Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gays betrayed by Liberalism

Last Saturday Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam celebrated (Dutch)5 years of Gay marriage in The Netherlands. A milestone!

About 15 years ago the city marketing bureau of Amsterdam started to aggressively market the city as a destination for gay tourists. Gay tourists are usually relatively well-off and they are big spenders. The "gay industry" now has a considerable finger in the Amsterdam tourist pie. The revenues of the tourist industry are an important prop for the city of Amsterdam.

Gays had considerable political force too. The Liberal-Conservative (VVD) city councillors counted several influential gays.

Gay marriage is a symbol of the acceptance of the gay life style in The Netherlands. A showpiece! On the occassion of the celebration of 5 years of gay marriage in The Netherlands Mayor Cohen had some bad news for gays and liberals.

Cohen mentioned the violence against gays in Amsterdam. Gay interest organisations have warned against this violence, which got an higher and international profile after gay-bashing Moroccan youths assaulted Chris Crain (English), an influential American representative of the gay community visiting Amsterdam. The mayor of Amsterdam said that gays and Moroccans are both victims of prejudice and discrimination and implied that there should be natural solidarity between both groups. Note how deeply the man is immersed in the political-correct ideology and worldview.

So why is it? This unusual level of violence against gays in Amsterdam?

Obviously the Macho culture of the Moroccans has something to do with it. But Dutch working class also has a macho cultures and they do not show such unusually high levels of violence against gays. Imams have called gays "lower than swine and dogs" and for gays to be thrown of high building. But the violence of Moroccans against gays is also more notable than the violence of Turks, who are also Muslims.

Moroccans have a particular difficulty of coping with the freedom that liberal Dutch society gives them. Moroccan boys drink heavily, often smoke hashish, commit many violent thefts and robberies. In discussions Moroccans often say that the punishments in The Netherlands are far too light and that the get too much freedom.

This freedom causes Moroccans to morally disintergrate and to find sources of income that others groups would disdain. Theft, drugdealing, burglary. And male prostitution. Unusually high numbers of underage Moroccan lads are male prostitutes. This was referred to by Pim Fortuyn. When asked on television whether he disliked Moroccans he answered: "dislike them? I sleep with them!". Thus neatly sidestepping the question, throwing the liberal mindset into confusing AND delivering a deadly insult to Moroccan manhood at the same time. Interestingly Colombians have a proverb: "I am so Macho, that I use men as women".

For heterosexuals to engage (Dutch) in homosexual acts is psychologically and morally wrenching.

The resentment caused by deeds going against the grain of a person causes that person to be prone to behaviour that must redeem the transgressions against his own sexuality and his identity.

The violence against gays by Moroccans are often mere homophobia, but can also be acts of redemption and a assertions of Moroccan identity.

What is clear to the casual observer is that Amsterdam is losing (English) its attractiveness as a gay destination if it cannot guarantuee their safety. Thus one of their revenue sources is drying up. Secondly if the remarks Labour Mayor Job Cohen made are indicative of his thinking, then he is not intellectually equipped to deal with the threats that his city is facing.

The Dutch and international gay community seem not to mind. At the ceremony hundreds of letters of thanks from gay communities worldwide were handed to Mayor Cohen. Thus far 8,100 gay marriages have been conducted in the Netherlands since 2001.

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nouille said...

AMSTERDAM — Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende called for a rapprochement between Muslims and people of other faiths on Friday.

"It causes me pain to see that people regard Islam as a danger. Islam is not a danger. The people who misuse Islam to spread terror are the danger," Balkenende said during a speech at an Islamic university in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Friday.

Balkenende, the leader of the Dutch Christian Democrat Party (CDA), also had discussions with leaders of Muslim groups and visited a Madrassa (Islamic school) on the first day of his two-day visit to Indonesia.

At the university, he cited the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh to

illustrate that there were also tensions between groups in the Netherlands. Many of the students expressed interest in obtaining a scholarship to go to the Netherlands. One student asked Balkenende why prostitution and gay marriage are legal in the Netherlands.

Balkenende pointed out he had voted against legalisation when he was a member of parliament but that a majority supported the change.