Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stacking the cards against Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), is being prosecuted in The Netherlands by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal for hate speech, as has been reported on this blog. There is disturbing news from the legal front for Wilders.

In Belgium a politician, Daniel Feret, was convicted for stating in leaflets that Islam seeks the Islamization of Belgium. Mr. Ferret appealed the decision at the European Court, a Court with seven judgees.

The European court has now upheld the decision of the Belgian court (Dutch), with three judges dissenting. Amongst other things Mr. Ferret will be stripped of his passive democratic rights for the duration of ten years. This means he is not electable for ten years.

If something like this would happen to the leader of the PVV, it would have dire consequnces for the prospects of the party.

The law is becoming increasingly politicized in Europe. The question is whether the rise of rightwing parties in Europe is influencing the European judges. Is the political echelon exerting pressure on judges to eliminate rightwing competion, or are they acting on their own accord? At this level of judging politics and law mesh. It is impossible that political considerations are not a part of the deliberations of the European and national Dutch and Belgian judges.

Immigrant Dutch seek training for Jihad

Kenya arrested four travellers headed for a Jihadist training camp in Somalia (HT Esther).
Four Dutch citizens have been arrested in Kenya for "possible involvement in terrorism", the prosecution service in the Netherlands said on Wednesday.

"According to Kenyan authorities, the four were arrested on the border of Kenya and Somalia," last Friday, it said in a statement. "They are alleged to have been on their way to a jihadist training camp.

"An investigation has been launched by national police (in the Netherlands) into their possible involvement in terrorism."

An investigation has been launched by Dutch police into the activities of the four, who are expected to be sent back home, according to prosecution spokeswoman Marieke van der Molen.

She added that the Netherlands retained jurisdiction to prosecute its nationals alleged to have committed crimes abroad. Officials declined to give more details on the suspects including their genders.

While prosecutors identified them all as Dutch nationals, the Dutch foreign affairs ministry said the four included three citizens and a Moroccan with Dutch residence status.
Read more on Dutch Jihadists.

According to Dutch press reports the four included no ethnic Dutchmen, the ethnic backgrounds of the four were Somali and Moroccan. It is unclear if the four were seeking to wage Jihad in The Netherlands or elswhere after finishing their training.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Huffington Post sees Conservatism taking root in Amsterdam

Scoring points against the Conservatism world wide

The liberal Huffington Post featured an article on homophobia in Amsterdam under the heading "Muslim Mayor's Gay Rights Drive Fights Homophobia In Conservative Amsterdam Suburb". When I first saw the title I wondered what Conservative Suburb Amsterdam has that had escaped my attention. Reading the article it turned out that it was Slotervaart, a borough of Amsterdam proper.

It seems the Huffington Post has picked up on the phenomenon of gay bashing in Amsterdam.

The Treasonous Liberals / The Treason of the Left

What they forget to mention is that the people who are homophobic and commit the gaybashing are also a voting block for Labour, the Greens and other parties in the Multiculturalist vanguard. And these liberal parties are eerily quiet when it comes to pointing out the illiberalism of the majority of immigrants.

Whether it is Liberal politicians in Europe or Liberal newspapers in the US, they work in concert towards the same goal. The destruction of Western society by any means necessary.

And it is never them who have to take any blame for the destruction. It is only "Conservatives".

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Patriotism on the Rise in Europe

Do Dutch citizens support EU policy?

As the Dutch political class is in cahoots with the rest of the EU oligarchy, transferring legislative power to the European Commission and the European Court is is important to take a look of their policies are supported by the citizens. Are Dutch citizens becoming more patriotic or do they support strengthening of the power of transnational political bodies?

Researchers inventoried patriotic attitudes of citizens

Researchers from the MigrantenStudies institute inventoried political attitudes of Dutch citizens. The compared attitudes in 2006 with those of 1995. Results were broken down according to educational levels.

The higher educated, the more patriotic

The results show that patriotic attitudes are growing, particularly amongst citizens with MA or BA level education. In 1995 lower educated citizens were most patriotic, medium educated citizens less patriotic and highly educated citizens least patriotic. This scheme has now reversed, with the higher the educational attainments the stronger patriotic sentiments are. This is expressed in stating agreement with statements such "I am proud of the my nation". Dutch citizens of medium education are also becoming more intensely patriotic, but not as much as the highly educated.

Dutch citizens of low educational attainment remain stable in their patriotism or show a slight decline.

At odds

The political elite seems at odds with the citizenry, about the course of political intergration.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

German Army takes off Red Cross

(HT Politically Incorrect) Doctors and Medics take Red Cross insignia off their vehicles. The internationally recognized symbol, was created to separate life saving personnel from fighting personnel. To shield the former from attack. This symbol has become the preferred target of attacks by Muslims in Afghanistan.

Gay pride Amsterdam runs the gauntlet again

Keeping the world save and gay

The Amsterdam City Marketeers are spending a considerable budget to woo US gays. It is their intent to picture the city as a haven for liberalism and permissiveness. And indeed Amsterdam has a long standing tradition of being relatively open.

Read the blurb or check find the below sample of the creativity of the Amsterdam Marketeers:

Do you feel the soft glow inside?

Dark forces are gathering

But alas. Dark forces are gathering against the light of gayness. For years Gay events have been marred by real hatred of gays. Amsterdam Gays and their visiting friends are exposed to evil gaybashing.

White males are the carriers of original sin in Liberal theology. For Liberals women and minorities have victim status. Victim status is the weapon of choice to clobber white males with. Victim status groups are "protected classes" under the rule of Liberalism and they are the core adherents.

Victim fight

But what if victims attack victims? What is Liberalism, the guiding principle of todays Western society, to say when this happens?

I ask this because the gaybashers scouring Amsterdam generally belong to the Muslim minority, which is approximately 25 percent of the population of Amsterdam and growing.

What happened was: one of the organizers of the Gay Pride, Mr. Hugo Braakhuis, was beaten up at a popular nightlife venue in the centre of our fair city, called Rembrandsplein. This happened when Mr. Braakhuis was taking leave of a friend at four in the morning. The men had been kissing. Mr. Braakhuis' friend received injuries and both were called "dirty fag" and worse.

I wrote similare articles
in 2007 Liberalism bites its own behind and
in 2006 Gays betrayed by Liberalism.

The Amsterdam respons

The respons of the Amsterdam City Council to these events has been to install CCTV security cameras at gay venues and stepping up police patrolling in these areas.

But these measure cannot stop the gay bashing, nor the publicity about the gay bashing. At some point it will become more and more known that Amsterdam is a dangerous place for gays and the city will lose its appeal to gay tourists.

At this point the City can always start marketing the city to masochist tourists. Amsterdam, the city were you can be beaten up for free. Its better than bull running in Pamplona!

Multiculturalism, the belief that all cultures are compatible with Western culture always had at its core a strong element of masochism. However, there are indications that Dutch gays are in doubt. Polls by Gay Magazine "De Gaykrant" (Dutch) show that a quarter of Dutch gays support the Freedom Party.

And that is the best description of Liberalism in Multicultural Holland. It is being doubted by its core adherents.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Muslims, immigrants, public charges or not?

Muslim and other immigrants a boon to the receiving nation?

Yesterday IslaminEurope - Commentary featured a story on the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) asking Dutch Ministers to calculate the costs and revenues of immigration. Later yesterday there was a vote on the issue. All parties were against Dutch Departments to calculate the revenues and costs associated with immigration. All parties apart from the Liberal-Conservative VVD, Wilders' old party.

There was a big show of moral indignation at PVV MP Sietse Fritsma's request. But it is clear that the PVV is not finished. During a speech in Parliament on 18 september last year Mr. Wilders (Dutch) said:
This Multicultural society is a expensive hobby. A Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) study of a few years ago has shown that the average non-western immigrant family casts the Dutch taxpayer 230.000 euro.

The strategy of Mr. Wilders

The PVV is going to make this matter of whether immigrants are public charges the main issue in the rest of the year and leading up to the 2010 election. We have not heard the last of this.

The other parties are going to be in a lot of trouble over this. Them trying to keep the facts under wraps makes them look vicious and deceitful. And once the facts are out Multicultural society will have taken a crippling injury.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hells Angels become untouchable

This blog recently featured a post on the Danish Hells Angels. The Dutch Chapter of the Hells Angels are the HQ for the European Hells Angels organisation. The Hells Angels are believed to be an important crime syndicated trading in drugs, involved in prostitution and in assassinations.

The last few years the Office of the Public Prosecutor (OM)has made very serious efforts to dissolve the organisation and have it declared outside of the law.

These efforts are now coming to an end with the Dutch Supreme Court coming to the aid of the Hells Angels:
Hells Angels win another Dutch legal battle

The Dutch Supreme Court refused Friday to outlaw a local branch of the Hells Angles in the motorcycle club's latest legal victory.

The country's highest judicial panel said prosecutors failed to prove their claim that the Harlingen Hells Angels chapter in the northern Netherlands is a threat to public order and should be disbanded.

The Supreme Court's ruling upheld two lower courts' decisions.

It said the club may be involved in undesirable and possibly criminal activities, but they are not serious enough to merit a total ban.

A ban "is a serious infringement of the freedom to gather that is at the foundation of a democratic state," the court said in its written ruling.

The court also rejected prosecutors' attempts to link the Harlingen chapter to alleged criminal activity of Hells Angels elsewhere in the Netherlands and the rest of the world, saying links between the local chapter and other groups were not close enough.

Dutch Hells Angels have won a string of cases against prosecutors trying to ban them, but Friday's was the first in the country's highest court.

A parliamentary inquiry in 1995 found the Hells Angels was a criminal organization involved in the drug trade and smuggling women for prostitution, but no action was taken to ban the group.

The Harlingen chapter's club house was raided in 2005 as part of a large-scale investigation into allegations of extortion, intimidation, weapons and drugs trafficking.

That investigation followed the murder of three members of the gang in the south of the Netherlands in 2004, allegedly by fellow bikers.
The Hells Angels in the court room reacted with great show of happiness to the verdict of the judge falling in each others arms like Russian soldiers in a 1940ies Soviet War movie.

The Borjas question: do immigrants pay for their stay?

Do the natives profit from immigration?

The US economist George J. Borjas did research to answer the question who profits by immigration. His findings are contrary to the message of the Multiculturalists. He concluded that it is mostly the immigrants who benefit by their wages. Also employers who employ immigrants will benefit, or they would not do it.

What about Europe and The Netherlands?

In the last month Freedom Party MP Sietse Fritsma has been asking Dutch government ministries what their immigrant related costs are and how they relate to the costs of native Dutchmen. He has also asked questions about the revenue of the state related to immigrants. He has forecast the result that immigrants ON AVERAGE cost more than they bring in.

Knocking on heaven's door: the costs

Previously there have been studies undertaken. In 1999 Dutch economist and journalist Pieter Lakeman published a book that estimated the directly attributable cost of immigration at 70 billion guilders in 30 years. The total costs will be much higher.

Euwals, Rodenburg and ter Rele wrote a study, immigration and the Dutch economy, which also concluded that an average 25 year old non-western immigrant constitutes a net loss to the tax payer of a 100.000 euros in his life time. Here is an abstract of the study of the costs of immigrants in Dutch. While the average 25 year old Dutchmen (including immigrant stock!) creates a surplus of 165.000 euros. And the 25 year old immigrant is the best case. All the other ages are more costly. The report also warns that these costs do not include the expected "family reunification" costs of wife and children!

Immigration is priceless

There are other costs not vectored in. Such as loss of security due to high crime. Loss of political rights for the native population due to political-correctness and imposition of Sharia.

What answer will the Freedom Party get?

The media are already speculating that the Ministers and civil servants will not answer the questions that Sietse Fritsma has fielded. But Mr. Fritsma and his fellows will continue to ask this question and the avoidance of the answers will be noticed and interpreted by the voters.

More and more of them will conclude that there is no benefit to immigration. And that the assurance by politicians that immigrants will pay for their old age is a lie.

In financial terms immigrants are unequal to Westerners.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

War of the racists

Westerners generally subscribe to the notion that it is wrong to discriminate. Since the 80ies discrimination has become illegal in most countries. Including the Netherlands.

Whose racism wins out?

Browsing a newspaper in the supermarkt today I noticed a story on a chain of shops where a manager had sent out an e-mail with recruitment instructions to 31 stores. In bolded print the message stated "no Morroccans". The story was featured a few days ago on IslaminEurope by Esther.

The article 1 offices brought the case under the attention of the media. The newspapers are trying to hype the story. The manager who wrote the mail out was not fired. Neither was the HRM-assistant who forwarded the mail without comment.

If people are discriminated against they can turn to a network of 45 anti-discrimination offices. The offices are called Article 1 after the first article of the Dutch constitution, which was amended in 1983 to outlaw discrimination by private citizens.

Affirmative Action is also discrimination

But the state has a program to promote the hiring of women and minorities. E.g. interior Minister Guusje ter Horst carries out her instructions to employ fifty percent women and minority police chiefs with enthusiasm as has been repeatedly reported on this blog. This is discriminates against men. But men can not turn to the Article 1 offices, because these will say it is okay if the state discriminate against them. Discrimination is only bad if the citizens discriminate.

But what is the greater danger? When the powerful state using citizen funding discriminates? Or when a private citizen using his own money does it?

The danger is to the social capital of the nation. With these blatant double standards and abuses of power, the trust between the state and the citizenry evaporates.

Marxist rethoric losing its appeal

The Article 1 offices are conducting a advertizing campaign to make minorities and women aware they have the state behind them if they are discriminated against. The campaign against the supermarket is co-ordinated with that media blitz. What is remarkable is that the power of the article 1 lobby to convince Dutchmen that they are bad if they discriminate is waning. Comment sections in the newspapers show that a considerable portion of the public understands what motivated the supermarket to exclude Moroccans.

If this trend continues the days of the Multicultural society in The Netherlands are numbered.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Germany: the Social State throttles the Nation

The Social State bribes the people to win their loyalty

Since the Germany's Iron Chancellor Bismarck introduced pensions Western states have followed its lead to bribe the people into loyalty towards the state. Especially after the demise of nationalism as an ideology, states have transferred large sums from economically active citizens to inactive ones.

Good pensions and a dearth of babies

With the question of care in old age solved by the State, procreation to ensure offspring that will be responsible for old-age care is no longer required for German citizens. German birthrates have fallen to 1.4 child per woman, below the 2.1 replacement rate.

Recession hits workers, but not pensioners

With the current recession many Germans are falling on hard times. Many lose their jobs, others are on short time contracts and others see their incomes falling. But the German state is guarantueeing the income of its pensioners. In fact the pensions of West-German pensioners are set to rise by 2.4 percent. And East-German pensioners get a whopping 3.4 percent rise of their pensions.

The funds have to be coughed up by the 25 to 35 year olds. Herr Finance Minister Steinbrück stated that this is a wrong signal to
the 25 to 35 year old cohort, who have to bring children (German) in the world. For this generation we ought to care more.
Labour (SPD) Minister Steinbrück added that the pensioners
are doing well like never before.
The grey wave is cresting

As Germany's population is aging, the vote of pensioners becomes more and more important for political parties. The pensioners seem to be careless of the future of their children and the German nation. Unlike e.g. The Netherlands or France which seek to prop up the native birthrate such measures are taboo in Germany. Birth rate increasing policies are connected to the days of the reign of the Nazi Party, which wanted a growing population to populate conquered territories in the East.

At some point these taboos will have to be addressed or the German state will not be able sustain to paying worthwhile pensions to its citizens.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Downfall of Europe by the Prophet Mohammed Rasul

The Netherlands, land of the naive fools

A few years ago, on April 9 2006, this blog featured an article on a Dutch book from 1990. The article is titled "Banning speech, banning prophesy".

The article describes the strange case of a book warning the Dutch of what would happen if they would allow Muslim colonization of their land. Many of the prophesies of the author have been fulfilled. E.g.
- there will be more crime, fuelled by moslim crime
- the Dutch will become cynical and untrusting, less gullible
This has already come about. There used to be an English translation online but the webpage disappeared. I found the text in the internet archive and made a new document "Land of naive fools - Downfall of the Netherlands" by Mohammed Rasul as a Google doc. The text can be used as a template for what will happen if any Western country allows itself to be colonized by Muslims.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liberal soft drug policy is losing its footing

Permissive Drugs Policy

The Netherlands has known a infamously permissive policy on soft drugs in the past thirty years. Weed and mariuana could be sold and bought in "coffee shops". Many towns in The Netherlands have coffee shops and the city of Amsterdam used to boast about 400 coffee shops.

Problems with neighbouring countries

The legal availability of soft drugs led to complaints from European countries in the vicinity of the Netherlands. They blamed that some of their people were addicted as a result of the Dutch policy. The Dutch politicians sat the critisism out, convinced that in time all other nations would become as "progressive" as The Netherlands.

Drugs tourism and organised crime

The legal availability of weed led to a large amount of "drug tourism" to border towns. Citizens of Belgium, France and Germany travelled to these towns to buy and smoke here. This caused soft drug vendors to grow from small café like shops to big and busy mega shops. These shops in the Dutch border areas attract a lot of traffic of customers. Criminals prey on this traffic and the presence of so many stoned people caused all kinds of unpleasantness for citizens in neighbourhoods with licenced drugs vendors. Moreover the shops are often owned by organised crime, who has the capital to invest in licenced drug vendors. According to a government commission things have to tightened up:
The relaxed policy on cannabis and other soft drugs should be made much stricter, in order to limit negative side effects such as drugs tourism and organised crime.
In Amsterdam many soft drug vendors lost their soft drug or their alcohol licence. This caused a number of them to close. It looks like legal changes are now being prepared which will close down coffee shops in the border areas as well, especially the largest vendors.

Kill, kill the hippy!

Licenced drugs vendors, squatter rights, multiculturalism are all introduced in the 1960ies and 1970ies. For a long time they were part of the political orthodoxy and as such unassailable. This is now changing for the better.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The gatekeeper from Hell

Throwing the gates wide open

After the 2006 national elections the newly formed Dutch coalition government agreed to give a amnesty to 26,000 asylum seekers. Deputy Minister of Justice Nebahat Albayrak today reported to Dutch parliament that over 27,000 asylum seekers (Dutch) have been issued residence permits. All of them will also receive housing by the end of the year. 24,000 already received housing. 6,000 asylum seekers were turned down due to fraudulent paperwork. Those who were turned down are supposed to leave The Netherlands. In practice a significant number of them will become illegal residents and contribute to alieniation and insecurity of Dutch citizens.

There is special hardship in the fact that the apparatchik, Nebahat Albayrak, who is administration the entrance of this host of foreigners descending on the Dutch nation is herself of immigrant stock.

Self deceiving liberal elite

The elite has to do what?

Last week, the Interior Minister, Guusje ter Horst told Vrij Nederland, a Dutch opinion magazine that she was hoping for a "revolt of the elite" against what she called "the extreme right".

Minister G. ter Horst

Crushing dissenters and opposition

This remark met with well-deserved derision. How can you revolt when you are in charge?

What she meant was of course that the peaceful opposition by a part of the population must be surpressed with force. Such force as was used by Minister ter Horst's police to arrest Dutch Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot with a swat team of ten police men forcing themselves into his house. Or the threat to reveal his identity so Jihadists would know who to kill.

Liberal psychology

Still, the remark of the revolt of the elite tells something essential about the mindset of the Liberals. The self image of liberals is that they are always outnumbered and besieged, never mind how much their hands clench the reigns of power. No matter how puny the means of their opponents. The liberal giant thinks it is a dwarf.
With such a self-image they can justify the worst abuse of power. To themselves. And it leads the Liberal elite to overreaction and excess, which in the end will enhance the stature of their right-wing opponents.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dumbing down of education

With the large amounts of immigrants from non-western cultures having settled in The Netherlands come all kinds of practical matters.

Lower achievement in the countries of origin

These people come from Central Asia, North Africa and Sub-saharan Africa and the Middle East. The cultures that these people come from are not noted for a strong emphasis on education. Educational attainment is essential to getting ahead in a modern Western society. Do the immigrants from the abovementioned parts of the globe do well in The Netherlands in the field of education?

Double standards discriminate against Dutch students

The answer has been that overwhelmingly they do not do well at school. Very large numbers of non-western youth drop out of school and are added to the perenially unemployed and often criminal class of society. In order to fix the drop out rate schools are instructed by the national exams commission (CEVO) to allow non-Dutch students to make more spelling mistakes in exams than Dutch students. This is a glaring double standard. Imagine the wave of leftist and liberal hatred if it was discovered it is the other way around.

Standards are being dropped

A laywer, Mr. Roel Schreuders, told the press about the double standards that schools have to employ. He insisted that non-western students may make two to three times as many mistakes as Dutch students.

Real life example

I am not surprised. I know of non-western students who finished polytechnic despite a serious lack of knowledge of the Dutch language. They are not capable of writing business letters, but they are supposed to have written a thesis.

However, the national exams commission (CEVO) insists that the double standards only applies for a small group of students.

Muslims wanting to leave The Netherlands

Shall they stay or shall they go

A short while ago this blog featured a post on the effect Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has on Islam in The Netherlands. It makes many of them want to emigrate.

An expat website in The Netherlands "Expatica" features an article based on the same news item. You can read it on "Wilders makes half of Dutch Muslims want to emigrate"

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Legitimacy and nuclear massacre

Achieving legitimacy

According to the theories of military experts such as Mr. Martin van Creveld and Mr. William Lind, wars between states are replaced by conflicts where non-state actors are involved. This is the theory of non-Trinitarian War of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW). Non-state actors are organisations such as religious organisations, criminal gangs, ethnic groups and other forms of social organisation. Non-state actors are competing with the states for legitimacy in the eyes of the populations they serve. As the story of David and Goliath illustrates the underdog has a greater possibility to win legitimacy than the giant. In any conflict it is therefore important to appear to be an underdog. Use of heavy weapons to achieve goals has to be avoided. Heavy weapons give a contender the appearance of a Goliath. In addition heavy weapons have a tendency to cause unintended victims amongst civilian populations. Good weapons in the effort to win legitimacy are light, precise and easy to hide.

New leadership for European societies

In the previous post "Hells Angels on the March" this blog feature a commentary on a piece by Baron Bodissey of the GoV blog. The piece by Baron Bodissey is titled "Drawing the Line" on Biker War in Denmark and draws an anology on the beginning of the feudal era in Europe and the present day conditions. The idea is that groups like the Hells Angels can be the new leadership of European society, due to their willingness to provide security for the Europeans against Muslims. This while the authorities are losing their legitimacy in the eyes of their populations as they are unwilling to enforce law and order, especially not against non-muslims.

This fits in well with the theories of non-Trinitarian and 4th Generation Warfare.

Still many people cling to the idea of state militaries delivering the West by its fire power. One commenter at GoV called Zenster uses the comment thread on Bikers and Feudal Europe to start advocating his idea of a takeover of the USA by the military. After the coup the military must:
Conduct simultaneous nuclear strikes against Cairo, Damascus, Tehran, Islamabad, Sana'a and Riyadh. Possibly with Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur thrown in for good measure. Then, while Muslims crawl out of the ashes, inform Islam that there's plenty more where that came from while setting about the fortification of Western civilization.
This scenario has nothing to do with Biker gangs providing security to Europeans. But it is also a real bad strategy to gain legitimacy. So I wrote back:
This is an argument for a effortless massacre of mostly civilians.There is a difference between a massacre and war. War has a aspect of a duel and personal sacrifice, which is absent in massacre.

Any nation who undertakes this action will utterly lose legitimacy in its own eyes. The spirit of this action is also against the spirit of the European knighthood, who took great pride in personal bravery and protection of the weak.

Zenster was not easily fazed, replying:
While you are talking about an "effortless massacre", perhaps you might pause and reflect upon the outcome if it was Islam that had all of the nuclear weapons and us in the West who did not.
Snouck: lets examine the record of a muslim country with nuclear weapons. Pakistan has had nuclear weapons since 1974. They have not used them.

Zenster continues:

Your talk of how, "War has a aspect of a duel ..." is sheer nonsense in the modern context of warfare. Were the concept still applicable, American soldiers would be engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the Taliban. A ridiculous notion at best.
Snouck: Zenster misconstrues my statement "war has aspect of a duel" that I think that war must consist of duels. What I mean is that there has to be a perception of equal and fair combat between opposing forces. When this is absent the weaker party feels it is not bound by the same rules since it is set up for defeat in a conventional fight.

Zenster continues:
As General Patton said about war:

No poor bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making other bastards die for their country.
However coarse it might sound, war is about killing people. Islam absolutely refuses to field an army in uniform in its assault upon the West. There is a price that must be paid for such perfidy.

If Islam wishes its civilian population and warriors to be indistinguishable from each other, then we are not obliged to distinguish between them, now are we?
Snouck: Well, we are. That is if we wish our forces and our civilization to remain legitimate in the eyes of ourselves and our descendants.

What are the targets that Zenster wants to see nuked in muslim capitals?

The large Islamic capitals are not just "civilian populations". They are home to some of the most extensive terrorist facilities in the world. Cairo's El Azhar university is a prime example. This one institution alone continues to churn out jihadist imams by the hundreds.

Each of these Muslim seats of power represent a nexus of global terrorism. None of them have the least claim to innocence. All of them are actively funding international terrorism and their collective leadership remains one of the singular most enabling forces with respect to jihad.
Snouck: an agressive action of the magnitude of a nuclear strike must be effective in stopping the training of jihadist imams. I'll hencefort call them imams. Al Azar and the other centres must have the monopoly of imam production in order for the strike to have lasting results. But imam training is not monopolized by Al Azar. These imams can be produced anywhere where there are a few huts plus a few imams.

Zenster opinioned:
Islam is clearly fascist in nature and fascism is a bastion of elitism
It is true that Islam is elitist and that removing the most influential imams will leave a vacuum. But Islam does not have a clearly defined hierarchy. If the top imams are removed, imams with less prestige will take their place. They will continue to preach Sharia and Jihad. So a strike will not have a decisive effect. Meanwhile other powers will fear and hate the US for having attacked Islam with nukes. They will be assisted by a backlash against the military government by the population. Isolated at home and abroad the military government of the US will find it impossible to rule. Once they have been removed from power their actions will be the target of the propaganda by the media. The media will show the footage of destroyed muslim cities on TV for years, causing a storm of national self hatred.

I did not pursue the debate with Zenster due to lack of time and the fact that the post had moved beyond the weekly range of posts which is well read by visitors.

Zenster continues:
Furthermore, it would instantly remove from power a huge number of America's very worst enemies.
Snouck: Muslim manpower is the second target for Zenster's zestful nuke plans.

There are 1,3 Billion Muslims in the world. In order to just half their manpower 650 million muslims have to be killed. There is no way that the West would survive committing such incredible slaughter.

Loss of civilizational self confidence

An important cause for the loss of civilisation self confidence was the overstepping of the boundary between state violence against militaries and state violence against civilians. The massacres of civilians in the Soviet camps system, the carpet bombing of cities and the victims of the German camp system during the Second World War undermined the belief of Westerners in Western civilization. Thus the wanton killing of civilians goes against the interest of Western civilizations nation state system.

Better look like David

The interest of the West is best served by a strategy that hurts only the evil doers, such as the terrorists or the muslim criminals that prowl the streets of Europe. The less formidable the force that handles the terrorists the more advantegeous it is. Better look like a herdsman than like a mighty warrior.

Or as the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said about the art of war:
O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands
The military organisations of the future will not posess large bases, installations or expensive crew served weapons. They will blend in with the population. Disperse. They will not offer a target for nuclear weapons. That way they remain legitimate and the population will be prepared to support them with funding and recruits.

Western civilization can flourish under those circumstances.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hells Angels on the March

War that is not between states

In order to understand warfare as it is today military theorists such as Israeli Professor Martin van Creveld and American William Lind pioneered new concepts of war such as Non-Trinitarian Warfare and 4th Generation Warfare respectively. In these concepts wars are not just fought between states (Allies against Axis), but also between states and nonstate forces (Israel against Hamas) and sometimes between just non-state actors (Northern Alliance against Al-Qaida in Afghanistan in 2001).

The concept of Non-Trinitarian War as Martin van Creveld calls Non-Trinitarian Warfare is becoming more widely debated lately as evidenced by lively discussions on blogs such as Gates of Vienna recently. The subject is gangwars in Danmark. has previously featured two stories on the Amsterdam Hells Angels by Snouck, one of

11 april 2007 Hells Angels "Banished from Eden" and
23 april 2006 Hells Angels "Organized Crime in constant state of reorganisation"

The Hell's Angels are a important organized criminal force in Europe. In Denmark the local chapters of the Hell's Angels are under pressure from gangs of immigrants who are fighting with them for territory. The Hells Angels have started a new organisation AK 81 to recruit Danes and add musle to their force, without diluting the cohesion and standing of the core Hells Angels. The cement of the alliance is the notion that both non-criminal ethnic Danes and the Hells Angels are under threat from immigrant gang violence. The Hells Angels can provide leadership and organisation for Danes who want security from the violent ethnic gangs.

Propaganda is the key to win the support of the population

In order to influence public opinion an unnamed author wrote an piece on the danger of the gangs of immigrant thugs to Danish society. The article was published on the website of the Danish Chapter of the Hells Angels and is called the "Jackal Manifesto". It was translated by Henrik Raeder Clausen and the translation was published on the Gates of Vienna (GoV) blog.

Development of Non-Trinitarian Warfare in Denmark and the Future

Next GoV published a piece by the hand of Baron Bodissey titled "Drawing the line".

In "Drawing the line" the Baron draws a parallel between the rise of feudalism after the collapse of the Roman Empire and the rise of Crime Organisations who become protectors of the people.

The debate

I forecast that we will see many more of the ideas of Martin van Creveld debated in the future. The concepts that belong to wars between states do no provide a lot of insight in the conlflicts the West is finding itself in as a result of the actions of Jihadists. This is worsened by the effect on society of Muslim colonisation of Western land as a result of mass immigration.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Moroccan violence, killing unsettles Amsterdam

In the last few days there was an unsettling amount of violence in Amsterdam. The violence was concentrated in a small area. It was all close to the Leidseplein, a area with a large number of bars and restaurants.

The violence is structural. Politicians persist in calling it incidents and go on suggesting remedies which have nothing to do with the underlying ethnic and religious incompatibility.

The victims and the crimes

On 29 June two lesbian women were beaten up. Very serious, one of the women had to be taken to hospital. the beating was very serious. Her friend saved her life, by protecting her by covering her with her own body.
On 4 July a woman, Noëlle, was beaten up. She broke her foot.
On 5 July a man, Rob Sitek, was killed by a taxidriver in a row over the taxifare. The taxidriver, a kickboxer, hit his victim on the head. The victim fell and and hit the curb with his head. He died in hospital a few hours later.

The culprits

In all the cases the culprits were identified as Muslims and more specifically Moroccans.

Violence in a small area

The picture shows the ID card of the Taxidriver.

The incident is more poignant due to the fact that the victim is a brother of a ambulance brother who was threatened by Maroccans earlier this year. The brothers are very popular amongst the people in their neighbourhoods.

The widow called on the politicians to solve the problem once and for all so that her daughters would be able to go out safely.

Does one see a pattern here?

The MSM and the politicians try to surpress this news and the identity of the culprits. When populist internet media uncover the truth they obfuscate and propose measures that have no relation to the issue of incompatibility between groups in a Multicultural society.

The Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen has called for a revision of the Taxi Law. The other two assaults are called incidents.

If something happens on a regular basis it is structural not incidental. The Multicultural society has to be denounced for the failure that it is. Those groups who do not fit in must be held under scrutiny and if their reliability is in doubt they must be expelled.