Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Advanced weaseling

The Amsterdam As-Soenah mosque, which hit the Dutch news last week for threatening a Dutch comedian with death, despite fervent efforts at Taqiya by Muslim Alderman Aboutaleb, keeps tongues wagging and keyboards tapping.

Ewout Jansen, son of Hans Jansen the Arabist made jokes about religion and religious people. He aimed his show mostly at Christians. Christians are utterly tame these days, to their detriment. But he fired some shots at the Muslims as well.

Student newspaper asked for the view of the imam, Mohammed Bouljhaf, of the As-Soenah mosque and through someone who introduced himself as Mr. Kabli, the interpreter / spokesman of the mosque conducted an interview with the imam. After the interview, Mr. Kabli said that a serious Muslim should hur or kill those who insult Islam or Muslims.

Alderman Aboutaleb visited the mosque and issued a statement that Mr. Kabli was just a coincidential passerby of the mosque. He has no official status. Of course that is true. A Muslim community is represented by the Mosque council elders, who are elected by the members of the community, just as in most Protestant Churches. The elders appoint the imam, who instructs and guides the pack. No interpreters / spokesmen.

Ewout Jansen, the comedian/student also visited the mosque, spoke with imam, the elders and Driss El-Boujoufi, the chairman of the union of Moroccan mosques in The Netherlands and was treated to tea, honey and figs. Then he asked for a statement that it was not the duty of Muslims to kill those who insult Islam and Muslims (Dutch). He was told he need not worry and that it was illegal to murder people in The Netherlands. Jansen did an unusual thing. Instead of being satisfied with this statement, he pressed the imam for a fatwa unequivocally stating that those who insult Islam and Muslims need not be killed by the pious. On camera. Mr. Jansen said: "I do not just want this assurance with regards to the members of As-Soenah, but a statement so that I will not be killed by any Muslim in The Netherlands because one of them things it is a law".

The imam and Driss El-Boujoufi said they could not give such a statement, that they had no authority and had to consult more important people in the Muslim world.

So they had dissembled when they gave assurances that he should not be killed according to Islam. Instead of it being a clear-cut issue it turned out to hang in the balance. Perhaps Ewout Jansen and others who insult Islam must not be killed. Perhaps they must be killed. Grey area. The As-Soenah mosque now has four weeks to come up with a definite answer.

They also said that Mr. Kabli had been rapped, that he was just one of a hundred volunteers that work for the mosque.

That again has turned out to be dissembly. It turned out from the records of the Amsterdam chambre of commerce that Mr. Kabli was one of the elected elders of the As-Soenah mosque (Dutch) in the 80ies and 90ies.

In the next few weeks this affair will keep on bringing out interesting insights on "Living with Islam".

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Muslim talks big, Muslim weasels out

Amsterdam mosque issues death threats against "those who insult Islam".


The person who is being threatened, Ewout Jansen, is the son of Dutch Islam-expert Hans Jansen. Hans Jansen wrote the commentary on the letter Van Gogh's assasin Mohammed Bouyeri left on the filmmaker's body. I translated the commentary and published it here.

My summary. Fledgling comedian Ewout Jansen, makes "goat jockey" jokes about Muslims. Muslims in the audiences issue threats. Student paper Folia asks for interview with imam of As-Soenna Mosque. Imam turns up with As-Soenna spokesman / translator, Mr. Kabli. Folia interviews first imam, then the translator. Translator says serious Muslims should attack and kill "those who insult Islam, the religion of peace". Just as the letter Assasin Bouyeri left on Van Gogh's body says.

There is an uproar in the press after Folia publishes the interview. Alderman Achmed Aboutaleb visits the mosque to have tea with the imam. He dissembles and declares to the Amsterdam city council that the translator was just a visitor to the mosque and has nothing to do with As-Soenna.

Alderman Aboutaleb is a prominent Amsterdam Labour politician, who is bound to go into national politics in a few years. He is the great white hope of the struggling Labour party and commands the Morroccan Muslim voter base in the big cities. He is the face of the sophisticated Muslims, who pretent moderation and who know that nothing will endanger the chances of the umma to gain power so much as firing too early and shooting their bolt.

But that is what a lot of the common Muslims do all the time. They are unthinking and robotic in their quest for power and their moves are utterly predictable. Which begs the question: "why are so many people still deceived?"

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Elite Dhimmitude and nationhood

Laurence Auster, at VFR wrote: "Meanwhile Peter Hitchens suggests that there is nothing to be done about this ongoing surrender to Islam, because the problem is not that official Britain hasn't realized what is happening. The problem is not that official Britain has realized what is happening but is too cowardly and intimidated to do anything about it. The problem is that official Britain has already consciously accepted what is happening and has signed on to

Is the whole Western elite a doormat to Muslims? Let's look at this weekends news as the Sun brings it: "Sir Ian is "bloody furious" after the woman - one of 200 officers at a passing-out parade - said it was against her religion to accept a congratulatory handshake."

It seems that Blair has a problem with a personal insult.

Similarly something similar happened when Minister Rita "Iron" Verdonk was refused a handshake by a Syrian Imam, on a naturalisation meeting of Imams. Verdonk reacted personally insulted. The incident led to creation of a new word:

BBC: "Another new word is "handweigeraar" - or hand refuser, coined after an imam refused to shake hands with the right-wing former Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk"

There have been a number of calls by Dutch politicians to expell radical imams and some imams have been expelled (I think the number is less than a dozen).

As a result imams are leaving the Netherlands in droves because of the difficult conditions: "many imams are packing and leaving the Netherlands for more tolerant European societies."


"He (Osalah) complained that imams and mosques are always blamed for the actions of a handful of Muslims, citing the killing of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh in 2004 for his anti-Islam film "Submission."

"The media and politicians immediately pointed the finger at imams as the main instigators," Osalah recalled, who has a Moroccan origin." (Hat Tip Esther).

Two points: one, it seems that Western leaders react to personal insults by immigrants. But have no problem with an insult to their nations.

As a result of the strong individualism that dominant liberal culture immerses us in Western leaders may perceive insults to themselves, without even noticing the insults to their nations. They have no sense of being part of a national body, proprioception of the collective, hence such non-dhimmi leaders miss the most important impact of such slights from the point of view of their own nations and the umma of Islam.

Two: in 2000 I spoke to a Muslim who immigrated from Denmark to The Netherlands, because "the Danes were unbearably hostile to Muslims. At the time I said nothing but thought to myself "this hostility is building up here as well. Just wait 5 years and you 'll have to move again". Even incoherent liberal hostility to Islam has an effect on the presence of Muslims and their communities. It does not turn the situation around, but has an effect of slowing down the invasion and improves the chances of the Danes and the Dutch to resist a Muslim take over.

Although our nations are rotting at the head other parts of the body are still showing life. Whether it will be enough hangs in the balance.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Leadership is important. Leaders lead by example.

The Muslims in The Netherlands are organised in Mosques and the appoint imams to lead the pack. However more and more packs of "Dutch" Muslims are finding it difficult to find leaders that want to move to The Netherlands, due to the hostility of the Dutch population.

"many imams are packing and leaving the Netherlands for more tolerant European societies."

Because the path that their leaders are choosing 180 of 450 Dutch mosques are without guidance.

Apart from the guidance that these Imams are giving by leaving.

That still leaves us with 270 communities that we must get rid of by other means.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

In the Amsterdam political machine

Yesterday a Turkish friend who is looking for a job told me he was considering applying for a job at the Social Service of the Municipality of Amsterdam, despite his lack of qualifications.

Another Turkish friend working at the Social Services had told him that contracts of ethnic Dutchmen are not being renewed and minorities are being hired instead, "predominantly Moroccans and Turks".

The shape of things to come as a results of last year's municipal elections is becoming clearer and clearer.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dutch Political class adapts to new realities

Dutch newspaper AD wrote two weeks ago that the State has bought a well-defendable villa in Wassenaar. The purpose of the villa is to serve as a secure house for threatened politicians.

To this purpose the villa is fitted with a fence, gates, surveillance infrastructure, electronic links to security services and secure access roads (Dutch) which can be locked and controlled by security personnel.

The purchase became public because a letter was send to the neighbours of the villa. Wassenaar is a "golden ghetto" of millionaires, bureaucrats and politicians near The Hague, The Hague is the seat of Government of The Netherlands.

The cause for the purchase is the growing insecurity of the Dutch political cartel. The Netherlands used to be a country famous for it laid back political style, exemplyfied by Government Ministers commuting to work by bike. Since the assasination of Pim Fortuyn however there has been an avalanche of death threats against politicians. Mostly by irate ethnic Dutchmen, but also by Jihadis who wish to increase the rate of Dhimmification of The Netherlands.

As such it is the foreseeable consequense of Multiculturalism and mass immigration, which are important components of Liberalism.

So the politico's are creating a secure environment for themselves.

But what about the rest of the population?

Previously I blogged about the Middle Ages coming to Western society.

What do the Middle Ages look like in The Netherlands?

The way the Middle Ages come to Western society can be observed in residential construction projects undertaken by realtors and developers that pick up the trends and run with them.

Slot Holterveste

This is an example of Dutch style gated communities for the well-off. NRC Handelsblad has an article from a few years ago describing this trend and showing that these post-modern castles are really "gated communities" (Dutch)

There are actually architects specialising in this kind of ostentatious security complexes. They are the result of the growing insecurity as a result of immigration, lackadaisical policing and punishing of crime and cultural fragmentation as a result of post-modernism and proliferation of media and the fragmentation of audiences.

So the political class and the rich know how to secure and protect themselves. The middle class is slowly waking up to the new reality.

The working class is the big loser of these developments and responds sometimes by joining extremist youth gangs, known as "Lonsdale Youth".