Thursday, November 27, 2008

Belgian police arrest Muslim terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda

In Belgium police arrested 11 suspects of terrorism this morning in a raid in various towns in the country.

"Belgian police took 11 men into custody Thursday following a request by Moroccan authorities, amid an investigation into a suspected terrorist group in Belgium, federal prosecutors said.

The 11 were picked up during 12 raids, involving around 100 officers, in Brussels, Tongres, in northeast Belgium, central Nivelle and Arlon in the southeast, spokeswoman Lieve Pellens said.

The raids follow declarations made to police early this year by Abdelkader Belliraj, a Belgian and Moroccan national on trial in Morocco on suspicion of having led an Al Qaeda-linked group."

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Muslims attack Church in Gouda

Muslim youth attack Church

Four Moroccan teenagers attacked a Church in the town of Gouda in The Netherlands. The attack took place on Saturday 22 November during the afternoon. The target is situated in the Gouda neighbourhood of Bloemendaal.

The name of the church is the Reformed Christian Church "Vaste Burcht". This is Dutch for "Well-built Stronghold". The Church lived up to its name as only the door of the church was damaged by the fire.

Three of the four arrested teenagers spend a whole night in a police prison. A fourth was released.

In Parliament

The matter was mentioned in Dutch Parliament by Freedom Party (PVV) MPs Geert Wilders and Sietse Fritsma. Among other things they asked for criminals with Dutch and Moroccan (Dutch) nationality to be banned from The Netherlands.

Reaction of the Gouda authorities

Police and fire brigade reacted quickly to the attack. The mayor of Gouda, Mr. Wim Cornelis stated to "take the case seriously".

Earlier disturbances in Gouda in september 2008

Another quarter of the town of Gouda called Oosterwei was in the news in September. The neighbourhood had been terrorized by Moroccans (Dutch) and other ethnics for a years already, but now it finally hit the news due to busdrivers refusing to drive their route trough Oosterwei after a busdriver had been mugged.

Geert Wilders: protect Dutch citizens

In an effective performance Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders asked in parliament why the Dutch Royal Army was in Afghanistan protecting Afghan villagers from the Taliban if the Dutch in many towns and cities were not safe from Moroccan street terrorists.

Authorities try to diminish the issue

The mayor of Gouda, Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin (Dutch), Minister of the Interior Guusje ter Horst and the police chief of the police district that Gouda resorts under Mr. Jan Stikvoort (Dutch) tried to put the anarchy in Gouda under wraps. They stated that there had been an "incident".

In a reaction Geert Wilders subtly demanded that the police chief of Gouda had to be demoted to a parking supervisor in a rural part of The Netherlands.

The authorities are exposed as failures

Shortly thereafter a TV presenter was mugged in Gouda, a woman was hit by a dart arrow and a police trainee was stabbed. All by Moroccans. The icing on the cake was the looting of a supermarket by a group of Moroccans, with the police taking more than an hour to arrive.

The press finally does its work

A mayor newspaper, De Telegraaf, put reports of this serie of incidents on their front page, during september and october. This established the reality of the anarchy. And this anarchy in Gouda and many other places is not incidental but structural. It had become clear that the authorities did not have things in hand in the town of Gouda.

The authorities come around and recognize there is a problem

The authorities reacted by summing up programs to deal with Moroccan street terror "harshly". But the volume of violent crime and the number of criminals is so large that the capacity is lacking to punish violent criminals significantly. Also when the treatment that politicians and police managers want to prescribe to criminals one realises that they do not intend to punish but to "treat" or "help" the criminals.

Labour MP says: "Geert Wilders is right!"

One Labour Party MP however insisted that Moroccans had to be "humiliated in front of their peers" (Dutch).

Will it have a positive effect?

Even if capacity was created to punish Moroccan and other ethnic criminals. By imprisoning them for a considarable time. Even if this would happen it is doubtful that this would have much effect. The situation has gotten too far out of hand. Prisons are full of Moroccans and other minorities anyway. They have become crime schools, rather than correctional facilities.

Too little, too late

The rapid reaction of the Gouda Mayor and Police to the Gouda Church is a result to the effect of the Dutch press pointing out reality of Dutch Multi-Cultural society and the effective opposition work of Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party.

But it will not have a significant effect. The situation is out of government control . And therefore out of control of Parliamentary politics.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Further thoughts on the dismissal of Minister Ella Vogelaar

Last week I blogged on the dismissal of Minister Ella Vogelaar of Neighbourhoods and Assimilation.

A further thought on this topic occurred to me. In my above quoted piece I gave as a reason for the dismissal that the Minister was too weak.

But there is more. Vogelaar was also not well-aligned with the Labour party's position on Assimilation. She represents the old line on the position of migrants in which it is mostly ethnic Dutch who are responsible for creating favourable condition for success of non-westerners in The Netherlands.

The new line of Labour that it is the non-westerners who must create the conditions for their succesfully becoming a part of Dutch society. By firing Minister Ella Vogelaar the Labour Party has now communicated the new line to the whole party.

Either you agree with the new policy or you are out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ethnic Dutch and young Muslims on a collission course

Two Dutch institutes, the Verwey-Jonker and Forum institutes published a report on young Muslims in The Netherlands last week. It noted that a group of Dutch Muslims are becoming more pious and try to make more room for their religious practices. Practices mentioned are: "the right to pray, not shaking hands, wearing a headscarve, time off on Muslim holidays".

The report also notes that the rest of Dutch society is less willing to accomodate Muslim practices.

Obviously Muslim society and the majority are coming in conflict with each other.

The report optimistically looks at ways in which Muslims can make e.g. their employers accept their practices.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dutch Freedom Party: Islam no religion

By the way of Martin Bosma, MP, the Freedom Party (PVV) stated in Dutch Parliament (Dutch) that "Islam is not a religion".

The leader of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders stated a year ago that: "Islam is not so much a religion, but rather a political ideology".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liberalism kills

Fascinating story coming to us from the Middle East (HT Mr. Lawrence Auster): a dippy Italian bint named Pippa Bacca takes it upon herself to hitchhike to Israel from Italy through Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and the territory of the Palestinian Authority dressed in a bridal dress. To prove that peace between the West and Islam is possible by Westerners giving up steretypes of Muslims as rapists and becoming more tolerant.

Mrs. tragically is raped and murdered in the first Muslim country she visits: Turkey.

What does that prove?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Minister of Neighbourhoods and Assimilation is forced to step down

Ella Vogelaar too weak

Yesterday evening Dutch Minister Ella Vogelaar (Labour) of Assimilation and Neighbourhoods was forced to step down. The head of the Labour Party publicly concluded that Minister Vogelaar was too weak and had no authority.

Crime register

The immediate cause of the Minister's downfall was her giving in to politicians from the Dutch Antilles to have the ethnicity of Antillians logged in a special crime register, for better exchange of information on highly criminal Antillian youth. Dutch Parliament had demanded the register for two years.

Former Communist Ella Vogelaar had been a weak Minister since she had accepted her Ministerhood of the newly created policy taskforce. The idea of the policy taskforce had been to address the trouble attending non-western immigrants in The Netherlands by improving the neighbourhoods that contain large numbers of non-westerners.

A string of mistakes

The Minister's many mistakes were summed up by Dutch columnist Syp Winia: "stating that Burqas are cool, Islam enriches The Netherlands, stating everything will sort itself out in time, providing free assimilation courses to immigrants and blaming ethnic Dutch for the troubles of non-western immigrants".

The political class becomes more aligned with the nation

The downfall of the Minister shows that the presence of large numbers of non-western immigrants has gone from a liability for the nation and a boon to the political class to a liability to both the nation and the political class.

That is an improvement.

The king is dead, long live the king

Amsterdam Labour Party (PvdA) stalwart and laywer Eberhard van der Laan of the firm of Kennedy en van der Laan attorneys will succeed Mrs. Vogelaar as Minister of the taskforce for Assimilation and Neighbourhoods.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Brutal rape in centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam newspaper "Het Parool" reports that a 26 years old woman was raped (Dutch) in the center of Amsterdam, the upscale canal area (grachtengordel).

This happened last tuesday at around 2:30. Location: Herengracht. The man asked for a cigarette and grabbed the woman. The man took her handbag and then attempted to rape her, but he did not succeed. He dragged her to the Leidsestraat, a busy area although less so at that time. He then demanded that she withdrew money for him from the ATMs at Ledseplein.

The police reports that the woman did not manage to grab the attention of the many passersby in that street. When they arrived the woman managed to break lose from clutches of the rapist and ask for help from a group of tourists. The rapist managed to run.

The police describes the man as of probable mediterranean extraction. The discription given generally fits North Africans especially Moroccans.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Blasphemy goes PC

The law against Blasphemy

The Dutch cabinet will today discuss a proposal to remove article 147, the law against blasphemy, from the Dutch penal code. Article 137 of the penal code which forbids insulting groups on the basis of race, religion, sexual disposition or handicap will be amended too and the reference to religion will be taken out.

This is reported (Dutch) by the Reformatorisch Dagblad, a orthodox Calvinist Christian newspaper connected to the Christian Union (CU) Party. The CU is a junior partner in the Dutch Cabinet of Christian Democrats, Christian Union and Labour (PvdA).

The Constitution and the law against Discrimination

Appearently article 1 of the Dutch Constitution will remain unchanged. Article 1 states:
All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race or sex or on other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.
This law on discrimination by the state was amended in 1980 to include discrimination by private persons and parties on the lines of the old Soviet Constitution of 1936 (article 123).

The Minister of Justice

The Reformatorisch Dagblad credits the proposal with Hirsh Ballin, a Cabinet member for Justice. Hirsch Ballin is a member of the Christian Democrats (CDA). He infamously defended the intimidating arrest of Dutch Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot.

Freedom of Speech against Discrimination

2008 was a year of political friction and unrest between those who favour the principle of Freedom of Speech and those who favour religion. Dutch Cartoonists and webmasters attacked Islam in the same way as Christianity was attacked in the late 1960ies. They found that the government started to use the law against Blasphemy against them. Even though this law had been dormant since the case against writer Gerard van 't Reve had been dismissed by a Dutch court in 1968.

There seemed to grow a coalition between Christians and Islam in The Netherlands. The secular parties including the Leftist parties opposed this revival of the law against Blasphemy. They were prodded on by their voting base, which demanded Freedom of Speech and the right to criticize Religion especially Islam. The Labour Party (PvdA) and Socialist Party vied for the honour of defeating the law of Blasphemy. A proposal by Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin to extend the law against Blasphemy to insults to all worldviews was leaked by someone in the department of Justice and shot down in parliament.

What will happen?

There is a broad majority in parliament to remove the law against Blasphemy so the vote today seems a race with a predictable end.

Discrimination and protected classes

Even so the law against "discrimination" remains both in the Constitution and in the penal code. And thus immigrants remain a protected class under the law. The secularist have correctly pointed out that the law against Blasphemy makes the religious a protected class under the law. By giving the followers of religions superior rights to the rights of secular citizens. But it remains so that the law against Discrimination favours classes of people defined by race, gender and sexual orientation.

To paraphrase the word of Jesus: the secularists see the speck in the eye of the Christians and the Muslims, but fail to behold the plank in their own eye. (Matthew 7 : 1-6).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jordan works on warrant for the arrest of Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party is coming under fire from abroad. Judge Hassan Al Abdallat of the court in Amman, Jordan has ruled that a complaint by a group called "Messenger of Allah Unites Us" will be considered by the court. As a result of this complaint Jordan will issue an international order to arrest the Dutch politician. Geert Wilders has said that he does expect the Jordan Dutch to swiftly issue such an arrest warrent. As a result he will not be able to travel outside the Netherlands. Within the Netherlands Wilders will be protected by his parlementarian immunity.

Wilders is receiving support from the Office of the National Co-ordinator of Anti-Terrorism, the NCTb and Minister Maxime Verhagen (CDA) of Foreign Affairs.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Muzzling

Today the owner of Amsterdam-based politically incorrect Dutch weblog "hoei-boei" received an "order to present himself" from the Police Station on the Surinameplein in Amsterdam-West. After Gregorius Nekschot and the Holland Hardcore web forum the third instance of intimidation by the Dutch authorities of those who question Multicultural dogma and Islamisation.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot becomes a stumbling block

Dutch Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot, who was arrested last week was released after spending 30 hours in a cell.

This is a very long time to spend in jail and there seems no proper ground for such a long arrest. There is a strong impression that the arrest, made by 10 policemen was primerily intended to intimidate.

This has led to a very strongly adverse reaction by the Dutch public, who overwhelmingly expressed support for him. He has become an icon of the Freedom of Speech, a living version of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.

Minister of Justice Hirsh Ballin, a Chrisitian Democrat, has gotten a lot of flak in Parliament for the decision to invade Mr. Nekschot's (Dutch) home, search his house and to arrest and to detain him.

Minister Hirsh Ballin admitted that 30 hours was too long and promissed to question the Public prosection ("Openbaar Ministerie" or "OM"). Whatever that means.

It is however obvious that the Justice Minister and the Public prosecutor lost a lot of face in this affair.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dutch State prosecutes cartoonist

Dutch Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot makes cartoons that ridicule Islam and political correctness.

Gregorius Nekschot is a pseudonym.

Three years ago civil servant Enver Varisli of the Mercator (in Amsterdam-West) Discrimination Desk (MDI) reported six of Nekschot's cartoons as going against the anti-discrimination laws.

Yesterday his house was invaded by ten police men. They arrested Gregorius Nekschot, confiscated his computer, phone, back-up drive and a usb-stick. Mr. Nekschot was then taken to a high-security prison (Bijlmer bajes) and was released today.

Ominiously the police told Nekschot that his cartoon's were worse than Denmark's and that he would be in trouble for ridiculing Islam and its prophet.

Neksschot replied: "you are loading a very heavy responsibility on your shoulders".

In a interview with Amsterdam newspaper "Parool" Mr. Nekschot added:
that he never tried to flee from the law. My web site contains a direct link to the MDI (anti-discrimination desk). But I have always been very carefull with my identity. I do not use that pseudonym for nothing. What I create is no trifling matter and I know what may be its consequences. Which is why I am very afraid of a conviction. Suppose I go to jail. As the maker of those cartoons I have to fear for my life.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Imam tells Dutch Children they are dogs

Dutch primary school "De Horizon" organized a field trip to a nearby mosque. In order for the pupils to get to know other communities of Multicultural society better.

This fits with Liberal propaganda that : "all cultures are equal and compatible. Intra-community trouble can be cured through people getting to know more about other communities and cultures".

On a question of one of the visiting Dutch schoolkids the Imam (Dutch) of the "El Mouchidine" Mosque stated "that all unbelievers are dogs".

The more many Dutch get to know other communities, the less they appreciate them.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dutch anti Islam movie surpressed

Ehsan Jami the Iranian-Dutch apostate of Islam is making another anti-Islam film to supplement Geert Wilders' Fitna. The film focuses on the Prophet Muhammad's marriage to 9 year old Aisha and other of his behaviour that is ... er ... remarkable. The film was set to be released on Hitler's birthday, April 20th.

Due to strong pressure from Iran, Mr. Jami decided not to release the film. He stated that: "I have no army behind me (Dutch). The Dutch state cannot protect me"

Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin had also pressured Mr. Jami not to release the highly provocative animation movie.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Geert Wilders released his movie Fitna

Yesterday Geert Wilders released Fitna. The film is critical of Islam. The medium that showed Fitna was LiveLeak.

The Dutch public reacted calmly. The Muslim immigrants behaved too.

It appears that the Dutch government and elites shot their collective bolt by trying to surpress the release of the movie.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fitna, fitna and fitna

There is a lot of news on Wilders' to be released movie "Fitna". Even if I had the time I could not cover it.

Wilders (PVV) has now announced that Fitna will be released before April the first.

Kleinverzet has good coverage of Fitna. I recommend that you take a look.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another obstacle for Wilders

After all Dutch broadcasters stated they would not broadcast Wilders' movie, there was an avenue left. Political news centre "Nieuwspoort" in the Dutch capital The Hague announced their willingness to air the film. Under the condition that Wilders (Dutch) would be responsible for security.

Wilders today stated he was neither willing nor able to pay for this security. The bill would amount to 300.000 or 400.000 Euros.

There are rumours that Fitna today got a preview on the Rotterdam Film Festival though.

Large number of cousin marriages in The Netherlands

The Dutch Institute for national Health and the Environment (RIVM) published a new study (Dutch) on cousin marriages. Although cousin marriages have dissapeared in The Netherlands after the Second World War the practice has come back again. The practice occurs frequently amongst the new communities of Muslims in The Netherlands. As a result of this practice there has been an increase in death at births and genetic defects. This trend is now flattening.

Steve Sailer of the Human Diversity Institute has extensively written on the new European phenomenon of consanguineous marriage in Islam.

Amongst Moroccans the percentage of consanguineous marriages is 22 percent. Amongst Turks even 24 percent according to the research. The consanguineous marriages are a Middle Eastern practice that strengthen kinship ties and improve solidarity amongst members of clans and tribes. It also causes lower loyalty to the national state both in the Middle East and in new areas of Muslim settlement such as Europe. The fractuous nature of consanguineous marriages are illustrated by the political and military situation on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The obstacles faced by the USA in the Middle East caused by consanguinus marriage have also been covered by Steve Sailer in "The cousin marriage conundrum"

Consanguineous marriage leads to nepotism and clannishness. It is an obstacle to achieving a Middle Eastern any settlements by Western forces.

It is also a menace to society for Western nations whose elites are so blinded to reality that they accept settlement of their land by Muslims. Due to Liberalism (the believe that all cultures are equal) Westerners have become unable to know this and to deal with this matter.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Dutch government seeks to ban Wilders' movie

I failed to blog this a few days ago. But I have to mention this, IMO.

The Dutch government has been seeking for ways to ban Wilders' movie "Fitna".

The chicken run: more Dutchmen looking to emigrate due to Wilders' movie

For years Frans van Houten organized the Emigration Fair. The fair caters to people living in The Netherlands and who are looki ng for greener pastures abroad.

With all the hullabaloo about the film, the expected inpact on Muslims people are running scared and consequently interest in the fair has soared.

This year the fair is expected to receive 50 percent more visitors due to the anxiety caused by the Wilders' film (Dutch).

Bigger picture: The Surge

Steve Parkin of Ontario TV interviews General (ret.) Douglas Macgregor on the bogus, make believe war the US is waging. On "terror". Not on Islam. I repeat, not on Islam. The specific subject is the much touted surge.

Douglas Macgregor makes many interesting and commendable observations.

View the interview here.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wilders' Quran movie "Fitna" will not be shown on TV

Today the vinegar press* Volkskrant published a report on the attitude of Dutch TV broadcasters on Wilders' Quran movie "Fitna".

According to the Volkskrant NONE of the Dutch Broadcasters will broadcast Wilders' movie (Dutch).

* "vinegar pisser" is a Dutch slang meaning "Leftist". "Volkskrant" is usually referred to as the "vinegar press" amongst Rightists.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The suspense is increasing

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is upping the ante on the release of the film "Fitna", about Islam.

The website that is going to release the short movie is online:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Al-Qaida calls on Muslims to kill Geert Wilders

Kleinverzet has the news:

"The international terror network Al-Qaeda calls upon muslims to 'slaughter' the PVV politician Geert Wilders for insulting islam and the prohpet Muhammed."

The call for the assassination of the leader of the Freedom Party was made on, an Al-Qaida news conduit.

The forum seems to have been taken offline.

Read more on KleinVerzet.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dutch minister of Justice goes PC

Dutch Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin wanted to discourage the use of the word "allochtoon" and "autochtoon". These words are used by the Dutch to describe people who are foreign. Especially when they are non-western foreigners.

The minister thought these words cause artificial divisions.

The minister's plan was shot down by the coalition parties:

"Dijsselbloem (PvdA) talks of a "sympathetic plea" that runs aground on obstinate reality. "We proposed this in 2005 already. The government at the time dismissed it. It would be nice to stop talking about 'allochtonen' and 'autochtonen,' but those terms are so assimilated in society. You cannot change that with language police or a new law."

That was the friendliest dismissal of the plan.

Flickers of reality are allowed in the immigration debate in The Netherlands.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Checking out from the Hotel

Emigrating from the Netherlands.

Emigration from The Netherlands is historically high. A raport by a Dutch demographic institute, NIDI (Dutch), shows this. More than 130.000 people left the country. The Netherlands has a population of 16 million, so it is close to one percent. Important reason to check out from the hotel are:
- lack of room and quiet
- societal problems cause by pollution, crime and the multicultural society.

The number of emigrants grew by 67 percent since the year 2000.

The silver lining

A third of the emigrants is ethnically Dutch (44.000). Two thirds (88.000) are foreigners ("allochtononen"). Most of the emigrants are male have above average incomes. So as a result of this emigration the country becomes MORE homogenous.

The report is available as a pdf here. In Dutch.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Separation of Church and State under assault

The separation of State and Church is under assault. From an unexpected direction.

Our Christian Democrat (CDA) Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende was a guest on Robert A. Schuller's Hour of Power (Dutch) last Sunday. The Prime Minister was presented to the viewers as the Prime Minister of The Netherlands and not as a private person. The footage was filmed in the Tower of the Catshuis, the office of the Prime Minister.

There was no reaction from the opposition in parliament, nor from the Labour Party PvdA), the coalition partner of the CDA and Christian Union parties. Only the secular blogosphere defended the strict separation of State and Church. Both the Leftwing but politically incorrect De Zwijger blog and hyper popular right wing Geenstijl attacked the Prime Minister.

Due to the erosion of the Labour party by competition from the Socialist Party (SP). And the erosion of the Liberal-Conservative Party (VVD) by Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) secularity is weakening in The Netherlands. The Christian Parties are not affected by Multiculturalism because their support is from the villages and towns. With urban voters flocking to the anti-multiculturalist parties on the Left and Right the Christian Parties are essential in putting together coalitions.

I would say that gay marriage was the last show case of Dutch hyper-liberalism.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A repeating fraction?

The split up of Multi-National Yugo-Slavia continues: yesterday Kosovo's independence was declared and recognized by 22 nations. The independence is the result of the US and EU policy regarding the break-up of Yugo-Slavia.

After Yugo-Slavia started to unravel in 1990, with the break-away of Slovenia and Croatia, the EU and US have tried to create new Multi-ethnic entities in Bosnia (Croat, Serb and Muslim "Bosniac") and now in the Serbian heartland of Kosovo (Muslim Albanian and Serb). The foreign policy of the EU and the US in this reflects their internal policies of promoting Multi-ethnicity.

However, as in Bosnia, the squabbling nationalities refuse to live together peacefully in Kosovo. The entities require a massive NATO force to keep the fiction alive that the groups can co-exist in the same political entity.

In Bosnia and Serbia proper there were nationalist demonstrations against Kosovo's indipendence. In Kosovo itself members of the Serb minority attacked a symbol of the international presence: a UN compound.

A legion of 5th columns

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey went to Germany to state that Turks in Germany and the rest of Europe ought to hold on to their Turkish identity. What goes for Germany, goes for The Netherlands as well. That clears something up for us Dutchies.

Now the Maroccan state made a similar statement regarding the Moroccan communities in Europe. Minister Mohammed Ameur stated (Dutch) that Maroccan children in Europe (Dutch) must be educated in Arabic and Maroccan culture.

It is often stated that Marocco has an economic or pecuniary motive to keep the Moroccans abroad in the orbit of the Moroccan state. The remittances to the home country by Moroccans is the third largest source of foreign currency for the country.

However, Minister Ameur is in charge of the Ministry of Maroccans abroad. Maroccans abroad number 3.2 million or 10 percent of the population. Minister Ameur called them "the 16 province of Marocco". So the state considers them to be integral to the nation.

This integrality to the body of the nation is expressed in:
1. the fact that the state has a Ministry for Maroccans abroad
2. the fact that it has set up a council of advisors of influentual moroccans in Europe which advises the King of Marocco.

Read also the informative article on KleinVerzet on the Maroccans in The Netherlands and Europe.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam okays discrimination of women

The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, Labour, stunned Amsterdam politicians yesterday afternoon. The case had come up of a Muslim "city security coach" refusing to shake women's hands as a matter of principle. Upon being asked what his stance was on this issue in the light of the constitution's insistence on non-discrimination on the basis of gender (Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution no less) the Amsterdam mayor stated that this was allright and municipal workers and officials could freely discriminate against women if their faith demanded this (HT Kleinverzet).

The core of Liberalism/Leftism is the principal of non-discrimination. Minorities are specially protected by the Left for protection against this cosmic evil. Dutch Libertarian Bart Croughs wrote a book in 1995 called: "in the name of the woman, the gay and the foreigner" in which he wondered what Leftists would chose to support if they HAD to choose between to minorities if they were discriminating against each other. He specifically raised the combination of Muslims discriminating against women.

As far as the mayor of Amsterdam is concerned the issue is clear. The strictures of Islam take precedence over women's rights (Dutch). And it is now Amsterdam municipal policy too.

Christian Democrat municipal councillor Maurice Limmen stated that this would cause many more issues to crop up, such as the permission of discrimination of gays by municipal employees and vowed to oppose such permissiveness.

Of course there is a more pressing issue than discrimination of gays, women and assorted Liberal/Leftist heart throbs.

The question that haunts Amsterdam is whether discrimination of all Infidels by Muslim municipal workers is now permitted. And if it is permitted we have to ask ourselves: "do the municipal authorities still represent us Infidels and our interests or have they been subordinated to Muslims and their Sharia law?"
Oh, for the record. I quite agree with the Muslims with regards to the position of women. Women are societally inferior to men. I endorse discrimination of women. Not in the shaking of hands but in other fields. Such as women being allowed to vote, or to be elected. Generally I am all for discrimination and I think inequality is the basis of society and even all Creation.

Unequal things must be treated unequally. Muslims are unequal to Dutchmen. They think so and I agree with them. So they should be discriminated against. They do not belong in our society. Certainly not in our political order. Not in any way. Article 1 of the Dutch constitution has to be rewritten.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Muslims making themselves unpopular. Again

The most popular Dutch blog has the news: Geenstijl reports: "Death squad for 73 year old Danish cartoonist".

Read the story HERE.

Geenstijl innociously asks "how come Islamophobia keeps rising?"

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stealing their Thunder

The Netherlands is waiting for Wilders' movie on Islam. The leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) has now released the title of the movie and revealed a wisp of its ending.

The film is to be called "Fitna". It is an arabic word with a particular meaning in Islamic theology. It is similar to the "Tribulation" in Christian theology, the expectation of Ordeal, Anarchy and Temptation at the end of Time, as seen by the prophets.

"Fitna" is also used for disbelief, sin, schisms and civil wars amongst Muslims. According to Wikipedia "Fitna" is the
jihad which returns as a boomerang inside and weakens the community. The fitna is the ulemas' obsessive fear since Islam exist.
Mr. Wilders said in an interview:
the word "Fitna" is a mirror. Islam (Dutch) is our trial by Ordeal, our Tribulation.
He continued:
the film ends with a shot of the prophet. Something happens to the portrait. I will not say what it is.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Abuse of tax payer's money

Geert Wilders is to release a Quran critical movie in March 2008. The Government is expecting trouble from the immigrant communities. In anticipation the Municipality of the City of Amsterdam sent "educational material" to 300 Amsterdam schools. The "educational material states: "unfortunate fact that some politicians seek to gain popularity by being very negative about certain groups of people."

This is a reference to Geert Wilders and his criticism of the Islam and its adherents.

The "educational material" contains a cartoon that reveals how the civil servants that prepared the "lessons" think about Dutch ethnics who oppose Muslims and Islam.

Do take a peek.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Socialist Mayor of Amsterdam is still unable to deal with criticism

Yesterday on television program NOVA former member of the Amsterdam police Hero Brinkman and his then boss Mayor Job Cohen of Amsterdam had a debate. The Policeman is now a MP for the Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders. MP Brinkman stated that:
Amsterdamse city administrators are afraid of Muslims. They allow themselves to be fooled, ignore racism, and do not act against Morroccan recividists.
He also accused the Mayor of being the worst mayor of The Netherlands and ignoring the Jihadist El-Tahweed mosque in Amsterdam.

Rather than refuting MP Brinkman's accusations Mayor Cohen retorted by accusing Brinkman and his party of:
polarising society and whipping up hatred and violence.
The Left is unable to deal with criticism that goes to the core of their world view, the idea that people are equal. As in the former Communist block they hold on to their false ideals and react by insisting that their opponents are insane or evil or both. They are unable to rise above ad hominem attacks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Islam criticism in The Netherlands

In addition to the film about the Quran that Dutch parlementarian Geert Wilders is set to release in March there is more serious Islam criticism coming up in The Netherlands.

Dutch Islam Scholar Hans Jansen is publishing a critical book on Islam and Jihad (Dutch) against unbelievers in April. The book's title is "read the Quran yourself". Hans Jansen has written a score of critical books and pamflets against Islam. He calls the Quran a hunting licence against non-muslims.

Hans Jansen has seen the effect of Islam in his own family. His son Ewout Jansen, a comedian who ridiculed Islam, has received death threats against his person.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dutch government gettting nervous about Quran movie

Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders plan to make and publish a film about the Quran worries the Dutch government. Guusje ter Horst, Minister of the Interior released a letter (Dutch) on the 24th of January preparing (HT Police and Army for
disturbances of the public order that may last for several days.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Censorship at the BBC

I missed this stroy a month ago. The BBC decided on 17 december 2007 to censor the lyrics of a song by the Pogues. "Fairytale of New York" the 1987 Christmas song features lyrics such as: "You scumbag, you maggot you cheap lousy faggot, Happy Christmas your arse I pray God It's our last." and the "faggot" part was deemed offensive by the BBC.

Small anti-islamisation demonstration in Amsterdam

Last Saturday SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) organised a demo against Islamisation on Dam Square in Amsterdam. A small number of demonstrators and an equally small number of Antifa turned up to counter-demonstrate.

Link with a video (Dutch).

There was a strong police presence, but not as overwhelming as during the Brussels demo on September 11, 2007. I counted 10-15 riot vans plus about 20 mounted policemen and more police on foot on the sides of the square.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Where does the Islamisation come from?

Gates of Vienna has a report by Rolf Krake about the Cities against Islamisation project in which Vlaams Belang and several other European Anti-Islamist parties participate:

Cities Against Islamization states:

"The movement:

Resists the multicultural ideology which results in a situation where Western European Muslims publicly live in accordance with their own values. That leads to the institutionalization of the religion.

Resists the institutionalization of Islam, the official recognition of Islam, the subsidizing of Islamic associations, Koran schools, imams, etc. The institutionalization of Islam will lead to the creation of an Islamic socio-political group which will slow down the integration of the Islamic community.

Is opposed to concessions by policy makers towards Islam which have resulted in Western values and standards being suppressed more and more, in favor of Islamic costumes and values, which are frequently incompatible with our Western values, standards, and way of life.

Believes that individual freedom of religion, including Islam, must be assured at all times. However, freedom of religion cannot be an alibi for introducing undemocratic or discriminatory customs or acts.

Resists the introduction of Sharia law as a replacement for the European rules of law."

What is notably absent in the five point program of "Cities against Islamisation" is immigration and the establishment and growth of alien and hostile colonies on European soil.

Remove the colonies and there will be no chance of the increase of Muslim power in our lands.

Basically this reaction to Islamisation is greater autoritarianism and harshness against ALL citizens of European lands.

If we want to ensure the future AND freedom of Western nations immigration and Muslim colonies needs to be addressed.

Geert Wilders: Suicidal Dutch leader

The leader of the right-wing Freedom Party, Geert Wilders is working on a film about Islam. He is following in the footsteps of Theo van Gogh who directed "Submission" about the plight of women in Islam.

The film is yet to be released.

The expectations are that the film will be offensive to Muslims. The Quran calls on Muslims to kill those who insult Islam.

At Brussels Journal Thomas Landen has a thoughtfull piece on Wilders' film, the Muslim threat and extremism in Dutch culture. I recommend that you read the whole piece titled "Geert Wilders on a suicide mission".

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Handwringing

On a briefing at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington Dutch security agents of the Internal Security Service (AIVD) reported that Jihadist recruiters continue to be active in Dutch Mosques (Dutch). Jihadist recruiters recruit at El Tawheed (Amsterdam), Al Fourkaan (Eindhoven), As-Soennah (Den Haag) and the Islamitic Foundation for Good Upbringing and Transfer of Knowledge (Tilburg).

These four mosques are leaders of Salafist Islam in The Netherlands. Salafism is the strongly Jihadist flavour of Islam.

The recruiters have personal ties to the Elders of the mosques and their Imams. The Leadership of the mosques keeps insisting that the goal of all Muslims must be the Caliphate. And The Netherlands too must be a partof the Caliphate. The leadership allows the recruiters to continue to assemble and prepare Muslims for Jihad against the West and the rest of the world.

The leadership of the mosques (Dutch) apply for subsidies from municipal governments by starting projects to protect "women's rights" or "youth support". By coaching subsidy applications in this liberal language they manage to pull the wool over the eyes of civil servants and Dutch taxpayers end up paying for training and recruiting the very Jihadist forces that will disenfranchise them.

Of course nothing will be done. Immigration will not be halted. Mosque leadership, Imams and recruiters will not be expelled. It is impossible to think that The Netherlands will do anything to protect itself. That would be exclusionist and discriminatory. And Liberalism forbids anything that reeks of exclusion and discrimination.

Even if it is necessary to protect the Dutch nation and its allies.

Liberalism has to go before it destroys the nation.

Friday, January 18, 2008

SIOE plans demonstration against Muslim immigration in Amsterdam

SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) which organised the Anti-Islam demo in Brussels on 11 September 2007 is marching again. A new anti-islamisation demonstration is planned for next Saturday 28 January. In Amsterdam. The magic centre of the universe.

East is East, West is West

Pastorius wrote at the infidel blogger alliance:
"I just hope you (Europeans) do not choose who you will fight by the color of their skin, but instead, by the content of their character."

Well, in times of crises and upheaval people, ALL people, tend to make friend/foe judgements based on group characteristics. It is only in the circle of friends that some people are able to transcend this pattern of judgement.

In Rudyard Kipling's words:
"Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,
When two strong men stand face to face, tho' they come from the ends of the earth!"

We are not in the time of crises yet but when it comes one can be sure that Kipling's words will be proven yet again.

Oh, and the USA is a part of humanity too.

Not something to be happy or proud about, but it is just the way things stand with humanity.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amsterdam Ghost Mosque Saga

The Westermosque, which is to be built in Amsterdam-West by the radical Turkish Milli Gorüs (national vision) is on the rails again. Or so it would seem. The local city council "De Baarsjes" has given the Islamisation project permission to go ahead again after concerns about the size of the mosque, corrupt financing and finally the hostile character of the Mill Gorüs Islamic movement, which is outlawed in Germany and seen as the threat to the state by the German and Turkish governments.

In Amsterdam however the authorities regard everything pertaining to the mosque cosher again. Perhaps. For the time being.