Monday, October 15, 2007

Another lethal stabbing in Amsterdam

In the same neighbourhood as the school where a Turkish pupil stabbed a Moroccan to death a week ago another incident took place.

Yesterday, a Moroccan youth entered the police station on the August Allebé Square in Amsterdam-West and started stabbing the on duty police woman at the desk. The police woman was stabbed three times in the chest and back. Another policeman who tried to assist his collegue was stabbed as well. Another police woman joined the fracas gun in hand and shot the attacker. The attacker died on his way to hospital.

The attacker was later identified as Bilal B, 22. He was known as a hanger-on of the terrorist Hofstad terror (Dutch) cell. This group was led by the assassin Mohammed Bouyeri, who killed Theo van Gogh. Bilal B. had been convicted by a court in 2006 to take treatment at a psychiatric ward "Valeriuskliniek". He had suicidal tendencies. During the weekend he went on a "accompanied leave" under guidance of a staff member of the ward. He shook of his warden and went on a rampage.

Bilal B. had an endless rap sheet. His first conviction was when he was twelve years old, for stabbing someone in the face with a sharpened screwdriver. Society allowed him to run amok for ten years before it stopped him. For good.

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