Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hirsi has to go, Verdonk nose dives

Dutch Minister Verdonk of Immigration Monday sent Hirsi Ali a letter declaring her Dutch citizenship null and void. This was within 24 hours of questions being raised in Parliament about the lies Hirsi Ali told to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service concerning her supposed life in Somalia before 1992. Television program "Zembla" raised the issue about her story she told about being a refugee from Somalia, which was a war thorn country at the time while she had grown up in peaceful Kenya. She also gave a false name.

Hirsi Ali has an offer from the American Enterprise Institute to join their Washington thinktank. Without Dutch citizenship she will have to travel to the US as a refugee, with a refugee pass.

The letter of Verdonk had a crushing effect on Hirsi Ali:
The letter was the last straw that led Hirsi Ali to resign with immediate effect from parliament on Tuesday and formally announce she is moving to the Washington to work for a neo-conservative think tank.

Initially Hirsi was working for the Wiarda Beckman Foundation, the research institute of the Labour Party. When the Labour Party did not allow her to critizise Islam she moved to the Liberal - Conservative VVD. The VVD gave her a freer hand to critizise Islam's patriarchal and aggressive nature. Ayaan Hirsi Ali attacked the constitutional Freedom of Education (article 23) because it gave Dutch Muslims the right to create Islamic schools and shielding young Muslims from Western ideas. However the members of the old guard of the VVD tried to dissuade Hirsi of attacking Dutch Freedom of Education. When Hirsi carried on her attack she lost support of the party as both the old guard and the rank and file supporters of the VVD regard Freedom of Education sacrosanct.

Foreign media generally overlook the attachment of the Dutch Right wing to Freedom of Education. One often sees Dutchmen writing on forums like and that multiculturalism is a failure and that they do not want to sacrifice their children to state education and intergrated Multiracial schools.

Hardline Minister Verdonk lost a lot of support due to her weak defense of the attack on the legal status of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

But it has done her more harm than good. Opinion polls conducted among VVD members shows support for former front-runner Verdonk has nosedived. And VVD MPs have made it clear they no longer see Verdonk as their future leader.

Yesterday night the Amsterdam stand-up comedians were ridiculing Verdonk and Hirsi Ali. Dutch politics is still unstable and volatile as a result of mass immigration in the 90ies and the attempt to force Multiculturalism on the population.

The Dutch love their freedom. They resisted the attempt by the Multiculturalists to take away their freedom in the Fortuyn revolt of 2002 and they resist the efforts of foreigners who try to make a Multiracial society work by enforced ethnic and ideological intergration ("Gleichschaltung") of the school system. However the problems remain unfixed.

A new development is that now the whole legitimacy of asylum is being eroded in the eyes of the population. Pundits are pointing out that a large percentage of asylum seekers lied to get entry to the Netherlands just as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and are really just economic migrants.

The saga continues.


nouille said...
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nouille said...

I think she reminds people how Islam and the west is not compatible nor kind, somthing the politicians and muslims of Europe don't want.

How can the politicians convince it's populace the nice muslims mean no harm if she's always there to tell the truth.

I dearly hope she doesn't come to the US.

Washington is quite ignorant of Islam so they may see her as a useful tool.

2:08 AM

nouille said...

Make no mistake about it, muslims in the Netherlands are happy about this.

Camera Lucida said...

Congratulations to Dutch Minister Verdonk for speaking up. She at least is trying not to be a hypocrite. I'm sure the ordinary Dutch person agrees with her.

Islam and the West are totally incompatible. Whatever reforms Muslims tries to do, they can only do it in their own countries.

Or, I would suggest a simpler suggestion. Convert to Christianity.

Rob said...

'Or, I would suggest a simpler suggestion. Convert to Christianity'.

Camra Lucida.

I don't know what the figures are, but in England Christians are becoming as much of a minority as Muslims.

The thing is, I don't know any Christians who aren't pensioners. By contrast, mosques tend to be filled by whole communities.

Even if all immigration stopped tomorrow, Islam would still become the dominant religion in Europe because demographics mean that is is gaining a larger share of a shrinking market.

Salaam Aleikum ;-)

Snouck said...

Aleikum Salaam Kerdesh,

every force creates a counterforce. Check "The Iron Wall" by Jabotinsky.

Ghazi Holandiyem