Thursday, August 27, 2009

Africa in Europe: the police response

African populations and social disfunction

In a my post a week ago about Africans in Europe I mentioned the disfunctional behaviour of Africans abroad. I include people descended from African populations in to create the grouping `Africans`.

The response by the police

There news is that the Dutch police and bureaucrats are getting more and more concerned with African violence. Amsterdam Police Chief Welten (Dutch) stated that a lot of the violence by Caribbeans was caused by or inluenced by rappers. According to the Police Chief a lot of the violence was motiveless. The rappers glorify violence and those who use violence. It can be said that the rappers promote gang membership. These gangs engage in burglaries, prostitution and drug smuggling and dealing.

Combatting gang membership

It is not clear what the Police Chief wants to do about the glorifying of violence. The measures the Police Chief proposed was using legislation that was introduced to combat organized crime by taxing criminals to death on violent gang members. This way the gold jewellery and expensive cars of gang members can be confiscated. This would take incentives for young blacks away to join gangs and have a high social standing in the African and Caribbean communities.

Edward Kennedy, the nation buster, dies

The passing away of the Kennedy Clan

Yesterday an evil U.S. politician died. He was an effective enemy of his own nation and therefore of the whole Western world. His name is of course Edward Kennedy, scion of the Kennedy clan. With his passing the power of the Kennedy dynasty is effectively over. It´s a good thing.

Edward Kennedy, was a Democratic Senator for Massachusets.

Kennedy as the enabler of the Other

The worst evil Senator Edward Kennedy helped to visit on the U.S. was the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. Until then there had been a quota system for immigration, which ensured that the overwhelming majority of all immigrants was of European stock. This ensured that the ethnic balance of the U.S. was not upset. With the passing of the 1965 Immigration Act this was changed and now immigrants from Asia, Africa, the Muslim World and South-America could enter the U.S.A. and become ´citizens`.

Other treasonous legislation by Senator Kennedy

This was no incident in Senator Kennedy´s political life. The Senator also supported amnesty for illegals in 1986. And the Civil Rights act of 1991, which vastly expanded the possibilities for minorities to sue their employers for `discrimination´.

The biggest act of betrayal was the 1965 Immigration Act. It paved the way for the multi-cultural ideology, because once a nation does not have a culturally homogenous population anymore, the dominance of its culture becomes in question and Multi-culturalism is the expression of that questioning and undermining.

The foundation of treason was deception

With millions of non-westerners in the cities of the U.S., the U.S. stopped being a Nation and became in effect an empire. Senator Kennedy enabled this transformation by deceiving his countrymen. He deceived them by declaring that the Immigration Act would not change anything:
First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same ... Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset ... Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia ... In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.
Multi-culturalism and Foreign policy

Generally a nation´s foreign policy is a continuation of it´s home policy by other means. As the U.S. created a new image of a Multi-Cultural empire at home, its foreign policy changed. This was most notably illustrated with the dissolution of Multi-ethnic Yugoslavia. Here the U.S. declared the Serbs to be the bad guys, the originators of the dissolution of the Yugoslav multin-ethnic empire and twice formed military and political coalitions that severly damaged the Serb position in their ancestral homelands in the Krajina and Kosovo. And so Multi-culturalism got a new lease on life.

For the time being. Because eventually U.S.-led multi-culturalism it will go the same way as Senator Kennedy went.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blood is thicker than water

Immigration and development of human capital

Immigration of guest workers has been sold to Europeans as away to rejuvenate and strengthen the continent. The children immigrants would be educated as Europeans and when working help to pay for the pension of older Europeans.

Does good education equal loyalty?

Unfortunately the labour participation of the biggest group of immigrants, the Muslims, is shockingly low. Around 50 percent in The Netherlands and Germany. Bu there is worse news. Many of the best educated young Muslims, return to the countries of origin, taking with them all the education invested in them. The question is: may education inculate immigrants with a sense of loyalty and belonging to the society that educated them?

Wealth is no home

It makes sense, when you think about it. No matter how much money one makes, one will not be able to identify with a sociey that belongs to a different culture. But what about the figures?

According to the Dutch Central Statistics Office (CBS) the number of Muslims going back to the country of their parents was:

Of Turks going back was in 2004: 341 and in 2008: 676
Of Moroccans going back was in 2004: 240 and in 2008: 327

The verdict

The question of loyalty has not been answered with these low numbers. But the number are rising. There are around half a million Turks and almost a quarter of a million Moroccans of all ages in The Netherlands. This outflow of human capital puts another nail in the coffin of Multiculturalism in The Netherlands.

This blog featured an article on the willingness of Dutch Muslims to leave The Netherlands.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Violence flaring in Denmark

Danish blogger Balder writes that last night there was shooting in Odense, Denmark last night in which two people got injured:
A 43 year old plain clothes policeman was shot in the belly and in his arm, a white rapper named Niarn was slightly injured by a grazing shot, and a civilian whose identity was not disclosed was also hit by a bullet in the violence plagued borough of Noerrebro [Nørrebro] in Copenhagen last night around 22:30.

Diminishing trust in The Netherlands

Yesterday, Mr. Earl Cromer left a comment in which he said amongst other things:
It seems in many Dutch, French and British cities the natives are integrating into the violent gang cultures of the immigrants - I suppose in many respects they must act like them to survive in areas where they are the minority, and normal society cannot help them.
When I was a kid I read a book about two Dutch chaps travelling through the Middle East in a Chevrolet. The book described a voyage made in the early 70ies. One of the things which struck me was the following. There was a rule a Middle Eastern traveller had to abide by and that was getting away as soon as possible in case of an accident. This is because the local population would always turn on the foreigner assuming that there are no accidents, but that every damage or injury done is an act of intentional hostility.

Importing low-trust populations

Today this kind of attitude has been imported to Europe. E.g. ambulance staff is attacked by Middle Easterners extraction, when an ambulance is deemed slow to arrive. Middle Easterners are sure that the slow response is hostility of the ambulance drivers against them. They do not need proof for that. Middle Easterners are certainly savages in this respect.

Dragging the higher level down

But there are indications that today community relations are getting so bad that ethnic Dutchmen are also assuming that any damaging act by a Middle Easterner is a hostile act.

In the paper version of this week's Elsevier columnist Bart-Jan Spruyt reacted to the interview with policeman Ad Visser, who mentioned that ethnic Dutchmen are becoming more and more threatening towards Middle Easterners. Mr. Spruyt related how he had a dinner with an unnamed Police Chief a few months ago and that the Police Chief mentioned that in some city a Morroccans had a car accident on a cross roads overlooked by high rise buildings. As the shocked Morroccan came out of his car he and other Moroccans were attacked by Dutchment armed with baseball bats from the high rises. The Dutchmen acted on the assumption "something bad is happening to a Dutchman, it is done by a Morroccan, it must be an hostile act".

Lowering of standards is no problem for liberals

This shows that Mr. Cromer's observation is right. Europe is under the rule of liberalism. Under the rule of liberalism equality is the highest value, the value all other values are subordinated to. Under this value it is not possible to discriminate against Middle Easterners wanting to immigrate and colonize Europe. But Middle Easterners are UNEQUAL to Westerners. They are low-trust savages, who think nothing of lying, cheating and the use of violence to further their interests and that of their communities. The liberal elite is unable to elevate large numbers of immigrants to the cultural level to the level of high-trust of Western-Europeans.

However they are managing to create a level field between ethnic Dutchmen and Middle Easterners. By mistreating the ethnic Dutchmen for decades and never granting them justice they have so eroded the trust of ethnic Dutchmen in society that theyir behaviour is now dragged down to the level of savagery that is common in the Middle East.

The joys of equality

I do think that the liberals are happy this way. After all their highest value is equality. If they can point to misbehaving ethnic Dutchmen, the cause of preserving equality as the higest value is served. And that is what they really care about. They do not care about The Netherlands, not about Europe. The treason lobby does not care how much havoc and destruction it wreaks on Western Civilization.

ANYTHING for equality.

We have seen the end result in the formerly communist world. Serious Conservatives have to look at themselves and to wonder if equality is not really their highest value as well.

A civilized order of society

A comprehensive civilized order is only possible if we view people as unequal. There are differences between people from different civilizations. Some of these differences are irreconcilable. Therefore mass immigration of non-europeans to Europe ought to be out of the question under any circumstance.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Africa in Asia and Africa in Europe compared

High flying African drugdealers

In my yesterday article "Africa in Europe" this blog delt with the behaviour of groups of immigrants. I stated that behaviour could best be explained by looking to their cultures of origin, rather than looking at the Western countries where they have settled. I will further illustrate this by taking a closer look at one of the killings in Zuidoost neighbourhood of Amsterdam. This concerned a drugsdealer, "Zubi", who jumped from a balcony when police was invading his appartment. "Zubi", an Ibo from Nigeria (Dutch) had a connection with the chief of his tribe in Nigeria and was a conduit for cocaine in Amsterdam. Police found 25 bags of cocaine in the flat, plus a bag full of little smuggler balls of cocaine, plus half a big bin bag of cocaine in his appartment.

Racial solidarity trumps all for Blacks

"Zubi" died when he landed on the ground outside the high rise where he lived. The result were demonstrations by Blacks in Zuidoost, accusing the police of "racism" and a "hunt for blacks" (Dutch). The blacks shamelessy come to the aid of their fellow blacks even though in this case the "brother" in question killed himself and was a high ranking gangster. And they have the temerity to accuse the police of "racism"!

Liberals are quick to blame ethnic Dutchmen for what happened here. In an article in "Het Parool" Albert de Lange, a Dutch journalist features Tom Marfo, a Ghanese Reverend (Dutch), who explains that the drugdealer jumped because he feared deportation. If only the Dutch would stop deporting illegals, tragedies like these would not happen is the subtext of the article. This message is in accordance with Mr. Auster's First Law of Majority - Minority relations:
The worse any designated minority or alien group behaves in a liberal society, the bigger become the lies of Political Correctness in covering up for that group.
Do Blacks only jump and riot in liberal Europe? The answer is no as shown by a story on the Star (HT Mr. Auster): Africans in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.
At a busy intersection in the heart of this southern city recently, angry Africans carried a bleeding black man, held aloft, across eight lanes of heavy traffic to deposit him smack at a police station's door.

Almost immediately hundreds of other Africans converged on the station--shouting for the police to come out and take responsibility.

The wounded man's name was Emmanuel Okoro of Nigeria.

Trapped in a police raid on illegal immigrants that afternoon, Okoro chose to leap from the second floor of a shopping mall rather than be arrested.

He landed on his head.

Now, as he lay unconscious on the station's doorstep, angry protestors fanned out into the street--blocking traffic, ripping up plants, waving tree limbs and denouncing the police.

It took six hours to restore order.
We see here Africans in China exhibiting exactly the same behaviour as Africans in Zuidoost.

Laws live in populations

It proves that the behaviour of this group can best be explained by the origin of the group and not by the nation and culture where they have settled. In The Netherlands the law is that if an Alien legally resides in country for three years he can apply for citizensship. However, very few immigrants truly become citizens, their behaviour remains locked in patterns established in the culture were they originated. They are not significantly affected by the laws and culture of their adoptive country. The Chinese accept this and act accordingly. They expell the Africans after their visa expire.
Ojukwu Emma of the Nigerian Community in China says he and the Nigerian embassy are working on an agreement with local authorities to provide exit visas for Nigerians whose visas have expired and who wish to return home. If formalized, it would allow Nigerians to leave China within 10 days, without threat of detention.
However, the ingrained Liberalism of Europeans makes it very difficult for them to do so and illegal immigrants are seldomly expelled. On the other hand, the comments under the articles in the Dutch press show that hardly any of the commenters fall for the spiel of the liberal reporters.

The laws of group behaviour

In conclusion I state that the laws which govern group behaviour originate in cultures. As a shorthand: "Laws live in populations, not in territories". Liberals have a problem in dealing with this reality. It goes against their central tenet: "The law of equality trumps every other law".

Practical recommendations flowing from correct understanding of reality

Serious conservatives ought to be firm in dealing with this liberal inability to deal with the reality of human inequality. Religions, nations and cultures are unequal. It should not be a crime to state this, as it is now. This important truth should be the basis for policy decisions. The policy with regards to foreigners of different cultures should be not to allow them to settle in The West. If they already have settled their permits should not be renewed. Should they be in the West illegally they must be tracked down and expelled. If they have citizenship or resident status and commit serious crimes, they should be expelled as well. If the Chinese can do it, so can we!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Africa in Europe

Laws live in populations, rather than in geography

It is my conviction that when a nation receive immigrants in significant numbers, the immigrants will ussually congegrate in one spot form a colony and follow the laws and customs of their societies of origin. The veracity of this idea can be observed all over Europe in the Muslim gettos. But there are also African and Caribbean gettos in Europe.

European township called Zuidoost

One of them is situated in the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. Amsterdam has its own black township of 80,000 inhabitants. And it is called South East or Zuidoost. It used to be called Bijlmer, but that name became so infamous that it was changed. In the past decade the grey but fine appartment buildings of Zuidoost were largely pulled down and replaced by lower and better quality housing. According to police chief Ad Visser 4 billion Euros were invested in the area.

Shooting for a tenner

But they ways of Zuidoost are still the ways of an African population. Many people in Zuidoost live lives of crime. Of drugdealing, burglaring and prostitution. Recently there was a spate of shootings. The Netherlands is a country with extremely restrictive gun laws. During the Second World War the German occupiers introduced these restrictions for obvious reasons and they were never lifted. Guns can only be owned by sports shooters.

But in Zuidoost many people carry guns and they use them. In the past year there have been 14 shootings with a number of injured persons and 2 people killed. Recently a 15 year old Caribbean black boy, Gianluca Flamingo, was killed, while sleeping in a car driven by a friend a well known kickboxer.

Human engineering leads to expensive failures

As said before the government is spending massive amounts of tax money to uplift the African population of Zuidoost, by providing them with excellent housing and good schools. But human reality cannot be engineered. Zuidoost remains a bad living area because the quality of the population can only be improved by removing the population and replacing them with ethnic Dutch people.

The Netherlands: high trust society becomes low trust society

The Netherlands: a typical Western European nation

Like other Western European Nations, The Netherlands was always a high trust society. A society where citizens trusted the police, the judiciary. Their churches, the political establishment. Their instititutions. And a Chinese proverb has it that:
Trust comes on foot and leaves on a horse.
Better not waste that trust then. But that is exactly what happened in The Netherlands. As a result of a deluge of unassimilable African and Muslim immigrants trust is eroded on all sides.

The effect of immigration on trust

The Harvard professor Robert D. Putnam published research in 2007 that communities with high immigration scored the lowest not only in trusting the newcomers, but also showed a drop in kith and kin trust:
In the presence of [ethnic] diversity, we hunker down. We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do look like us.
The executive Branch: policemen's trust eroded

A recent poll showed that Dutch policemen (Dutch) have stopped trusting their own police leadership and the political establishment. A poll amongst 8,500 policemen showed that two thirds of police men do not trust the police leadership. 91 percent thought politicians had no inkling of what the policeman's beat looks like. A large majority of the police do not feel supported by the public.

Absolutely devastating findings about the lack of trust in the executive branch.

The judiciary: same old story

And what about the Courts? In June President of the High Court Mr. Geert Cortjens (Dutch) complained that politicians and the media have started to criticize verdicts of Penal Courts. The High Judge opinioned that politicians and media ought to show respect for judges and their verdicts. And that politicians were not even aware that the Courts are one of the three branches of government.

The criticism against judges shows the absense of trust between politicians and media and the Justice system.

The downfall of The Netherlands

In 30 years of mass immigration the Dutch elite has managed to implement a policy of mass immigration, which has severed ties amongst the native population of the Netherlands and severely damaged its institutions. Both the police and the judiciary have lost the trust of the public and have themselves become isolated.

It may well take a century for the injuries that have been inflicted to be healed IF that is even possible, provided that immigration is stopped.

Freedom Party suffers in the polls

Freedom Party suffers from a lack of attention

According to the Barometer the Freedom Party (PVV) is experiencing a drop (Dutch) in its political popularity. Barometer is a poll run by Nova, a government subsidized news and commentary program.

According to Nova, the PVV dropped 4 seats out of a 150 in the month July. The interpretation is that the party which communicates with its voter base mostly through the media. This is because it lacks affiliated newspapers, or a church like most of the other parties. When it is summer there is a dearth of news, hence the drop.

It is the first time that the PVV is dropping in the polls, since the party was founded.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Freedom Party recruits local politicians in two cities

Recruiting politicians by political parties

An important function of a political party is the recruitment and vetting of politicians. This function is one of the cornerstones of the party political system that has characterized Dutch politics since the late 19th century. Political parties in Europe are increasingly finding it difficult to attract quality candidates and the level of politicians is conspiciously falling. All Dutch parties combined have about 300,000 members, which is 2.6 percent of the electorate. Ten percent or 30,000 of them are active members and amongst these the 12,000 political offices and 15,000 party political positions are distributed. Nearly every active political party member has some kind of job! Any political party that wants to leave its mark, must not only win votes, but also find thousands of candidates to staff the administrative and political machine of the Dutch state. A new succesful party attracts nutters and opportunists, which is a big risk to a controversial right-wing party that faces a hostile media. But there is no way around it. Or is there?

The Freedom Party is recruiting slowly

Mr. Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) is recruiting and vetting its aspiring politicians very securely. All recruited politicians are vetted by Geert Wilders personally. The PVV announced this weekend that they recruited enough local politicians to contest the 2010 municipal elections in The Hague and Almere. both cities have high probabilities of victory. In the 400 plus other villages, towns and cities of the Netherlands the PVV will field no candidates. Mr. Geert Wilders stated:
We have not found enough people that I am willing to vouch for.
Mr. Wilders wants to avoid a repeat of the 2001 LPF-fiasco, when the late Mr. Fortuyn's party went under in squabbling of its upstart members. Remarkably the PVV is not only not running in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. But also not in Rotterdam, where there is massive dissaffection with the Multicultural society, as evidenced in the strength of the remainder of Fortuyn's old Rotterdam Party, Leefbaar Rotterdam (LR). Mr. Marco Pastors (Dutch), the leader of LR, was relieved and remarked:
He [Wilders] would have taken many seats in the case of Rotterdam elections. But he knows that nutty councilmen would destroy everything in the national elections. He kept a cool head.
Wilders' strategy: straight for the jugular!

It is his stated strategy to recruit politicians to first staff his parliamentary and party fraction after the 2010 parliamentary elections. Next he must be ready for the 2011 provincial elections and field candidates for the provincial chambers. These in turn appoint senators to the Dutch Senate. When everything goes well the Freedom Party will then have significant clout in the legislature and be able to influence policy. The PVV received a lot of Flak from the media and politicians like Greens Femke Halsma, who accussed the PVV of "abandoning its voters".

A low risk, high yield strategy

Despite the Flak the road that the Freedom Party will take is clear. They will take as little risk as possible in the next two years and still reach for the pinnacle of power. Afterwards they will be able to take time and recruit candidates for the municipalities.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Police Chief threatens ethnic Dutchmen, protects Muslim 'hoods

In an article written in 2004 by Mr. Lawrence Auster in 2004 he addresses the core of the double standard of liberalism.
The double standard may well be the most characteristic feature of the leftist cultural order under which we now live .. [the reason for the double standard of liberalism] .. is that today's "liberals" are really leftists who have rejected the older liberal belief in a shared equality of citizens before the law and have embraced the socialist vision of "equality as a fact and equality as a result," ..
In his article Mr. Auster continues:
the left has for tactical reasons largely shifted its demand for equality of results away from the economic sphere to the cultural/moral sphere and the advancement of "oppressed" cultural and ethnic groups. The result is cultural socialism, which entails the same kind of bureaucratically imposed egalitarian “solution” as existed under the older socialism, and thus leads to a cultural double standard. This cultural double standard goes something like this: Since "we" (e.g., whites, Westerners, Christians, men, conservatives, Americans, the U.S. armed forces, Republicans, and heterosexuals) constitute an allegedly dominant group in society and are better off than the "Other" (e.g., nonwhites, non-Westerners, Moslems, women, liberals, immigrants, enemy combatants, Democrats, and homosexuals), our superior position violates the imperative of equality. In order for the desired state of equality to be attained, we, the unfairly dominant group, must be condemned, excluded, and dragged down, while the Other must be celebrated, included, and raised up. In short, in the name of equality, society is divided into two radically distinct groups, to which radically different rules apply.
In Europe today this means that the police is contemplating cracking down on the local citizenry which is getting restless as a result of its suffering at the hands of Muslim criminals.

Dutch newspaper "De Pers" published an interview with East Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Oost) police district chief Ad Smit. After giving many examples of the knowledge of ethnic differences that is required to police a multicultural cauldron like East Amsterdam the district chief speaks some chilling words, intended perhaps to appease those higher up in the police and political hierarchies:
In neighbourhood meetings people mention "Moroccan-C**ts". It is called out in the streets, at Moroccans. Also during disturbances. That bystanders call: if you do not act, we will act, but differently, with baseball bats. I have heard it with my own ears. We (the police) do not accept that, this is taking the law in one's own hands. So far we have managed to contain it, end it. At the beginning of this year I reported to the Chiefs of the Amsterdam Police that the reaction of ethnic Dutchmen against Moroccans is fierce, something must be done. We have strongly intervened. We arrested dozens of muggers. We - especially the community policemen - are paying special attention to make sure whether the ethnic Dutch are getting out of hand. When the cause is taken away, the anger ebbs away as well.
Interviewer: So people limit themselves to nagging and calling names?
They still do [emphasis mine]. One has got to have a serious demeanor. One has to exude that one will not choose the side of Dutch ethnics if such words used. And that force will be used if things goes too far.

If the moment comes that fists are clenched, the moment that people will organise against certain population groups, then things are getting out of hand and I will use force. If I as a Police Chief would know that a group [of ethnics] is organizing to get at another group [of ethnics] I will have the whole lot arrested.

As long as I have the power I will resist with all my strength. It is an incredibly dangerous matter. I think it is easy is one is not doing well - and today many marginalized people are being marginalized even more - to have a go at the Other. Midway through the last century, we've had a very bad example of that.
[Edit: Mr Laurence Auster of VFR sent me a mail stating I ought to make explicit what the double standard of Police Chief Ad Visser is].

The double standard is that ethnic Dutchmen have been exposed to Moroccan and other Muslim crime for 30 year or longer. The police has refused to protect society during that period. The police could not be bothered and the percentage of reported crimes solved fell to 15 percent. Now that the ethnic Dutch are so provoked that they are stirring and preparing to counter the actions of the Muslim community all of a sudden the police CAN be bothered to crack down on those who take the law in their own hands. This is liberal Police Chief Ad Visser's double standard. [End of Edit]

Now, after 30 years the failures of Liberalism and its offspring, the Multicultural society, become heavy, too heavy a burden. The native Dutchmen are getting restless. The authorities are looking at each other for encouragement and support. They want to tell the others in their class that they stand ready to crush unrest and dissent. Their rule will survive despite any challenge.

Another translation of the interview with Ad Smit was made by Esther of Islam in Europe - she has a different and perhaps more liberal angle.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wolf in wolfs clothing

Labour's tricky predicament

In the running up to the 2006 municipal elections, Mr. Wouter Bos, the Labour party leader said that Labour (PvdA) would see a lot of trouble with immigrant politicians in the local councils as they would bring elements into Labour whose interests diverged from the interests of the Labour Party.

Mr. Bos' perceptive remark would prove prophetic. The question is what this phenomenon says about the presence of Muslims in The Netherlands and other Muslims societies.

One of the politicians that fits the bill of Wouter Bos' remark is the subject of this article.

The usual suspects

Bouchra Ismaili, a Rotterdam former Labour municipal politician, is featuring in the news once more. In the middle of January 2008 she achieved notoriety by:
1. signing a petition of a hardline Islamic group: Hizb-ut-Tahir
2. writing an e-mail to a Dutchman with a rather hostile content:
You are the immigrant here!!!! With Allah on my side i fear nothing and nobody.
Indeed, it is a good thing she has no fear.

Please find a full translation of Mrs. Bouchra's mail at Esther's news site

The affair made her position as a Labour politician untenable.

The unmasked Muslim

Mrs. Bouchra is now campaigning on behalf on the Dutch Muslim Party (NMP). The affair has only made her star shine more brightly to Muslims of Rotterdam. She is expected to pull in 2-3 council seats in the Rotterdam Council.

The interests of Dutch people and the expressed wishes of Muslims

The Hizb-ut-Tahrir program that Mrs. Bouchra support goes very strongly against the interests of the ethically Dutch people of Rotterdam. If this only goads Rotterdam's Muslims in supporting Mrs. Bouchra this shows that the presence of Muslims in Rotterdam and other parts of Europe hurts the interests of the Westerners amongst whom they settle. Therefore there ought to be a moratorium on all Muslim immigration to The Netherlands.

Hells Angels Holland demand damages

The Dutch state recently suffered a defeat against an emerging non-state actor. The Dutch chapter of the Hells Angels. In my words "the Hells Angels have become untouchable". Now the Hells Angels are following up their success:

Hells Angels want €2.2m in damages

Twenty-four Hells Angels are demanding a total of €2.2m in compensation from the Dutch state for damages suffered as a result of the legal action that was taken against them, report various media on Thursday.

Lawyer Bram Moszkowicz is asking for one-third of the total sum (€800,000) for his client Harry S who was detained by police for two months before being released without being charged.

On Thursday 12 cases were heard by the Amsterdam court. The first 12 came before the court six weeks ago.

In total 35 members of the Hells Angels club are asking for damages. In 11 cases The Hells Angels and prosecution service reached an agreement.

The public prosecution department fought a long-running legal battle to get the Hells Angels banned but has been unsuccessful.