Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Organised crime witness murdered in Amsterdam

Snouck previously reported on the trial in Amsterdam of crime boss Holleeder. The trial began inauspiciously with an attack with anti-tank rockets (2) against a special organised crime courthouse in Amsterdam-Osdorp!

In a new and spectacular development the crown witness to the prosecution, laywer Bram Zeegers (58) was found dead in his bath last night at 03:45. The police excludes no causes at all for his untimely dead. Murder (Dutch) was specifically not excluded as a cause of his death.

The girlfriend of the laywer was arrested in "the interests of the investigation" in the house where the deceased was found.

Former friend and ally of Willem Holleeder Bram Zeegers gave witness for the prosecution a week ago. His children had urged him not to testify.

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