of law."

What is notably absent in the five point program of "Cities against Islamisation" is immigration and the establishment and growth of alien and hostile colonies on European soil.

Remove the colonies and there will be no chance of the increase of Muslim power in our lands.

Basically this reaction to Islamisation is greater autoritarianism and harshness against ALL citizens of European lands.

If we want to ensure the future AND freedom of Western nations immigration and Muslim colonies needs to be addressed.

Geert Wilders: Suicidal Dutch leader

The leader of the right-wing Freedom Party, Geert Wilders is working on a film about Islam. He is following in the footsteps of Theo van Gogh who directed "Submission" about the plight of women in Islam.

The film is yet to be released.

The expectations are that the film will be offensive to Muslims. The Quran calls on Muslims to kill those who insult Islam.

At Brussels Journal Thomas Landen has a thoughtfull piece on Wilders' film, the Muslim threat and extremism in Dutch culture. I recommend that you read the whole piece titled "Geert Wilders on a suicide mission".

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Handwringing

On a briefing at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington Dutch security agents of the Internal Security Service (AIVD) reported that Jihadist recruiters continue to be active in Dutch Mosques (Dutch). Jihadist recruiters recruit at El Tawheed (Amsterdam), Al Fourkaan (Eindhoven), As-Soennah (Den Haag) and the Islamitic Foundation for Good Upbringing and Transfer of Knowledge (Tilburg).

These four mosques are leaders of Salafist Islam in The Netherlands. Salafism is the strongly Jihadist flavour of Islam.

The recruiters have personal ties to the Elders of the mosques and their Imams. The Leadership of the mosques keeps insisting that the goal of all Muslims must be the Caliphate. And The Netherlands too must be a partof the Caliphate. The leadership allows the recruiters to continue to assemble and prepare Muslims for Jihad against the West and the rest of the world.

The leadership of the mosques (Dutch) apply for subsidies from municipal governments by starting projects to protect "women's rights" or "youth support". By coaching subsidy applications in this liberal language they manage to pull the wool over the eyes of civil servants and Dutch taxpayers end up paying for training and recruiting the very Jihadist forces that will disenfranchise them.

Of course nothing will be done. Immigration will not be halted. Mosque leadership, Imams and recruiters will not be expelled. It is impossible to think that The Netherlands will do anything to protect itself. That would be exclusionist and discriminatory. And Liberalism forbids anything that reeks of exclusion and discrimination.

Even if it is necessary to protect the Dutch nation and its allies.

Liberalism has to go before it destroys the nation.

Friday, January 18, 2008

SIOE plans demonstration against Muslim immigration in Amsterdam

SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) which organised the Anti-Islam demo in Brussels on 11 September 2007 is marching again. A new anti-islamisation demonstration is planned for next Saturday 28 January. In Amsterdam. The magic centre of the universe.

East is East, West is West

Pastorius wrote at the infidel blogger alliance:
"I just hope you (Europeans) do not choose who you will fight by the color of their skin, but instead, by the content of their character."

Well, in times of crises and upheaval people, ALL people, tend to make friend/foe judgements based on group characteristics. It is only in the circle of friends that some people are able to transcend this pattern of judgement.

In Rudyard Kipling's words:
"Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,
When two strong men stand face to face, tho' they come from the ends of the earth!"

We are not in the time of crises yet but when it comes one can be sure that Kipling's words will be proven yet again.

Oh, and the USA is a part of humanity too.

Not something to be happy or proud about, but it is just the way things stand with humanity.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amsterdam Ghost Mosque Saga

The Westermosque, which is to be built in Amsterdam-West by the radical Turkish Milli Gorüs (national vision) is on the rails again. Or so it would seem. The local city council "De Baarsjes" has given the Islamisation project permission to go ahead again after concerns about the size of the mosque, corrupt financing and finally the hostile character of the Mill Gorüs Islamic movement, which is outlawed in Germany and seen as the threat to the state by the German and Turkish governments.

In Amsterdam however the authorities regard everything pertaining to the mosque cosher again. Perhaps. For the time being.