Friday, August 10, 2007


Dutch blogger Erwin at Kleinverzet wrote: "Almost 70% of the Dutch do not feel free enough to openly air their opinions on islam. In a purportedly free country as the Netherlands still likes to think it is, that is a most depressing statistic..."

No, no, my brother Erwin. This statistic is a cause for joy. Suppose people did not realise or recognize or deny they were unfree. Like it used to be. Then it would be impossible for them to THINK the truth. The people has to be aware of an issue, before they can deal with the issue.

A Czech told me a rhyme from Communist times:

"Don't think,
but if you think,
don't talk.
But if you talk,
don't write.
But if you write
don't sign.
And if you sign,
Don't be surprised."

Well, at a certain point people under Communism started thinking, then talking, then writing and around 1985 signing and demonstrating.

And then Communism fell apart in a few years.

People are now setting the first step of thinking and recognising they are unfree to speak. They are becoming aware of their unfreedom. And you and I and others are already writing. But not signing. It is too early for that.

Eventually the people will move on to sign and to assemble in the streets openly proclaiming what the people already believes. When the time has come the politico's and the other people in power will lose their own belief in neo-marxism.

At that point the whole ideological building will fall apart. And their power will dissappear. And that moment is not too far. It is now 1973 or 1983. I do not know which.

The other side bases itself on lies. If we are righteous and built our foundations on Truth and Honesty we are invincible.

The Sun is shining for us. The other side is heading into night and fog.

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